India 98/3 at stumps of India vs England, 2nd Test Day 3: As it happened

India 98/3 at stumps of India vs England, 2nd Test Day 3: As it happened

India extend their lead to 298 runs after bowling out England for 255 in the first inning with R Ashwin picking up five wickets.

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India bowled out England for 255. (Source: Reuters)

India could do no wrong in this Test. They batted well in the first innings. They bowled well in the second innings and now they are doing that in the second innings. The third day of the second Test between India and England once again belonged to India as they took cruise control of the match in Vizag. After bowling out England for 255 in the first innings, India took a lead of 200 runs. They extended it to 298 at stumps on Day 3. After India lost three early wickets in the second innings, Virat Kohli scored a half-century and with Ajinkya Rahane stabalised Indian innings and took it to 98 for the loss of three wickets at stumps.

Earlier, R Ashwin took his 22nd five-wicket haul to help India bowl out England for 255. Jonny Bairstow (53) and Ben Stokes (70) were the only two who looked in control on a pitch that has turned tricky. Umesh Yadav and Ravindra Jadeja picked up the other two remaining England wickets on day three. England had resumed at 103 for 5. Michael Vaughan has put everything in a tweet and we will leave you with that

India vs England, 2nd Test Day 3

1632 hrs IST: That will be stumps on Day 3. Kohli and Rahane shake hands and clearly India are ahead in this Test. Kohli is unbeaten on 56 and Rahane is unbeaten on 22. England have trying hard but India’s 200-run lead in the first innings helping them. They are now 98 for the loss of three wickets. They lead by 298 runs.

1629 hrs IST: Three runs from the Stokes over. Adil Rashid to bowl the last over of the day. Kohli on strike. India a are 92 for the loss of three wickets. Kohli and Rahane have done well to stablise India after the three early wickets


1625 hrs IST: Two runs from the over from Rashid. We are into the last two overs now. Ben Stokes bowling the penultimate over. Kohli on strike. India look stable after the three early wickets in Vizag

1624 hrs IST: FIFTY! This has to be an excellent run of form for Virat Kohli gets his half-century. This is his sixth one at Vizag in six innings. Brilliant batting from the Indian captain. Different level this

1622 hrs IST: Two runs from the Ben Stokes over and India are now 87 for the loss of three wickets. Rashid will continue and Rahane is on strike. Kohli is on 49* but is at the non-striker’s end

1617 hrs IST: Two more overs gone. Moeen Ali bowled a maiden. Adil Rashid almost got a maiden but Kohli takes a single off the last ball to keep the strike. India are 83 for the loss of three wickets now. 30 overs gone in this Indian innings. We have a change in bowling as Ben Stokes returns

1611 hrs IST: Four runs from the over for Rashid. Virat Kohli approaching another class fifty here. He has never scored anything less than 67 whenever he has batten in Vizag in international cricket. Moeen Ali to continue from the other end

1608 hrs IST: Moeen Ali with five runs from his over. Seven overs remaining now in the day’s play. Adil Rashid to continue his spell. Virat Kohli will be on strike. India are 84 for the loss of three wickets. 21 minutes remaining in the day’s play

1604 hrs IST: Rashid with another good over. He gives only three runs. Kohli played the first ball behind keeper to run three. Rahane happy to play out the remaining over. India lead by 275 runs. Moeen Ali to bowl with Kohli on strike

1600 hrs IST: 25 overs gone and India are 72 for the loss of three wickets. Four runs from the Moeen Ali over. India lead by 272 runs. Virat Kohli will take strike as Rashid comes on to bowl his eighth over now

1556 hrs IST: Maiden over from Rashid. Kohli has asked for drinks he will be allowed to take them. Before the over he wasn’t. Apparently, there had been an angry banter between Anderson and Kohli before this over. Carrying on, Anderson is removed from the attack. Moeen Ali in

1552 hrs IST: Six runs from the Anderson over. Virat Kohli takes a single on the last ball to keep strike. Ajinkya Rahane had driven one through covers to get a four earlier. India are 86 for the loss of three wickets. Rashid to bowl his seventh over

1548 hrs IST: This pitch is turning to be tricky. The ball is keeping low but Indian batsmen have done well to play for now. Five runs from the over and India move on to 63 for the loss of three wickets. Anderson to continue for England

1544 hrs IST: Four runs on the last ball of the James Anderson over by Rahane. India move on to 56 for the loss of three wickets. India lead by 256 runs. Adil Rashid will bowl to Virat Kohli now. This will be the 22nd over of the India innings

1540 hrs IST: Adil Rashid finishes the first over after drinks. Only two runs from it. James Anderson will bowl the next over for England. Ajinkya Rahane will be on strike. India lead by 252 runs. How much should India score here?

1534 hrs IST: Single run off the Anderson over and 50 up for India. The lead in now 250 for them. Virat Kohli and Ajinkya Rahane at the crease. Umpire calls for drinks. Last 15 overs remaining in the day’s play

1529 hrs IST: 18 overs gone in Vizag! Virat Kohli and Ajinkya Rahane out in the middle for India. India lead by 249 runs now. Second innings score in 49 for the loss of three wickets. Anderson to continue for England

1521 hrs IST: WICKET! Anderson with a beautiful ball to Cheteshwar Pujara that breaks his stumps. Late swing and that goes between bat and pad and hits middle stump. What a great ball. India lose their third wicket. Ben Stokes come on to bowl

1518 hrs IST: Nine runs from that over from Stokes as Virat Kohli hits two boundaries and takes a single. Pujara plays out the remaining over. India lead by 239 runs now. James Anderson will be back to bowl his fifth over this innngs

1513 hrs IST: James Anderson bowls maiden here! He was hiding the ball in his hands as he runs in to bowl. Ben Stokes will continue with his medium pace here. India 30 for the loss of two wickets. Virat Kohli on strike for Stokes

1509 hrs IST: Couple of runs from Ben Stokes there. Kohli and Pujara picking up a single each. We have another change in bowling as James Anderson replaces Stuart Broad who had figures of 6-5-6-2. Brilliant bowling from Broad with a bad knee

1504 hrs IST: Maiden over for England and Stuart Broad! Pujara happy to defend and play out the over. India remain the 28 for the loss of two wickets. England make a change in bowling as Ben Stokes comes on to ball. Kohli on strike

1458 hrs IST: Five runs from the Rashid over. Kohli gets another boundary off the last ball. Kohli with two beautiful shots already! 12 overs done in this innings and India live score 28/2. Stuart Broad will continue for England

1454 hrs IST: Virat Kohli finishes the over with a beautiful cover drive and gets a four! India move on to 23 for the loss of two wickets. England bowlers have bowled brilliantly in the second innings. Adil Rashid to bowl to Pujara now

1451 hrs IST: WICKET! KL Rahul has edged one behind off Stuart Broad! Umpire had given it not out England review. Clear knick there. Haseeb Hameed at short-leg looked convinced and so was Broad. Third umpire convinced with the ultra-edge there. India 2 down

1450 hrs IST: Single run from the Adil Rashid over. 10 overs gone and India are 17 for the loss of one wicket. Stuart Broad comes on to bowl again! KL Rahul on strike for Broad. India lead by 217 runs. Broad to Rahul now

1446 hrs IST: There is another maiden from Broad. He has not given a single run so far in this innings and now has a wicket. His figures read – 4-4-0-1. Adil Rashid comes on to bowl and KL Rahul will be on strike

1444 hrs IST: WICKET! India lose Murali Vijay. England appeal for LBW then for caught. Not given out. England review. Vijay pressing forward and it has got the inside edge and lobs out to slips. Root’s catch is clean. Vijay has to go after scoring three runs

1440 hrs IST: KL Rahul uses the sweep shot to a great affect to get four on the last ball of the over. He got a four on the first ball of the over as well. India move on to 16 without loss and they lead by 216 runs. Broad comes on to bowl

1436 hrs IST: Maiden over from Stuart Broad to start with. He has completed his three over. Murali Vijay taking no chance there. KL Rahul will be taking strike as Adil Rashid comes on to bowl now. This will be an interesting contest

1431 hrs IST: Stuart Broad will begin proceedings after Tea. He will bowl to Murali Vijay as India resume at 8 without loss. KL Rahul is on the other end. Here we go for the final session of the day. India lead by 208 runs

1414 hrs IST: No damage done in that over as India go to Tea at 8 without loss. KL Rahul and Murali Vijay survive. India lead by 208 runs in the second innings now. Will be interesting to see there approach in the final session of the day

1410 hrs IST: Only a single run from that over from Anderson. India slow to start. Last over before Tea coming up and England have called up Adil Rashid to bowl some leg-spin. KL Rahul on strike

1405 hrs IST: Another maiden from Broad. India yet to score a run off Broad in this innings. KL Rahul getting some confidence with that over as he moves nicely at the crease. James Anderson back and will be bowling to Murali Vijay

1400 hrs IST: KL Rahul gets off the mark in this Test. Almost went for a suicidal run-out but gets single on overthrow. That is the only from the Anderson over. Stuart Broad comes on to bowl his second over. KL Rahul will be on strike

1356 hrs IST: Stuart Broad begins with a maiden! Murali Viijay happy to defend and leave. India remain at five without any loss. KL Rahul will be on strike as James Anderson comes on to bowl his second over. Rahul is on a pair

1352 hrs IST: Five runs from the first over for India. Stuart Broad, who had a injury, will share the new ball from the other end, KL Rahul is still not off the mark. India lead by 205 runs. Murali Vijay will be on strike against Broad

1348 hrs IST: Players are back in the middle. Murali Vijay  is taking the strike and KL Rahul will be at the non-striker’s end. James Anderson will be bowling with the new ball for England. India lead by 200 runs

1342 hrs IST: India openers will like to build on the 200-run lead and set England a target which they don’t chase down. Murali Vijay and KL Rahul will the two openers. England will try to bowl out India as soon as possible

1336 hrs IST: WICKET! Ashwin has a five-for! Anderson is LBW first ball. That was plumb. England fail to avoid the follow-on but India have decided to bat again. Ashwin with his 22nd five-wicket haul in Test cricket

1334 hrs IST: WICKET! Stuart Broad has to go after being adjudged LBW off Ashwin. England have no reviews left. Broad wanted to review it. Looked like going down the leg-side. That would have been a good review. England lose their ninth wicket

1332 hrs IST: Jadeja goes through his over quickly. Three runs from that over. England need one more run to avoid the follow-on. Ashwin to bowl and Stuart Broad on strike. England trail by 200 runs with 2 wickets in hand

1329 hrs IST: Fantastic over from Ashwin as he beats Adil Rashid outside edge on three occasions. Just a single from that over. India bring back Jadeja for the next over. He replaces Jayant Yadav

1325 hrs IST: England reach the 250-run mark in the Jayant Yadav over. That was the 100th off their innings. They trail by 204 more runs. Stuart Broad will be on strike as Ashwin comes on to bowl another over. England need 5 more runs to avoid follow on

1322 hrs IST: Ashwin bowled a brilliant over but Broad takes a single on the last bowl to not make it a maiden over. England closer to 250-run mark. Jayant to bowl to Stuart Broad who kept the strike after single on the last ball of the previous over

1319 hrs IST: Jayant yadav almost gets Stuart Broad but that is past the short leg fielder. Rashid gets four on the last ball. Ashwin will be bowling again and Broad will be on strike! England live score 243/8 against India

1316 hrs IST: Ashwin with a quick over and just two runs from it. Rashid takes a couple on the last ball of the over. He has held this England innings nicely and is scoring some valuable runs. And we have a bowling change. Jayant Yadav will replace Jadeja

1313 hrs IST: Players take drinks after that wicket. Stuart Broad is the new man in and he plays out the remaining five balls. Adil Rashid will be on strike to Ashwin. 96 overs have been bowled in this England innings

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1308 hrs IST: WICKET! Jadeja gets Ansari first ball. He has played all around a straight ball. Looks straight but Ansari has reviewed it. No bat involved. Three reds and it stays out. Looked plumb. Jadeja gets his first wicket of the innings. England eight down

1306 hrs IST: Adil Rashid hits with the turn and gets a four on the first ball of Ashwin over! Then happy to play out the over. England move on to 234 for the loss of seven wickets. Virat Kohli doing a lot of field changes as Jadeja comes on to bowl to Zafar Ansari

1303 hrs IST: Adil Rashid takes a single on the last ball of the Jadeja over to keep the strike. India would have liked to bowl to Zafar Ansari. Ashwin continues with his off spin. England are 230 for the loss of seven wickets against India

1300 hrs IST: Zafar Ansari gets off the mark with a four on the last ball of the Ashwin over. England move on and India continue with Jadeja. He will bowl to Adil Rashid. England are seven wickets down

1257 hrs IST: Jadeja is once quick with his over. This time it was a maiden. Zafar Ansari is the new man in for England. India need three wickets to wrap this England innings. Ashwin back for his 25th over in this innings

1253 hrs IST: Jadeja to bowl again after a successful over from Ashwin. Ben Stokes superb innings of 70 has come to an end that will give India a chance to quickly wrap up this England innings

1251 hrs IST: WICKET! Ben Stokes is gone! Ashwin is confident and Dharmasena gives it out. Ben Stokes reviews. Was there an inside edge? Third umpire says in-conclusive and stays with the on-field decision. Three reds otherwise and India get the breakthrough! Stokes is livid

1248 hrs IST: Jadeja gets through his over quickly and there is only one four from that over. India again taking the hold of his match. Spinners have stopped the runs for England. Ashwin comes back to bowl again!

1245 hrs IST: Ashwin bowls a decent over with the new ball. He gives only one run in that over. England move on to 220 for the loss of six wickets. Jadeja back to bowl his over. Left-arm over

1242 hrs IST: Jadeja continues to do what he does best – bowls a maiden! England remain static. Jadeja troubled Rashid but not successful. Umesh Yadav taken off as well. Ashwin brought on. Spin from both ends from India

1239 hrs IST: Don’t think Umesh will continue after this over! He gives away two more boundaries and a total of nine runs in that over. England race to 219 for the loss of six wickets. Virat Kohli has decided to bring on Jadeja. He replaces Shami

1235 hrs IST: After Umesh’s expensive over, Shami bowls a maiden. Virat Kohli applauds. Ashwin is coming on to bowl. Wait! Kohli asks Ashwin to stop. He has called Umesh again. He was thinking but continues with Umesh. Rashid on strike

1230 hrs IST: Adil Rashid takes three fours off the Umesh Yadav over. Three beautiful shots from Rashid and now Virat Kohli is getting frustrated. He yells. Shami to continue from the other end but India are leaking runs here

1225 hrs IST: Six runs from the over from Shami! Ben Stokes likes the ball coming on to his bat and he will get that with the new ball. England inch closer to the 200-run mark and now they are just 257 runs behind. Umesh Yadav back

1220 hrs IST: Just the single from Umesh as Rashid plays out the remaining over without any trouble. England with first runs after Lunch. Shami will share the new ball from the other end and it will be Ben Stokes who will be on strike

1218 hrs IST: In the middle of the Umesh Yadav over, India take the new ball. Ben Stokes will be on strike! First ball to Stokes and that swung back into the left-hander. India can hope to strike with this new ball

1215 hrs IST: Maiden over to start from Shami! Rashid plays out the six bowls. India still going on with the old ball. England static on 191 for the loss of six wickets. Umesh Yadav to bowl from the other end

1210 hrs IST: Players are back on the field for the second session of the day! Mohammed Shami has the ball in hand and he will be bowling to Adil Rashid. India are continuing with the old ball. Attacking field for Rashid

1200 hrs IST: Ten minutes to go for play to resume after Lunch. It will be interesting to see if Virat Kohli opts for the new ball and asks his pacers to bowl a few overs before spinners to take charge. An entertaining and exciting session coming up

1145 hrs IST: The second session will be an exciting as England try to get as close as possible to the Indian total of 455. They have four wickets in hand and a settled Ben Stokes. The tail has to help him keep going. England are still 264 runs behind India’s total

1130 hrs IST: LUNCH ON DAY 3! England reach 191 for the loss of six wickets and they still trail India by 264 more runs. Umesh Yadav getting the important wicket of Jonny Bairstow in that session to halt England’s charge. Stokes and Bairstow had shared a 109-runs stand to settle the nerves for England but Umesh changed that with the wicket

1126 hrs IST: Eighty overs gone and the new ball is available now! But Kohli has decided not to take it as Umesh Yadav continues with the old one. Jadeja had bowled a maiden over to keep England at 190 for the loss of six wickets

1123 hrs IST: Just the single and the wicket from the Umesh Yadav over. New ball just one over away but England have lost a wicket before that only. Jadeja will continue. Ben Stokes on strike and Adil Rashid is the new man in for England

1121 hrs IST: WICKET! Umesh Yadav gets the breakthrough for India. Jonny Bairstow gets a full and fast ball that hits his foot and then on to the stumps. England lose their sixth wicket. India will finally be happy this morning.

1117 hrs IST: Maiden over from Ravindra Jadeja. England remain at 189 for the loss of five wickets. Two overs for the new ball. Should Virat Kohli take it? May be after Lunch. Umesh Yadav to continue for India

1114 hrs IST: One run from the Umesh Yadav over! Only three overs left for the new ball now. Jadeja will continue. We may get the new ball only after Lunch. Vizag crowd cheering India but the team has not got any success

1110 hrs IST: Umesh Yadav will continue to bowl for India. England will like to go to Lunch without losing a wicket. Biarstow and Stokes both have scored half-centuries. They trail India by 266 more runs in the first innings

1106 hrs IST: Decent over from Umesh but a four from Stokes that will hurt India. England approaching Lunch that this has been an excellent partnership for them. Ravindra Jadeja to continue. Virat Kohli running out of ideas it seems

1101 hrs IST: FIFTY! Boundary on the last ball of the Jadeja over and Bairstow gets to his half-century as well. 100-run stand between Stokes and Bairstow also up. England are 183 for the loss of five wickets now. India with another change in the bowling – Umesh Yadav to bowl

1058 hrs IST: FIFTY! Ben Stokes gets to his half-century. This has been an excellent innings under these circumstances. Only four runs from that over. Jadeja to bowl from the other end

1055 hrs IST: Jadeja with that lethal arm ball that comes back in. Bairstow was in trouble. But survives. Maiden from Jadeja. Ben Stokes is one run away from his fifty. He will be on strike as Jayant Yadav comes on to bowl

1052 hrs IST: Ben Stokes with another four! Jayant Yadav gives only those four runs. This has been a solid start from England. New ball is still nine over away. Ravindra Jadeja back again. Slip and a gully for Jadeja

1049 hrs IST: A quick maiden over from Jadeja. Bairstow solid in defence and we move on to the 71st over of the innings. Jayant Yadav to bowl his off spin and Ben Stokes will be on strike

1047 hrs IST: Jayant Yadav with a good over first up. Gets Bairstow to drive as well that falls just short of Kohli. England take five run from that, including a boundary. Ravindra Jadeja to continue from the other end for India

1044 hrs IST: Ben Stokes with an cut in front of point and that will race away for a boundary. England move on to 166 for the loss of five wickets. Super batting from England this morning. And finally, Ashwin is taken off and Jayant Yadav comes on to bowl

1041 hrs IST: Two runs from the Ashwin over. This pitch has held up excellently and credit to the curator. Jadeja back again. He is bowling with a slip and a gully. This is the 68th over of the England innings. Jadeja

1038 hrs IST: That was a good over from Jadeja. Tight line and only a single run. But, from the other end, Kohli is continuing with Ashwin. I think they are over bowling him. Kohli needs to rotate as Stokes and Bairstow are settling down now

1034 hrs IST: Players back to their positions after the drinks break and Virat Kohli changes his bowler. Ravindra Jadeja will bowl now. Ben Stokes on strike. Jadeja can be the key bowler on this pitch with his accurate line and length

1032 hrs IST: Another good over from Ashwin but no success. England looking good today. End of the first hour of play of the morning. Umpire calls for drinks. England are 158 for the loss of five wickets. Stokes and Bairstow doing well in the middle

1028 hrs IST: Shami bowls a maiden as Ben Stokes is happy to keep it calm. Ashwin gets his eighth over today. Kohli pinning his hopes on his leading spinner. England bringing down India’s lead now. Bairstow and Stokes both in thirties

1024 hrs IST: Ben Stokes hits a powerful straight drive to get a four! Down the pitch. Ashwin proving to be ineffective now. England have now added 49 runs to their total since morning. Shami to continue. Kohli needs to rotate bowlers now

1021 hrs IST: Some sloppy work from India in the field and that will be five overthrows. Jadeja with the throw. England take seven runs from that over. Kohli continues with Ashwin. India need the wicket now. England steady

1017 hrs IST: Saha having a difficult time behind the stumps. Let’s go another one from Ashwin and two runs in byes for England. Ashwin gives a stare. England live score 140/5 and they have done well so far. Shami continues from the other end

1014 hrs IST: Good start by Shami! Only a single but he has bowled a tight line. This was his strength yesterday as well. Batsman leaving most of the ball outside the off-stump. Ashwin to continue. England trail by 317 runs

1008 hrs IST: A single each to Bairstow and Stokes as England move move on to 137 for the loss of five wickets. Ashwin has bowled beautifully this morning. On the other end, Umesh Yadav is replaced by Mohammed Shami

1005 hrs IST: Umesh Yadav bowls a decent over and England can manage only two runs from that over. They are 135 for the loss of five wickets. Ashwin will bowl the 10th over of the morning. England steady so far today

1001 hrs IST: Eight runs for England in the last two overs of the day. They have added 30 to their over night score in the eight over this morning. Umesh Yadav will continue and Jonny Bairstow will be on strike for England

0955 hrs IST: Just the single from Ashwin. Excellent over where he has pitched the ball up and beaten the batsman. Could have had the wicket of Stokes. Umesh Yadav gets his third over of the morning. Right arm over he comes

0953 hrs IST: MISSED! Wriddhiman Saha has missed a stumping chance after Ashwin beats Stokes in flight. Saha fails to gather it cleanly and gives Stokes time to bring his foot back inside the crease. Super bowling from Ashwin

0951 hrs IST: An outside edge off Bairstow’s bat but goes between first and second slip. Five runs of the Umesh Yadav over. Ashwin back for his third over. He needs to pick up an early wicket to put England under more pressure

0947 hrs IST: Six runs from the Ashwin over as Ben Stokes takes another boundary on the last ball. England have been very positive this morning. Not allowing the bowlers to settle. Umesh Yadav back again and its is Bairstow on strike

0943 hrs IST: Maiden over from Umesh Yadav. Tight line and length from the pacer. England are 113 for the loss of five wickets. Stokes and Bairstow are fighting. R Ashwin is back again for his second over of the day

0939 hrs IST: Ashwin asks for a review on his first ball of the day. He is asking for a LBW against Bairstow. That came off the batsman’s gloves. No reviews left for India now. Ben Stokes gets a boundary on the last ball of the over. Umesh Yadav to continue 

0935 hrs IST: First over of the day done. That was the 50th of the England innings and they get two runs from it. They are now 105 for the loss of five wickets. R Ashwin will bowl from the other end

0931 hrs IST: Okay! Everything fine. Bairstow is back and he will be on strike. Umesh Yadav has the ball in his hand. All set for the first ball of the third day. Umpire says play!

0925 hrs IST: Virat Kohli and the Indian team in a huddle before the start of play. Kohli giving the pep talk. England batsmen Stokes and Bairstow walking out. Whoa! Bairtsow has tripped and is limping. He walking out and running to warm-up but bad outfield I guess. He has gone back for some physio work

0920 hrs IST: 10 minutes to go for the start of play on day three in Vizag. India will look to bowl England out early and then think about the follow-on. Unlikely that Kohli will en-force it but it will be interesting to see if he does. Stokes and Bairstow need to avoid it

0910 hrs IST: Pitch Report: This pitch hasn’t crumbled that much but is has kept low and there is no pace. The good thing is that it is not spitting cobras but the bad part is that there is no pace which has halted the run flow. England need to figure a lot when the two overnight batsmen come out to play

0900 hrs IST: Jayant Yadav picked up his first wicket with some help from DRS when he reviewed umpire’s decision of not out against Moeen Ali. Decision was over-turned. DRS has been used in India for the first time. Kumar Dharmasena has been in the hot seat whenever there are talks about DRS. Bharat Sundaresan finds out why here – There is a DRS in DhaRmaSena — he just can’t escape it

0845 hrs IST: India’s spin trio of R Ashwin, Jayant Yadav and Ravindra Jadeja will hold the key for the team. Jayant had a fantastic debut with ball and even picked his first Test wicket. In 2013, Jayant took advice from Ashwin and on Friday, with Ashwin, he helped India reach 455 in the first innings and then the duo rattled England. Sriram Veera put it brilliantly in his piece – R Ashwin leads way, India take Jayant leap

0830 hrs IST: Welcome to the coverage of third day’s play of the second Test between India and England from Vizag. India are comfortably placed in the Test and they are staring at a big defeat unless something dramatic happens in this Test

On the second day, England bowled out India for 455 runs but only after Ashwin scored another important half-century. Debutant Jayant also impressed everyone with the bat and shared a 53-run stand with Ashwin. Virat Kohli and Cheteshwar Pujara had earlier scored hundreds for India in the first innings.


England’s innings began on a sad note as Mohammed Shami clean bowled captain Alastair Cook in the third over. Haseeb Hameed and Joe Root stabled the innings but a brilliant piece of fielding from Jayant ended the former’s stay. Ashwin then dismissed Ben Duckett and Joe Root in quick succession to put England under pressure. Jayant picked up his first Test wicket when he had Moeen Ali adjudged LBW. This gave India the upper hand before stumps on Day 2.