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Misbah-ul-Haq’s emotional farewell speech after playing last Test for Pakistan, watch video

Misbah-ul-Haq had stated before embarking on the three-match series against West Indies that it would be his last for Pakistan.

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Misbah-Ul-Haq retired from Test cricket after Pakistan’s victorious series against West Indies. (Source: Youtube)

Misbah-ul-Haq said that he couldn’t have asked for a better ending to his career than the win against West Indies. Misbah, alongwith Younis Khan, had stated before embarking on the three-match series against West Indies would be his last for Pakistan. Pakistan went on to win the series 2-1. It was the first time ever that Pakistan had won a Test series in the Carribeans

Here is the full text of his address: 

“I would like to thank Almightly Allah, whatever I had, whatever success I got throughout my career, to end like that, I couldn’t ask for anything better. Then I would like to thank my family: my mother, my sisters, and especially to my wife Uzma who supported me and was always there. This series was only for her because I could have finished in Australia. She just convinced me and the fans that I have to come. And this team, too, most of these players [said], ‘You don’t have to end like that. You have to go winning and performing well.’

Thanks to everybody. My son is not here. He’s watching on TV, so I’m missing him. But obviously he has his exams and could not travel with us. A lot of others, too. Throughout my career, all the coaching staff, managers, trainers, doctors, and especially the colleagues, teammates, class fellows, teachers, who really supported me throughout my career, throughout my life and would be praying for me. Thanks a lot. And fans all throughout the world. Not just Pakistan. Even in West Indies, all the guys they’ve been coming to me, wishing me all the best for the rest of life. But it’s life, everything except the Almighty Allah has to end, whether it’s bad or good.


I’m happy with what I’ve had in this career. What a finish, I couldn’t have asked more than that. Really happy for this team, all the guys here, the way they gave me and Younis send-offs. And special thanks to Younis, very best of luck in his future life. It was a very fine journey with him in the middle, sharing a lot of partnerships, and I loved every moment of that. In the history books, my name will come with him and he’s a legend. He’s a top performer for Pakistan: 34 centuries, 10,000 runs, broke a lot of records. I had 15 hundred-partnerships with him and that’s something special to me that my name will come with his and be remembered in history.

It was the first ever [series] win for a Pakistan team in the West Indies, so everybody was so motivated and they were working hard for me and Younis. A lot of frustrations, no-ball wickets, a couple of chances here and there, but I think you enjoy wins like that much more than straightforward wins.

I might have just forgotten names but whoever worked with me, whoever played with me, I enjoyed that and I think they have made a contribution in my life and career. Thank you all, thank you very much.”