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India 391/4 at stumps on Day 3 of India vs England 5th Test: As it happened

India just 86 runs behind England in first innings after finishing at 391/4 on Day 3 with KL Rahul getting 199.

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India ended the third day in Chennai at 391 for the loss of four wickets and just 86 runs behind England’s first innings total of 477. This was mainly because of a superb innings off 199 runs from KL Rahul. The opener missed his maiden double century by 1 run after he was dismissed by Adil Rashid. Rahul is the second Indian to be dismissed for 199 after Mohammed Azarhuddin. But before being dismissed, Rahul shared some crucial partnerships with Parthiv Patel and Karun Nair to put India ahead. Virat Kohli and Cheteshwar Pujara were the only two batsmen to be dismissed cheaply. Rahul shared a 152-run stand with Parthiv to set the platform for the home team. At stumps, Nair was unbeaten at 71 with Murali Vijay.

India vs England 5th Test Day 3

1701 hrs IST: STUMPS ON DAY 3! Eight runs for the last over of the day. India are only 86 runs behind England. Karun Nair is unbeaten on 71. India’s day and they will try to make it their’s tomorrow as well.

1657 hrs IST: Rashid giving four runs in that over. India move on to 383 for the loss of four wickets. Moeen Ali comes on to bowl the next over which could possible be the last of the day

1654 hrs IST: Four runs from the Moeen Ali over. India are 379 for the loss of four wickets. They are now just 98 runs behind England. Rashid to bowl the next over

1650 hrs IST: 105 overs gone in the Indian innings and India are 375 for the loss of four wickets. Last 10 minutes remaining in the day’s play. Moeen Ali to bowl the next over

1641 hrs IST: Appeal! First ball against Murali Vijay and England appeal for a leg-before. Not out says on-field umpire. England review. No bat there though it was very close. The impact is outside off stump and it will remain not out

1639 hrs IST: WICKET! Oh dear! KL Rahul is out for 199. He lobbed it to cover fielder. He can’t believe what he has done. Neither can the dressing room. Wide from Rashid and Rahul stretches to get there. Gets a edge. He has his hands on the head


1636 hrs IST: First review of the innings in 102nd over. England review for a catch and LBW. There is no bat involved and even the impact is also outside the off stump

1631 hrs IST: Two runs from the Dawson over. 150-run stand between Rahul and Nair. We are into the added 30 minutes in the day’s play. Moeen Ali to continue for England

1627 hrs IST: A four and a six for KL Rahul in that over. The six was into the second tier of the stadium. He moves on to 193. Clean striking for him. We have Liam Dawson continuing for England


1623 hrs IST: Single run for India in that Dawson over. Moeen Ali continues for England. KL Rahul is on strike for India

1619 hrs IST: Almost a wicket for Moeen. Nair had hit it straight back to him but it just falls short of Moeen. 350 up for India in that over. 98 overs bowled so far. Here’s Dawson again

1616 hrs IST: Four runs from the Dawson over. Kl Rahul and Karun Nair doing it for India in middle. India are 346 for the loss of three wickets. Moeen Ali comes on for England

1612 hrs IST: Five runs from the next two overs for India. They move on to 342 for the loss of three wickets. KL Rahul is into the 180s. Karun Nair is into the 60s

1604 hrs IST: Five runs from the Moeen Ali over. If India keep on going at this rate, they well be less than 100 behind England. Here is Dawson again for England


1601 hrs IST: Six from Dawson over. He has been expensive but he has also bowled the most overs for England. Not sure how Cook is thinking. Here’s a change in bowling as Moeen Ali comes on to bowl

1558 hrs IST: Six runs from the Jake Ball over. India have scored some quick runs in the last five overs. Here’s Liam Dawson for England. Murali Vijay is padded up.

1555 hrs IST: FIFTY! Karun Nair gets to his maiden Test fifty with a single. Dressing room gives him a standing ovation. Composed innings from the right-hander


1553 hrs IST: 19 overs remaining in the day. The play has been extended for 30 minutes. England bowlers will have to toil hard.

1550 hrs IST: Single off the Broad over. India not charging as we move closer to close of play. Umpires call for drinks in Chennai. We have 40 minutes left for stumps. India are 320 for 3


1542 hrs IST:  Another over goes by. 90 done in the Indian innings. Jake Ball going for 5 runs. India are 319 for the loss of three wickets. Stuart Broad will bowl the next over

1538 hrs IST: Only one run from Stuart Broad’s over. It will be a tricky phase for India especially for KL Rahul. Let’s see how he approaches the last hour of the day’s play

1534 hrs IST: End of the 88th over. India are 313 for the loss of three wickets. Karun Nair approaching his maiden Test fifty. Stuart Broad in continuing for England as India move on

1531 hrs IST: 100-run stand between Rahul and Nair. India needed that one after two quick wickets of Virat Kohli and Cheteshwar Pujara. India are currently at 311 for the loss of three wickets.

1525 hrs IST: 300 up for India. Karun Nair takes a quick single through the off-side. Rahul and Karun have added 93 runs for the fourth wicket. The former gets to his highest score in Test cricket as well

1521 hrs IST: DROPPED! That would have hurt Alastair Cook and England. Jake Ball induces a thick outside edge of Karun Nair’s bat. Cook, at first slip, gets his right hand to it but fails to hold on. It runs away for four!

1519 hrs IST: Only a single for India in that first over of Broad. Nice line from the pacer. KL Rahul is looking a bit tired in the middle. He has batted for long in Chennai. Jake Ball to share the second new ball

1515 hrs IST: Stuart Broad with the second new ball for England. India are 291 for the loss of three wickets. Can he provide his team with a wicket here? Nair and Rahul strong

1514 hrs IST: Maiden over from Dawson as he came over the wicket to right-handed KL Rahul. No room given to score runs. Fourth umpire waiting with the new ball at the boundary ropes

1510 hrs IST: Root finishes the over. Five runs off it. India are getting closer to 300. These two have batted together for Karnataka for long. Remember the 2014-15 Ranji Trophy final?

1507 hrs IST: 150 up KL Rahul! Excellent innings for him. He has kept his head down to score runs today. Not throwing away his wicket after getting a ton

1504 hrs IST: Four from the Dawson over. India are now 286 for the loss of three wickets. Root comes on again and Rahul is close to his 150

1501 hrs IST: Joe Root finishes the over not before KL Rahul and Root get into a heated argument. Root threw the ball back to the keeper but Rahul had to duck to save his head. Root apologies but Rahul has a word with him. They exchange some words but no big damage done

1457 hrs IST: Two runs from the Dawson over. 80 overs have been bowled in the Indian and the new ball is available for England now. Will they take it. India are 275 for three and 202 runs behind

1454 hrs IST: Another nice over from Stokes. Just two runs but more importantly keeping the batsmen guessing about what he will bowl. England continue with Dawson

1450 hrs IST: Three from the over of Dawson. Nothing troubling Nair and Rahul with spin in Chennai. Stokes back. He can trouble the Indian batsmen for sure. Rahul closing in on 150 in Chennai

1447 hrs IST: Eight from the over of Stokes but Nair also getting a thick outside edge. Excellent bowling from Stokes there. Drawing the batsman forward. India are 268 for three and Dawson to continue

1443 hrs IST: Two runs from the over. No problems for Nair and Rahul. Ben Stokes will continue for England. He had struck after Lunch. Can he do it after Tea as well?

1439 hrs IST: Just two from the over of Ben Stokes. India move on to 258 for the loss of three wickets. Liam Dawson will be bowling from the other end after Tea. Nair on strike

1435 hrs IST: Players are back on the field for the final session of play on third day. KL Rahul will be on strike and Ben Stokes will begin proceedings with the ball. India are 256 for the loss of three wickets

1411 hrs IST: That will be Tea in Chennai on Day 3. India are 256 for the loss of three wickets. England have picked up two important wickets in that session and it will go to them. KL Rahul unbeaten on 133 while Karun Nair is there to support him

1408 hrs IST: Three from the over from Moeen. India are 249 for three and 228 runs behind England. Last over before Tea coming up in Chennai. Rashid has the ball in hand

1405 hrs IST: 10 runs for India from the next two overs of the day. Jake Ball giving three while Adil Rashid goes for seven. Penultimate over before Tea coming up in Chennai. England try their luck with Moeen Ali

1358 hrs IST: Anther good over for Rashid. Three runs off it. 70 overs gone and India are 236 for the loss of three wickets. KL Rahul and Karun Nair being very watchful in the middle. Jake Ball again

1355 hrs IST: Some uneven bounce for Jake Ball. That delivery to Rahul just rose off the pitch. Single on that ball. India will look to play out these over simply as we enter the last 15 minutes over before Tea

1350 hrs IST: Rashid goes for three runs. Some extra turn for the leg-spinner. KL Rahul looking at ease. Virat Kohli’s dismissal has slowed down the Indian innings. Here’s Jake Ball to Rahul

1345 hrs IST: Jake Ball starts his new spell with a maiden over. Karun Nair still getting a feel of this pitch and conditions. He has his Karnataka teammate KL Rahul at the other end for support. Here’s Rashid

1340 hrs IST: Six runs from the over of Rashid. He is getting the ball to turn. Karun is still trying to read him. India move on to 229 for the loss of three wickets. We have a change in bowling as Jake Ball replaces Stuart Broad

1335 hrs IST: Just four runs from the over of Broad. An exceptional shot from Karun Nair. Hammered past the bowler for four! Rashid to continue for England

1330 hrs IST: Beautiful bowling from Rashid. Dip and bounce for him. Looking in more control. Is getting the ball to do different things. Broad will continue as Karun Nair takes strike

1325 hrs IST: Broad is bowling nicely in Chennai. He is England’s best bowler in these conditions. Gives only 1 run from the over. We have a change in bowling as Adil Rashid is brought back into the attack

1320 hrs IST: Three runs from the over of Dawson. Karun Nair is off the mark as well. Stuart Broad continues but he is coming over the wicket. India 214 for the loss of three wickets

1315 hrs IST: KL Rahul had rushed to the dressing room for a break as well. Most probably a bathroom break. Interesting as Murali Vijay still not coming out to bat. Karun Nair is the new man in for India

1313 hrs IST: WICKET! Virat Kohli is gone. Stuart Broad with the golden arm. Coming round the wicket and bowling outside the off-stump. Kohli drives. It is a leg-cutter, slower in pace. Straight to extra cover

1309 hrs IST: Four more runs for India after that over. 60 overs have been bowled in Chennai in this Indian innings. The game is progressing at a slow pace for India. Here’s Broad

1305 hrs IST: Two runs from the over of Broad. He is bowling a nice line and length. He is also not bowling express pace. Below 140kmph. Liam Dawson for England again

1300 hrs IST: Five runs from the Dawson over. Boundaries have dried up for India. The runs are coming but at a slower pace. Kohli settling in nicely. India are 205 for the loss of two wickets. Broad continues

1256 hrs IST: Maiden over from Broad. India stay at 200 for the loss of two wickets. Three consecutive maidens for England. England contiuing with Liam Dawson from the other end

1251 hrs IST: Second consecutive maiden for England. Liam Dawson concedes no run as Virat Kohli was also happy to play it out. Stuart Broad returns as England continue their search for another wicket

1247 hrs IST: A long over from Ben Stokes. It is also a maiden. KL Rahul playing out the complete over. He has turned cautious after getting his hundred. Liam Dawson to Virat Kohli now. Crowd cheering every ball

1239 hrs IST: 200 up for India. They still have eight wickets in hand and trail England by 277 more runs. Virat Kohli and KL Rahul at the crease for them. Ben Stokes to continue for England

1236 hrs IST: HUNDRED! KL Rahul reaches his 4th Test ton and the first in India. Overthrows and he comes back for two more. Virat Kohli also celebrating. Fabulous innings from Rahul

1233 hrs IST: Expensive from Dawson again! KL Rahul with couple of double runs. He moves on to 98*. Chennai crowd abuzz as Virat Kohli comes out to bat. But  KL Rahul in the limelight for now

1227 hrs IST: WICKET! Cheteshwar Pujara has to go. Ben Stokes with the golden arm for England. Lazy shot from Pujara as he tries to play it down the third man region. Too close to his body. Edges it to Alastair Cook at first slip. India are 181 for the loss of two wickets now

1222 hrs IST: Exceptional shot from Pujara to get a boundary! India move on to 180 for the loss of one wicket. Bad bowling from Dawson. Short and wide. Ben Stokes will be continuing for England

1217 hrs IST: Two runs from the Ben Stokes over. India are 175 for the loss of one wicket. KL Rahul into the 90s now. He has a problem with his leg. He is wobbling a bit. Here’s Liam Dawson with the second over after Lunch for Englnad

1210 hrs IST: Players are back on the field for the second session of play in Chennai. Ben Stokes will be bowling after Lunch. This will be his first over of the day for England. Cheteahwar Pujara will be on strike for India

1200 hrs IST: Moeen Ali is the only successful bowler so far for England. He got Parthiv Patel who played a lazy shot after being on the field for around 200 overs. Can England bowlers rise in the second session?

1130 hrs IST: That will be Lunch in Chennai. Session clearly to India as they score 113 runs from 28 overs in that session. KL Rahul is unbeaten on 89. Parthiv made 71. Both shared a 152-run stand for the opening wicket to set the platform for India. They are still 304 runs behind England with nine wickets in hand

1127 hrs IST: Two exceptional boundaries for Pujara in that Rashid over. Plays against the turn and gets two fours! Liam Dawson will continue for England. India are 171 for the loss of one wicket. KL Rahul on strike

1124 hrs IST: Two runs from the over from Dawson. Easy singles to Pujara and Rahul. Adil Rashid will continue for England which may well be the penultimate over before Lunch. Pujara on strike for India

1121 hrs IST: England with a change of bowler before Lunch. Liam Dawson comes on to bowl over the wicket. KL Rahul will be on strike for India. He has bowled 4 fours in the morning today

1118 hrs IST: India are 161 for the loss of one wicket. They are still 316 runs behind England’s first innings total of 477. KL Rahul and Cheteshwar Pujara at the crease. We may get three overs before Lunch in Chennai

1115 hrs IST: KL Rahul with another reverse sweep that goes for four! He moves on to 85*. Adil Rashid to continue for England. Last 15 minutes for Lunch in Chennai. So far a good session for India but England have an opening as well

1111 hrs IST: Cheteshwar Pujara is the new man in for India. Murali Vijay is fit and can bat when required according to Indian management. India are 153 for the loss of one wicket. Moeen to continue for England

1105 hrs IST: WICKET! Parthiv Patel is gone! He gets a leading edge off Moeen Ali and a simple catch to cover fielder. India lose first wicket for 152 runs. Finally a wicket for England. India are still 325 runs behind

1104 hrs IST: Four! Excellent shot from Parthiv. He comes down the ground and flicks Moeen Ali through mid-wicket. 150 up for India now. Parthiv has his highest Test score

1101 hrs IST: One more run to India’s total. Rashid bowling a tight line there. Parthiv moves on to 65*. Moeen Ali to Parthiv again. 41 overs have been bowled in the Indian innings

1058 hrs IST: Parthiv Patel with a single in that over of Moeen to move on to 64*. That was all in that over. Adil Rashid to continue for England as we enter the last half hour before Lunch in Chennai

1055 hrs IST: End of over number 39 and India are 144 for no loss. Three runs from the Rashid over. Kl Rahul is batting on 79 while Parthiv is batting on 63*. Moeen Ali comes on again

1052 hrs IST: Another classy shot from KL Rahul. He reverse sweeps Moeen Ali to get a four. India moving on nicely. Chennai crowd cheering up every run India score. Adil Rashid to continue for England

1048 hrs IST: Expensive start for Adil Rashid as he goes for eight runs from the over. Parthiv Patel getting a boundary as well. Moeen Ali continues. He has got some turn and bounce but Indian openers have been very good today

1044 hrs IST: Moeen Ali gives away three runs from his over. Rahul scoring some quick runs. And here is a change in the bowling as Adil Rashid comes on to bowl. Can the leg-spinner give his team the wicket they want?

1041 hrs IST: Jake Ball has been impressive today. Two runs to KL Rahul from that over. India move on to 124 for no loss. Moeen Ali will continue for England with Parthiv Patel on strike

1037 hrs IST: Moeen Ali with nice over after drinks. Two runs off it. India scored 60 runs from the first 13 overs today. England can only bank on Moeen for a wicket as he looks better than any other bowler so far. Here is Jake Ball

1030 hrs IST: FIFTY! Parthiv Patel continues his good form. Scores yet another half-century and keeps India going. First hour of play gone in Chennai and we have drinks on the field with India at 120 for no loss

1022 hrs IST: Excellent shot from Parthiv through point region. Not a bad ball from Jake but some superb batting. India move on to 108 for no loss. Parthiv Patel on strike as Moeen Ali comes on to bowl

1017 hrs IST: Five runs from the first Moeen Ali over of the day. India move on to 104 for no loss. They trail England by 373 more runs in Chennai. Jake Ball to continue for England

1015 hrs IST: 100-run stand between KL Rahul and Parthiv Patel! First time in 32 Test innings for India that an opening pair has got 100-run stand. First time in 18 months

1013 hrs IST: A decent over from Jake Ball. Only a single from the over. India are 99 for no loss. India have not got an opening century stand once in last 18 months. can they do it today? Here’s Moeen Ali with the ball for England

1007 hrs IST: FIFTY! KL Rahul with his first fifty of the series. Nicely played through the point region for a couple of runs to reach the milestone. He then gets a boundary through the leg-side. He will be vert relieved

1004 hrs IST: Nice start from Jake Ball. Just the two runs from the over. India openers have been were well settled today. No risk taken and England may have missed a trick by bowling Dawson. Could have gone with their first choice spinner

0959 hrs IST: A lenghty over from Broad. Slow start for England on another hot and humid day in Chennai. We have a change in bowling as Jake Ball replaces Liam Dawson, who proved to be expensive this morning

0952 hrs IST: Good over for India. Seven off it. They are 81 for no loss. England are finding no assistance from the pitch. There is no turn for Dawson. Broad again with KL Rahul on strike for India

0949 hrs IST: KL Rahul deposits another one into the stands off Liam Dawson. Comes down the track and plays against the spin, over mid-wicket for a massive six. Dawson the bowler again

0944 hrs IST: Nice come back from Dawson after that six on first ball. Five dot balls to follow. India remain at 72 for no loss. Stuart Broad to continue with his pace from the other end for England. Parthiv Patel on strike

0940 hrs IST: And Rahul goes big first ball! SIX! Charges down the track and lifts Dawson over the straight boundary for the first maximum. England should like this and keep the field up

0939 hrs IST: Parthiv Patel with the first boundary of the day! Straight drives Broad. Excellent shot from the opener. India move on to 66 for no loss. Liam Dawson to bowl again with KL Rahul on strike

0934 hrs IST: Two runs for India from the first over of the day. Nice start to the day for the hosts. They have to move forward with small target and first being to avoid the follow-on. Here is Stuart Broad for the second over of the day

0930 hrs IST: Players are out in the middle. Liam Dawson has the ball in hand and KL Rahul is on strike for India, who are resuming at 60 for no loss after 20 overs and 417 runs behind England. This is the third day in Chennai

0900 hrs IST: England have a decent score on the board. Their bowlers need to step up and try to replicate the success of their batters. If they can manage to bowl out India, England stand a very good chance of their first win of the series

0850 hrs IST: England were able to score 477 only after a 108-run stand between Adil Rashid and Liam Dawson for the eighth wicket. Dawson was impressive in his unbeaten innings of 60. Bharat Sundaresan writes about the innings here – Another cub roars for Three Lions

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0840 hrs IST: Hello and welcome to the coverage of the third’s play from the fifth Test between India and England from Chennai. India had a good start to their first innings as their openers Parthiv Patel and KL Rahul took them to 60 for no loss in reply to England’s 477. India will begin the third day 417 runs behind England.

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