WATCH: Ravindra Jadeja’s ‘comical’ run out against West Indies invites Virat Kohli’s wrath

WATCH: Ravindra Jadeja’s ‘comical’ run out against West Indies invites Virat Kohli’s wrath

Ravindra Jadeja decided to tease West Indies batsman Shimron Hetmyer before finally getting him run out, which did not go down well with skipper Virat Kohli.

India vs West Indies 2018
Ravindra Jadeja dismissed Shimron Hetmyer with a run out. (Source: BCCI)

Indian all-rounder Ravindra Jadeja invited the wrath of skipper Virat Kohli for a brief moment during the second day of the first Test against West Indies when he almost missed a run out in an attempt to tease batsman Shimron Hetmyer. The incident took place in Ravichandran Ashwin’s over when a massive mix-up in the middle between Hetmyer and Sunil Ambris saw both the batsmen end up at the same end.

Hetmyer had whipped the delivery across the line to mid-on and straight into Jadeja’s hands. But he tried to sneak in a single which prompted Ambris to run towards his end.

Seeing both the batsmen at one end, Jadeja – instead of throwing the ball back to Ashwin – decided to jog casually towards the stumps, which gave Hetmyer hope of making it back to the other end. Seeing Hetmyer dart down the pitch seemed to wake up Jadeja, and he decided to take a direct shot at the stumps. The ball just clipped off the bails with the West Indies batsmen still out of the crease, and it was a successful run out.

The ‘comical’ moment did not appear to go down well with both Ashwin and skipper Kohli, both of whom came close to Jadeja to question him about his needless theatrics. But Jadeja shrugged and laughed, which made Kohli smile wryly. The fact that India had managed to get the wicket calmed tensions in the middle quickly, and Jadeja escaped without having to face a huge moment of embarrassment.

Later, as the game continued and the replay of the incident was played over and over on the giant television screens, the all-rounder was seen giving smiling with embarrassment and shaking his head at the boundary line.

India declared their innings for 649/9, with Jadeja scoring his maiden Test hundred.