Irani Cup 2018 Rest of India vs Vidarbha: Wasim Jaffer’s unbeaten-285 takes Vidarbha to 598/3 at stumps

Wasim Jaffer went on to score his eighth double hundred, completed his 18,000 first-class career runs and also surpassed Murali Vijay's 266 to become highest run-scorer in Irani Cup.

Vidarbha are playing Rest of India in Irani Cup. Wasim Jaffer remained unbeaten on 285 on Day 2.

The second day of the Irani Cup saw Vidarbha extending their dominance in the match with Rest of India bowlers failing to get a wicket. The experienced campaigner Wasim Jaffer stuck around in the middle with Ganesh Satish as the duo went on to pile runs to increase the side’s total. Jaffer went on to achieve two milestones in the day. First, he completed his 18,000 runs in first-class cricket. Later he went on to complete his eighth double century in first-class cricket. Satish, who was dismissed in the first day off a no ball, too punished the opposition for their mistake as he completed his 12th first-class cricket hundred. Rest of India got their first breakthrough of the day dismissing Ganesh Satish on 120. Jaffer and Apoorv Wankhade took Vidarbha to 598/3 at stumps with Jaffer remaining unbeaten on 285.

Irani Cup 2018 Rest of India vs Vidarbha highlights:

  1. 4:51PM
    15 Mar, 18
    Stumps on Day 2

    What a day it has been for Vidarbha and for one man in particular - WASIM JAFFER. In  a single day of cricket, Wasim Jaffer went on to score his eighth double hundred, completed his 18,000 first-class career runs and also surpassed Murali Vijay's 266 to become highest run-scorer in Irani Cup. Vidarbha reach 598/3 at stumps on Day 2. 

  2. 4:09PM
    15 Mar, 18
    Wasim Jaffer becomes highest run scorer in Irani Cup

    Wasim Jaffer has surpassed Murali Vijay's 266 to become the highest run scorer in Irani Cup. He is currently unbeaten on 273 and he is slowly steering towards his triple ton. 

  3. 3:35PM
    15 Mar, 18
    250 for Wasim Jaffer!

    FOUR! 250 for Wasim Jaffer! He is 40 years old and he is still going strong. Rest of India have found no answers to his tenacity. LEGEND!

  4. 3:13PM
    15 Mar, 18
    ROI finally gets a wicket!

    WICKET! Siddarth Kaul strikes and he jumps up in delight. Satish departs on 120. Slow ball and edged that one straight to wicketkeeper Srikar Bharat. It is their first wicket in the day and it has come in the  68th over of the match. The 289-run partnership finally comes to an end. VID 507/3

  5. 3:03PM
    15 Mar, 18
    Back after Tea!

    Vidarbha are back after Tea. Wasim Jaffer and Ganesh Satish will look to play out the final session together and as many runs as possible before they declare their innings.

  6. 2:40PM
    15 Mar, 18
    500 up for Vidarbha!

    FOUR! Wasim Jaffer smacks a boundary off R Ashwin to bring up 500 for Vidarbha. ROI have bowled 156 overs today and Tea has been taken. Vidarbha reach 504/2 at Tea on Day 2.

  7. 1:40PM
    15 Mar, 18
    Hundred for Ganesh Satish!

    FOUR! Hundred for Ganesh Satish. His 12th first-class career ton. He celebrates it in style. Brings up 450 for Vidarbha.

  8. 1:28PM
    15 Mar, 18
    Double hundred for Wasim Jaffer!!

    200 hundred for Wasim Jaffer. It is the 8th time in his first class career that he has scored 200+ runs.  He is 40 years old ans still scoring double tons. Age is just a number for the experienced campaigner. He has a knack of turning up on big stages. LEGEND!

  9. 12:56PM
    15 Mar, 18
    200 run partnership

    The partnership between Wasim Jaffer and Ganesh Satish has reached 200 runs. Jaffer is on 185*, while Satish is on 85*. It is the longest partnership in the match now. Karun Nair trying to move things around in search of wicket. Navdeep Saini into the attack.

  10. 12:53PM
    15 Mar, 18
    Back after Lunch

    It is start of the second session in the middle and in a match tha is slipping from ROI's hands. They need wickets. It is as simple as that now. The longer Vidarbha bat, the more stronger they will be.

  11. 12:02PM
    15 Mar, 18
    Lunch on Day 2

    Vidarbha reach 407/2 at Lunch. 118 runs were scored in this session and no wickets were lost. The first session truly belongs to the Ranji Champions. 

  12. 12:00PM
    15 Mar, 18
    18000 first-class cricket runs for Wasim Jaffer

    Wasim Jaffer completes his 18,000 runs in First-class cricket. He has an average of 50 plus.  The entire dressing room stands up to applaud this great achievement. Even ROI bowlers come down to shake his hands. He raises his bat to acknowledge the applause. LEGEND!

  13. 11:48AM
    15 Mar, 18
    400 up for Vidarbha

    And that single from Ganesh Satish brings up 400 for Vidarbha. Siddarth Kaul has been brought back into the attack with ROI searching to get one wicket before the close of first session. Vidarbha 400/2

  14. 11:15AM
    15 Mar, 18
    150 for Wasim Jaffer

    150 for Wasim Jaffer - He is simply an exceptional talent. ROI have not been able to trouble him at all and he can play for all five days, if he could.

  15. 11:10AM
    15 Mar, 18
    350 up for Vidarbha

    This partnership between Wasim Jaffer and Ganesh Satish has reached 137 runs and the duo have taken Vidarbha over 350. ROI continue to search for wickets but the longer the two remain in the middle, the more troublesome it will get for them. Vidarbha 356/2

  16. 10:55AM
    15 Mar, 18
    Fifty for Ganesh Satish

    50 for Ganesh Satish. It has been cool and calm innings from him. Wasim Jaffer comes down and shakes hands with the youngster. This would frustrate ROI who had got his wicket on the first day except it turned out to be a no ball by Shahbaz Nadeem. Vidarbha 335/2

  17. 10:26AM
    15 Mar, 18
    300 up for Vidarbha

    Vidarbha has managed to surpass the landmark of 300 with Wasim Jaffer and Ganesh Satish still in the middle. ROI have bowled 100 overs but still have managed to take only 2 wickets. The Karun Nair-led side is desperate for a wicket. 

  18. 10:10AM
    15 Mar, 18
    Slow start to the day

    It has been a slow start for the day for Vidarbha. In 7.4 overs so far in the day, Vidarbha has just scored 3 runs. Wasim Jafffer has taken just one run so far while Satish has scored 3 runs. But ROI have failed to capitalise too and are still searching for wickets.

  19. 9:32AM
    15 Mar, 18
    Play is on!

    Wasim Jaffer and Ganesh Satish comes out in the middle to bat once again. R Ashwin is seeing with his bowlers trying to tell them the lines and lengths to bowl today. ROI take up the new ball. Siddarth Kaul starts the show for them. Let's see if he can provide an early breakthrough.

  20. 8:50AM
    15 Mar, 18
    Welcome to Live Blog

    Welcome to Live Blog of Day 2 of Irani CupIt has been Vidarbha's show so far in the Irani Cup. The side led by Faiz Fazal has taken early advantage on the first day with Wasim Jaffer scoring his 53rd ton. R Ashwin, who is the biggest star in ROI's arsenal, managed to get the wicket of skipper Faiz Fazal on 89, but has not done much damage. The Day 2 is here and things could turn around pretty quickly.