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England 268/8 at stumps of India vs England, 3rd Test, Day 1: As it happened

India bowlers shine to dismiss eight England batsmen on Day 1 of the third Test with the visitors score only 268 runs.

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India kept England under pressure. (Source: AP)

India will be very happy with the first day’s play of the third Test against England in Mohali having reduced the visitors to 268/8. India used five bowlers in the day and each of them picked up at least a wicket. Jayant Yadav and Umesh Yadav picked up two wickets each. Ravindra Jadeja also picked up two wickets. R Ashwin and Shami picked up a wicket each. For England, only Jonny Bairstow played a solid innings of 89. He shared two half-centuries stands with Ben Stokes and Jos Buttler to take England to a respectable position. The visitors had an early batting collapse are were reduced to 92/4 at Lunch. That is then Bairstow and Stokes joined hands. India picked up three wickets in the final session as well to push England pack

India vs England, 3rd Test, Day 1

1631 hrs IST: That will be stumps on Day 1 and India will be very happy with it. England reach 268/8 with Adil Rashid and Gareth Batty at the crease. All India bowlers in wickets there with Umesh Yadav, Jayant Yadav and Ravindra Jadeja picking up two wickets each while Mohammed Shami and R Ashwin taking a wicket each

1626 hrs IST: WICKET! Umesh Yadav gets a wicket for his consistent bowling! He has castled Chris Woakes. Keeping a tight line on the off-stump and manages to get one past the bat. He has done an excellent job here

1621 hrs IST: Maiden over from Shami here. Two overs remaining in the day. India will like a wicket before close and Umesh Yadav is coming on to bowl the penultimate over of the day. Chris Woakes coming on to ball


1617 hrs IST: Decent first over from Umesh Yadav. Two runs from it. Mohammed Shami will share the second new ball. Adil Rashid on strike for England. Three overs remaining in the day. India will dearly like a wicket here

1613 hrs IST: Maiden over from Jayant Yadav! India take the new ball with four overs remaining in the day’s play. Umesh Yadav comes on to bowl. Adil Rashid and Chris Woakes are the two batsmen at the crease for England

1610 hrs IST: Only two runs from Ashwin’s over. It has been a rough day for him as he has been sloppy in the field. Only wicket of Cook so far. Jayant Yadav to continue from the other end and it is the old ball only. Rashid on strike

1607 hrs IST: Rashid, the new man, plays out the two deliveries and Jayat Yadav finishes a successful over. Only 2 runs from it. Ashwin to continue and with the new ball only. Chris Woakes on strike for England

1604 hrs IST: WICKET! Jonny Bairstow lbw b Jayant Yadav 89. Big wicket this for India. Jayant Yadav from round the wicket gets on to straighten and it hits Bairstow on the pads. India appeal and umpire says out. Bairstow reviews. That is straight hitting Bairstow in the line with no bat involved. It is straightening enough to hit leg-stump 

1603 hrs IST: DROPPED! Parthiv Patel has put down a regulation catch and it is Jonny Bairstow. He had dropped him earlier as well. Did not turn as Bairstow was playing for it. Thick outside edge but Pathiv fails to grab it

1601 hrs IST: Nine runs from that over from Ashwin. Four byes, then a single from Bairstow and then a four from Woakes. England past 250 in Mohali. This has been a good recovery after the early collapse. Jayant Yadav to continue

1558 hrs IST: Five from that over of Jayant Yadav. He swept one for four. Good shot there. England are 247 for the loss of six wickets. India continue with old ball. Ashwin to bowl with Bairstow on strike. He is on 87*

1555 hrs IST: Nothing to threaten the England batsmen in that over from Ashwin. Just a single. Jayant Yadav will continue and with old ball. Bairstow, who is into the eighties now, will be on strike. He has single handedly kept England in this game

1551 hrs IST: End of the 80th over. England reach 241 for the loss of six wickets. The new ball is available for India. But they are continuing with the old one. But we have a change as well. Ashwin to bowl to Bairstow now

1548 hrs IST: Some good running from England and they take four runs from that Jadeja over. Chris Woakes will be on strike as Jayant Yadav continues with off-spin. This is the last over before new ball is available to India. England 237/6

1545 hrs IST: Only a single from Jayant Yadav’s over. Two more overs then the new ball will be available. India will be hoping to wrap up things in the remaining 12 overs. That will be a big advantage going into day two. Jadeja again

1541 hrs IST: Just the two runs from this over. One single and one no-ball. We have a change in bowling as Jayant Yadav comes on to bowl. England are 232 for the loss of six wickets. Woakes will be on strike to Jayant

1537 hrs IST: Jadeja has bowled a no-ball. It slipped out of his hand, bounced behind the half pitch and rolled to the slips where Parthiv ran to pick it up. Bairstow wanted to hit it

1536 hrs IST: India appeal for a LBW on the second ball after drinks. Umpire says not out and India decide to review that. No bat involved, impact inside the stumps line but that is going on to miss the stumps. Not out.

1531 hrs IST: Chris Woakes gets a boundary off that over from Umesh Yadav. Those are the only runs scored in that over. Jadeja comes on to bowl his 20th over off the innings. Before that, umpires have finally decided to change the ball and drinks have been called

1526 hrs IST: Ashwin is having a horror day in the field. Another miss from him which gives two runs to England. Three in total from the over from Jadeja. Kohli not happy. Umesh Yadav will continue. Reverse swing will be key for him

1523 hrs IST: Two runs from the Umesh over. He bowled a couple of good deliveries to trouble the batsmen. Kohli persisting with Jadeja. He will bowl his 19th over of the day. Five overs after this one, the new ball will be available

1518 hrs IST: Maiden over from Jadeja. His third of the innings and day. England remain at 221 for the loss of six wickets. We have a change in bowling as Kohli calls back Umesh Yadav. He will bowl to Chris Woakes and try to get some reverse swing

1517 hrs IST: India seeking a change in ball but umpires think that the current ball is fine. Jadeja has to carry on with the same one. By the way, the new ball will be due in seven overs after this

1514 hrs IST: Only the leg-bye from the Shami over. It a maiden. India appealed for LBW on the first ball but umpire said not out to which India didn’t review as well. Jadeja to continue. India will really like a wicket here

1509 hrs IST: Chris Woakes takes three runs from that Jadeja over. Bairstow plays out the remaining over. England will be pinning their hopes on Bairstow to take them closer to 300. Shami to continue from the other end

1506 hrs IST: Another good over from Shami. Single from it. Jadeja back to bowl to new man Woakes. A slip, gully and a silly point in place. England are six down. Kohli attacking with close-in fielder. 70 overs have been bowled in this innings

1501 hrs IST: Just the two runs to new man Chris Woakes from that Jadeja and the wicket of Buttler. Excellent over from Jadeja. Virat Kohli continues with Mohammed Shami with Jonny Bairstow on strike for England

1458 hrs IST: WICKET! Jos Buttler c Virat Kohli b Ravindra Jadeja. That’s a rare dismissal for Jadeja. Asking Buttler to drive. He drives on the up and Kohli accepts the catch at covers running towards the mid-off. India finally break the partnership. Good innings from Buttler comes to an end

1456 hrs IST: Mohammed Shami bowls another good over. Only a single. Buttler is approaching a half-century here. This will be a good innings and will give him  a lot of confidence after he struggled against Pakistan last year. Jadeja to continue

1451 hrs IST: Two runs from the Jadeja over. This is an excellent approach from the England batsmen. Rotating the strike at will. The runs will come off the loose balls. Buttler and Bairtsow doing it for England. Shami to bowl now

1448 hrs IST: Two runs from the Shami over. He has been impressive after Tea but has failed to reverse swing. Umesh Yadav, on the other hand has reversed the ball. Anuways, Jadeja to continue from the other end

1444 hrs IST: A single off the last ball of the over and Jadeja gives only one run in that over. England move on to 208 for the loss of five wickets. Shami will continue for his second over after Tea. Buttler, who is on 40, will be on strike

1441 hrs IST: Mohammed Shami starts with a maiden after Tea. Bairstow happy to play out the over. Good tight line from Shami as well. Jadeja will continue to bowl. He will be bowling his 14th over of the innings. Buttler on strike

1437 hrs IST: Good start to the final session for both teams. Jadeja gives only two runs from the over. England move on to 207 for the loss of five wickets. Mohammed Shami will bowl from the other end.

1434 hrs IST:  Ravindra Jadeja will bowl the first over of the final session. Jos Buttler who has batted brilliantly with Jonny Bairstow, will be facing him. England resume at 205 for the loss of five wickets. Here we go

1430 hrs IST: Players are back after the Tea break. This can be an interesting session for both teams. Generally we see wickets falling in the last session of the day. England have five in hand and India will be looking to wrap it up in the final session

1413 hrs IST: That will be Tea on Day 1! England have made their way back into this match with some quick runs in the second session. In the 33 overs bowled in this session, England have scored 113 runs and lost only one wicket. Jos Buttler and Jonny Bairstow taking them to 205/5.

1409 hrs IST: Five more runs from Jadeja in that over. Two hundred up for England. Good partnership growing for England. Mohammed Shami will continue and this will be the last over before Tea. Can India strike?

1406 hrs IST: Five runs from the over from Shami. India will really like a wicket before Tea which is just a couple of overs away. Both batsmen look set so this looks a challenge. Jadeja will continue as Buttler in on strike

1402 hrs IST: Just a defensive push from Buttler off Shami through covers and that also races to the boundary ropes. Rahane tries hard but can’t get there. This outfield is really very quick. That also bring up the 50-run stand between Buttler and Bairstow

1400 hrs IST: No much trouble in that over Jadeja to England. Easy four runs for them. England reach 192 for the loss of five wickets. India need some wickets before Tea that is 10 minutes away. Mohameed Shami back and he will be replacing Umesh Yadav

1357 hrs IST: Six runs from the Umesh Yadav over. Buttler is growing in confidence here. This can be dangerous for India as he is capable of playing a big innings. Bairstow is solid as ever. Jadeja replaces Jayant Yadav and will bowl his left-arm spin

1352 hrs IST: Two runs from that over from Jayant Yadav. This is nice partnership for England as Bairstow and Buttler getting some easy runs. Umesh Yadav will continue and he is also bowling a quite a nice spell of pace bowling here

1349 hrs IST: What an excellent over from Umesh Yadav. He got one to reverse into Bairstow but that goes between bat and pad and them misses the stumps as well. Four byes there. Two singles more in that over. Jayant Yadav to continue

1344 hrs IST: Six runs from the Jayant Yadav over. The play has become slow for India. Nothing inspiring from them. Buttler growing in confidence now. England are 173 for the loss of five wickets. Umesh Yadav back into the attack

1340 hrs IST: Excellent over from Umesh. He even got the edge off Buttler’s bat on the last ball off the over but that went between first and second slip. Eight runs from that over though. Jayant Yadav to continue for India

1335 hrs IST: Good over from Jayant as he gives only one run. nice flighted deliveries from him. Umesh Yadav will continue from the other end. He will be bowling to Buttler, who is playing Test for the first time since 2015, when he played against Pakistan in the Middle East

1332 hrs IST: Maiden from Umesh Yadav! A good off-stump line from him to Bairstow giving him no room to score. Kohli takes off Ashwin and Jayant Yadav is back to bowl. He has picked up a wicket so far. Buttler on strike

1327 hrs IST: Three runs from that over and it has been an excellent spell of off-spin bowling from Ashwin. No extra runs. Bairstow the only quick scorer so far for England. Umesh Yadav will continue. Can he reverse swing the ball?

Express Opinion

1324 hrs IST: That is a maiden from Umesh Yadav with only a leg-bye coming off it. Good line otherwise from him. Ashwin is back to bowl. England must be hoping that Bairstow goes on to score a big one and take England out of trouble

1320 hrs IST: Ashwin with another decent over. Only a single run. He has bowled nicely today. Mixing it up with pace. And we have a change in bowling as Jadeja is taken off and Umesh Yadav is brought on. Bairstow, who has been very impressive, on strike

1314 hrs IST: Two runs from the Jadeja over and Buttler is off the mark as well. The umpires have called for drinks as England reach 152 for the loss of five wickets. One hour after Lunch done. Jadeja has dismissed Ben Stokes in that hour

1310 hrs IST: Maiden over from Ashwin. A stumping chance there but Parthiv fails to collect the ball. Ashwin is a bit surprised. Oh! There was an edge as well. Dropped there. 47 overs gone in this England innings. Jadeja continues. This will be his 10th over. Buttler on strike

1307 hrs IST: 150 up for England in that over. Jadeja finishes his over and gives only five runs. England are 150 for the loss of five wickets. Ashwin will continue for India and Jonny Bairstow will be on strike for England

1306 hrs IST: FIFTY! Jonny Bairstow reaches his half-century with a boundary. Excellent innings as England lose wickets at the other end. He has kept his calm and just pushed the ball into gaps. Good innings

1304 hrs IST: Ashwin bowls a decent over. Only a single from that. Jos Buttler in the new man in for England. He can bat a long innings as well. Jadeja will be bowling his ninth over. He is high on confidence. England 145 for the loss of five wickets

1300 hrs IST: WICKET! Ben Stokes st Parthiv Patel b Ravindra Jadeja. Excellent stumping from Parthiv Patel. The bails were removed in a flash. Ben Stokes comes down the pitch to play on the leg-side. He was going to play with the spin but it went on straight with the arm. No turn. He misses the ball and Parthiv collects it low and removes the bails. Kohli and Stokes exchange some words as Stokes walks back to the pavillion

1257 hrs IST: Three runs from the Jadeja over and then two from the Ashwin over. England move on to 143 for the loss of four wickets. India continue with spin as Jadeja comes on to bowl. Bairstow will on strike for England

1251 hrst IST: 50 partnership up between Bairstow and Stokes. They play together nicely. 41 overs gone in the England innings and they are 138 for the loss of four wickets. Jadeja to continue. He is into his seventh over. Stokes on strike

1248 hrs IST: Super quick and maiden over from Jadeja. This was a typical Jadeja over with deliveries pitched full and fast. No run from that over. England remain at 136 for the loss of four wickets. Ashwin back on to bowl to Bairstow

1246 hrs IST: Stokes is looking in a great touch here. He cuts Ashwin for a four. Nothing troubling him. Five runs from that Ashwin over. Jadeja to continue for India and Ben Stokes will be on strike for England. 39 overs have been bowled in this England innings

1243 hrs IST: Some quick ones from Jadeja to Ben Stokes on which he fails to score. A maiden from Jadeja and England are 130 for the loss of four wickets. Ashwin will bowl but it will be Bairstow on strike. Ashwin is bowling his ninth over

1240 hrs IST: Okay! This outfield is super quick. Just a push from Bairstow through covers and Jadeja chases it. But he cannot reach it even after a good effort. Six runs from the over. Jadeja gets another over. Ben Stokes on strike for England

1237 hrs IST: Just the single off the Jadeja over. Better line and length from Jadeja. India bring a change in the bowling attack. Ashwin replaces Shami and he will be bowling to Jonny Bairstow. Ben Stokes vs Ashwin could be an interesting battle

1234 hrs IST: Stokes with a beautiful straight off the first ball of the Shami over to get a four! Plays out the remaining five balls. He looks in great touch in the middle. Jadeja back to bowl to Bairstow. He will be crucial on this pitch

1230 hrs IST: Three runs from the Jadeja over. England have been positive after Lunch. They haven’t tried too many things. Just proper cricketing shots. Mohammed Shami to continue to Ben Stokes who has been impressive so far in his stay

1227 hrs IST: Runs coming easy for England. Stokes with two excellent shots to get two consecutive fours! Super stuff. England move on to 116 for the loss of four wickets. The outfield giving proper value for shots. Jadeja to continue

1223 hrs IST: Boundaries haven’t stopped coming for England. Another one from the Jadeja over. This outfield in Mohali is just super quick. No stopping the ball. Shami will continue. He bowled excellent spell of pace before Lunch

1220 hrs IST: Hundred up for England at the end of the 31st over. Shami finishes a good over with only three runs off it. England will like Bairstow and Stokes to stay there for a long time. Jadeja to continue for his second over

1214 hrs IST: Expensive over. 5 runs of overthrows after the throw hits Stokes’ arm. England reach 98 for the loss of four wickets. Mohammed Shami will be bowling from the other end. Jonny Bairstow will be on strike

1210 hrs IST: Players back after Lunch! Ravindra Jadeja will be the new bowler for India. He will be bowling to Stokes. Let’s see what this session gives us. The first was super exciting. Jadeja to Stokes for first over after Lunch

1200 hrs IST: 10 minutes before start of the second session in Mohali. India should be aware that this England line-up runs deep. They will try to keep this pressure on England and not let easy runs. Also, no sloppy fielding

1133 hrs IST: That will be Lunch on Day 1 in Mohali. India will be very happy with the session here. After a sloppy first hour, they have bounced back nicely. Each bowler picking up a wicket and reducing England to 92 for the loss of 4 wickets

1129 hrs IST: Stokes hits four on the first ball of the Ashwin over and then plays out the rest five. England move on to 92 for the loss of four wickets. Shami back to bowl. Probably the last over before Lunch in Mohali. Bairstow on strike

1126 hrs IST: India have done a great job to comeback after that first hour where England were 51 for the loss of one wicket. Shami gives only one run after that wicket. Ashwin will continue from the other end. How about a wicket before Lunch?

1122 hrs IST: WICKET! Moeen Ali caught Murali Vijay b Mohammed Shami. The bowling change has worked! Shami surprises Ali with a short ball and he tries to hook it. top edge to fine-leg where Vijay settles down nicely. England 4 down

1119 hrs IST: Two runs from that over from Ashwin. He has been impressive with his bowling today. Keeping a tight line and length. England move on to 86 for the loss of three wickets. We have a change in bowling as Shami replaces Jayant Yadav

1116 hrs IST: That was an eventful over from Jayant. Some words exchanged between Kohli and Bairstow and then Kohli and umpires. Five runs from that over and Ashwin will bowl the next over. Moeen Ali and Jonny Bairstow stablising this innings

1112 hrs IST: Ashwin with another decent over. Change in pace to keep the batsman guessing. End of the over and England are 80 for the loss of three wickets. Jayant Yadav to continue from the other end

1109 hrs IST: Moeen Ali shows how to use the feet against spinners. Comes down the pitch to Jayant and gets a four first, then a six on the next ball. 11 runs off that over. Ashwin comes back to bowl. Ali will be on strike again. 20 minutes before Lunch

1106 hrs IST: Another good over from Ashwin. Only a single from that. He hasn’t allowed the batsmen to open up or play the shots. Jayant Yadav will continue and Moeen Ali will be on strike. India will be happy to pick one more wicket before Lunch

1103 hrs IST: After four maiden overs, Jayant Yadav gives away 10 runs in his fifth over. Bairstow getting all those 10 runs. Ashwin to continue from the other end. Moeen Ali will be on strike. This will be interesting phase. Both batsmen and bowler need to be patient here

1059 hrs IST: Lovely over from Ashwin. Proper off-spinner’s over. Only two runs from off it. Jayant Yadav will continue from the other end. His figures so far read – 4-4-0-1. Let’s see when he gives that first run off his bowling

1056 hrs IST: Ashwin bowls a good over with only one run. Then Jayant Yadav bowls another maiden. He has not given a single run yet. Ashwin will bowl again! This has been a great run from India to put pressure on England

1051 hrs IST: Another maiden from Jayant. No run has been scored off him as yet. England still 53 for the loss of three wickets. 17 overs have been bowled in this innings. Super start to the second hour’s play for India. Can they keep up the pressure here? Ashwin again

1048 hrs IST: What last 10 minutes have done is brought India back in this. Two runs from the Ashwin over. Moeen Ali and Jonny Bairstow the two man in for England now. Jayant Yadav continues from the other end. Ali on strike

1044 hrs IST: WICKET! Alastair Cook (29) c Parthiv Patel b R Ashwin. Cannot be happening! Ashwin has Cook on the first ball of his attack. 10 minutes ago he had dropped Cook. A bit wide and Cook slashes it. Gets a faint edge and Parthiv gets his first catch on comeback. Ashwin is ecstatic to see Cook’s back

1042 hrs IST: Moeen Ali is the new man in and he plays out the remaining five balls. Jayant Yadav bowls another maiden and he has a wicket as well in this. England are 51 for the loss of two wickets. Ashwin comes into the attack

1039 hrs IST: WICKET! Joe Root lbw Jayant Yadav! First ball after drinks, Jayant Yadav strikes and that too the big wicket of Joe Root. Picks the wrong length to play the flick off his pads. Misses it completely and that would be plumb

1036 hrs IST: FIFTY up for England in the 14th over. Good first hour of play for them as they have done well to reach 51 for the loss of one wicket after 14 overs. Umpires have call for drinks after that over. India need to regroup

1031 hrs IST: Excellent first over from Jayant Yadav. No run from it and Cook plays out the over watchfully. England remain at 44 for the loss of one wickets. Umesh Yadav will continue from the other end. He will be bowling to Joe Root

1028 hrs IST: Okay! That is unusual. Jayant Yadav is the new bowler. He is replacing Shami. That is a surprise as generally Jadeja or Ashwin are the first change. But anyways, Cook on strike as Jayant comes on to bowl

1027 hrs IST: Ashwin with a miss field. Horror for him. Chasing the ball and it keeps going away from him. He tries to stop it with his leg but it slips below that. Umesh and Kohli are not impressed. Eight runs from that over

1022 hrs IST: DROPPED! Alastiar Cook glances it on the leg-side after Shami comes round wicket. And it flies straight Ashwin at square-leg. It pops out of his hand as he lunged forward. It was a sitter. I think he moved in too early. Could have waited the catch to come to him. Cook puts away a short ball next up for four. Umesh continues

1017 hrs IST: WICKET! Haseeb Hameed (9) c Ajinkya Rahane b Umesh Yadav. Where did that come from?! They are all looking at the pitch. Umesh pitches one at just short of good length and that takes off  to hit Hameed on the upper glove. Rahane accepts the simple catch.

1013 hrs IST: Maiden over from Shami. Cook happy to play it out. England remain at 32 for no loss. Parthiv Patel is collecting the ball too low. Will be interesting to see how this pitch behaves later. Umesh Yadav gets his fifth over

1009 hrs IST: Umesh Yadav has been warned for running in the danger area during his follow-through. Nice over though. Good deliveries from Umesh but no success. There was a boundary on the second ball and that was all. England move onto 32 for no loss. Shami to continue

1004 hrs IST: Good over from Shami as he gives only one run. England moving on nicely in Mohali. Cook is playing his shots while Haseeb Hameed has been watchful, leaving most of the balls outside off. Umesh Yadav to continue

1000 hrs IST: That was an expensive over from Umesh. He was hit for two boundaries as he gave away nine runs in total. Cook getting some quick runs here. He is already on 23*. England 27 without loss as Shami comes on to bowl the seventh over

0955 hrs IST: A boundary on the first ball off the Shami over and Cook later plays out the over defensively. England are off to a solid start after five overs. Umesh Yadav will be operating from the other end as India continue the search for an early wicket

0950 hrs IST: Two runs from Umesh Yadav in that over. He has bowled some beauties this morning but no success. Mohammed Shami has also troubled the batsman. He will continue for India from the other end

0945 hrs IST: Mohammed Shami gives away a boundary to Cook in that over. Could have had his wicket but he is still there. Umesh Yadav will continue from the other end. Haseeb Hameed will be on strike. England are 12 for no loss

0943 hrs IST: DROPPED! Or did Jadeja not even get a hand to it? Oh dear that was a clear chance but Jadeja is in no position to catch it. Excellent delivery from Shami that pitches on leg-stump and moves towards the middle. Cook is closing the face of his bat to play it on the leg-side. Gets a leading edge but it flies past Jadeja at third slip. He has no clue that was coming to him

0941 hrs IST: Maiden over from Umesh Yadav! Movement in the air for him. Late swing also there. Mohameed Shami will continue from the other end. There is little bit of fog but there is no problems in visibility. Some airplanes moving over the ground

0936 hrs IST: Four runs from the first over for England. Alastair Cook and Haseeb Hameed both off the mark. Umesh Yadav will share the new ball with Shami. Haseeb Hameed will be on strike for England.

0928 hrs IST: Done with the National Anthems. Alastair Cook and Haseeb Hameed are the two openers for England. Mohammed Shami will bowl the first ball for India in Mohali. Here we go on a cool morning as winter sets in

0920 hrs IST: For India, Karun Nair will be making his debut but he will play in the middle order and Parthiv Patel will be opening the batting with Murali Vijay. Time for the National Anthems in Mohali. England first

0915 hrs IST: 15 minutes away from start of play in Mohali. India will be high on confidence for this match after winning the previous one. England will hope the changes in the batting will help them keep the Indian spinners at bay

0908 hrs IST: England have also been forced to make some changes. Stuart Broad has been forced to sit out and Chris Woakes is back. Gareth Batty is back in place of Zafar Ansari. In the middle order, Ben Duckett has been left out and Jos Buttler is back

0905 hrs IST: India make two changes. Karun Nair will make his debut for India. He replaces KL Rahul while Wriddhiman Saha has been ruled out and Parthiv Patel will open with Murali Vijay 

0900 hrs IST: TOSS – England win toss and elect to bat against India in Mohali. Cook says there is moisture but this will be a dry pitch. Virat Kohli says it is a dry pitch and the toss won’t matter much. The boys are in good shape

0855 hrs IST: 10 minutes before toss in Mohali but before that, the pitch report. Sunil Gavaskar says “the bowlers won’t like it. The seamers won’t like it. Spinners will like it. There are cracks that will open and batting will be difficult from day two. This pitch will spin from sometime this afternoon”

0845 hrs IST: Welcome to the coverage of the first day’s play of the third Test between India and England from Mohali here. It is being played at the PCA Stadium, Mohali.

India dominated the second match in Vizag and pulled of a win with spinners starring for them. In Mohali, the pitch is likely to assist the spinners and take turn from the first day itself. England are hurt by a couple injuries as Stuart Broad and Zafar Ansari are ruled out and Ben Duckett has been replaced by Jos Buttler.


For India, Wriddhiman Saha will miss out from the second Test due to thigh strain and he has been replaced by Parthiv Patel, who will be making a comeback to the Test after eight years. It will be interesting to see it captain Virat Kohli goes with three spinners and two pacers or two pacers and two spinners.

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