England 103/5 at stumps of India vs England, 2nd Test Day 2: As it happened

India take charge of second Test in Vizag after reducing England to 103/5 at stumps on Day 2; visitors trail by 352 more runs.

By: Express Web Desk | Updated: November 19, 2016 7:46:15 am
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A dominating day for India in Visakhapatnam as they reduce England to 103 for five. England are still trailing by 352 runs but what is more important is that they need 153 more runs to avoid the follow-on. Ben Stokes and Jonny Bairstow are the two unbeaten batsmen for them. The third day in Vizag will be tough for the visitors as the pitch is assisting the spinners now and India will be looking to exploit the conditions on Saturday.

India vs England, 2nd Test

1631 hrs IST: That will be the end of the second day in Vizag. And it belongs to India. England end at 103 for the loss of five wickets. They are 352 runs behind and still need 153 runs to avoid the follow on. The pitch has begun to turn and Saturday will be a tough day for them

1627 hrs IST: End of the regular 90 overs for the day. But we have time left and Ashwin will bowl now. England are 98 for the loss of five wickets. Can India get one wicket here?

1623 hrs IST: That is the end of the penultimate over of the day! Shami gives one run in that. Don’t think we will finish with only 90 overs. There is still some time left. Jayant Yadav back to bowl now. Six minutes remaining in the day’s play

1618 hrs IST: Maiden from Jadeja. India are clearly ahead of the scheduled time to finish the overs. Mohammed Shami to bowl again. England need to survive at least two overs. Bairstow and Stokes at the crease

1615 hrs IST: Shami bowls a maiden! Ben Stokes has scored eight runs from 44 balls. England 93 for the loss of five wickets after 45 overs. Ravindra Jadeja to bowl the next over. Two overs more after this Jadeja over

1610 hrs IST: Two runs from that over of Jadeja. 20 minutes to go for close of play in Vizag. India recall Mohammed Shami now. Four overs remaining

1607 hrs IST: India with another review after a loud appeal for a caught behind was turned down by the umpire. Ben Stokes has hit his pad with bat that created the noise when ball passed the bat. Saha was not confident bu Kohli called for review straightaway

1604 hrs IST: Ben Stokes gets a rare boundary! Some runs for England after some dry overs. Into the 90s they go. Jadeja to bowl again! 43 overs gone and England are 91 for the loss of five wickets. Jonny Bairstow on strike

1601 hrs IST: Jadeja bowls an over inside a minute! And a maiden. Ben Stokes and Jonny Bairstow have a big task at hand here. Jayant Yadav back to bowl. But did Jadeja do?! How quick was that

1559 hrs IST: Jayant Yadav gets one past Ben Stokes but the bails don’t come off. Big noise of ball hitting the bails but unlucky for Jayant. maiden over from Jayant. Top bowling. Jadeja to continue with three xlose in fielders

1554 hrs IST: Two runs from the Jadeja over. He just goes through his overs quickly. Eight overs remaining in the day but looks like India will finish them quickly. We may see some extra overs. Jayant to continue with three close in fielders

1551 hrs IST: Jayant Yadav bowls maiden over. Ben Stokes takes no run from that over and England are 85 for the loss of five wickets. Ashwin gets a break and Jadeja is back into the attack now. Nine over remaining in the day today

1548 hrs IST: Three runs from the Ashwin over! England move on to 85 for the loss of five wickets. Jayant yadav to continuing bowling from the other end. He has bowled three over, given three runs and picked up his first wicket as well

1545 hrs IST: Jayant Yadav troubling the batsmen here. He has all the variations with him. He has been top class so far. Ashwin continues from the other end. England are five down and they need to rebuild here. Long way to go

1542 hrs IST: Ashwin bowls another maiden! Ben Stokes happy to defend everything. England in some serious pressure now. Jayant to continue. Jonny Bairstow on strike against him. England need to ensure they don’t lose any more wicket here

1539 hrs IST: Jayant Yadav bowls an excellent over. Jonny Bairstow the new man in for he is having trouble. Two inside edges but safe. Ashwin to continue from the other end. England attacked with spin from both ends

1534 hrs IST: WICKET! Jayant Yadav has his first Test wicket! DRS gives him the wicket. Moeen Ali comes down the pitch and defends. Dharmasena says no to an India appeal. Jayant Yadav asks Kohli to review. Hitting the pad first, hitting pads in line and will go on to hit the stumps. Gone

1531 hrs IST: Ashwin finishes a quick over which is maiden. England remain at 80 for the loss of four wickets. Ben Stokes and Moeen Ali need to repeat their feat from Rajkot. India will love to pick some more wickets before the close of play. Drinks

1528 hrs IST: Jayant Yadav gives only one run in his first over! Decent over from the offie. He will love to get his first wicket quickly. Ashwin to continue. This will be the 34th over of the England innings

1525 hrs IST: England will be having some nervous times in the dressing room. Their best batsman is back in the hut and it is not getting easier to bat. Okay! Debutant Jayant Yadav to bowl his first over in Test cricket. Off spin

1522 hrs IST: WICKET! Joe Root has thrown it away! Tries to go over the field but miscues. It goes up in the air and Umesh Yadav settles under it. Takes the catch. Ashwin is ecstatic. Big wicket for India. England four down

1518 hrs IST: End of the 31st over and England three runs from it. They move on to 77 for the loss of three wickets. Ashwin has got another over and Joe Root will be on strike. England trail by 378 more runs in the first innings

1516 hrs IST: FIFTY! Joe Root keeps getting runs. He has another half-century amid all the chaos on the other end. England need him to play a long innings. Moeen Ali is an able partner as well

1515 hrs IST: Maiden over from Ashwin! Moeen Ali was in real trouble there on more than one occasion. Brilliant stuff from Ashwin. Jadeja to continue from the other end. 30 overs done in the England innings

1513 hrs IST: Two more runs for England from the over from Ravindra Jadeja. Moeen Ali and Joe Root the batsmen for England. India will like to get them out early as both can be dangerous and can play long innings

1509 hrs IST: End of a successful over from Ashwin. England on the backfoot now. Moeen Ali is the new man in for them. Ravindra Jadeja to continue from the other. India attack with a slip, leg and a short leg. Joe Root on strike for England

1507 hrs IST: WICKET! Ashwin gets Ben Duckett! Super delivery that turns just enough to beat Duckett’s bat. Batsman moving towards leg stump which exposed his off-stump and loses his wicket. England three down for 72

1505 hrs IST: Jadeja finishes another quick over. England are 72 for the loss of two wickets. Root inching closer to his half-century. Jadeja looking threatening but success is missing. Ashwin comes on to bowl again

1502 hrs IST: Five runs in that over. Four byes. Ashwin is turning it now. England under pressure but Joe Root has held on to that one end. India need to get him out early. Ravindra Jadeja comes on to bowl again

1458 hrs IST: Root is disturbed by a person in front of the sightscreen. That was very close to the outside edge of his bat and also the off-stump. Would have been controversial it that was a dismissal. Otherwise an expensive over as seven runs come off it. Ashwin again

1455 hrs IST: Maiden over from Ashwin. Duckett just not getting the option of hitting any shot. Excellent line from Ashwin as well. England remain at 60 for the loss of two wickets. Jadeja back for another over as Root takes strike

1452 hrs IST: Six runs from that over of Jadeja. Some luck with Ben Duckett as one of the inside edge goes over keeper’s head. England live score 60/2. Ashwin back for another over

1449 hrs IST: End of the 22nd over and England are 54 for the loss of two wickets. India attacking with spinners. But the field is not so attacking. Only two man catch. four inside the ring. Not sure what Kohli is thinking. Jadeja back

1446 hrs IST: Ashwin to continue. England are past 50 but have lost that wicket of Hameed which will push them back! They still trail by 404 runs. And with the pitch turning, this will be a difficult one for England

1443 hrs IST: WICKET! Haseeb Hameed is run-out! What brilliant fielding from Jayant Yadav and then Saha throwing it from some distance on to the stumps. Joe Root pushes it to deep square-leg and Jayant chases it. Picks it up and throws it quickly. Root says no after calling for the second run. Throw is bit off but Saha goes closer to the ball and flicks it back to break the stumps. Gone

1438 hrs IST: Jadeja continues. Third ball of the over and it stays low but fails to topple the stumps. My that was mighty close from Jaddu. Next ball, Root goes to play it against the spin but gets an outside edge which goes running to the ropes for a four. It was in the air wide of the slip but failed to find a fielder.

1435 hrs IST: And spin from the other end too. R Ashwin and he’s going round the wicket with a slip and a short leg in place. Gets the ball spin nicely. Plenty of purchase from the wicket now.

1430 hrs IST: Back in after Tea. Spinners to continue the work to open the final session on this Day 2. Ravindra Jadeja has the ball. Nice start for the leftie. Produces a decent shout on the last ball of the over. But the umpire shakes his head as England move on to 36/1.

1411 hrs IST: That will be Tea! England are 34 for the loss of one wicket but they trail India by 421 more runs. Joe Root and Haseeb Hameed the two men in the middle for them. Back in 20 minutes for the final session of the day

1408 hrs IST: Quick over from Jadeja and he gives only in run from it. And we have Ashwin into the attack now! Should be the last over before Tea. England will like to go into Tea one down only. Root on strike as Ashwin bowls over the wicket

1405 hrs IST: Two runs from the Shami over. England have done well after the early wicket of Cook. Jadeja to continue

1401 hrs IST: Some turn for Jadeja now! Grips off the surface and Hameed playing for the angle into him. No damage done but a good sign for spinners. And that will be change of ends for Mohammed Shami as he comes on to bowl from the opposite end

1358 hrs IST: A quick single from Root and Hameed to end the over. England have been really slow in reply to India’s 455. Ravindra Jadeja to continue and Joe Root will be on strike. England trail by 427 runs now

1354 hrs IST: Good start for Ravindra Jadeja as he gives only two runs off his first over. England now trail by 428 runs. Umesh Yadav will continue. This will be his sixth over and 12th off the England innings. Root on strike for England

1351 hrs IST: Joe Root gets a brilliant boundary behind point. Super timing and placement and England move on to 25 for the loss of two wickets. And we have a change in bowling! Virat Kohli turns to Ravindra Jadeja after 10 overs

1346 hrs IST: Good over from Mohammed Shami. Bowling with follow effort. Only a single run in that over. Virat Kohli decides to give Umesh Yadav his fifth over and 10th of the innings. England are 21 for the loss of one wicket

1341 hrs IST: Maiden over from Umesh Yadav as Haseeb Hameed happy to leave anything outside off-stump. England remain at 20 for the loss of one wicket. Mohammed Shami to continue to bowl his fifth over. Ashwin doing some field changes here

1337 hrs IST: Joe Root gets going! Couple of boundaries in the Mohammed Shami over. Excellent placement on both those shots. Brilliant. England move on to 20 for the loss of one wicket. Umesh Yadav to continue

1333 hrs IST: Umesh Yadav generating some serious pace here! He gives away three runs in the sixth over of the innings. Hameed had some anxious moment with an inside edge but survives. Mohammed Shami to continue for India

1327 hrs IST: Single run from Mohammed Shami. Excellent start from the pacer and for India. Virat kohli urging the crowd to make some noise. They oblige. What an atmosphere in Vizag. Umesh Yadav to continue for India

1322 hrs IST: Umesh Yadav finishes a tidy over. Two runs from it. Haseeb Hameed playing it solidly. Joe Root has joined him in the middle. Shami to continue for India. Hameed on strike. England need to rebuild

1318 hrs IST: Three overs gone and England are six for the loss of one wicket. Pressure on the England batsmen now. Umesh Yadav to continue to bowl for India. Only two runs from that Shami over and a wicket

1315 hrs IST: WICKET! Mohammed Shami has castled Alastair Cook with a peach of a delivery. Goes between the bat and pad and takes down the off-stump. It is broken into two. Virat Kohli is uncontrollable in celebrations. England lose their first wicket and what a start for India

1309 hrs IST: Umesh Yadav will share the new ball after Mohammed Shami starts with a maiden over. Alastair Cook must have had his heart in his mouth when he got a leading edge. Survives. Haseeb Hameed on strike now to Umesh

1305 hrs IST: England openers Alastair Cook and Haseeb Hameed are out in the middle. Mohammed Shami will bowl the first over for India. Three wide slips and a short leg to start with for Shami. England are 455 runs behind here we go

1254 hrs IST: INDIA BOWLED OUT FOR 455! Umesh Yadav is caught at deep mid-wicket. Adil Rashid gets his second wicket. That will be all in the first innings for India. Not a bad total this on this pitch. England will come out to bat in 10 minutes

1252 hrs IST: Mohammed Shami hits the first ball he face out of the park! SIX over covers and India cross the 450-run mark in Vizag. Good total this on a pitch which is expected to crumble. Takes a single to give strike to Umesh

1251 hrs IST: Umesh Yadav takes the attacking mode! He hits two consecutive fours off Moeen Ali through the leg-side. Powerful shots from the batsman. India live score 448/9. Mohammed Shami is the new man in and he will face Adil Rashid on the other end

1247 hrs IST: WICKET! Jayant Yadav is gone. Bad shot from the debutant. Adil Rashid gets his first wicket after a long wait. Jayant goes for the big shot and gets a leading edge that stands up in the air. Caught at backward point. India nine down

1243 hrs IST: Umesh Yadav clobbers one down the ground to get his first boundary. India closer to 450-run mark. 127 overs gone and they are 438 for the loss of eight wickets. England now replace Ben Stokes with leg-spinner Adil Rashid

1239 hrs IST: Outside edge off Jayant Yadav’s bat but it is wide of slips. Two more runs for India in that Ben Stokes over and they are 433 for the loss of eight wickets. Moeen Ali will now ball his 24th over with Jayant Yadav on strike

1235 hrs IST: Only a single run in the Moeen Ali over! Umesh Yadav defends the balls he faces. Jayant Yadav is now into the thirties now. He is making his debut and will now face Ben Stokes for the next over

1231 hrs IST: Umesh Yadav is the new man in for India after the dismissal of R Ashwin. He is playing his 30th Test match. Moeen Ali will bowl for England Ben Stokes finishes a successful over. India live score 427/8

1229 hrs IST: WICKET! R Ashwin has to go as he edges one behind to the keeper. Stokes strikes. Playing it on the drive and away from the body. Caught in the middle and gets a thin edge to end a good innings

1227 hrs IST: Decent over from Moeen Ali. Only a single run from the over. Jayant Yadav happy to defend most of the deliveries. England search for the wickets again. Stokes will continue. Ashwin on strike for India

1224 hrs IST: Super over from Ben Stokes as he puts the pressure on Jayant Yadav. Maiden in the end. Ashwin will be on strike to Moeen Ali. here is the moment he scored his half-century and everyone applauded the effort from him

1221 hrs IST: End of the over from Moeen Ali and India picked up six runs from that over. Jayant has played well so far. The pitch will get difficult to bat on as time progresses. Ben Stokes come again. India live score 422/7

1218 hrs IST: FIFTY! R Ashwin gets to his fifty and it has been an important one. Hits Moeen Ali for a four through the square on the off-side. He has been in some form off late. Excellent innings once again as he raises his bat towards the dressing room

1217 hrs IST: Single off the first over after Lunch from Ben Stokes and India move on to 416 for the loss of seven wickets. Ashwin taking the single in that over. Jayant plays out the remaining deliveries. Mooen Ali will bowl from the other end for England

1210 hrs IST: India players R Ashwin and Jayant Yadav waking out to the middle for the second session of play against England. The fielders also taking their positions. This will be an important session for both teams. Stokes will bowl for England

1200 hrs IST: We are 10 minutes away from the start of play after Lunch. Super day so far for both teams and it will be interesting to see which way this match tilts in the second session. Ashwin key for India now

1139 hrs IST: India will be thinking they are just ahead in the this match. If they score some more runs in the second session, they will ensure they cannot lose the match. England need to work their strategies. And they have to bat on a difficult pitch later 

1132 hrs IST: That will be Lunch on Day 2! Session shared as India score 98 runs in this session but England have also picked up three wickets. India are 415 for the loss of seven wickets. Ashwin and Jayant out in the middle

1129 hrs IST: Ashwin gets a thick edge on the last ball of the Ben Stokes over. He will get four! Joe Root will come on to bowl for England. Last over before Lunch and both teams will be happy with the progress of the game

1126 hrs IST: Super batting from Ashwin and Jayant! No respect to the part time bowler as they take six runs from his over. Ashwin gets a boundary. Excellent stuff from India. The Lunch is round the corner. England continuing with Ben Stokes

1122 hrs IST: 400 up for India! Had England bowled them out below that, pressure would have been on India. But Ashwin making sure India are stable. England bring on Joe Root into the attack. That would mean couple of overs before Lunch

1118 hrs IST: Ashwin shows his batting skills as he takes a boundary on the last bowl of the Moeen Ali over. Six runs off the over and India are two runs away from the 400-run mark. Ben Stokes to continue and Jayant Yadav will be on strike

1114 hrs IST: Three runs from Ben Stokes over and we are moving closer to Lunch on Day 2. Jayant-Ashwin partnership worth 29. Moeen Ali continues for England. India closer to 400. Ashwin to take strike against Moeen

1109 hrs IST: England bring on Ben Stokes twenty minutes before Lunch! Moeen Ali gave only two runs in his over and now we have some medium pace. Ashwin on strike. India live score 389/7

1106 hrs IST: End of the over and it give six runs for India. Adil Rashid hasn’t got a wicket in this match so far. Moeen Ali has three and will bowl his 19th over now. Jayant Yadav has showed good skills for now. Ashwin into 30s

1103 hrs IST: 111 overs gone in Vizag and India reach 381 for the loss of seven wickets. India need some runs on the board. Adil Rashid continues and Ashwin on strike. He is the top guy now for India. A lot depends on him and how he bats from here

1101 hrs IST: Harsha Bhogle gives an opinion on the match situation in Vizag

1058 hrs IST: Jayant Yadav plays out the remaining over and India are 376 for the loss of seven wickets. Moeen Ali continues and Ashwin will be on strike. A silly point and a slip for him

1056 hrs IST: England review! An Adil Rashid delivery hits Jayant Yadav on the pad first. Umpire says not out. England review. The ball is hitting the batsman outside the line and then it is turning to miss the stumps. Review wasted. Jayant survives

1054 hrs IST: Good over for India as Jayant gets boundary! 19 overs bowled in this session and India have taken 57 runs so far but have also lost three wickets. Ashwin and Jayant out in the middle now as Adil Rashid comes on to bowl

1050 hrs IST: Three runs from the Adil Rashid over! Jayant Yadav has his first run in Test cricket as he takes a couple on the off-side. No more run after that. India live score 367/7. Moeen Ali on once again. Ashwin on strike for India 

1046 hrs IST: Maiden from Moeen Ali! Jayant Yadav still not off the mark. He is the 286th player to represent India. Adil Rashid to bowl again! England continue to rely on spinners after the fall of Virat kohli’s wicket

1043 hrs IST: Adil Rashid bowls a maiden as Ashwin defends most of the balls. India static at 365 for the loss of seven wickets. Moeen has made India worry. He comes on to bowl again. Debutant Jayant Yadav is on strike. India need at least 400 on this pitch

1037 hrs IST: WICKET! New man Ravindra Jadeja has to go as well. Moeen Ali has two in this over. Angle into Jadeja from round the wicket and he bends forward to defend. Hits him on the pads. Dharmasena takes his time again but give it out. Ashwin confirms it to Jadeja that it would be out. No review

1033 hrs IST: Moeen Ali appeals for a leg-before against Saha. Dhramasena takes all his time. Waits, waits, waits… Gives it out! Saha reviews. Pitch outside the line of off-stump, is turning back into Saha, hits him inside the line and will go on to hit the stumps. GONE!

1030 hrs IST: 104th over of Indian innings done and India are closer to the 400-run mark. Ashwin and Saha had had some partnerships before and they can do that here as well. That will be drinks after the first hour of play done in Vizag

1027 hrs IST: Ashwin with a four from that over! He has a superb batting technique to play it late and keep the bowler guessing. Uses his height well. Sharp mind well. Adil Rashid back to bowl his leg spin

1025 hrs IST: Just one run from the Rashid over and India move on to 356 for the loss of five wickets. While Moeen Ali has troubled the batsmen with his fuller deliveries, Rashid has not been able to do that. Moeen back!

1021 hrs IST: Excellent over from Moeen Ali comes to an end. One wicket and the got another but Stokes dropped the catch. Wriddhiman Saha the new man in for India. Adil Rashid will continue from the other end to bowl his leg spin

1017 hrs IST: WICKET! Virat Kohli (167) c Ben Stokes b Moeen Ali! That will be the end of a fabulous innings from the Indian captain. He drives but it takes the outside edge. It flies to slips. Low and to his right, Ben Stokes takes a good catch

1016 hrs IST: DROPPED! First chance for England this morning and Ben Stokes has dropped Ashwin at slips. Ashwin trying to play it wide of slips manages to guide it straight to the slips. Stokes was not ready for it. Dropped

1015 hrs IST: Another spinner with a good start. Adil Rashid gives only three runs in his first over of the day! 100 overs gone and India have reach 350 for the loss of four wickets. Moeen Ali will continue and he will be bowling his 13th over

1011 hrs IST: Good start for Moeen Ali. Only four runs in his first over. Kohli and Ashwin taking it easy at the moment. Some loose balls from Moeen though. The pitch still hasn’t shown any signs of big turn. Another chance in bowling as Adil Rashid comes on to bowl

1007 hrs IST: Over number 98 comes to an end. Nothing more than a single in it. Ashwin moves into the double figures and Virat Kohli is looking stable as well. England needed the early wicket. And they bring a change in bowling. Moeen Ali to bowl his off-spin

1003 hrs IST: Virat Kohli with a leg-drive! That a tremendous shot that is. On the middle stump line and he picks it up so easily to put it just wide of the mid-on fielder. India live score 345/4. Super batting from India. Stuart Broad again now

0959 hrs IST: Stuart Broad finishes the over and India are 340 for the loss of four wickets and Virat Kohli is actually looking great in batting. James Anderson to comes on to bowl. Ashwin on strike for India

0956 hrs IST: Kohli shows why he is the best. Broad offers some width and he plays a square drive for four! Excellent placement. Then takes a single next ball. Brilliant batting. The umpires are looking a the ball. Out of shape? They have now changed. Broad continues

0952 hrs IST: Better over from Anderson. Kept Ashwin guessing outside the off-stump. Only a single run from that over. Stuart Broad will continue. England captain Cook and Anderson are having a meeting in the middle. Change in the field as well

0948 hrs IST: Stuart Broad bowling a tight line this morning. Got giving any room to the batsmen to open his arms. Neither has the ball drifted down the leg-side. India could manage two runs from his over. James Anderson continues to bowl from the other end

0943 hrs IST: Another expensive over from Anderson as the give away seven runs. Virat Kohli gets his first boundary of the morning. Cover drive on which Ben Stokes makes a miss-field. Kohli moves on to 156*. Stuart Broad continues

0939 hrs IST: Single from the Stuart Broad over as Ashwin gets a top edge that goes over slips and falls safely. Enough time to take a single. India live score 324 for the loss of four wickets. James Anderson to continue for England 

0934 hrs IST: End of the first over of the day! Anderson gives six runs as Ashwin picks up a boundary through covers. Good start for India and they will look to build on this. They will certainly not want to bat again in this match. Stuart Broad to bowl from the other end

0930 hrs IST: James Anderson will begin the day’s play with the first over. The ball is just two overs old. Virat Kohli will be on strike. India’s best batsman in this Test vs England’s best bowler in this match. Here we go. All set

0927 hrs IST: Conditions are perfect for cricket. No chance of rain. Slightly warm and the school kids are cheering at the top of the voices. Kohli and Ashwin will like to build the partnership and entertain all those who have come in

0920 hrs IST: Players are making their way to the middle. The first hour today can well decide which way this Test is going to go. England have to pick early wickets while India will look to play out defensively and put some runs on the board and take the total towards 500

0906 hrs IST: Virat Kohli has three centuries this year in Tests. He managed to convert the first two into double hundreds. Can he do that again? He is batting on 151*. He showed supreme concentration but he lost his cool on one instance and Pujara was at the receiving end

0900 hrs IST: We are 20 minutes away from the start of play. If you still haven’t, read how Kohli, Pujara and the dog troubled England. Vizag crowd has been splendid so far. They are cheering the Indian team. England are tired after a long day and James Anderson didn’t mind admitting it as well. They may have another long day as well

0845 hrs IST: India resume the day at 317 for the loss of four wickets with Virat Kohli and R Ashwin at the crease and it will be interesting to see how far India can reach on day two. The pitch is supposed to loosen up from today, making life difficult for the batsman

0835 hrs IST: Welcome to the coverage of the second day’s play of the second Test between India and England in Visakhapatnam.

The first day saw two centurions from India. First, Cheteshwar Pujara scored his 10th Test ton and third consecutive and later Kohli scored his 14th Test ton. Pujara was in exceptional touch before he edged one behind to the keeper. Kohli, however, kept his concentration and ended the day unbeaten. The two shared a 226-run partnership for the third wicket after joining hands when India were 22 for the loss of two wickets.

India won the toss and decided to bat but it was England who took early advantage by dismissing Indian openers. Stuart Broad dismissed comeback man KL Rahul in the second over of the day while England’s comeback man James Anderson dismissed Murali Vijay. India would have been happier had they not lost the wicket of Ajinkya Rahane in the second last over of the day.

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