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Saturday, October 24, 2020

India 451/7 at stumps on Day 3 of 4th Test against England: As it happened

India end day three on 451 for 7, 51 runs ahead of England with Virat Kohli making his 15th Test ton.

By: Express Web Desk | Mumbai | Updated: December 11, 2016 8:36:24 am
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Virat Kohli lead India’s charge on day three against England and put his team in driver’s seat in the fourth Test in Mumbai on Saturday. Kohli scored his 15th Test ton and second of the series to take India past the 400-run mark and also into lead. At close of play, India were leading by 51 runs and had three wickets in had. At stumps, India were 451 for the loss of seven wickets. Jayant Yadav was the other unbeaten batsman on 30.

Earlier in the day, Murali Vijay also scored his eighth Test ton to keep India on track after losing Cheteshwar Pujara on the second ball of the day. India suffered a middle order collapse, losing four wickets for 45 runs but Kohli, alongwith Jayant, made sure India cross the 400 mark and take lead. He remained unbeaten on 147 at close of play

India vs England 4th Test Day 3

1632 hrs IST: STUMPS ON DAY 3! India will be happy to end at 451 for the loss of seven wickets. Virat Kohli is unbeaten on 147 and Jayant Yadav is unbeaten on 30. India lead by 51 runs with three wickets in hand.

1628 hrs IST: Maiden over from Moeen Ali. India remain at 450 for the loss of seven wickets. Last over of the day coming up and it will be bowled by Joe Root. Virat Kohli on strike

1625 hrs IST: India now lead by 50 runs. They are 450 for the loss of seven wickets. Virat0-Jayant stand worth 86 now. India will now mind a few quick runs in the last 5 minutes of the day

1622 hrs IST: Jayant Yadav edges one down the leg-side. England appeal but umpire says not out. England have no reviews left. The ultra-edge shows a spike. Rashid to bowl again

1618 hrs IST: Kohli is just toying with the bowling now. He cracks another four! He moves on to 143*. India are 46 runs ahead of England now. Moeen Ali will continue

1614 hrs IST: Another boundary for Jayant Yadav! Super stuff this from him and he is showing how good a batsman he is. India 440 for the loss of seven with 15 minutes remaining to close of play

1610 hrs IST: Jayant Yadav showing he can bat. A fabulous shot to get another boundary. Six runs from the over. India continue their run scoring spree

1606 hrs IST: Moeen Ali gives seven runs. India extend their lead. Just 25 minutes remaining in the day’s play. Jayant also looking good alongside Kohli. He will be on strike against Rashid

1603 hrs IST: Single from that over. England need to get a wicket here if they want India’s lead to not grow substantially. They bring on Moeen Ali to bowl. Jayant Yadav will be on strike for India

1559 hrs IST: Only four runs from that over. 30 minutes of play left in Mumbai. India move on to 421 for the loss of seven wickets. Lead by 21 runs. Anderson again for England

1555 hrs IST: Six runs from the Anderson over as well! One was a four from Kohli that just beautiful on the leg-side. He is pure control here. Woakes comes again to bowl

1551 hrs IST: England appeal for a caught behind but umpire says not out! England review. Jayant is pretty sure he has not knicked it. replays show no edge. Ultra-edge also shows nothing. Not out. England have no reviews left now

1549 hrs IST: Six runs from the Woakes over! All runs to Kohli as he hit a four as well. India move on to 411 for the loss of seven wickets. Jayant has batted nicely as well. Anderson again

1545 hrs IST: DROPPED! Fourth delivery with the new ball, Anderson induces the edge of Jayant yadav’s bat but Joe Root puts it down at second slip. England had their chance here

1541 hrs IST: England finally take the new ball in the 130th over. India are 404 for the loss of seven wickets. Anderson to bowl for England. Let’s see what this results in

1537 hrs IST: Kohli takes a double on the misfield and India are now in the lead. They are leading by one run now. How long can they build this. It will be very very crucial for the home team

1535 hrs IST: Moeen Ali will bowl again after drinks. India at 399/7. Kohli on strike now. This is excellent performance by the Indian team in this Test match

1532 hrs IST: 11 runs from the Rashid over and India reach 399 for the loss of seven wickets. They are just one run short of England’s total. Drinks will be take as we enter the last hour of the day

1527 hrs IST: A maiden and then a over with only a single run. Kohli and Jayant playing some cautious shots. India move on to 388 for the loss of seven wickets. Rashid again

1517 hrs IST: Maiden over from Rashid. He has bowled well in this innings. But Jayant is also a good batsman. Kohli now as Ali is back to bowl. Only one over for Woakes

1514 hrs IST: Nine runs from the first Woakes over of the day! Kohli with a four after Jayant played a beautiful straight drive for three runs. Rashid to continue for England with Jayant on strike

1510 hrs IST: Maiden over from Rashid. India are 24 runs behind England’s total. Kohli will be on strike as Chris Woakes comes on to bowl his first over of the day. No new ball yet

1506 hrs IST: England appeal for leg-before. Umpire turns it down. Alastair Cook decides to review. Pad first clearly, and it is hitting in line as well. But is turning away a lot. Missing stumps. Jayant stays

1504 hrs IST: India are 376 for the loss of seven wickets. Jayant will be on strike for Adil Rashid. This is a super innings from Kohli. Never out of control

1501 hrs IST: HUNDRED! Captain Virat Kohli takes a quick single to reach his 15th Test ton. Fourth of this year, second of this series. What an innings on this pitch. He leaps into the air and those Kohli celebrations are back

1500 hrs IST: Virat Kohli on 99! Jake Ball will be bowling to Kohli. If he gets there, this will be his second century of the series and fourth of the year. Here we go

1452 hrs IST: Jayant Yadav is the new man in for India. He can bat for sure. Kohli is just two short of his hundred. India are 34 runs away from levelling scores with England. This is exciting stuff

1449 hrs IST: WICKET! Rashid has struck against the run of play. Jadeja gone. Tries to go big but it has pitched in the rough. Can’t get to the pitch of the ball and the bat turns in his hands. Skies it. Good catch from Jennings

1445 hrs IST: 500 runs for Virat Kohli in this series now! He has been in tremendous form this year. Second time in his career he has scored 500 or more runs in a Test series

1434 hrs IST: Excellent shot on the last ball of the Rashid over by Kohli. He moves on to 88* now. Jake Ball will continue for England. Chris Woakes has not bowled a single ball today!

1431 hrs IST: Players are back in the middle for the final session of the day. Rashid to Jadeja to start the session. India are resuming at 348 for the loss of six wickets

1411 hrs IST: And it will be Tea on day three in Mumbai! India are 346 for the loss of six wickets. Virat Kohli is unbeaten on 83 while Jadeja is unbeaten on 22. India are still 52 runs behind. The final session will be one to look out for

1406 hrs IST: Two runs from the Rashid over. India move on to 346 for the loss of six wickets. Six minutes to Tea. Two possible overs. Jake Ball has the ball in his hand. This will be the first over from a pacer in this session. This then becomes the last over before Tea

1400 hrs IST: Ten runs from last two overs. India moving on nicely. Tea round the corner. Jadeja and Kohli batting nicely in the middle. Rashid to Jadeja with India on 344 for the loss of six wickets

1354 hrs IST: Nine runs from the last two overs for India. Jadeja and Kohli in the middle. Just 15 minutes to go for Tea and they both need to make sure India don’t lose any more wicket. Rashid to Jadeja

1346 hrs IST: That six were the only runs from that over. India are 325 for the loss of six wickets. Rashid will bowl round the wicket to Virat Kohli. England have a 75-run lead at the moment

1344 hrs IST: SIX! Jadeja tanks one over square leg boundary for a six. He won’t hold back. Just 25 minutes remaining for Tea. Cook is back on the field

1343 hrs IST: Eight runs from that over as Kohli gets two boundaries. Is this the approach India? Root will bowl again to Jadeja. Super session for cricket in Mumbai

1339 hrs IST: Four runs from that over. Jadeja sends one over Root’s head for a four to get off the mark. This is exciting stuff. Ball is turning but the batsmen want runs. Rashid again

1336 hrs IST: WICKET! Root has done it again. Ashwin is gone. He has hit it straight to short leg. the golden arm of Root. India lose their sixth. Is this the game changing spell from Root? Ashwin is stunned

1335 hrs IST: Two runs from the Rashid over. Root is the captain as Cook is off the field. He brings himself for the second over. Ashwin on strike

1330 hrs IST: Ashwin is the new man in for India. He has been in terrific form in this series. Kohli is at the other end. Rashid will bowl for England

1328 hrs IST: WICKET! Joe Root has given England another wicket. Parthiv Patel is gone. Perfect off-spinner’s wicket. Brings Parthiv out and forces his to play the drive. It turns and takes a faint edge and Bairstow takes the catch on the second attempt

1325 hrs IST: Parthiv Patel is playing shots only square of the wicket. He has looked confident out there. India reach 305 for the loss of four wickets. Joe Root is bowling for England now

1319 hrs IST: 300 up for India!  England’s lead in just 100 runs now. India still have six wickets in hand the tail can bat for them. This will be another great day of cricket as it seems now

1311 hrs IST: Drinks being taken in Mumbai. India are 287 for four. Virat Kohli and Parthiv Patel at the crease. India need to rebuild. They are still 113 runs behind England’s total

1311 hrs IST: Virat Kohli is now the leading run scorer across formats this year. He has 2400 runs in international cricket this year. Joe Root is second best at 2399.

1308 hrs IST: 98 overs gone in this Indian innings and they are 286 for the loss of four wickets. Kohli also playing cautiously now. Runs have dried up after the twin blows. England operating with two spinners

1305 hrs IST: Parthiv Patel has had a troubled stay in the middle so far. The ball is spinning a lot now. The scoring rate has also dropped for India. They need to rotate the strike to not let spinners dominate

1255 hrs IST: Parthiv Patel is the new man in for India and he gets a sharp turning ball first up. Almost edges it to the field. India need to rebuild here. This pitch is turning square now

1254 hrs IST: Third umpire checking the replays again. He is going for bat hitting the pad. WICKET! Karun Nair has to go. Pitching in line, hitting in line and crashing into the stumps. India lose their 4th

1250 hrs IST: England with a confident appeal for a leg-before off Moeen Ali against Kohli. Umpire says not out. Bairstow is confident. England review. This is tight. Is there an inside-edge? Or is the bat hitting the pad? This is very close. Taking a long time here.

1247 hrs IST: Karun Nair with a surprise reverse sweep to get the four! Good shot. India move on to 278 for the loss of three wickets at the end of that Ali over. Rashid to continue

1243 hrs IST: Rashid is turning the ball square. Karun Nair is struggling in the middle. India reach 272 for the loss of three wickets at the end of the 92nd over of the Indian innings. Ali to continue

1238 hrs IST: FIFTY! Virat Kohli gets to his 15th Test half-century. Excellent innings from the Indian captain. He has put India on the right foot with Vijay. Now he has to take Nair along

1230 hrs IST: Karun Nair is the new man in for India and he gets off the mark with a boundary. Kohli and Nair were involved in a run-out in the last Test. Ali to continue for England

1227 hrs IST: WICKET! Murali Vijay falls for 136. He gets a low full-toss which he has played back to Rashid. I think the bat hit the ground as well. Very low on the bat there. Rashid fumbles but manages to hang on to the catch on the second attempt. Vijay is in disbelief. India 263/3

1224 hrs IST: Good over for India as Vijay and Kohli take seven runs from it. Vijay with another boundary. India move on to 260 for the loss of two wickets. Rashid to continue

1221 hrs IST: Rashid with some sharp turn. beat the outside edge of Kohli’s bat a couple of time but no damage done. Ali to bowl again. Vijay on strike.

1218 hrs IST: 250 up for India in that Ali over. 150 more runs to get to England’s total of 400. Rashid to continue. Four runs from that Ali over. Excellent start once again from India after Lunch

1215 hrs IST: Rashid with a maiden first up after Lunch. Kohli happy to leave most of the away turning balls. England operate with spin from both ends as Moeen Ali comes on to bowl

1211 hrs IST: The players are walking to the middle. India resume at 247 for the loss of two wickets. Kohli will be on strike. An important session of the match coming up. England will continue with Adil Rashid’s spin

1133 hrs IST: That will be Lunch! 31 over bowled in this session, India have scored 101 runs and that is also the partnership between Vijay and Kohli. Excellent stuff from the two in the middle. They need to freshen up and start again after Lunch

1130 hrs IST: Three runs from that over from Rashid. Last over before Lunch coming up for India. It will be bowled by Moeen Ali. India have done well in this session

1127 hrs IST: Single each to Vijay and Kohli in that over from Ali. Vijay has looked a bit off concentration after his century. Half-hearted shots, loose defence. And now he will be on strike as Rashid comes on to bowl

1124 hrs IST: Two runs picked up by Vijay in that over! India move on to 240 for the loss of two wickets. Ali will continue with old ball. 80 overs have been bowled in this Indian innings and the new ball is due

1120 hrs IST: Appeal for the leg-before from England. Umpire gives Vijay out. He reviews instantly. The ball is legal is going straight. Vijay has his leg forward and it is bat first! Vijay will stay not out. He knew it was bat first 

1117 hrs IST: Single from that Ali over. India move on to 237 for the loss of two wickets. Adil Rashid to continue from the other end. Vijay will be on strike for India

1114 hrs IST: Just a single from that over from Rashid. India will look to keep wickets in hand going into Lunch. This pitch is still good to bat on. If India can take lead, England will be battling hard to be in this match. Moeen Ali into the attack now

1110 hrs IST: Another good over for India. Murali Vijay is just toying with the bowlers. India move on to 235 for the loss of two wickets. Just 20 minutes before Lunch in Mumbai. Rashid to continue

1106 hrs IST: Good over for India. Six runs from that over from Rashid. This has been a nice approach from India. The scoring rate has been healthy and no real risk taken from the batsmen. Anderson to continue

1103 hrs IST: Anderson finishes the over with only three runs. Kohli will be on strike as Rashid comes on to bowl. We are entering the last 30 minutes before Lunch in Mumbai. Crucial phase

1100 hrs IST: A single through mid-wicket for Kohli and he completes 4, 000 runs in Test cricket. He is the 14th Indian batsman to get there. Six fastest in terms of innings.

1058 hrs IST: Adil Rashid with a decent over. India take two runs from it. Vijay with loose shot in that over as well. But no damage done. James Anderson is back to bowl to Virat Kohli

1055 hrs IST: James Anderson with a maiden over to Virat Kohli. India remain at 216 for the loss of two wickets. England decide to change their spin bowler. Adil Rashid gets the ball and he will bowl to Vijay

1050 hrs IST: HUNDRED! Batted Murali Vijay! He tucks one on the off-side and runs the single. Gets his eighth Test century and second of the series. He has get India in this game with this innings. Some super shots and sixes here. Brilliant innings this

1046 hrs IST: Murali Vijay takes two runs on the fourth ball of the over and moves to 99*. He will be off strike as he defends the last two balls of the over. Moeen Ali will continue to bowl to Kohli

1042 hrs IST: End of the 70th over of the Indian innings. India are 210 for the loss of two wickets. Vijay on 97* now. And England finally bring on Anderson. He will be bowling to Vijay

1038 hrs IST: End of the Stokes over. India take only four runs from that over. Murali Vijay, who is on 96*, will be on strike as Moeen Ali comes on to bowl for England. He already has a century in this series

1036 hrs IST: Virat Kohli with a brilliant on the move pull shot in front of square for four! That will his 1, 000 runs in Test cricket in 2016. He has three centuries this year with two double hundreds.

1034 hrs IST: Ben Stokes for England to continue after drinks. Virat Kohli on strike. He is just one run away from 1, 000 runs in Test cricket in 2016

1030 hrs IST: Three runs from that over. Vijay is nearing is his ton now. He is on 96*. Kohli is also looking in good form. The players will have some drinks now. India are 204 for the loss of two wickets

1026 hrs IST: Stokes has been England’s go to bowler in this series and he has bowled a couple of good deliveries in this innings as well. But that is it. No success. Single run from his over as India save the follow-on. Moeen Ali to continue

1022 hrs IST: End of the Ali over. On run from that. Kohli is also scoring at a quick rate. Ben Stokes will continue from the other end. Virat Kohli will be on strike again

1020 hrs IST: 200 up for India. They trail England by 200 more runs. This just what India need this morning. The Pujara wicket was a bad thing but hasn’t affected the Indian spirits

1018 hrs IST: End of another good over for India. Seven runs off it. Vijay is now on 97*. India are 199 for the loss of two wickets. Virat Kohli will be on strike as Moeen Ali comes on to bowl for England

1016 hrs IST: Fifty run partnership between Vijay and Kohli and in quick time. India have Karun Nair and Parthiv Patel to come after this. Vijay and Kohli need to stay at the crease for a long time here

1014 hrs IST: Three runs from the over. India dominating the bowlers now. Pitch hasn’t shown any tricks today but credit to both Vijay and Kohli for taking the attack to England. Super plays from both the batsmen. Stokes on

1011 hrs IST: This is just masterclass from Vijay! Comes down and drives through covers. Brilliant shot off Stokes. He moves into the 90s. Moeen Ali to continue for England

1007 hrs IST: Two lovely boundaries in that over. One each from Kohli and Vijay. Super shots from both. Kohli playing against the turn and driving through covers. England with a bowling change as Ben Stokes comes on to bowl here

1004 hrs IST: Only a single run from the Jake Ball over. Virat Kohli has been watchful in this innings. He has not let the bowlers dominate. Murali Vijay will face Moeen Ali now

1000 hrs IST: Virat Kohli plays out the over. No runs scored. Moeen Ali gets a maiden. England are continuing with Jake Ball. The Wankhede crowd is really getting into this now. Cheering every shot

0957 hrs IST: India get only one run in that Ball over. Kohli with a single. Murali Vijay plays out the over. Now Moeen Ali will bowl to Virat Kohli. Let’s see his approach to spinners in this innings

0953 hrs IST: That six were the only runs from that Moeen Ali over. Vijay plays out the remainder of the over. India are 168 for the loss of two wickets. England continue with Jake Ball with Kohli on strike

0950 hrs IST: There goes Vijay! He just creams one straight over the bowler’s head and it has travelled all the way. Six for Vijay and India. His first runs of the morning as well. What a shot that was. Surprised Moeen for sure

0949 hrs IST: An excellent Kohli gets two boundaries in that over from Jake Ball. You wonder how effortlessly Kohli plays his shots. Fabulous. Now it is Murali Vijay on strike to Moeen Ali

0945 hrs IST: A couple of runs from that Ali over. Vijay has to make this innings again. He is set and knows how the pitch is behaving. England are trying the short stuff to Kohli. Ball again to Kohli

0942 hrs IST: Virat Kohli is away with a boundary. 150 also up for India with that four. Just place it past the backward point and the goes for four. Moeen Ali to continue and Murali Vijay will be on strike

0938 hrs IST: And Moeen Ali also begins with a maiden. Vijay has played out the complete over. He has to start all over again after making 70* yesterday. Jake Ball to continue and Virat Kohli is on strike for India

0935 hrs IST: Jake Ball starts off with a wicket maiden. This will have England’s confidence soar. Excellent start for the visitors. Moeen Ali will bowl his off-spin from the other end. Murali Vijay on strike

0931 hrs IST: WICKET! Pujara is bowled. Jake Ball has got the wicket on the second ball of the day! Pujara just shoulders his arms to a ball that came back. Fantastic start for England. Poor leave from Pujara. Virat Kohli comes in

0929 hrs IST: The players are out in the middle. Cheteshwar Pujara is on strike for India and Jake Ball will start with the ball for England. All set for the start of play on day three. Here we go

0900 hrs IST: It will be a crucial day for India. If they can overtake England total, they can have a better chance of winning this Test than England. But is the visitors bowl out below 350, their chance of forcing a win go up. India will be left to play catch up throughout

0850 hrs IST: How easy or difficult is it to bowl spin at Wankhede? Where to pitch the ball to get maximum turn? All  these questions were answered by local boy Ramesh Powar. He explains spin at Wankhede to Sriram Veera – Ramesh Powar explains the art of bowling spin at Wankhede stadium

0845 hrs IST: England had posted an impressive total of 400 in the first innings and India had lost KL Rahul early. With the Wankhede pitch turning, India could have had a troubled time but Vijay and Pujara made sure they did not. Sriram Veera captures the second day in this copy – Old firm gets India off the blocks on Day 2

0830 hrs IST: Welcome to the coverage of the third day’s play from the fourth Test between India and England in Mumbai. India resume at 146 for the loss of one wicket and 254 runs behind England’s first innings total of 400

England reached a big total only after Jos Buttler scored 76 runs while Jake Ball chipped in with 31 runs, coming in at number 10. Both shared a 54-run stand for the ninth wicket which frustrated the Indian team.

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