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Wednesday, January 29, 2020

Chennai hotel staffer who gave Sachin Tendulkar advice requests cricketer to meet him

Sachin Tendulkar had released a video in which he had spoken about how a hotel employee had pointed out that his elbow guard was affecting his batting and had hoped to meet him again.

By: Sports Desk | Published: December 16, 2019 5:35:54 pm
Guruprasad (second from left) said he wants Sachin Tendulkar to spend time with him and his family. (Source: ANI)

Chennai resident Guruprasad, who had once shared his thoughts with batting maestro Sachin Tendulkar on how an elbow guard seemed to be affecting the batsman’s performance, said he would be delighted to meet the former cricketer. He also requested the batting legend to meet him and spend some time with his family.

“Fans are interested to meet such a great person and here, such a great master is willing to meet me. It is very exciting. The place where I live, people and my friends here are more excited and want to meet Sachin. So, I request Sachin to meet me personally and spend time with my family,” Guruprasad was quoted as saying by ANI.

Guruprasad said that the first time he interacted with Tendulkar was when he was working as a security guard at the Taj Coromandel in Chennai.

“During that period, I was working as a security guard. Sachin was just coming out of his room and near the lift, I met him and I got an autograph. After that, I had a suggestion for him and it was in my mind for many months. Sachin was getting out because of his arm-guard,” he said.

“…When you watch Sachin closely, he uses his wrist in such a way that is very important for him. When you face fast bowlers, they attack a particular point and if you are not placing the guard correctly, the timing and all will get wrong. He asked me how you know this thing and I said I was just watching you on the television and I feel that the guard is affecting the full movement,” he said.

Guruprasad was tracked down after Tendulkar spoke about the conversation from years ago and said he would like to find the man who gave him the advice.

Recounting a day at a Chennai hotel during a Test series in his playing days, Tendulkar said, “I asked for a coffee. A waiter came to my room. He asked me if it was okay if he discussed something on cricket with me.”

Tendulkar said that the man had told him that his bat swing was changing every time he wore an arm guard.

“I had never spoken about this with anyone in the world before that. He was the only one who had noticed,” Tendulkar said in the video.

The official handle of the Taj group had responded to the video with a tweet saying that they had found the man and would be happy to facilitate a meeting.

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