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IPL 2016, MI vs GL: GL beat MI by 3 wickets

Gujarat Lions beat Mumbai Indians by three wickets in a thrilling finish in Mumbai.

Mitchell McClenaghan took 4/21 for Mumbai. (Source: IPL/BCCI)

Aaron Finch smashed a 54-ball 67* to lead Gujarat Lions to a three-wicket win over Mumbai Indians. Gujarat have now won all three of their matches.

Cricket Scorecard: Mumbai Indians vs Gujarat Lions (CLICK HERE)

Mumbai vs Gujarat: As it happened

2337 hrs IST: Aaron Finch smashes a four and Gujarat win by 3 wickets. What an innings of 67*

2336 hrs IST: Finch smashes it straight and gets two. Scores level. 1 needed off 1

2334 hrs IST: Single. 3 needed off 2

2333 hrs IST: FOUR! Kulkarni drives it over covers for a four. 4 needed off 3


2332 hrs IST: 2 off the first ball, single off the second. Bumrah needs to defend 8 off 4 balls

2330 hrs IST: McClenaghan finishes with just 2 runs and 2 wickets. GL need 11 off the last over

2327 hrs IST: WICKET! McClenaghan has another. Praveen edges it to Parthiv behind the wicket

2326 hrs IST: A dot ball from McClenaghan to Praveen

2324 hrs IST: WICKET! Mitchell McClenaghan with a slower short ball and Faulkner edges it to the keeper

2321 hrs IST: Two runs off the last ball off the 18th over and Gujarat need 13 off the last 12 balls

2320 hrs IST: A no-ball and then a four off the free-hit, Bumrah’s over proves costly

2315 hrs IST: Gujarat Lions need 23 off 18 balls

2311 hrs IST: James Faulkner and Aaron Finch out in the middle for Gujarat

2310 hrs IST: WICKET! McClenaghan bowls a bouncer and Nath top edges it. 5 down now Gujarat

2308 hrs IST: Finch hits the last ball off Harbhajan over for a six. Gujarat need 35 off 24

2305 hrs IST: Harbhajan Singh into the attack for Mumbai

2302 hrs IST: That’s the end of the Southee over and it’s time for the strategic time-out

2257 hrs IST: What an over by K Pandya. Only four runs off it. He finishes with 4-0-20-1

2252 hrs IST: WICKET! Lethal bouncer from Bumrah which flies to keeper. Umpire thinks Bravo has knicked it. Bravo unhappy

2250 hrs IST: Gujarat Lions need 61 runs off 48 balls

2247 hrs IST: WICKET! Karthik is gone. Harbhajan Singh takes a cracker of a catch at fine-leg

2244 hrs IST: Only 6 runs off the 11th over. This is trouble for Gujarat

2239 hrs IST: Only 8 off the 10th over and Gujarat are 74/2 chasing 144

2233 hrs IST: WICKET! Raina is late to play the pull as McClenaghan is too quick. Top edge and Parthiv takes the skier

2228 hrs IST: Finch on the attack in the over. Harbhajan Singh’s first over fetches 10 runs

2221 hrs IST: Time for the strategic time-out

2220 hrs IST: Raina sends one from Pandya for a big six

2218 hrs IST: Spin introduced. K Pandya into the attack

2217 hrs IST: Gujarat reach 35/1 after 5 overs. Raina and Finch in the middle

2213 hrs IST: And Raina finishes the over with a four over covers. The Raina inside out drive

2210 hrs IST: FOUR! Raina gets a pitched ball and sends it through point

2209 hrs IST: Only 5 runs off that Southee over. Gujarat slow

2204 hrs IST: Buttler claiming a catch but it had bounced. Gujarat 15/1 after 2

2202 hrs IST: Suresh Raina in the new man in for Gujarat

2200 hrs IST: Upheld! McCullum is out

2159 hrs IST: WICKET! Or is it? McCullum hits a full-toss straight o point. Pandya claims the catch, umpires are going upstairs

2157 hrs IST: Jasprit Bumrah will bowl the second over

2156 hrs IST: SIX! Massive! McCullum picks it from outside off and hits it over square-leg for a massive six

2156 hrs Bouncer from Southee to McCullum. Well directed

2155 hrs IST: Almost a wicket! Finch lobs one to square-leg and it almost carries to Jos Buttler

2154 hrs IST: Finch gets going with a four through leg-side

2153 hrs IST: Tim Southee with a peach of a delivery to Finch. Beats him square

2151 hrs IST: Aaron Finch and Brendon McCullum out in the middle for Gujarat

2132 hrs IST: Expensive over from Faulkner. 17 off it and MI are 129/7

2129 hrs IST: No-ball from Faulkner and the free-hit fetches MI 2 runs

2128 hrs IST: SIX! Tim Southee smokes a 97 m six

2126 hrs IST: MI reach 112/7 after 18 overs

2123 hrs IST: A run-out appeac against Tim Southee but he is home

2120 hrs IST: WICKET! Rayudu shuffles too much across and loses his bails . Gone

2117 hrs IST: Faulkner proving costly for Gujarat in the 17th overs

2115 hrs IST: MI are 88/6 after 16 overs

2113 hrs IST: Time for strategic time-out

2112 hrs IST: WICKET! Harbhajan Singh caught behind off Bravo

2100 hrs IST: WICKET! Parthiv has holed out to deep square-leg. After 34 runs he is gone. MI 77/5 after 13 overs

2057hrs IST: First ball from Jakati disappears into the stands

2056 hrs IST: Dwyane Bravo bowls a tidy over

2050 hrs IST: Ambati Rayudu is the new man in

2049 hrs IST: WICKET! Praveen Tambe gets Kieron Pollard. A very high shot from Pollard but no distance. Bravo settles himself at straight boundary and takes the skier

2047 hrs IST: 10 overs gone and MI are 59/3

2044 hrs IST: A slower short ball from Kulkarni and Parthiv sends it over square-leg for a big SIX!

2043 hrs IST: Kulkarni to bowl his last over. 10th over of the innings

2039 hrs IST: Time for strategic time-out

2038 hrs IST: WICKET! Jakatin bowls a wide down the leg-side but Buttler falls over. Karthik stumps him

2037 hrs IST: 50 up for MI in the ninth over. 53 balls in total

2035 hrs IST: Parthiv sends Jakati over the long-on rope for a six

2031 hrs IST: James Faulkner into the attack to bowl the eighth over

2030 hrs IST: Jakati goes for only 2 runs and MI are 33/2

2026 hrs IST: Jakati into the attack and Jos Buttler tries two reverse sweep but no proper connection

2022 hrs IST: Praveen Kumar swings it but runs come for Mumbai Indians

2017 hrs IST: Kulkarni bowls a wicket-maiden and Mumbai are 19/2

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2015 hrs IST: WICKET! Jakati and Kulkarni again. Pandya pulls it straight to square-leg

2012 hrs IST: Kulkarni  to bowl the fourth over

2009 hrs IST: Praveen swinging it away from the left-hander Parthiv but he is too quick. Cuts it through point for another four

2007 hrs IST: Parthiv starts the new over with a four over square-leg

2005 hrs IST: WICKET! Rohit hits it straight to square-leg. Kulkarni  gets the wicket

2004 hrs IST: Rohit Sharma begins the new over with a magnificent cover drive

2000 hrs IST: Praveen Kumar gives away only three runs off the first over

1955 hrs IST: Mumbai Indians Rohit Sharma and Parthiv Patel out in the middle

1936 hrs IST: Playing XI for GL – Aaron Finch, Brendon McCullum, Suresh Raina, Dwayne Bravo, Dinesh Karthik, James Faulkner, A Nath, Praveen Kumar, Shabad Jakati, Dhawal Kulkarni, Praveen Tambe

1935 hrs IST: Playing XI for MI – Rohit Sharma, Parthiv Patel, Hardik Pandya, Jos Buttler, Kieron Pollard, Ambati Rayudu, Harbhajan Singh, Kurnal Pandya, Tim Southee, Mitchell McClenaghan, Jasprit Bumrah

1928 hrs IST: Gujarat Lions win toss and elect to bowl against Mumbai Indians

1900 hrs IST: Mumbai Indians vs Gujarat Indians at Wankhede

Pacesetters Gujarat Lions show up for Mumbai Indians sprint

Martin Guptill, who wasn’t picked in the IPL auction, joins MI as a replacement for the injured Lendl Simmons. (Source: PTI)

Two years ago, they lost their first five matches and last year they lost their three first games. This year, Mumbai Indians have managed to win their second game away after a listless first match at home.

MI’s focus on playing and not on external things: Parthiv Patel

Parthiv Patel said though the team will miss West Indian batsman Lendl Simmons. (Source: PTI)

Defending IPL champions Mumbai Indians have been hit hard by the Bombay High Court decision to shift all their home games out of the Wankhede Stadium, but the side were focused only on the game, according to wicket-keeper Parthiv Patel.