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West Indies beat Pakistan by 7 wickets in 3rd T20: As it happened

Evin Lewis stars in West Indies' breathtaking batting show to score 91 runs and keep the hosts alive in the four match T20 series.

West Indies vs Pakistan, 3rd T20: Evin Lewis starred in West Indies’ chase of 138 runs. (Source: ICC)

Pakistan had already delivered two strong jabs to West Indies in the first two T20 matches and one more would have been the suckerpunch. But as things transpired, West Indies countered with one of their own and an ailing opponent has shown fight to extend the bout. Evin Lewis scored 91 runs in the 138 run chase to reduce Pakistan’s series lead to 2-1. Earlier Pakistan let go of the momentum to lose wickets at regular intervals during the first innings. The fourth and deciding T20 will be played on Sunday.

West Indies vs Pakistan, 3rd T20 Score and Updates:

0059 hrs IST: FOUR! Lendl Simmons comes on sends the ball back down for a boundary and West Indies win by 7 wickets with 31 balls to spare. West Indies stay alive in the series as Pakistan lead 2-1. Makes Sunday’s final T20 crucial

0057 hrs IST: GONE! Lewis falls for 91 – just four short of the target. Tried to go after another big one but is caught at long off. Superb show though!

0055 hrs IST: SIX! Lewis with a ninth six and Shadab takes the beating now. That’s the highest score by a West Inides T20 player against Pakistan


0050 hrs IST: SIX! SIX! FOUR! NO BALL! Absolute carnage by Lewis to Sohail Tanvir. Bloodbath here. Thundering hits straight down for two sixes. Followed by a full toss over waist height and that goes for a four. Free hit for West Indies and nothing comes from it. Tanvir with clever slow ball on the bonus delivery. Not so clever the next ball, short and and slow and Lewis is quick to get to it and pulls it for a six. Eighth six from Lewis’ bat

0043 hrs IST: West Indies now need 39 from 48 balls. Less than run a ball now. Wahab Riaz getting the ball to move around in the air. 100 up for the West Indies and look to be inching towards a win – but they did in the previous game too

0041 hrs IST: SIX! This time Lewis waits for a short delivery that is slow and asking to be hit and Lewis obliges. Thunders it over deep midwicket boundary for yet another six. 14 runs from the over.

0040 hrs IST: SIX! FIFTY! Lewis brings up his second T20 fifty in brilliant fashion. Picks up a full delivery and smacks it off the middle of the bat. Slog sweeps it for a six

0035 hrs IST: Hasan Ali is frustrated as Lewis with a mini-pull and the ball goes off for a boundary after creeping underneath Tanvir’s body. The tall left arm seamer doesn’t get down low enough to field it and the ball finds the gap to go away to the ropes. Poor, poor fielding.

0032 hrs IST: Mohammed adds another boundary to his and West Indies’ tally. After 10 overs, West Indies are 76/2. Same as Pakistan’s score at this juncture.

0030 hrs IST: Shoaib Malik with his first over. He starts with a full length delivery, outside off and it is driven comfortably by Mohammed for a boundary through the cover regions. That’s first in T20 cricket

0025 hrs IST: On comes debutant, Jason Mohammed. Shadab Khan at the other end

0023 hrs IST: GONE! Marlon Samuels departs. Never really looked going and convincing. Slower one by Wahab and he chips it straight into Imad Wasim’s hands at long-on. A dolly for Wasim that. West Indies are 58/2

0013 hrs IST: SIX! Big hits just keep on coming off Lewis’ bat. Clean swing of the bat and the ball goes 94 metres into the stands. Length delivery and angled across to give him the room to free his arms. After the Powerplay overs, West Indies are 49/1, Pakistan were 42/0.

0009 hrs IST: SIX! SIX! Lewis goes down on one knee and smacks a six to Imad Wasim. Next ball, same outcome but this one is played as he stands upright and both shots with the full flush of the bat. Good way to finish the over. Slog sweep over deep midwicket for the first and one down long-off for the second.

0008 hrs IST: FOUR! Lewis with another four to Sohail Tanvir to close out the over.

0003 hrs IST: FOUR! Full and outside off, Lewis clears the infield by beating the fielders at cover and point region. Not a convincing shot but they all count

2354 hrs IST: GONE! Walton with a repeat of Shoaib Malik’s dismissal. Flicked off the pads, played uppishly and deep square leg fielder Fakhar charges forward to take the catch inches from the ground. Almost with his pinkie finger. West Indies lose their first early too

2351 hrs IST: West Indies begin their chase with Chadwick Walton and Evin Lewis. Imad Wasim with the first over and he goes for two runs.

2338 hrs IST: Just five runs in the last over. West Indies would be pleased with getting back into things after Babar Azam and Kamran Akmal’s 88-run stand for the third wicket. Pakistan score 137/8 in 20 overs and hand West Indies a target of 138 to win and stay alive in this series

2334 hrs IST: GONE! Last over of the first innings to be bowled by Jason Holder. Fakhar Zaman is caught short at the non-striker’s end as Holder does well to hold on and dislodge the bails. Sunil Narine fields and passes to Holder on the bounce, Holder has it easy in the end. 

2331 hrs IST: GONE! Wahab Riaz departs after a neat take by Kieron Pollard. Short ball by Williams, angles into Wahab and is caught short of room to pull properly. Gets the elevation to it but not the distance. Pollard with large strides towards his right from long-on and goes down to hold on

2321 hrs IST: GONE! This is really good work and a bit lucky too. Well done by Jason Holder to get fingertips to a low throw at the non-striker’s end and gets his hand on to the stumps at the same time. Sarfraz Ahmed exits for three. Pakistan lose their sixth wicket for 124 runs. Long look by the third umpire and it was needed

2319 hrs IST: Three overs left to bowled by West Indies. Pakistan are 122/5 after 17 overs

2312 hrs IST: GONE! But the very next delivery, Babar Azam tries to improvise and pays for it. He’s bowled by Sunil Narine and walks away after a crucial 43. Tries to play a sweep but the ball is short and the bounce is a bit too much for him to improvise further. Sees the stumps hurt as ball crashes into the middle stump

2311 hrs IST: SIX! SIX! Sixes pouring now for Pakistan. Fakhar with a slog hit and he sends one sailing past the boundary rope. Now, Babar Azam gives the same treatment to Sunil Narine

2303 hrs IST: GONE! Carlos Brathwaite sends the ball into Shoaib Malik’s pads who picks it very well, connects very well but it ends up going straight into deep backward square leg’s hands. Lewis hangs on to it comfortably. And that’s a big, big wicket for West Indies to take and for Pakistan to see perish. Pakistan have now, once again, lost two quick wickets 

2300 hrs IST: Brilliant athleticism from Carlos Brathwaite. Gets down low to his left to try and take a caught and bowled to dismiss Shoaib Malik but fluffs it. Gets up quickly to try and catch Babar Azam short but he’s made his ground. Brathwaite called for the team to improve the fielding and he’s leading by example here

2254 hrs IST: GONE! West Indies have the wicket they wanted and needed. Marlon Samuels strikes with his first delivery. It is a full toss and Kamran Akmal smacks it towards the boundary. Finds Simmons at deep midwicket boundary. He thinks the ball was over waist height but the umpires disagree. He has to walk back and Pakistan are 92/3. Ball looked to be dipping on him as he crouched just a touch to connect with the ball. Umpires discussed, went to the third umpire but the decision of ‘caught’ stays

2248 hrs IST: Yes-no. Go-no. Akmal tries to run it down to third man but there is a fielder inside the circle and Azam looks to steal a quick single. Kamran is ball-watching and is slow off the blocks. Where Azam is more than halfway down the track, Kamran is late and gets to the other end. Fielder misses the non-striker’s end and Williams doesn’t back up to collect and try a run out

2243 hrs IST: After 10 overs, Pakistan are 76/2. Good progress since losing those two wickets in the first over.

2238 hrs IST: FOUR! Embarrassing boundary to concede for West Indies. Deep midwicket to his right and deep backward square leg running to his left and neither call for the ball and it ends up making its way to the boundary for four more for Babar Azam. Meanwhile, fifty stand up for the pairing

2230 hrs IST: Change in bowling. Spin. Samuel Badree. And he goes for 7 runs in the first over

2228 hrs IST: SIX! Outside of by Holder and Akmla is quick to read it and latch on to it. Launches it over deep midwicket. Hit from outside off but hit extremely hard and with great timing

2212 hrs IST: FOUR! Welcome boundary for Pakistan. Kamran Akmal slashes Jason Holder for a boundary and alleviates some pressure. Pakistan 12/2 after two overs

2207 hrs IST: Jason Holder will share the new ball…The fast bowler is spot on on the first delivery…What a start West Indies have got and would be looking to capitalise on it now

2205 hrs IST: This brings Babar Azam at the crease…Pakistan are in a fair bit of bother…A confusion in the middle between the two batsmen…This is the last thing Pakistan would want to happen in the centre

2204 hrs IST: WICKET! Imad Wasim goes without scoring and superb work by Walton with gloves…Badree gets his second in the over

2201 hrs IST:  Imad Wasim is the new man in and he is being tested straight away…An appeal for stumping and the umpires have gone upstairs…This looks really close as the bails have been removed from the groove while his leg is still on the line…Third umpire is having a close look

2200 hrs IST: WICKET! Badree strikes in the first over…Shehzad has been cleaned up…Pak 4/1

2158 hrs IST: FOUR! poor delivery from Badree and Shehzad smashes that one down to on side…Full toss and thats has been dispatched brutally

2157 hrs IST: Ahmed Shehzad and Kamran Akmal are out in the middle to begin the proceedings for Pakistan while Samuel Badree has the new ball with him…West Indies would look up to their spinners to pick early wickets

West Indies XI – Evin Lewis, Chadwick Walton (wk), Marlon Samuels, Lendl Simmons, Kieron Pollard, Jason Mohammed, Carlos Brathwaite (capt), Jason Holder, Ssunil Narine, Samuel Badree, Kesrick Williams


Pakistan XI – Kamran Akmal, Ahmed Shehzad, Babar Azam, Fakhar Zaman, Shoaib Malik, Sarfraz Ahmed (capt, wk), Imad Wasim, Shadab Khan, Sohail Tanvir, Wahab Riaz, Hasan Ali
Pakistan won the toss and elected to bat in this third clash where they are looking to seal the series