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Monday, July 16, 2018

India vs England, 1st Test, Day 5 in Rajkot, highlights: India manage draw

India managed a hard-fought draw after England threaten to bowl them out in the last session; India finish with 172/6

By: Express Web Desk | Updated: November 13, 2016 4:49:48 pm

The teams will now travel to Visakhapatnam for the second Test that begins November 17. Same venue where Amit Mishra picked up six wickets to bowl New Zealand out for 78 in the fifth and final ODI last month. Even in Ranji, the pitch has been a delight for spinners. Talking about Ranji Trophy, KL Rahul made his comeback after being sidelined by a hamstring injury. He made 76 today for Karnataka. Virat Kohli will be waiting to get him back as an opener. But he cannot do it before the third Test in Mohali.

England had their chances in this match. Adil Rashid put them in a winning position by picking wickets in the fourth innings. But Virat Kohli made an unbeaten 49 to make sure India were not bowled out and lose this match. This could have been their first home defeat in three years but it was not to be. England will be taking a lot of positives from this Test. For India, it’s time to go back to the drawing board

1635 hrs IST: Kohli takes a single to move on to 49*. That will be it. Kohli and Cook shake hands and India manage a draw, hard-fought. England will be very happy with this

1633 hrs IST: Jadeja takes two boundaries off Ali and eases the nerves in the Indian dressing room. Only one more over in the day. Kohli on 48* and Adil Rashid to bowl

1629 hrs IST: Virat Kohli goes for big shots against Rashid. Gets one four but miss times the other. But it falls in no man’s land. Kohli is now on 48*. Six more minutes to play

1628 hrs IST: Virat Kohli happy to defend and Moeen Ali over is a maiden. Now we have Adil Rashid to bowl. Jadeja on strike

1626 hrs IST: End of the 90 overs for the day but we still have 10 minutes remaining in the day’s play. Moeen Ali will continue to bowl

1621 hrs IST: Last over of the day coming up. Rashid to bowl. India still have to play those remaining 10 minutes. So, 10 more minutes there

1618 hrs IST: Kohli plays off the last ball of the Rashid over. India 149/6. Only 2 overs remaining. But time remaining is 16 minutes. They need to play that. Ali back

1616 hrs IST: Jadeja gets two boundaries off the first three balls of Rashid’s over. Eases some pressure but England won’t mind this. They need wickets. Single off the fifth ball

1613 hrs IST: Kohli plays out a maiden over. Moeen Ali bowled a great line there. Rashid back into the attack to bowl to Jadeja. India 140/6

1610 hrs IST: Rashid gives away six runs off that over and India move on to 140/6. Kohli keen on keeping the strike as Jadeja smashes the ball for four!

1606 hrs IST: Moeen Ali gets a brilliant over! Turn and bounce from Ali. Kohli defies him and so does Jadeja. England are tightening the screws. Rashid back

1601 hrs IST: WICKET! Wriddhiman Saha is gone. Caught and bowled Rashid. Is that a bump ball? England are celebrating. Rashid thinks he has got it. Replays show it is clean. Gone. India 6 down

1555 hrs IST: Ansari proving to be threatening for India. Sharp turn from him as India struggle. Kohli and Saha in the middle and still 35 minutes to go

1548 hrs IST: WICKET! R Ashwin is gone! He has driven straight to covers. That is just irresponsible from Ashwin. Virat Kohli can’t believe it. Ashwin has his head down. India 5 down  

1545 hrs IST: Three boundaries for Ashwin that Ansari over. India move on to 118. This is going towards a draw in Rajkot

1540 hrs IST: Joe Root goes for four runs and that brings up India’s hundred in this innings. They still need 209 runs to win this but that is not important. They need to keep their six wickets in hand. Ansari to continue

1538 hrs IST: Tidy over over from Ansari with only two runs off it. Kohli looking at the pitch from where it is turning. Ashwin moves to take strike for next over. England surprise! Joe Root into the attack

1534 hrs IST: England will resume after drinks with Zafar Ansari. They have one hour to bowl the 15 overs. They can squeeze in a few more if they continue with spin

1532 hrs IST: Moeen Ali finishes his over. India 95/4. 15 overs remaining in the day’s play. England need 6 more wickets to win this game. Kohli and Ashwin will try to not let that happen

1527 hrs IST: Runs have dried up for India as bowlers pile on pressure. Ben Stokes and Moeen Ali bowing in tandem. India 92/4 after 33 overs. England need 4 wickets 16 overs

1515 hrs IST: England with a change in bowling. Ben Stokes comes on to bowl and Virat Kohli will be on strike. 19 overs remaining in the day. England need 6 more wickets to win

1512 hrs IST: Review says umpires call on two occasions. It stays not out. Ashwin survives and gets boundary next ball for four!

1510 hrs IST: Over number 29 ends. India 85/4. Moeen Ali will bowl to Ashwin. Pressure building on India as Moeen appeals for a LBW. Umpire says not out. England review

1503 hrs IST: End of the 27th over and India move to 82/4. Ashwin and Kohli are very important here for India as Kohli can keep India going while Ashwin the man in form. England continuing with spin

1457 hrs IST: 25 overs gone and India are 77/4. They still have to play out 24 overs. Virat Kohli and R Ashwin at the crease. Only six wickets is all England need to wrap this up

1451 hrs IST: WICKET! Moeen Ali gets Ajinkya Rahane! It pitched on a cracks and kept low. Sharp turn and it hit Rahane on the pads. Poor shot from Rahane as he didn’t bring down bat. Ball goes on to hit stumps

1447 hrs IST: WICKET! Murali Vijay is gone. He is caught at short-leg. Drift for Rashid and it bounces a bit more than Vijay expected. Inside edge that goes to short-leg. Good catch by Hameed at short-leg

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1445 hrs IST: Three runs off the over from Moeen Ali. India are 67/2 after 22 overs. Kohli looking unfazed from the troubles of the pitch. Playing beautifully

1440 hrs IST: Nine runs off the Rashid over. Kohli and Vijay keeping the run flow. England trying to put the pressure with close-in fielders. Moeen Ali to bowl

1433 hrs IST: Six runs from the first two overs after Tea. Crowd is chanting “Kohli, Kohli.” He has got couple of boundaries. England need eight wickets in the final session to win the series

1413 hrs IST: That will be Tea! India reach 49/2 after losing Gambhir and Pujara. Virat Kohli and Murali Vijay the batsmen. India need 261 more runs to win this match

1409 hrs IST: Virat Kohli is the new man in. Mooen Ali to bowl as India are 49/2. They are chasing 310

1405 hrs IST: WICKET! Cheteshwar Pujara is gone. He is adjudged LBW. This time, he doesn’t review it. Gone! Replays show it pitched outside the line of leg-stump. Very late now. India 47/2

1400 hrs IST: Adil Rashid with some sharp turning balls. Murali Vijay finding hard to play. But he survives. India take 1 run from that over and are now 44/1. Moeen to bowl from other end

1357 hrs IST: Three more overs gone in Rajkot! India move on to 43/1 chasing 310. Murali Vijay with some brilliant shots. Adil Rashid brought into the attack from England

1346 hrs IST: DROPPED! Stuart Broad puts down a sitter at point off Pujara. Pops out of his hands when he was falling. Maiden over from Ansari. Moeen to continue

1343 hrs IST: Five runs from the Moeen Ali over. Vijay hits another boundary. 10 overs gone in Rajkot and India are 31/1. They need 279 more runs from 39 overs. Ansari continues

1339 hrs IST: England with spin from both ends. Moeen Ali is replacing Chris Woakes and will bowl his off-spin. Pujara on strike for him

1337 hrs IST: Two boundaries off that over from Ansari. The second one was a drop from Ansari as he tried to stop a powerful shot from Vijay. He injures his finger trying to stop that shot

1331 hrs IST: Chris Woakes ends his over. India are 18/1 chasing 310. Only one run from that over. Vjay and Pujara with different approach for pace and spin. Zafar Ansari continues

1325 hrs IST: England introduce spin as Zafar Ansari comes on. India have Pujara and Vijay at the crease. They have couple of boundaries under their belt. Should they attack the spinner?

1319 hrs IST: Murali Vijay gets off the mark as well! Opens the face of the bat at the last moment to get one past the point fielder. Four to Vijay, India

1317 hrs IST: Gorgeous cover-drive from Che Pujara to get India away. Four to him as he opens his account. Only the boundary from the Broad over. India 4/0. Broad to continue

1313 hrs IST: Excellent over from Broad again. Another maiden. India yet to open the account. They are 0/1. Woakes to bowl again. Cheteshwar Pujara on strike

1308 hrs IST: Chris Woakes has a wicket in this match after being wicket-less for 31 overs in the first innings. Stuart Broad will continue from the other end

1306 hrs IST: WICKET! Gautam Gambhir is caught at slips. Banged in short from Woakes and Gambhir tries to poke it down but it flies of the bat. Good low catch from Root

1300 hrs IST: Stuart Broad starts with a maiden. Murali Vijay defends the balls he faced. Chris Woakes will bowl from the other end. A few early wickets and India can be under pressure here

1255 hrs IST: Indian openers out in the middle. They begin the chase of 310 runs. England open the bowling with Stuart Broad. Will be interesting to see how India approach this chase. Should they defend or they attack?

1245 hrs IST: WICKET! Alastair Cook is caught in the deep for 130. England declare at 260/3. India need 310 runs to win. Minimum overs remaining today are 49

1241 hrs IST: Ashwin finishes another over. No signs of declaration from England still. This is going to be a long day one again for India. Umesh Yadav back to bowl

1238 hrs IST: England bring up 250/2 at the end of 73 overs. Lead is now 299 runs. When should they declare? we say “now”. But will they? Cook on 127*, Stokes 23*./ Ashwin to bowl now

1236 hrs IST: India review a not out decision from umpire. India were convinced there was an outside edge off Cook’s bat but there is day light between bat and ball in the replays.

1233 hrs IST: Fifty run stand up for Cook-Stokes for the third wicket. Ashwin bowls a smart over and England manage only four runs from it. England move on to 244/2 and lead by 293 runs now. Umesh into the attack

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1227 hrs IST: Expensive from Mishra! He goes for 14 runs in that over. Ben Stokes taking two fours and Cook taking one. England 240/2 and lead by 289 runs. Ashwin again

1225 hrs IST: Some issue with the ball as umpires check is for shape. They have called the fourth umpire and a ball change is required. Ashwin finishes the over. Only 4 runs from it. Mishra continues. Stokes on strike

1222 hrs IST: Ashwin will bowl to Cook. First ball is well outside leg-stump. No run. Cook steps out and plays the second ball over covers for a four! That will be his 1, 000 runs in India

1218 hrs IST: Sharp turning over from Ashwin! Big turn. No damage done to England. Alastair Cook moving on steadily. Ben Stokes attacking. Mishra to bowl

1215 hrs IST: Ashwin will bowl from the other end. Mishra proving to be quite exciting. Some spin and Ben Stokes shows that he will be attacking the bowlers

1210 hrs IST: Players back on the field. Virat Kohli and his team are in a huddle. England batsmen Alastair Cook and Ben Stokes walking out. Cook will be on strike and Mishra will be bowling to him for India

1200 hrs IST: 10 minutes to go for play after Lunch. It will be interesting to see how England approach this session. India will look to buy out some time. Kohli and Co. need to work something out here

1150 hrs IST: India look defensive in the field. No attacking bowling and also the batting has counter attacked the spinner. They are playing for a draw. England’s approach also looked defensive in the first hour

1140 hrs IST: Will England declare after Lunch? They have 260 runs on the board. India cannot think of scoring 260 runs off 60 overs.

1130 hrs IST: Lunch on Day 5. England 211 for loss of two wickets in the second innings. Their is worth 260 runs. Alastair Cook still there at 106*. Ben Stokes the other batsman at 6*

1125 hrs IST: Another over comes to an end! Ben Stokes goes for a big shot and gets a four. Shami at deep mid-wicket didn’t see it. England 210/2 and lead by 259 runs

1120 hrs IST: HUNDRED! Cook scores his 5th Test ton in India, most by a visiting batsman in India. This is his 30th in Test cricket. He has gone past Don Bradman in the all time list. Run-machine!

1117 hrs IST: Jadeja finishes another tidy over. Cook now on 99*. Mishra to bowl with Cook on strike. He scored a ton on his last tour to India as well

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1113 hrs IST: Mishra finishes the over. England have sent in Ben Stokes. Are they going to have a go here? Cook is on strike at 97*. Jadeja to bowl with 15 minutes to go for Lunch

1111 hrs IST: WICKET! Joe Root has to go. He tries a big shot off Mishra but gets a top edge. Wriddhiman Saha calls “mine” and takes it. England lose two in quick succession

1108 hrs IST: Mishra bowling again. He will bowl to Cook who is batting on 92*. Joe Root is the new man with him. The lead is 234 runs

1104 hrs IST: Jadeja to continue bowling his left-arm spin. Alastair Cook now closing in on his hundred. This has been a top innings from the England captain

1101 hrs IST: WICKET! An excellent innings from 19-year-old Haseeb Hameed has come to an end as he hits a rash shot off Mishra. Straight back to the bowler. They check Mishra’s foot for no-ball. It is close but safe. England lose first wicket 

1100 hrs IST: Change in bowling as Amit Mishra comes on to bowl. Cook and Hameed now have a 179-run opening stand against India. Best for England against India

1058 hrs IST: Alastair Cook moves into the nineties now. This has been one the calmest innings from the England skipper. He has also helped young Hameed score runs on his debut. Jadeja finishes his over

1056 hrs IST: End of the over and England are 174/0. Lead is 123 runs. Hameed in unbeaten on 81 while Cook is looking at 87*. Another excellent morning for England, this time with bat. Jadeja into the attack

1053 hrs IST: Cook creams one through the covers and doesn’t move. He doesn’t have to. That has just raced to the boundary ropes. Excellent cover-drive for four!

1050 hrs IST: That was an exciting first over from Jadeja but nothing for India. No damage down as Cook is now 81*. He has left his partner Hameed behind for the first time in this innings. Umesh continues

1048 hrs IST: First a LBW shout, then a bottom edge dropped. Saha will have a difficult time keeping today. Cook moves into the 80s with a boundary. Hameed still in 90s

1046 hrs IST: A close chance to get Hameed out but it falls short of the first slip. Umesh Yadav finishes the over. Kohli brings on Jadeja in to the attack replacing Ashwin

1041 hrs IST: Cook has another anxious moment as his paddle sweep goes in the air. But it falls in a safe area. England still going strong. Now 157/0. Umesh Yadav to continue bowling

1038 hrs IST: Five runs off that Umesh Yadav over. Still no hurry from England to score big runs. Ashwin will bowl to Hameed now. He has moved onto 76. Cook also in to seventies now

1036 hrs IST: Cook cuts and gets four! He has played that shot a bit too often in this innings. Hameed single earlier in the over had take the lead to 200. Now the lead in 204

1035 hrs IST: Players back after drinks. Umesh Yadav will continue his overs. England are 150/0 after 52 overs. Lead worth 199

1032 hrs IST: Nothing after that four from Cook. An hour of play done in Rajkot this morning and England have taken their lead from 163 to 199 runs. Time for players to take a drinks break. Will be right back

1030 hrs IST: Cook gets a four! On the second ball of the Ashwin over, Cook cuts between keeper and gully. Ball runs away to the boundary. England lead by 199 runs

1028 hrs IST: Close to one hour done today morning and England have added only 32 runs in that time. Umesh Yadav gives only one run. Ashwin to continue bowling

1022 hrs IST: Excellent over from Ashwin. Hameed having some trouble but manages to negotiate it. 50 overs have been completed and England are 145/0. Lead by 194 runs. Umesh Yadav to bowl his 8th over

1019 hrs IST: Umesh Yadav gets one into Hameed and hits on his pads. Is that close enough. Umpire says not out. India think of a review but Virat Kohli has taken too long to decide. No review. Umesh finishes his over. Ashwin now

1017 hrs IST: Umesh Yadav induces the edge off Hameed but it is safe. The ball flies pas the first slip and to the third-man fence. No damage done and Hameed gets a four!

1015 hrs IST: End of Ashwin’s over. England take six runs from it. The lead is worth 189 runs now. Cook on 63 and Hameed on 71. Umesh Yadav to continue bowling his medium pace from over the wicket

1012 hrs IST: Alastair Cook gets a boundary off the second ball from Ashwin. A bit outside off-stump and he cuts it. Between slip and point and it runs away for four. Cook takes a single on the third ball. Sharp turn from Ashwin and Cook sweeps. Hits the toe-end of the bat and goes to mid-wicket

1011 hrs IST: Umesh Yadav begins with a maiden over. Hameed doesn’t score on any of the six balls. The match turning out to be slow than exciting. Ashwin again

1005 hrs IST: We have a bowling change from India. Virat Kohli has decided to replace Mohammed Shami with Umesh Yadav. Hameed on strike

1004 hrs IST: Not sure about this England approach but they are very slow. Two runs from that Ashwin over. Hameed has only added 8 runs to his overnight score.

Indian bowlers disappointed in the last session of the day as Cook and Hameed played some beautiful strokes. Hameed, the 19-year-old debutant for England, showed why he is rated so highly. He left the ball outside off-stumps and tackled spin with ease. He will be eyeing his maiden Test ton when England resume on day five.

India have been struggling through out the match and it will be another test for them as England look to score quick runs. India were bowled out for 488 in their first innings and conceded a lead of 49 runs. After centuries from Cheteshwar Pujara and Murali Vijay on day three, India pinned hopes on Virat Kohli who scored a fluent 40 before he was hit-wicket for the first time in his Test career. R Ashwin and Wriddhiman Saha shared a 64-run stand for the seventh wicket to take India past the 400-run mark but Saha fell after that. It was Ashwin’s innings of 79 off 139 balls that took India close to England’s first innings total of 537.

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