India beat England by 15 runs in thrilling 2nd ODI, take 2-0 series lead: Highlights, As it happened

India beat England by 15 runs in thrilling 2nd ODI, take 2-0 series lead: Highlights, As it happened

India beat England by 15 runs in a contest that saw nearly 750 runs - to mirror that of the first ODI. The win allows India to clinch the series

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Ravindra Jadeja took the key wicket of Jason Roy against England in Cuttack. (Source: Reuters)

After winning the toss and electing to bowl, England had India on the ropes in the second ODI in Cuttack. England bowler Chris Woakes claimed three early wickets including that of Virat Kohli inside the first five overs to send the Indian top order back in the hut. This is a big game for both teams as a win for India will give them an unassailable 2-0 series lead while a win for England will tie it 1-1 and give them a chance to fight in third ODI. Despite the early setbacks, helped by Yuvraj Singh and MS Dhoni’s centuries, India would score 381/6 in the 50 overs.

WATCH VIDEO | Yuvraj Singh, MS Dhoni Power India To 381/6 Against England

In reply, England lose Alex Hales early before getting some balance from Jason Roy and Joe Root both of whom would score fifties and put together 100 runs before being undone by the spin effort. The visitors would lose the wickets of Roy, Root and Stokes quickly to make their job tougher.

Later in the contest, Eoin Morgan would score a pulsating 102 run knock and would get suitable support from Moeen Ali who would also score a 55 runs.

India vs England 2nd ODI


2143 hrs IST: R Ashwin with three wickets, Ravindra Jadeja with an economical show and Bhuvneshwar Kumar with lovely death bowling to prevent England from equalising the series. Eoin Morgan’s century got England ever so close to the win but India kept at it and get the win. Earlier, MS Dhoni and Yuvraj Singh scored centuries to take India to 381/6 after the first three wickets fell cheaply.

2134 hrs IST: LAST OVER OF THE INNINGS. England are 360/8, need 22 for the win. Willey and Plunkett in the middle. Bhuvneshwar Kumar has the ball

1st ball: Goes for a single. 21 needed from 5 balls

2nd ball: DROPPED! Tough one to take for Yuvraj. Take a single still. 20 needed from 4 balls

3rd ball: Misfield from Ashwin, on a wet ball, allows two runs. No problem with that. 18 needed from 3 balls

4th ball: Need six of each ball. Willey gets the toe end of the bat and Dhoni fields it but not before they run for a single. 17 needed from 2 balls. Looks sealed unless a no-ball!

5th ball: Slower one from Bhuvi and it is not read by Plunkett. Dot ball.

6th ball: 1 run from the final ball and that’s the game in the bag. India beat England by 15 runs to take an unassailable 2-0 lead in the series

2130 hrs IST: Eoin Morgan run out Bumrah 102 (81)

Unlucky stuff for Morgan! Plunkett tries to play out the yorker but can only send it back to Bumrah who fields it and sees Morgan out of his crease, quickly goes back and smashes it into the stumps. Threw it on to the stumps, nerves playing a big, big part right now.

2129 hrs IST: Eoin Morgan doesn’t celebrate his hundred and brings up his ninth ODI hundred. First ball of the Bumrah over goes over the fielder and runs on to the boundary for a four.

2123 hrs IST: Bhuvneshwar Kumar once again. His ninth over. Starts with two runs and then a four. Poor line, down the leg side and it is dispatched for a four. Third ball of the over is outside off and it is slashed into the vacant region for another four. 36 needed from 15 balls. Switches to around the stumps now. Two singles now. Morgan is on 96 and on strike. Picks up another single and moves on to 97. England are 349/7 after 48 overs

2121 hrs IST: FOUR AND FOUR! Plunkett with two heavy blows and that’s 17 runs from the over. From India almost having a wicket to this still being alive. Thrilling stuff!

2118 hrs IST: Liam Plunkett survives a lbw decision by Bumrah. Umpire gives it out, or not out, but England go for the review. Not a no ball, no edge on it and it is going on to hit the stumps despite the impact being outside the off. Plenty of confusion but in the end, it stays not out.

2116 hrs IST: Jasprit Bumrah keeps it slow and short and Morgan has plenty of time to settle himself and free his arms. Not well disguised that and Morgan makes the most of it by smacking it for a SIX! Goes sailing over the long-on boundary. Not over this!

2110 hrs IST: Bhuvneshwar Kumar once again for India. 73 needed from 29 balls. Good start to the over from Bhuvi. 0, 0, 1 to start matters. Next delivery goes for a four. Bhuvi misses the yorker this time and it is hit for a four. And another four to end the over. England are 319/8 after 46 overs. Need 63 runs from 24 balls

2109 hrs IST: FOUR! Full, outside off and Plunkett goes for a drive. Only gets an outside edge and it beats Dhoni to run off to third man for a four. Lucky, lucky runs!

2105 hrs IST: Chris Woakes b Jasprit Bumrah 5 (4)

A ball after a smacking stroke that went over the cover region, Bumrah brings in the slower delivery and Wokaes tries to play a big heave on the leg side but misses it completely. A bit early on that shot and the off stump is bothered in the process

2103 hrs IST: Good over by Bhuvneshwar that. Just three runs and a wicket to go with it. That would ease some nerves as Liam Plunkett joins the middle

2100 hrs IST: Moeen Ali b Bhuvneshwar 55 (43)

Moeen Ali drags it on and India needed that – desperately needed that. Length delivery outside off and Moeen tries to swing at it but only ends up getting the bottom edge that disrupts the stumps. Slower one that so credit to the Indian seamer.

2057 hrs IST: Bhuvneshar Kumar once again. Two yorkers to start with and it results in a single each. Lots and lots of new bats being brought on for the batsmen to check and use. Eoin Morgan the one who needed a new one after the previous one was cracked

2052 hrs IST: Kedar Jadhav once again. Clever bowling by him. Mixing it up. First ball is a low fulltoss and it goes straight back to the bowler. Dot ball. Second delivery is short and it is duly dispatched for a four. Things not going well for Jadeja in the field. Three fours in this over and Moeen Ali is making the most of this part time spin option in use. Ali reaches his fifty in 40 balls.

2044 hrs IST: Bhuvneshwar Kumar is introduced into the attack. His figures thus far: 5-0-23-1. DROPPED! Ravindra Jadeja lets it fall from his grasp. A slower one from Bhuvi and Moeen Ali goes for the big hit but doesn’t middle it. Goes comfortably towards Jadeja who misjudges it and it bounces back off his chest. Normally a safe fielder, not this time though. Played inside out by Moeen Ali and it falls safely. Kohli getting the crowd involved by asking them to make some noise and they reply in kind by listening to their skipper. Another couple for England as Jadhav fields well on the boundary. Eight runs from the over. England are 282/5 after 42 overs

2043 hrs IST: Good over from Kedar Jadhav. He goes for just five runs in that over – all singles. England need some big hits to get close to India’s score – singles won’t cut it unfortunately.

2038 hrs IST: Right then. Ashwin bowls his final over and the 40th over. India need a wicket to break this pairing but four balls in, Ashwin goes for two singles but not wicket in sight. Make that five balls and two singles. Morgan aware it is best to play Ashwin out and he does so. England are 269/5 after 40 overs. Need 113 runs from 10 overs – 11.3 runs an over

2034 hrs IST: Hardik Pandya starts poorly into his sixth over. A length ball followed by a short one with plenty of room for Morgan to make merry. First one goes sailing into the stands and second one for a four.

2028 hrs IST: Ashwin has one over remaining but he is replaced by Jasprit Bumrah. Second ball of the over and short ball by the seamer is pulled for a boundary over midwicket. England are over the 250-run mark. Two balls later, Morgan picks up a single and brings up his fifty

2024 hrs IST: Poor line by Jadhav. Keeps going away from the leg stump to the left hander Moeen Ali who spanks it into the gap for a four. Pulled behind square by the England batsman

2021 hrs IST: Drinks! England need 145 runs in 14 overs. Daunting task

2016 hrs IST: Kedar Jadhav is chipping in with the ball. Moeen Ali proving to be effective for England. He slams from off stump to the left of long-on. Runs away to the fence

2012 hrs IST: Pressure building on this England chase it seems with wickets falling at regular intervals. They need over 150 in 16 overs and the required rate is climbing as well – 9.5 now.

2003 hrs IST: Jos Buttler st Dhoni b Ashwin 10 (9)

Buttler dances down the track but Ashwin veers the delivery outside the leg stump and is comfortably in Dhoni’s grasp who has the simple task of removing the bails. England are 206/5

2000 hrs IST: The double spin job comes to an end as Hardik Pandya comes into the attack. Eoin Morgan continues to belt the ball out of the park. This time it sails into the crowd – distance of 91 meters. Pitched full and it is in the hitting zone for the England skipper and he makes the most of the opportunity

1959 hrs IST: Jadeja’s spell comes to an end without any break in between. He finishes with figures of 10-0-45-1.

1949 hrs IST: Ben Stokes b Ashwin 1 (3)

Inside edged on to the stumps by Stokes and he’s upset with his shot. Arm ball from Ashwin and it stays a tad low. Stokes goes on the back foot, instead of coming forward, and pays for that. Two wickets in eight balls for India and England’s job gets much, much tougher. Jos Buttler is the new man in

1945 hrs IST: Ben Stokes is the new man in for England. He joins Eoin Morgan in the middle. England need 210 runs from the remaining 23 overs

1942 hrs IST: Jason Roy b Jadeja 82 

Bowled! Superb delivery by Ravindra Jadeja and he’s got the big wicket for India. Removes the set England batsman from the middle. Pitches on middle stump and spins away a touch to hurt the off stump as Roy tries to steer it down but fails in doing so. England are 170/3

1940 hrs IST: CLOSE! With fielders inside the ring, Roy goes the aerial route and it is not very well controlled. Just about beats Jadeja at the edge of the circle and it goes for a four.

1934 hrs IST: SIX! Beautifully played by Roy! Clears the front leg and then the long off boundary with such ease. Sweetly struck off the middle of the bat and it goes beyond the ropes. Taken by someone and casually flung back. Not the easiest shot to play that against Ashwin but he’s made it look so effortless.

1930 hrs IST: All-round spin combination in operation now. Not many dot balls for India but the boundaries have relented for now. England, meanwhile, have moved on to 150/2 in the 24th over

1926 hrs IST: Eoin Morgan is the new man in. Jadeja switching from over the wicket and around the wicket to the left hand and right hand combination in the middle. The left-arm spinner lands it short and Roy thumps it down the ground to beat the fielder at long-on

1920 hrs IST: Joe Root c Kohli b Ashwin 54 (55)

Root goes for a sweep but gets the top edge and it is in safe hands of Virat Kohli who holds on with ease after running in and taking it at midwicket. Didn’t spin as much as Ashwin normally does and that looks to have led to the edge. India finally have the breakthrough to dismantle the 100-run stand. Ashwin does the damage!

1918 hrs IST: Here’s Ashwin now. Bowling around the wicket. Jason Roy steers the ball into the gap and picks up a single for his fifty. Next ball, Joe Root with a reverse sweep that beats the fielder and is comfortably into the gap for a boundary. Now Root gets to his fifty. Forces Ashwin to switch to bowling over the wicket

1917 hrs IST: Ravindra Jadeja continues to be his own economic self. Just two runs from the over and England are 121/1 from 19 overs.

1912 hrs IST: Drinks! At the break, England are in cruise control with Joe Root and Jason Roy. They’re 119/1 after 18 overs and need 263 runs from 32 overs

1910 hrs IST: DROPPED! Sort of. Finger tip chance at midwicket for Bumrah to take it but he can only push it over for a boundary. Pulled and connected well by Roy. The jump isn’t timed well by Bumrah and the chance goes begging

1908 hrs IST: Excellent touch and placement by Root to bring up another boundary. Effortless shot that. But still, another case of ball being kept outside the off stump and being made the most of.

1902 hrs IST: England’s 100 come up with yet another boundary. Kept outside the off stump and allows Roy to free his arms and he does so. Finds the vacant region and brings up England’s 100 in the 16th over

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1900 hrs IST: Pandya continues and it is his third over. England are 94/1 after 15 overs. Banged in short and Root is clever to deflect and play it over Dhoni for a boundary. Fielder comes running in from third man but can’t do anything to prevent a four.

1853 hrs IST: SIX!! Jason Roy launches into it and sends it soaring into the stands. 85 metres it travelled and that’s the first six of the England innings. Dispatched comfortably over deep midwicket

1852 hrs IST: Roy gets the bottom edge on a sweep and it runs quickly to fine leg for a boundary. England are 81/1 after 13 overs. Need 301 runs to win in 37 overs

1851 hrs IST: A gorgeous sight in Cuttack as thousands have their phone’s lights on at the same time and it is captured by the cameras. Makes for a lovely sight

1850 hrs IST: Pandya bangs in short in his over and soon enough is latched on and spanked by Jason Roy for a boundary. A confident stroke placed well in front of square. Good over nevertheless

1845 hrs IST: And here is spin of Ravindra Jadeja. He goes for just four runs in his first over – four singles. Pandya from the other end

1838 hrs IST: Roy drops his hands at the last moment and steers the ball towards the vacant third man region and picks up a boundary. England are 66/1 after 10 overs. Equation: 316 runs required from 40 overs

1836 hrs IST: Uppish shot by Root and it is no problem. Played with intent and from the middle of the bat, no fielder in that mid-off region to cause any reason for concern. Runs away to the ropes. Another boundary, on the last ball, to close the over. Short and straight from Bhuvi and allows Root to roll his wrists and place it wide of short fine leg

1831 hrs IST: 50 up for England with a well slashed boundary by Root. Pierces the gap on the off side between three fielders – primarily the two fielders in the backward point area. That was a well placed delivery but an equally well placed shot by the England batsman to find the space

1829 hrs IST: Economical over by Bhuvi now. Just two singles from it. England are 46/1 after 7 overs. Need big hits early on to alleviate any pressure that could arise later.

1825 hrs IST: Good over for the visitors. Root and Roy both smacking a boundary each to Bumrah and making the most of the field restrictions early on.

1821 hrs IST: Chance at a run out as the England pairing look to steal a single but the throw is not anywhere near close enough to the stumps but it wouldn’t have mattered it seems with Roy safely in

1818 hrs IST: Joe Root is the new man in for England and he’s off the mark with a glorious cut shot that goes running to the ropes. Sweetly timed, making the most of the pace of the delivery.

1814 hrs IST: WICKET! Alex Hales c MS Dhoni b Bumrah 14 (12)

Hales plays an outside off stump delivery with bit of hard hands. It moves away just a tad and takes the outside edge which falls comfortably in Dhoni’s gloves. Early wicket and India celebrate!

1812 hrs IST: CLOSE! So very close! Roy gets a thick inside edge but it goes off for a boundary as it beats MS Dhoni behind the stumps. Very nearly dragged that back on. Meanwhile a massive cheer as Yuvraj removes his shirt to wear a new one.

1809 hrs IST: Once again the ball heads towards the third man boundary but Bumrah stops a boundary after misfield on first instance. But not before the opening pair take a double. Next ball, Hales spanks a glorious drive through covers for a boundary.

1807 hrs IST: Bhuvi keeps it outside the off stump and continues to move away. Hales goes chasing and slashes at it, the ball goes running to the third man region for a boundary.

1802 hrs IST: Jasprit Bumrah is on from the other end and he goes for a boundary on the first ball. Outside the off stump and it is gently caressed towards the ropes. England open their account. A no ball from Bumrah is followed up with a stray delivery outside the leg stump which goes off the pads and runs away for a boundary while flooring Hales.

1758 hrs IST: England get their chase underway. Jason Roy and Alex Hales open for England and for India is the returning Bhuvneshar Kumar. Roy to face first. And a maiden to start things for India.

Chris Woakes was exceptional with the ball picking up four wickets in the 10 over. His figures read 10-3-60-4. All other England bowlers were taken to all parts of the ground. This will be one of the historic chases of England pull it off

A sensational 256-run stand between Yuvraj Singh and MS Dhoni gave India their ninth highest ODI score. Nothing can beat the two batsmen who put up a splendid show in Cuttack. England could have thought that it will be Pune all over again for them

1729 hrs IST: India post record 381 for the loss of six wickets against England. 14 runs from the final over. 120 in the final 10 overs for India. This will be tough ask for England 

1727 hrs IST: Four runs from the first three balls then Jadeja hits a boundary! India move on to 375 for the loss of six wickets. Two balls remaining in the innings

1724 hrs IST: Last over of the innings coming up. India are 367 for the loss of six wickets. Chris Woakes will bowl the final over. He has taken four wickets in this innings. Jadeja on strike

1721 hrs IST: A powerful strike from Pandya has hit Jake Ball on his hands while he was trying to save his face. He is receiving some treament from the physio. Seven balls remaining in the innings

1717 hrs IST: WICKET! MS Dhoni c Ben Stokes b Liam Plukett 134. Full toss on the leg-stump and Dhoni flicks it but could not get the elevation. Straight to the fine-leg fielder. Gone after a splendid innings

1716 hrs IST: MS Dhoni receives some treatment on his wrist and then goes over covers to hit another six. That is just punishing the bowlers. Liam Plunkett has no idea where to bowl

1713 hrs IST: Two ridiculous sixes from MS Dhoni! He moves on to 128 off just 120 balls. India bring up their 350 in the 48th over.Crazy stuff from the Indian batsmen

1710 hrs IST: End of the 47th over and India are 337 for the loss of five wickets. 18 balls remaining in the innings. It will be MS Dhoni on strike with Liam Plunkett bowling for England

1708 hrs IST: Four and a six and a argument! Hardik Pandya starts with a four through covers, then a flat six over square-leg, where Ben Stokes got a hand to it trying to catch it. A fan throws it back and it hits Stokes on the jaw. He is not amused

1706 hrs IST: WICKET! Kedar Jadhav hits it straight to mid-wicket. Hits the lower part of his bat and gets no distance on that. End of the 46th over and India are 323 for the loss of five wickets

1704 hrs IST: SIX and FOUR! Jadhav goes over bowler’s head for six then goes over keeper’s head for four! Ridiculous from Jadhav. Liam Plunkett can’t believe it

1700 hrs IST: Over number 45 done. India are 308 for the loss of four wickets. How many can MS Dhoni and Kedar Jadhav from the remaining 30 balls? Can India reach 350?

1658 hrs IST: 300 up for India as MS Dhoni smokes one straight past the bowler for four! That was just power. No fielder would have put a hand to stop that. Brilliant, brilliant from Dhoni

1655 hrs IST: Kedar Jadhav joins the act and get a four through third man area! India are 296 for the loss of four wickets after 44 overs. 36 balls remaining in the innings. How many can India score?

1652 hrs IST: MS Dhoni is bowled off a free-hit. He realises it later and runs. India get four byes on that ball. Marching towards 300. Another big total coming up

1649 hrs IST: WICKET! Yuvraj Singh c Jos Buttler b Chris Woakes 150!

A superb innings from Yuvraj Singh comes to an end. Tries to go over long on rather than covers to a ball that was going away from him. Woakes has his fourth

1647 hrs IST: CENTURY NUMBER 10 FOR MS DHONI in ODIs. A magical hundred from Dhoni. He gets there with a single. This has been pure masterclass from him

1645 hrs IST: MS Dhoni smashes a six but as the ball hit the wire of spider cam, umpire calls it dead. He sends the next for six over mid-wicket. This man, on 99*

1643 hrs IST: 150 for Yuvraj Singh! First time in his career that he has reached 150. First Indian player to achieve this feat against England in ODIs.

1639 hrs IST: India are 268 for the loss of three wickets after 41 overs. Ben Stokes to bowl to Yuvraj Singh now who is batting at 147*. MS Dhoni on 90*

1636 hrs IST: Review! Yuvraj Singh has been given out by the on-field umpire but he has reviewed it. The ball is full and is has taken the upper part of Yuvraj Singh’s bat. But it has also bounced after hitting the bat. Not out

1633 hrs IST: So India have 10 overs to play. They are currently on 261 for the loss of three wickets. Two big hitters at the crease. Both set for long time now. Yuvraj on strike as Woakes comes on to bowl

1629 hrs IST: Effortless from Yuvraj Singh! He just likes batting against England. Six over the bowler’s head. India are marching towards a big total in Cuttack. Highest ODI score for him now beating 139

1626 hrs IST: Yuvraj Singh is now the highest run scorer for India in ODIs against England. Goes past Sachin Tendulkar, who had scored 1455 runs. Yuvraj Singh has 1461*

1623 hrs IST: No stopping Yuvraj Singh today! He bludgeons another six over mid-wicket. All those shots we have missed in the last few years are on show. He is closing in to his 150 now. MS Dhoni into 80s

1620 hrs IST: Yuvraj Singh smashes two consecutive fours to end the 38th over and India are 237 for the loss of three wickets. Woakes to bowl again and MS Dhoni is on strike

1614 hrs IST: SIX! You don’t want to believe it but MS Dhoni has pulled off one of those tennis slap shots and it has gone all the way for six over long-on. Brilliant hitting from Dhoni

1610 hrs IST: 36 overs gone and England bring back Crish Woakes, the bowler who has taken all three wickets so far in the Indian innings. But that was at the beginning. India have piled up 192 since then

1604 hrs IST: An emotional moment for Yuvraj Singh to score a century after six years in one-day international cricket. This video captures it nicely for us

1600 hrs IST: India are 197 for the loss of three wickets after 34 overs. All thanks to Yuvraj Singh and MS Dhoni who brought India out of danger after being 25 for three at on moment

1556 hrs IST: YUVRAJ SINGH SCORES HIS 14th ODI CENTURY. What a player he has been for India. The man who won the two World Cups has scored a century after six years. And doesn’t he like it. Thanks the skies for this. Both arms up in the air. Emotional moment for him. Fourth against England

1550 hrs IST: Two fours in the over for Yuvraj Singh and he moves into the nineties. Super stuff from him. After such a long time we are witnessing a vintage innings from the flambouyant all-rounder

1547 hrs IST: MS Dhoni is getting some physio attention but nothing looks serious. Players take drinks in the meantime. Ben Stokes will be bowling after this. Yuvraj Singh will be on strike

1544 hrs IST: End of the 31st over and India are 172 for the loss of three wickets. The partnership worth 147 runs. Yuvraj clearly the aggressor in this but Dhoni coming into his own now

1540 hrs IST: Over number 30 ends in Cuttack. India are 167 for the loss of three wickets. This partnership going from strength to strength. Liam Plunkett to bowl the 31st over

1538 hrs IST: FIFTY! MS Dhoni, you beauty. The former captain gets to his 62nd ODI half-century. Though a outside edge for four, he will take it. He hits one off the next ball. Brilliant batting

1535 hrs IST: India move on to 156 for the loss of three wickets. Yuvraj Singh on 81* and MS Dhoni on 48*. England searching for wickets in Cuttack. Ben Stokes into the attack now.

1533 hrs IST: DROPPED! Leading edge of MS Dhoni’s bat and that flies towards the ropes. Jake Ball tried to catch running backwards but it goes through his hands. Four to Dhoni

1531 hrs IST: Over number 28 ends. India are 151 for the loss of three wickets. Morgan has some problems as none of the bowlers are proving to be successful for him. Here’s Liam Plunkett

1528 hrs IST: SIX! You got to be kidding! Super power from MS Dhoni. Goes down the pitch and just smashes it over mid-wicket for a six. That as flat as you like. Rocket. India bring up their 150 and the latest team fifty is off just 38 balls

1525 hrs IST: What a partnership this has been between Yuvraj Singh and MS Dhoni. In no time they have taken India to 141 for the loss of three wickets at the end of the 27 overs in Cuttack

1519 hrs IST: End of the half overs of the Indian innings. They are 132 for the loss of three wickets after 25 overs. Solid platform for both Yuvraj and Dhoni. The former Indian captain is also looking to score runs now

1517 hrs IST: Century stand between Yuvraj Singh and MS Dhoni! From 25 for three, India are 125 for three. Super stuff from the two vetrans of Indian cricket. Keep going

1515 hrs IST: England go back to David Willey. He has bowled three overs and given 13 runs but hasn’t picked up any wicket. Yuvraj Singh welcomes him with a four through mid-wicket

1513 hrs IST: End of over number 24 and India are scoring runs at a nice rate. They are 120 for the loss of three wickets. Yuvraj Singh is batting on 69 and MS Dhoni is batting on 26

1510 hrs IST: What do you guys think? Rohit Sharma says vintage Dhoni-Yuvi partnership. India 117 for three after 23 overs.

1506 hrs IST: End of the 22nd over and India with a solid stand of Dhoni and Yuraj. Nine runs off that over for India. Ben Stokes will continue and once again it will be Yuvraj Singh on strike for India

1504 hrs IST: 100 up for India in the 22nd over. A four from Yuvraj with a paddle sweep and then a single to take India to the three figure mark. Good recovery from India to reach here

1502 hrs IST: India have done well to recover from the early collapse. They are 95 for the loss of three wickets after 21 overs. Moeen Ali to continue and it is Yuvraj Singh on strike for India

1459 hrs IST: FIFTY! Yuvraj Singh gets to his 52nd half-century off 56 balls. Played Yuvi! This is his first half-century since November 2013 agianst West Indies. Brilliant batting today

1455 hrs IST: Though England have got their field right, Yuvraj Singh and MS Dhoni keep finding the singles every over and score the runs. Moeen Ali to MS Dhoni now

1452 hrs IST: Moeen Ali bowled the 17th over of the innings but he could not bring any success to England. India are 86 for the loss of three wickets after 17 overs. They are scoring at a rate of little over five runs per over. Ben Stokes again

1449 hrs IST: First fifty stand between Yuvraj Singh and MS Dhoni after the historic and still fresh in the memory 2011 World Cup final against Sri Lanka in Mumbai

1447 hrs IST: 50-run stand between Dhoni and Yuvraj. A single from Yuvraj that is a half-century stand for the fourth wicket for India. Dhoni then takes a single for himself

1445 hrs IST: Ben Stokes will be bowling after drinks. This will be his first over. Yuvraj Singh is on strike. MS Dhoni has ben the slow scorer in this partnership so far. Yuvraj attacking more

1440 hrs IST: Yuvraj Singh gets an edge but gets four! Lucky for him that there was no slip in place. He gets an edge but it has gone for four. Then takes a single to keep the strike for the next over

1435 hrs IST: Clever from Dhoni! He sees there is no slip and just tickles the ball through slip area for four! Opening the face of the bat. India are 69 for the loss of three wickets now

1434 hrs IST: Another good over from India. They take six runs off it and move on to 64 for the loss of three wickets. Liam Plunkett to continue with Yuvraj Singh on strike. He is really looking to take on the bowling

1431 hrs IST: FOUR! That MS Dhoni shot over point with him in the air. One of the few sights in ODI cricket that will leave you in awe. He completes 4, 000 ODI runs in India

1430 hrs IST: Maiden over from Liam Plunkett! That is the third in this Indian innings. Yuvraj Singh did get to play his shots but not for runs. India remaing at 58 for three. It is Jake Ball again to MS Dhoni

1425 hrs IST: Dhoni is happy to leave the ball alone outside off. Only three runs from the 13th over. India are 58 for the loss of three wickets. It’s Liam Plunkett bowling Yuvraj Singh now

1421 hrs IST: 50 up for India in the 11th over. Another four from Yuvraj Singh to help India reach the team fifty. He is in no trouble playing those drives. Super batting from the left-hander

1415 hrs IST: Maiden over from Chris Woakes. Ninth over fetches no runs for India as MS Dhoni just happy to play it out. India remain at 39 for the loss of three wickets. Jake Ball will continue and Yuvraj Singh on strike

1410 hrs IST: Three fours from Yuvraj Singh in that Jake Ball over. All on the leg-side and good looking shots. India move on to 39 for the loss of three wickets. Yuvraj Singh is looking in nice touch

1405 hrs IST: Jake Ball is coming on as the first change bowler in the eighth over for England. India are 27 for the loss of three wickets. Big wickets for England. Yuvraj Singh on strike

1400 hrs IST: MS Dhoni and Yuvraj Singh are at the crease for India. After six overs, India are 27 for the loss of three wickets. England bowlers have their tail up in Cuttack

1357 hrs IST: This!

1353 hrs IST: WICKET! Shikhar Dhawan b Chris Woakes. England on a roll in Cuttack. Chris Woakes has a third wicket as Dhawan plays on. A delivery that was angled away from the left-hander but Dhawan attempts to drive, gets an inside edge and back onto the stumps

In other news, 119 ranked Denis Istomin has shocked defending champion and second ranked Novak Djokovic in the Australian Open. Catch it here

1349 hrs IST: Just the three runs from the fourth over of the Indian innings. Yuvraj Singh is the new man in for India. Shikhar Dhawan is at the other end

1345 hrs IST: WICKET! Virat Kohli c Ben Stokes b Chris Woakes. This is a big, big wicket for England. Virat Kohli is caught in the slips! An outside the off delivery that is as full as a yorker and Kohli just dabs at it. He gets an outside edge and a brilliant catch from Ben Stokes. India 22/2

1343 hrs IST: Two fours from captain Virat Kohli to get off the mark. Two straight drives from him and the crowd is right into it. Woakes is disappointed with his bowling

1340 hrs IST: WICKET! KL Rahul c Ben Stokes b Chris Woakes. Another low score for Rahul. He is caught in the slips. Woakes gets it good on the seam and just a bit away movement that takes the edge off Rahul’s bat

1336 hrs IST: Consecutive boundaries! Shikhar Dhawan drives through covers and gets two fours in two deliveries. First one was pitched up from Willey and Dhawan played it on the up. Next was slightly fuller, he drove again

1334 hrs IST: India start with six runs from the first over. Both openers off the mark. David Willey will share the new ball from the other end. Shikhar Dhawan will be on strike to him

1330 hrs IST: KL Rahul begins with a four! First ball of the match and it is an over-pitched delivery from Woakes that has been creamed through covers for four! What a start for India

1328 hrs IST: Shikhar Dhawan and KL Rahul make their way to the middle to open the innings for India. Both will like to get some runs under their belt after failing in the first ODI. Chris Woakes has the ball in hand and will begin for England

1325 hrs IST: Time for the National Anthems of the two nations. England first followed by India. The Barabati stadium buzzing with people. Thousands in for the match 

1312 hrs IST: In case you missed the toss, we got you covered. Morgan calling it right this time

1307 hrs IST: Playing XI for India

Shikhar Dhawan, KL Rahul, Virat Kohli, MS Dhoni, Yuvraj Singh, Kedar Jadhav, Hardik Pandya, Ravindra Jadeja, R Ashwin, Bhuvneshwar Kumar, Jasprit Bumrah

1305 hrs IST: Playing XI for England

Jason Roy, Alex Hales, Joe Root, Eoin Morgan, Ben Stokes, Jos Buttler, Moeen Ali, Chris Woakes, Liam Plunkett, David Willey, Jake Ball

1303 hrs IST: Both England and India have made a change to their playing XI from Pune. India replace Umesh Yadav with Bhuvneshwar Kumar while England bring in Liam Plunkett to replace Adil Rashid

1300 hrs IST: England win toss and elect to bowl against India. Morgan cites the reason for it is dew. It is a lot hotter than Pune so one can expect dew in the night. Virat Kohli says that it is not in his hands

1255 hrs IST: The pitch is slightly cracked up but nothing in it for bowlers. This pitch has given runs to batsmen and penalty of them. Sunil Gavaskar says “The pitch is older brother of Pune pitch because it has more cracks. But still a batting pitch. Nothing in it for the bowlers.”

1250 hrs IST: We are just 10 minutes away from toss in Cuttack. India won the toss in Pune and decided to bowl against England. Will Virat Kohli be lucky again today?

1230 hrs IST: People are queuing up in numbers outside the Barabati stadium in Cuttack

1215 hrs IST: The last time an ODI was held in Cuttack, there was a lot of disturbance from the crowd. This time, the crowd is not allowed to bring in water bottles and pouches. But this is what happened in 2015 during an India-South Africa ODI

1200 hrs IST: The toss is just an hour away. It will be very crucial in context of this game being a day-night match. Pitch and dew coming into play. Also, both India and England spinners struggled in the high-scoring match in Pune.

1150 hrs IST: Yuvraj Singh made a comeback to the ODI team after a gap of four years and it was a vintage innings in Pune, though short. But his shot making was superb. A couple of sixes were that really got the crowd going. He is working hard in nets

1145 hrs IST: The England bowlers had a big problem bowling to Virat Kohli and Kedar Jadhav in the first ODI in Pune. Both scored centuries with a strike rate of over 100. For the second ODI, England have decided to use the short ball to Kohli and see if that works. Shamik Chakrabarty is in Cuttack and this is his report from the press conference: England eye short-cut to success


1130 hrs IST: Hello and welcome to the coverage of the second one-day international between India and England from Cuttack. The two teams know the importance of this game. First, an India win will give them an unassailable series lead. An England will win will tie it 1-1 and they will still be in this three-match series. Cuttack is supposed to have some dew in the night and the toss becomes an important factor for both teams