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Monday, November 29, 2021

India suffer five-run loss against England, win series 2-1: As it happened

India suffered a five-run loss at the hands of England in the third and final ODI at Eden Gardens.

Match EndedEngland tour of India, 2016/17 - 3rd ODI


316/9 (50)


321/8 (50)
Match Ended ( Day - 3rd ODI )
England beat India by 5 runs
By: Express Web Desk | Kolkata |
Updated: January 22, 2017 10:08:20 pm
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Cricket at its best. Nothing could have been better than this ODI in Kolkata. It went down to the wire and in the end it was England who win by five runs. India fail to chase down the target of 322 runs. Kedar Jadhav’s superb knock of 90 off 75 balls goes in vain. He stitched a 104-run stand with Hardik Pandya for the sixth wicket but caould not take India across the line. Chris Woakes defended the 16 runs in the final over. Earlier, England posted 321/7 in the first innings with help of fifties from Jason Roy, Jonny Bairstow and Ben Stokes. Hardik Pandya picked up three wickets for India

India vs England, 3rd ODI: As it happened

Virat Kohli collects the trophy and hands it over to the boys. Brilliant ODI, and series. That’s it from our side.

Virat Kohli says “It’s been a series of lot of positives for us. The team has shown a lot of character and t was a great demo for us as far as Champions Trophy is concerned. Kedar Jadhav is a brilliant find for us. Yuvraj and Dhoni batting up the order and performing. And great to see Hardik Pandya do what he did in this series”

Kedar Jadhav is the man-of-the-series for his 232 runs in the series. He has been the real find for India in this series

Ben Stokes is the man of the match for his unbeaten 57 run innings and his three wickets to help England win the final ODI

2140 hrs IST: England win! Bhuvneshar Kumar misses the final ball and England win by 5 runs. What a finish we have had here. Going to the final ball. Woakes defends 16 runs in the last over. Excellent from both teams. Brilliant game

2137 hrs IST: WICKET! Kedar Jadhav is dismissed for 90. Caught in the deep. India need 6 from 1. Bhuvneshwar Kumar will be onstrike for India

2134 hrs IST: A dot ball. India need 6 off three now. Another dot balls from Woakes and India need six off two deliveries now. This is super tense in Kolkata

2132 hrs IST: Jadhav starts the over with a six and a four and India need just 6 off four balls now. What a turn around from the Indian batsman. Jadhav, you beauty

2131 hrs IST: Good over from Jake Ball as he gives only seven runs. India need 16 off the last over. Jadhav on strike and Chris Woakes to be the bowler for England

2129 hrs IST: After two dot balls, Jadhav gets an inside edge and that goes past the keeper for four! India need 19 off eight balls. Can Jadhav deliver for India

2127 hrs IST: India need 23 more runs to win with two wickets in hand. Jadhav on strike with 12 balls remaining. Jake Ball will begin the new over for England. Penultimate over

2125 hrs IST: WICKET! Ashwin is caught at mid-wicket. Jadhav had a word with Ashwin before this ball and Ashwin tries to hit the big shot. Skies it and is caught. India lose 8th wicket

2123 hrs IST: Two dot balls from Ben Stokes of the first three balls of his over. India can take only one run. He has been the go to bowler for England. What a cricketer he is. Jadhav trying to found a boundary

2121 hrs IST: Kedar Jadhav the man! He finishes the 47th over with a four straight down the gorund! India need 27 off 18 with 3 wickets in hand. Ashwin on strike with Ben Stokes the bowler

2119 hrs IST: WICKET! Ravindra Jadeja gone! Picks the fielder in the deep perfectly. Super pull shot but straight to the fielder who didnot have to move a bit. India lose their seventh for 291

2117 hrs IST: Another four! Dead straight from Jadeja as Woakes bowls another full-toss. This is a big over for India. Can Jadeja get another one?

2116 hrs IST: FOUR! Up and over the in-field and that raced to the fence. Over the mid-off fielder from Jadeja. India need 35 more runs from 21 more balls

2114 hrs IST: Woakes starts with a no-ball. Dangerous delivery and he gets a warning as well. Waist high no ball and a free hit for India England can change the field as Jadeja is on strike

2112 hrs IST: What an over from Ben Stokes. He got the wicket of Pandya. India are 279 for the loss of six wickets after 46 overs. India need 43 more runs off 24 balls with four wickets in hand. Jadeja is the new man in

2110 hrs IST: WICKET! Ben Stokes the man with the golden arm for England. A dead straight delivery that castles Pandya. He is furious with himself. Beaten for pace as well. India lose their sixth wicket

2107 hrs IST: End of the 45th over and India are 275 for the loss of five wickets. They need 47 more runs off just 30 balls. Achievable if India keep their nerves. Ben Stokes with the new over for England

2106 hrs IST: 100- run stand between Pandya and Jadhav for the sixth wicket. This has been an exceptional batting performance from the two and it has kept India in the game. What a show

2103 hrs IST: Pandya sends one over fine-leg for a flat six. That was just above the fielder. And that is his fifty as well. Maiden ODI half-century for Hardik Pandya. The job is not done yet

2103 hrs IST: Seven runs off the 44th over and India are 264 for the loss of five wickets. They need 58 runs off 36 balls. Plunkett will continue for England from the other end

2100 hrs IST: Review. Umpire has given Hardik Pandya not out after England appeal for a caught behind. Jake Ball is convinced that he has edged it behind. Review by England. The ball has brushed Pandya’s shoulder. Not out

2058 hrs IST: Jadhav starts the new over with a four! This is an excellent start to the over from Jadhav. Jake Ball under pressure. He comes back for another delivery

2055 hrs IST: A couple to end the 43rd over and India are 257 for the loss of five wickets. India need 65 from 42 balls. Jake Ball the new bowler for England and he will bowl to Jadhav

2053 hrs IST: 250 up for India as Jadhav pulls one for four! That was powerfully hit and India are moving on nicely. England bowlers struggling now as the dew sets in and gripping the ball is becoming a prblem

2051 hrs IST: A good over for India as Jadhav and Pandya take 12 runs off it. Liam Plunkett will be bowler of 43rd over. Jadhav has the task cut out as India need 76 off 48 balls

2049 hrs IST: FIFTY! Kedar Jadhav with a half-century. What a series he is having. Takes the arial route and gets a four! Excellent batting from Jadhav. he is the key man here

2047 hrs IST: India take five off the Liam Plunkett over and move on to 234 for five. India need 88 more runs from 54 balls with five wickets in hand. This is a big task for Jadhav and Pandya

2043 hrs IST: 11 runs off the 40th over and India are 229 for the loss of five wickets. They need 94 more runs from 60 balls with fie wickets in hand. Liam Plunkett is back for another over

2038 hrs IST: A leading edge off Pandya’s bat and it sails over third man boundary for a six. That was a miscue. Stokes cannot believe it. India get 14 runs off the last three balls of this innings

2037 hrs IST: After lot of misses, Jadhav finally connects and gets four over mid-off. A boundary after long time. Then Woakes drifts down the leg-side which Jadhav flicks and gets another four! Consecutive. India 218 for 5

2035 hrs IST: Just the single run off the first three balls of Chris Woakes over. This turning out to be a lot tougher than Jadhav would have thought. He is swinging but missing as England nose ahead in this match

2033 hrs IST: This is getting bad for India. Just the four runs from the Ben Stokes over and India are 209 for the loss of five wickets. They need 113 runs from just 72 balls remaining in this innings. Woakes again for England

2030 hrs IST: With David Willey still not on the field, it will interesting to see if England will miss him or manage without him. It is a big test for England as well as it for the Indian lower-order batsmen

2029 hrs IST: Only the three runs from the Woakes over. He has been excellent for England in this spell. India need more than nine runs per over now. They are 205 for the loss of five wickets. Stokes to bowl now

2024 hrs IST: End of the 36th over of the Indian innings and they end the over at 202 for the loss of five wickets. Woakes will continue for England. Jadhav on strike for India. He is batting on 31*

2022 hrs IST: 200 up for India with a wide by Stokes. They need 122 more runs with five wickets in hand. This coould be the day when the lower orer batsmen show their might

2019 hrs IST: Excellent over from Woakes. Only the four runs off it and keeps the batsmen guessing. India are 193 for the loss of five wickets. Stokes will bowl the next over for England

2014 hrs IST: India are 189 for the loss of five wickets for India. They need 133 runs off the remaining 96 balls at the Eden Gardens. Big task ahead for the batsmen. Eoin Morgan is also thinking about the options

2009 hrs IST: India need 140 runs from 102 balls. The attendance tonight in more than 56, 000 at Eden Gardens but many are leaving after the wicket of Dhoni. Can the remaining batsmen do it for India?

2006 hrs IST: Hardik Pandya gets an outside edge off the first ball he faces but it is away from the slips. India are 177 for the loss of five wickets after 32 overs. Moeen Ali to continue for England

2002 hrs IST: WICKET! MS Dhoni c Jos Buttler b Jake Ball. That is a big wicket for England. MS Dhoni tries to hit a powerful shot over covers and a lot of bottom hand in it. Edges it to the keeper. India lose MS

1959 hrs IST: Moeen Ali gives only five overs and India move on to 171 for the loss of four wickets and it will Jake Ball continuing for England. MS Dhoni will be on strike for India

1955 hrs IST: Four more runs off the last three balls off the Jake Ball over and this turns out to be a big over from India. 13 runs off it. England need to refocus and bring their best bowlers to bowl at India

1953 hrs IST: MS Dhoni with a powerful pull on the first ball by Jake Ball. Then takes a single. Kedar Jadhav plays one late and into the gap. Gets a four. Nine off the first three ball of Ball over

1951 hrs IST: Two consecutive fours for Kedar Jadhav to end the Moeen Ali over. 150 up for India. They are 153 for the loss of four wickets after 29 overs. Jake Ball returns for a new spell

1947 hrs IST: That was a good over for India as they take nine runs off it. A six for MS Dhoni in that. India re 143 for the loss of four wickets. MS Dhoni and Kedar Jadhav have a big task ahead of them

1942 hrs IST: A good over from Moeen Ali that costs only one run to England. India are 134 for the loss of three wickets. Liam Plunkett will continue the bowling for England and MS Dhoni will be on strike for India

1938 hrs IST: WICKET! Yuvraj Singh c Sam Billings b Liam Plunkett. Yuvraj Singh has picked out the deep mid-wicket fiedler perfectly. He did not have to move a single step. Set Yuvraj gone for 45. Plunkett gets the wicket

1936 hrs IST: Another good over from Moeen Ali. Just the four runs from that over. After 25 overs, India are 133 for the loss three wickets. They need 190 more runs from 150 balls

1933 hrs IST: Plunkett with just two runs from the over. Moeen Ali will continue for England. India are 128 for the loss of three wickets. India need 194 more runs from 156 more deliveries.

1929 hrs IST: Yuvraj Singh connects a pull shot and it sails over square leg fence for a six. That was a brilliant pull shot from the left-hander. Super shot. India are 126 for the loss of three wickets in Kolkata

1921 hrs IST: Just a ridiculous pull shot from Yuvraj Singh. My goodness that has travelled. Four more. He had a gorgeous cover drive off Moeen Ali in the last over and now this. Wow

1919 hrs IST: 20 overs gone and India are 102 for the loss of three wickets. MS Dhoni is the new man in for India. Moeen Ali will continue to bowl for England. Big task ahead for Yuvraj and Dhoni

1915 hrs IST: WICKET! Virat Kohli c Jos Buttler b Ben Stokes. A flash outside the off stump and he gets an outside edge. Jos Buttler accepts the catch and Ben Stokes has given England the big wicket. Eden is stunned

1912 hrs IST: 100 up for India at the end of the 19th over. Kohli takes a single to bring up the team 100.

1909 hrs IST: 19 overs gone and India are 95 for 2. Spin now for England. Moeen Ali, the off-spinner, will bowl to Yuvraj Singh. This can be tricky for Yuvraj. He doesn’t have a good record against off-spinners

1905 hrs IST: FIFTY! Virat Kohli gets to a fifty of just 54 balls. Once again the Indian captain doing it for his team while chasing. This can be another night that belongs to Kohli but it will be very difficult

1902 hrs IST: Plunkett with a loose delivery. Down the leg side with little pace on it. It is short and Yuvraj has sent it between fine-leg and square leg for four. Another boundary for Yuvraj Singh

1900 hrs IST: Yuvraj Singh has just played the shot of the evening. Just stunning from Yuvi. He pulls a short of a length ball from Liam Plunkett and straight over square-leg for four. Just the one bounce before it goes over

1857 hrs IST: Ben Stokes’ first over costs five runs and India move on to 79 for the loss of two wickets. One boundary for Yuvraj Singh in that over. Drinks being called on the field for the players after 16 overs

1853 hrs IST: Another good over from Plunkett but Kohli gets a four and single in that to take five runs and India are 74 for the loss of two wickets. Kohli is on 47* now. Ben Stokes the new bowler for England

1848 hrs IST: End of the 14th over and India are 69 for two. KOhli on 42* and Yuvraj Singh on 9*. India need 253 more runs from 36 overs i.e. 216 balls. Plunkett will bowl for England

1843 hrs IST: DROPPED! Virat Kohl’s miscues a pull shot but Jake Ball puts it down at fine-leg. Catch-able for Ball put it pops out of his hand. Eoin Morgan has his hands on his head. Kohli survives

1840 hrs IST: India are 60 for the loss of two wickets and Virat Kohli and Yuvraj Singh are approaching it cautiously. The run-rate not the issue if India keep wickets in hand. Kolkata crowd getting into this game

1833 hrs IST: Just the single off the Ball over and India are 52 for the loss of 2 wickets. Yuvraj will be on strike as Liam Plunkett comes on to bowl. 11th over will begin now. India need 270 more runs to win

1832 hrs IST: Whoa! That one just shot off the pitch! Yuvraj Singh is in pain. A back-of-a-length delivery from Ball and it shoots up and hits Yuvraj in the chest. He is just stunned. Moves towards the squareleg umpire to ease the pain 

1829 hrs IST: FIFTY! Another Kohli four through off side and team fifty for India in the ninth over. This has been a good start from both teams as England have taken two wickets but India run-rate hasn’t dropped

1825 hrs IST: Excellent start to the new over for Kohli as he flicks one on the leg-side to get a four. That was just a classic shot. England bowlers will find it difficult to get his wicket

1823 hrs IST: Just the five runs from the over of Jake Ball. India are 43 for the loss of two wickets. They need 279 more runs to win this match off 42 overs. Chris Woakes to continue

1819 hrs IST: Seven overs gone and India are 38 for the loss of two wickets. Yuvraj Singh and Virat Kohli are the two batsmen at the crease. Jake Ball will continue after a maiden over from Chris Woakes

1815 hrs IST: WICKET! KL Rahul c Jos Buttler b Jake Ball. That kind of innings from Rahul. He has got a top edge that goes way high up in the air and Jos Buttler takes it. Rahul is disappointed but he never looked like going

1813 hrs IST: 1, 000 ODI runs for Virat Kohli as captain. He is quickest to reach there beating the record of AB de Villiers, who reached there in 18 innings. Kohli does it in 17* innings

1810 hrs IST: End if the fifth over and KL Rahul tries a wild shot on the last ball of that over. India 32 for the loss of one wicket. David Willey is taken off the bowling as he stretched his hamstring. Jake Ball to bowl 6th over

1806 hrs IST: Virat Kohli never looks like he is not in form. An excellent shot to get another four. He has been just been exceptional in his shot selection. And that has allowed him to score quickly as well

1759 hrs IST: Chris Woakes’ second over would have been a good one had it not been for the consecutive fours that Kohli hit him for, eight runs off that over.

1757 hrs IST: Captain Virat Kohli comes in to bat to replace Rahane. He gets off the mark quickly with a single, faces two more deliveries from and then hits consecutive FOURS down the leg side.

1745 hrs IST: GONE! Ajinkya Rahane b David Willey, the ball swings late and Rahane is rooted to the spot. The ball hits the off stump through bat and pad.

1745 hrs IST: Rahul makes room for himself and hits the ball over point for a SIX, he follows it up for a boundary in the midwicket direction, 11 runs off the first over

1744 hrs IST: The players are out on the pitch, Ajinkya Rahane opening the innings with KL Rahul, Chris Woakes to bowl the first over for England.

Interestingly, the last time India chased down a 300+ total at the Eden Gardens was way back in 2009. It was also the first time ever that Virat Kohli scored a century

England bowlers will find it difficult to grip the ball as there will be dew in the later part of the Indian chase. This will be interesting as Kohli said there is no dew early evening but it does get dew later

It will be difficult for India to chase down this total as this pitch has something for the bowlers. A good is must here. India will once again be hoping that their batsmen come to party like they did in Pune and Cuttack

1712 hrs IST: Two wickets in the final over but 10 runs as well. England post 321 for the loss of eight wickets and they will be very happy with it. Ben Stokes remains unbeaten at 57.

1707 hrs IST: 16 runs from the penultimate over for England. A six and two fours for Woakes. Then a couple of runs. Two dot balls from Bumrah to finish the over. England are 311 for 6 with Bhuvneshwar bowling the final over of the innings

1704 hrs IST: four and four for Woakes. Two consecutive boundaries and two good shots from Woakes. 14 runs off the first three balls of Bumrah over.England aiming 325 here

1702 hrs IST: SIX! 300 up for England. Bumrah starts with a short ball and Woakes gets a six over fine-leg after a top edge. Bumrah needs to get a lenght right. And also the line.

1702 hrs IST: End of the 47th over. 11 runs off it. England are 295 for the loss of six wickets. Jasprit Bumrah will bowl the penultimate over of the innings. Woakes on strike for England

1700 hrs IST: FIFTY! Ben Stokes with a 34-ball half-century. He gets there with a boundary and England are just nine runs away from 300 now. He has to remain unbeaten and that can make a lot of difference for England

1656 hrs IST: That is a good over from Bumrah at this stage. Just the seven runs off it and England are 284 for the loss of six wickets. 18 balls remaining. Can England get close to 325?

1651 hrs IST: 14 runs off the Bhuvneshwar Kumar over. That is the best of the England innings. They move on to 277 for the loss of six wickets after 46 overs. Ben Stokes turning things around for them

1646 hrs IST: Ben Stokes welcomes Bhuvneshwar Kumar in the 46th over with a six over long-on. Great strike from Stokes. Bhuvneshwar under pressure. England marching towards 300 now

1640 hrs IST: Hardik Pandya finishes his spell. He has figures of 10-0-39-3. He did a great job in his second spell, picking up three wickets containing the run flow. England 253 for the loss of six wickets after 44 overs. Bumrah to continue

1638 hrs IST: 250 up for England in the 44th over as Woakes pulls a short ball from Pandya for four! Excellent shot and England need more of that. They need a total over 300 to make a match out of this

1635 hrs IST: WICKET !Moeen Ali c Ravindra Jadeja b Jasprit Bumrah. Good thinking from Bumrah to bowl a short ball to Moeen, who has taken his eyes off it and plays an awkward shot. Ball takes a leading edge and goes up in the air. Actuallt, it hit the helmet as well. Jadeja with the catch at point. England 246 for 6 after 43 overs

1631 hrs IST: End of the 42nd over. Eng;and are 239 for the loss of five wickets. Moeen Ali is the new man in. Jasprit Bumrah will bowl the 43rd over with Ben Stokes on strike for England

1628 hrs IST: WICKET! Jonny Bairstow c Ravindra Jadeja b Hardik Pandya. He has played a cut shot straight to point where Jadeja takes a good low catch. This is crucial blow to England. Pandya gets another wicket

1624 hrs IST: 10 runs from the Ashwin over. He has bowled 9 overs and gone for 60 runs. England are 235 for the loss of four wickets. Nine over remaining. 54 balls. How many can England score in those many balls.

1621 hrs IST: Ben Stokes begins the 41st over with a six over long-on. Good shot that takes England to 231 for the loss of four wickets. Bairstow and Stokes are the two batsmen for England in the middle

1614 hrs IST: FIFTY! Jonny Bairstow unleashes a reverse sweep and gets a four and also his third ODI half century. Nicely done by Bairstow. England moving on despite the wickets in last three overs.

1612 hrs IST: WICKET! Jos Buttler c KL Rahul b Hardik Pandya. Gone as Buttler hits one straight to covers. Hitting the toe end of the bat and not getting the elevation he wanted. That will be the end of the 38th over and England are 212 for hte loss of four wickets

1609 hrs IST: WICKET! But a review by Jonny Bairstow. He thinks it has hit the pads and not the bat as India appeal for caught behind. The ultra edge shows that there was no edge in it and Bairstow survives

1607 hrs IST: Bairstow takes a boundary and a total of seven runs in the Ashwin over and England move on to 210 for the loss of three wickets. 78 balls remaining in this innings and England can easily aim for 350 as they have 7 wickets in hand

1604 hrs IST: Pandya with a decent over that costs only one run. England move on to 202 for the loss of three wickets at the end of the 36th over. R Ashwin will bowl the 37th over for India

1600 hrs IST: Ravindra Jadeja finishes his quota of 10 overs. His figures – 10-0-62-2. England cross the 200-run mark in the 35th over. Jos Buttler and Jonny Bairstow are at the crease and they can dismantle any good bowing attack

1552 hrs IST: WICKET! Eoin Morgan c Bumrah b Pandya. This is just lucky for India and ridiculous for Morgan. A bad delivery down the leg-side and Morgan flicks it staright to short fine-leg. It is awful way to get out but he has to go. Drinks being called

1548 hrs IST: Morgan continuing from where he left off in the second ODI. Sends Ashwin for a six over mid-wicket. England move on to 193 for the loss of two wickets after 33 overs

1545 hrs IST: Superb batting from Morgan and Bairstow. They take 13 from the 31st over and England are 185 for the loss of two wickets after that over. Jadeja completes nine overs. Ashwin to bowl

1541 hrs IST: Jadeja with a seven run over, Ashwin also with a seven run over. England are 172 for 2 after 31 overs. They should be aiming for something over 320 in this innings. Would be very difficult

1534 hrs IST: Nine runs and a possible wicket in that over from Bumrah. England getting their act together now. Exceptional batting. 29 overs gone and England are 159 for the loss of two wickets. Jadeja to bowl his eighth over

1532 hrs IST: SIX! Eoin Morgan sends the free-hit delivery for a six over backward square-leg. A full-toss just below the waist line. Good shot from the England captain.

1530 hrs IST: This is just going great for Bairstow. He is caught at third man trying to play the upper cut off Bumrah. India celebrate but replays show it a no-ball. Nothing behind the line for him. Bairstow will be called back. Free-hit for England. Morgan on strike

1527 hrs IST: Review! A loud appeal from India for a caught behind which was denied by the umpire. Kohli thinks it is out and goes for the review. But is clipping the thigh pad. No LBW as well as it is pitching outside the leg-stump. Morgan survives

1525 hrs IST: Another seven run over from India. They bring up their 150 at the end of the 28th over with only two wickets down. Bumrah to continue for India with Morgan on strike

1520 hrs IST: Seven runs from the Bumrah over and England are slowly making their way back to scoring quick runs. This is just excellent batting from Bairstow who has not held back to play his shots

1516 hrs IST: Bumrah is back into the attack replacing Ashwin. He will bowl the 27th over of the England innings. India need wickets to stop charge from England

1514 hrs IST: Gone into the stands! Bairstow sends one over the long-off boundary and gets a six. Mid-off was up and Bairstow took Jadeja on. A big six. Good start to the over

1513 hrs IST: End of a good over for England. Six runs off it and a boundary after some time. 25 overs gone and England are 127 for the loss of two wickets. Bairtstow and Morgan the two batsmen out in the middle for them

1511 hrs IST: Jadeja with a smart over again. England batsmen have failed to score runs against him and he gives only one run in his over. England move on to 121 for the loss of two wickets after 24 overs

1508 hrs IST: Just the four runs from the Ashwin over and England have just stalled for the moment. The run flow has taken a big hit and this is very crucial for India. Spinners can turn this around once again. Jadeja again

1505 hrs IST: Two tight overs from India. One each from Ashwin and Jadeja. Only seven from those two overs. Jadeja had Morgan in trouble off his last ball. Ashwin will continue and bowl the 23rd over of the innings

1459 hrs IST: An excellent over from Jadeja. Just a single and a wicket for him. England are 110 for the loss of two wickets. Eoin Morgan the new man in for England. He had a superb hundred in the last innings. Ashwin to continue

1456 hrs IST: WICKET! Jason Roy (65) b Ravindra Jadeja. Jason Roy won’t get a hundred in this game as well. Ravindra Jadeja rattles his stumps and that is two wickets in two overs for Jadeja. England need to rebuild with two new man for them

1453 hrs IST: Ashwin gets an outside edge in his first over but that goes for a four! Brilliant over gone for seven runs. England are 109 for the loss of one wicket in Kolkata. Jadeja to continue

1446 hrs IST: WICKET! Sam Billings c Bumrah b Jadeja. That has to be unlucky and Billings is furious with himself. He has played a reverse sweep straight to straight to third man and is dismissed with England on 98. That is wicket number 150 in ODIs for Jadeja

1442 hrs IST: 17 overs bowled in the England innings and we have drinks in Kolkata. England are 97 for no loss. This has been an excellent start for them. They need to continue this after the interval

1438 hrs IST:  Jason Roy powers Jadeja’s third ball straight over the top and that goes for a SIX! It also brings up Roy’s FIFTY. Third fifty in three ODIs for him now. Can he get a big score in this match?

1433 hrs IST: Yuvraj Singh continues and his second ball is dispatched by Billings for a four with a sweep shot. Yuvraj appeals loudly after his third ball, umpire uninterested and Dhoni tells Kohli not to go for the review.

1431 hrs IST: 11 runs have come off Bumrah’s over with Jason Roy dispatching the third ball for a four, no breakthrough yet for India.

1427 hrs IST: England still remain without a loss. Yuvraj Singh goes for five runs in his over. There is nothing for the spinners in this pitch and England openers know that. Jasprit Bumrah to continue

1424 hrs IST: Four singles from the Jasprit Bumrah over and India are now struggling in Kolkata. Virat Kohli  makes a change in bowling and Yuvraj Singh comes on to bowl the 12th over. Can he be the star for India

1420 hrs IST: FIFTY up for England in the 11th over. 10 runs from the over from Hardik Pandya. Too good batting from Roy. England are 53 for no loss after 11 overs. Bumrah to continue for India

1411 hrs IST: Six runs from over of Bhuvneshwar Kumar. Roy is not holding back. Sam Billings has been very cautious. England scoring at a rate of just over four runs an over. This is excellent stuff

1408 hrs IST: A maiden over from Bumrah. This is a nice phase for the Indian bowlers as they are getting the ball to go past the outside edge. But still no wicket. Bhuvenhwar Kumar to continue

1404 hrs IST: Too many play and misses from England batsmen but no wicket for India. Jasprit Bumrah to bowl the eighth over of the innings. A nice start for England, can Bumrah strike for India?

1359 hrs IST: This is very good start from England in Kolkata. If they can continue from here, we are sure having a good match. Bhuvneshwar to have another over. Virat Kohli still has some attacking field

1353 hrs IST: Another good over for England. Eight runs off the Bhuvneshwar Kumar. Two fours giving the runs for England. Hardik Pandya is continuing for India even after an expensive last over

1348 hrs IST: That was an expensive over from Hardik Pandya. Three fours in that over and a single as well. 13 off it and England get a move on. They are 19 for no loss after four overs. Bhuvneshwar Kumar to continue

1344 hrs IST: Nice comeback from Bhuvneshwar after the early boundary. Gives only a single later. England are 6 for no loss after three overs. It will be Hardik Pandya to continue from other end

1342 hrs IST: Jason Roy gets the first boundary for England. Gets a little across the pitch and then puts it away on the leg-side. A smart shot. Bhuvneshwar just getting his line wrong on that occasion

1341 hrs IST: Maiden over from Hardik Pandya to start with. No room given to the batsmen. Bhuvneshwar Kumar to continue and Roy will be on strike for England

1337 hrs IST: Bhuvneshwar Kumar with a nice delivery to finish the over. England are 1 for no loss. Hardik Pandya will bowl the second over. This pitch has something for the fast bowlers

1335 hrs IST: First runs for England that from a wide. A slightly wide delivery from Bhuvi and the umpire calls it wide. Virat Kohli has some attacking field sets

1331 hrs IST: England openers Sam Billings and Jason Roy are at the crease and Bhuvneshwar Kumar has the new ball in his hand. The first ball of the final ODI between India and England coming up now

1328 hrs IST: We are done with the National Anthems. Can India get the series whitewash? England openers are making their way to the middle now

1325 hrs IST: Time for the national anthems in Kolkata. First up is England followed by India’s. We are just few minutes away from live action at the Eden Gardens

1313 hrs IST: In case you missed the toss, here’s the video of it. Morgan getting it wrong this time

1311 hrs IST: Playing XI for India

Ajinkya Rahane, KL Rahul, Virat Kohli, MS Dhoni, Yuvraj Singh, Kedar Jadhav, Hardik Pandya, Ravindra Jadeja, R Ashwin, Bhuvneshwar Kumar, Jasprit Bumrah

1310 hrs IST: Playing XI for England

Jason Roy, Sam Billings, Jonny Bairstow, Eoin Morgan, Ben Stokes, Jos Buttler, Moeen Ali, Chris Woakes, Liam Plunkett, David Willey, Jake Ball

1305 hrs IST: India bring in Ajinkya Rahane in place of Shikhar Dhawan while England are forced to make two changes in their line up. Joe Root and Alex Hales injured and replaced by Sam Billings and Jonny Bairstow

1300 hrs IST: India win toss and Virat Kohli elects to bowl against England in Kolkata. Virat Kohli says that the ball comes fast and there will be dew later in the evening so chasing will be better

1255 hrs IST: The will be little due at Eden later in the evening but the team winning the toss will be looking to bat first, says Sunil Gavaskar. We are all set for toss now

1240 hrs IST: Ajinkya Rahane may get a look in after missing out in the first two ODIs. But where will he bat? Or will India continue with the winning combination? Here’s a breakdown by Shamik Chakrabarty – In endgame, Ajinkya Rahane senses a rare opening

1230 hrs IST: We are 30 minutes away from toss in Kolkata. What should the captain do after winning the toss? In the meantime you can read this piece by Shamik Chakrabarty – The last song before dusk

1220 hrs IST: Hello and welcome to the coverage of the third and final ODI between India and England from Kolkata. India have already won the series by winning the first two ODIs but they will look to win the third match as well and complete a series whitewash over England.

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