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Wednesday, July 18, 2018

England 288/5 at stumps on Day 1 of 4th Test: Match highlights, as it happened

R Ashwin's three wickets in the final session brought India back in the fourth Test; England are 288/5 at stumps on Day 1.

By: Express Web Desk | Mumbai | Updated: December 9, 2016 1:03:40 am
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India managed to crawl back into the fourth Test against England in Mumbai, thanks to a four-wicket haul from R Ashwin that put England on the back-foot. Debutant Keaton Jennings scored a century off 186 balls to put England in the driver’s seat. Moeen Ali scored a half-century. England ended the day at 288/5 with Ben Stokes and Jos Buttler the two unbeaten batsmen for them.

England had won the toss and captain Alastair Cook didn’t hesitate to elect to bat on a dry Wankhede pitch. And with Jennings, Cook shared  99-run stand before he was stumped. Root was the next to follow before Ali and Jennings steadied the ship.

India vs England 4th Test Day 1

1631 hrs IST: STUMPS ON DAY 1! England are 288 for the loss of five wickets. Ben Stokes survives the final over of the day. Ashwin’s four wickets brought India back in this after Keaton Jennings and Moeen Ali put England in the front.

1628 hrs IST: Last over of the day coming up. Jadeja to bowl the over. England are 288 for the loss of five wickets. Jadeja to Buttler here. 93 overs have been bowled

1625 hrs IST: Ashwin back to bowl his last over of the day. Can he give India a wicket here? Two overs remaining in the day. Ashwin to Buttler

1621 hrs IST: Kohli is not amused after the review. He knows the importance of the reviews. Jayant comes on to bowl again. England 279 for the loss of five wickets

1619 hrs IST: Review! Umpire says not out after India appeal for a LBW against Ben Stokes. Jadeja asks Kohli to review it who discusses it with Parthiv Patel. Parthiv is not sure. Only Jadeja is adamant. Kohli reviews. Legal delivery and it is turning into Stokes. Impact will be in question here. Looks very close. Impact is “umpire’s call”. Second time a batsman will be saved by that. Was hitting the stumps but that doesn’t matter

1616 hrs IST: 90 overs have been bowled but India continue as there is still time left in close of play. Jadeja will be the bowler. new ball is due for India but Kohli continues with the old one

1613 hrs IST: 89 overs have been bowled today. 18 minutes of play still remaining. India may squeeze in three to four more overs. Jayant Yadav to bowl to Ben Stokes now

1610 hrs IST: Ashwin with another magnificent over. He is just there to get another wicket. Jadeja now. India are continuing to bowl with the old as spinners are proving to be effective

1603 hrs IST: Ravindra Jadeja comes on to bowl. India have bowled 86 overs so far in the day and still half-an-hour of play is remaining. India will surely bowl more overs. Jadeja now

1555 hrs IST: The is evident now at the Wankhede and Indian spinners are exploiting it. Jayant turning it and Jos Buttler is trying hard to negotiate it. Ashwin to continue from the other end

UPDATE: Umpire Paul Reiffel is back at the stadium and is fine. His CT scan was normal but has been advised rest for today

1546 hrs IST: 250 up for England as Jayant Yadav bowls a no-ball. England will be gutted to lose three quick wickets after such a good start. Stokes and Buttler at the crease

1541 hrs IST: WICKET! Jonny Bairstow has swept one to deep square-leg. Ashwin gets his fourth. India have the fifth England wicket. It has turned on its head

1539 hrs IST: 80 overs gone and India use their remaining review of the last ball. They have asked for a caught behind appeal. No edge there. India get back their 2 reviews as 80 overs are finished. Ashwin to continue

1533 hrs IST: England reach 246 for the loss of four wickets as umpires call for drinks. The final hour of the day remaining. Both teams have enjoyed the advantage but who can capatilise in the last hour?

1527 hrs IST: Another slow phase of game. Indian spinners dominating the England batsmen now. Moeen and Jennings had not allowed them to dominate. Ashwin looking lethal now

1515 hrs IST: The run flow for England has halted with two new man. India can capatilise on this and pick another wicket to be right back in this game. Ashwin had bowled a brilliant over to get two wickets in one over

1506 hrs IST: Jonny Bairstow and Ben Stokes are the two new man for England. Both are in form and can play shots. India need to get these early as well and open up the England tail

1503 hrs IST: WICKET! Jennings gone! Ashwin has two wickets in three balls. The debutant has edged one to the gully and it has carried. Extra bounce that hits high on the bat. Good low catch and England are 4 down now

1500 hrs IST: WICKET! Moeen Ali is gone! Ashwin strikes again. Moeen top edges a sweep and the fielder calls for it early. That was a good catch but a rash shot from Moeen. Ashwin is delighted

1457 hrs IST: FIFTY! Moeen Ali with his ninth Test fifty and an important one here. He has held the innings together with Jennings. England 230 for the loss of 2 wickets after 70 overs

1451 hrs IST: Another good over from England as 8 runs off it. They are 225 for the loss of two wickets. This is a great partnership for them. Jennings playing a super innings at the Wankhede

1442 hrs IST: 65 overs completed in this England innings and they are 210 for the loss of two wickets. The runs are flowing easy for them. The odd ball is turning but no trouble for the batsmen so far

1435 hrs IST: 200 up for England. This has been a better performance by the visitors. They are only 2 down so far. Moeen Ali and Jennings the two batsmen for them at the crease

1433 hrs IST: Players back on the field! The final session of play is coming up and India need some wickets. England in solid position in this Test. Jadeja to start

1412 hrs IST: And that will be Tea on Day 1. England will be very happy with the position they are in. They are 196 for the loss of two wickets and have a great platform to make a big score. Jennings with a great hundred and is unbeaten on 103. Moeen Ali unbeaten on 25

1408 hrs IST: Last over before Tea coming up. Bhuvneshwar Kumar to bowl the over. England are 195 for the loss of two wickets. And in a very good position to build on from here

1400 hrs IST: England are happy defending the ball now. Another good session for them as they keep wickets in hand. India would love a wickets before Tea here

1356 hrs IST: HUNDRED! A brilliant innings from Keaton Jennings. And he brings it up in style. Reverse sweeps Jayant Yadav for four. Maiden Test century for the debutant. 9th England player to do so

1349 hrs IST: Another change in bowling as Bhuvneshwar Kumar comes on to bowl. He is replacing Umesh Yadav in the attack. Keaton Jennings, who is unbeaten on 94, will be on strike

1341 hrs IST: Tight over from Ashwin as he gives only two runs. England are 175 for the loss of two wickets. This session also going England’s way. India attacking again with pace as Umesh Yadav comes on to bowl

1335 hrs IST: Umesh Yadav to bowl the 54th over of the England innings. The visitors are currently 171 for the loss of two wickets. The news off the field is that umpire Rieffel is going to the hospital for scans

1325 hrs IST: Maiden over from Umesh. A lot of short stuff to Moeen Ali. England remain at 167 for the loss of two wickets. Keaton Jennings will be on strike as Ashwin comes on to bowl. He is batting on unbeaten 89

1320 hrs IST: Umesh Yadav is coming on to bowl now. Jennings is batting on 89* but it will be Moeen Ali on strike who is batting on 10. England are 167 for the loss of two wickets against India in Mumbai

1318 hrs IST: Marais Erasmus is indeed coming on for umpiring on the field. Shamsuddin is the third umpire now. Ashwin to continue bowling

1312 hrs IST: Paul Rieffel is going off the field. This is better than keeping him out on the field in the sun. Marais Erasmus is the third umpire. Will he come on now?

1306 hrs IST: A outfield throw from Bhuvneshwar Kumar has hit Paul Reiffel on the head. He is down on the field. Bhuvi was trying to throw a lob to Pujara, who was standing just next to the umpire. Looks fine but that will b drinks now

1302 hrs IST: 47 overs gone and England are 163 for the loss of two wickets. Indian spinners still pushing hard but to no avail. Ashwin gave only three runs in that over. Jadeja to continue from the other end

1256 hrs IST: Sharp turn for Ashwin in that over. Moeen Ali living on the edge as the ball just misses the off-stump. Ashwin is looking threatening but success not there. India still forcing for a wicket

1252 hrs IST: That is a reverse sweep from Jennings! Good shot and he will get four for it. 150 up for England in the first innings. They are just two down

1243 hrs IST: We have a change in bowling as Jayant Yadav comes on to bowl. He replaces Ravindra Jadeja. So off-spin from both ends from India. two left-handers at the crease

1238 hrs IST: The Wankhede stadium is getting into this! They are cheering every ball. Moeen Ali and Keaton Jennings at the crease for England in Mumbai

1234 hrs IST: WICKET! Joe Root (21) c Virat Kohli b R Ashwin! Ashwin provides India the breakthrough and stops the threatening partnership. Root just playing for the drive but manages to edge it. Kohli was moving towards his right but the ball flies to his left. He puts his hands just in time. Hangs on! 

1230 hrs IST: Ashwin with a decent over. Only a single. This has been a good performance from the Indian spinners but England batsmen better. Root and Jennings with a stable innings

1227 hrs IST: Ravindra Jadeja continues to bowl those quick overs. A single coming from the over and now it is back to Ashwin! India spinners trying hard for that breakthrough

1222 hrs IST: India spinners getting some turn but no success. Root and Jennings have played them nicely so far. England look solid even after Lunch

1216 hrs IST: Decent over from Jadeja. Some turn as well. Ashwin will bowl from the other end. Bounce and turn expected for Ashwin from the pitch. Here we go

1211 hrs IST: Players are back! The second session of play underway in Mumbai. Ravindra Jadeja will begin proceedings for India. England resume at 117 for the loss of one wicket

1200 hrs IST: Just 10 minutes before start of play of the second session. It will be a very important session for India and they have to pick some wickets. And they have to remember that they will be batting fourth on this pitch

1145 hrs IST: England will be very happy going into the second session with Jennings still there. He is unbeaten on 65 and his team will like him to continue to score runs. Root is probably their best batsmen

1134 hrs IST: England reach 117 for the loss of one wicket at Lunch. Jennings has been brilliant for the 65* and his 99-run stand with Alastair Cook laid the platform for England. Cook was the only batsman dismissed in that session. Jadeja the wicket-taker

1128 hrs IST: Umesh Yadav will bowl the final over before Lunch! He has replaced Jayant Yadav. England are 114 for the loss of one wicket. 30 overs have been bowled and this will be the 31st

1122 hrs IST: Another good over from Jadeja. His second and he has given only one run so far. Jayant Yadav to bowl now. Jennings will be on strike to him

1118 hrs IST: Ravindra Jadeja and Jayant Yadav are spinning it. Some balls really turning off the pitch. Jadeja can be very dangerous on this unpredictable wicket. He comes on to bowl now

1113 hrs IST: WICKET! Alastair Cook st Parthiv Patel b Ravindra Jadeja 46 Jadeja strikes in his first over! A ball that spun a long way back into Cook as he charged down the ground. Ball goes between bat and pad and Parthiv does hte rest. Puff of dust coming out

1111 hrs IST: This is excellent stuff from Cook. Some good counter from the England captain as he gets some quick runs for his team. Ravindra Jadeja to bowl now for India

1106 hrs IST: FIFTY! Keaton Jennings has a half-century on Test debut. What a good innings this has been. After the early wobbles, he has settled in nicely. Can get a big one here

1104 hrs IST: Excellent over from Jayant yadav that is a maiden. Some sharp turn for him and Jennings was is trouble. Ashwin to bowl from the other end and Cook is on strike

1101 hrs IST: Six runs from the Ashwin over. England have been scoring at a decent rate in this innings. Jayant Yadav back for his second over today. He got some turn in his first over

1058 hrs IST: Some turn for Jayant Yadav but Jennings took three runs as well in that over. England still going strong. They are 75 for no loss against India as Ashwin comes on to bowl again

1055 hrs IST: Another change in bowling from India. Jayant Yadav is into the attack and he will bowl his off-spin. Jennings to face him. He is approaching his half-century in Mumbai

1054 hrs IST: Ashwin showing the dip again! He draws Cook forward to drive but the dip is so much that it falls short and spins. Cook misses it completely. No damage done but a wonderful over from Ashwin.

1048 hrs IST: Keaton Jennings is looking better now. Once again a drive off Umesh. This is a bit square but he will get four runs. He is into the forties now. Excellent approach from the youngster

1043 hrs IST: Jennings is growing in confidence now. Drives Umesh Yadav through covers to get another four. He is into the thirties now. England are 60 for no loss. Ashwin to continue

1039 hrs IST: Umesh Yadav has replaced Bhuvneshwar Kumar for the 17th over. England moving on nicely. Umesh has impressed and should have got a wicket as well

1035 hrs IST: 50 up for England in the 16th over. They have been solid so far in the innings. Ashwin is bowling the over after drinks. Jennings and Cook looking comfortable.

1031 hrs IST: One hour of play done in Mumbai! 15 overs gone and England are 49 for no loss. This has been an excellent start for England. India would have liked atleast one wicket. Drinks now

1025 hrs IST: Another fine over from Bhuvneshwar but still three runs off it. England are 39 for no loss at the Wankhede. Ashwin to continue his off-spin from the other end

1021 hrs IST: Maiden over from Ashwin. Still no spin for him. England batsmen are easily playing him as of now. Bhuvneshwar Kumar will continue from the other end. He is into his seventh over of the spell

1018 hrs IST: Cook drives Bhuvneshwar for a four through the on-side and that will be 2, 000 Test runs for Cook against India. Sixth highest as of now. Michael Clarke is fifth with 2, 049 runs

1014 hrs IST: Ashwin finishes the 10th over of the England innings. He has not got any turn so far and England openers have also played decently so far. They are scoring at almost three runs per over. England are 29 for no loss

1010 hrs IST: Bhuvneshwar Kumar is continuing from one end. He has bowled a decent line and has managed to trouble the batsmen a bit. Got swing but no success

1005 hrs IST: Alastair Cook plays a drive on the last ball of the Ashwin over and takes a couple. England move on to 27 for no loss. There was a small puff of dust coming off the pitch on the fourth ball of the Ashwin over. Hmm…

1003 hrs IST: And we have spin in attack! R Ashwin will bowl his off-spin to Alastair Cook. If he can grip this ball, there is spin on offer and he can be dangerous. England need to watch out

1002 hrs IST: Excellent over from Bhuvneshwar Kumar. Keeping the batsman to the crease and no easy run. England are 23 for no loss. They have had some tight moments

0958 hrs IST: Review! A loud appeal from India for a LBW against Jennings. But umpire Bruce Oxenford says not out. India review. Two sounds there. Let’s if it bat first or pad. Clearly pad first there. Looks very close. Bhuvneshwar is coming round the wicket. The impact is “umpire’s call”. That will save Jennings. It is hitting wickets but that marginal impact outside off saves him

0952 hrs IST: Five overs gone in Mumbai and England are 21 for no loss. Cook and Jennings have been watchful but Indian bowlers have impressed as well. Umesh Yadav to continue and Cook is on strike for England

0948 hrs IST: Keaton Jennings off the mark in Test cricket with a four. Then pulls one for another four! England need to watchful in the first hour and then we can see batsmen settling down

0946 hrs IST: DROPPED! Debutant Keaton Jennings is put down at gully for 0. A surprise short ball from Umesh and Jennings has no clue how to play that. Manages to lob it just wide off gully where Karun runs but fails to hang on

0943 hrs IST: CHANCE! Cook gets a leading edge off Bhuvneshwar but that flies just wide of Karun at gully. That was a good ball from Bhuvi. Coming round the wicket and making it move away from left-hander. That was just half-chance

0939 hrs IST: Maiden over from Umesh Yadav and Keaton Jennings is still not off the mark in Test cricket. He has some great knocks for Durham county. Can he make it big here? Bhuvneshwar to continue

0935 hrs IST: A decent over from Bhuvneshwar with some swing on offer. England take only two runs from it. Umesh Yadav will share the new ball from the other end. Debutant opener Jennings on strike

0931 hrs IST: Two left-handers, Alastair Cook and Keaton Jennings, will open for England. Cook on strike. Bhuvneshwar Kumar to begin the attack for India with the new ball

0928 hrs IST: We are done with the anthems. The fielders are marking their field positions while Alastair Cook and Keaton Jennings are heading towards the opposite ends of the wicket

0921 hrs IST: The teams are out on the field for the national anthems. We will first have the anthem of England followed by India’s. This is the first Test at Wankhede after the farewell Test of Sachin Tendulkar

0914 hrs IST: England have won both their previous two Test matches at the Wankhede stadium and are in a great position to win another as Cook has won the toss. Can England keep this series alive in Mumbai?

0906 hrs IST: India also forced to make a couple of changes. Mohammed Shami and Ajinkya Rahane are out while Bhuvneshwar Kumar and KL Rahul are replacing them. Karun Nair retains his place and so does Parthiv Patel

0905 hrs IST: England are going in with two changes. Jake Ball and Keaton Jennings are in for Gareth Batty and Haseeb Hameed. Jennings will be making his debut and will be opening the batting with Alastair Cook

0900 hrs IST: England have won the toss and Alastair Cook has decided to bat. Just like Mohali, India will be batting second.

0855 hrs IST: Pitch: Looks dry with cracks. Sunil Gavaskar it will begin to turn soon, as soon as end of day one. If it does, the team batting last will be in trouble

0850 hrs IST: India and England are playing the fourth Test after an eight-day break. England will be flying back home for a 25-day break after the fifth Test. India captain Virat Kohli is not happy with all these breaks. Bharat Sundaresan from the presser – Virat Kohli unhappy with England taking breaks

0845 hrs IST: India have a chance to create history by winning the Test in Mumbai but injuries have hit their march. Bharat Sundaresan pens it down here – India’s tilt at history suffers setback

0840 hrs IST: Hello and welcome to the coverage of the fourth Test match between India and England from Mumbai. India lead the series 2-0 and need only a draw or a win in this match to win the series. England need to win this match to keep the series alive

Even for England, there have been a lot of injury concerns with young opener Haseeb Hamm flew back home and Stuart Broad still recovering from the injury. Keaton Jennings will be opening the batting for England. He will be playing his first Test match. They need to win the fourth Test to keep the series alive.

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