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Tuesday, January 28, 2020

India need 7 wickets on Day 5 after reducing Bangladesh to 103/3 at stumps on Day 4: As it happened

India had Bangladesh at 103/3 at stumps on Day 4 and need seven more wickets on Day 4 to win the Test.

By: Express Web Desk | Hyderabad | Updated: February 13, 2017 1:25:55 am
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India were once again in the driver’s seat of a Test match as they picked up three wickets in the final session of play on day four  to reduce Bangladesh to 103 for 3 after setting a target of 459 runs for the visitors. India declared their second innings at 159 for the loss of four wickets. Earlier, India bowled out Bangladesh for 388 runs and took a 299-run lead in the first innings. Cheteshwar Pujara scored 54* off 58 balls, his 13th Test fifty to help India score 158 runs in that second session. Quick innings from Kohli, Rahane and Jadeja also helped India score quick runs. Catch the live cricket score and live cricket updates of India vs Bangladesh here

India vs Bangladesh Test, Day 4

1643 hrs IST: Stumps on Day 4! Ashwin finishes with a leg-spinner which is very close to off-stump. Bangladesh manage to avoid it. They finish at 103 for 3. It is simple on final day. India need 7 wickets, Bangladesh need 356 runs

1640 hrs IST: Maiden over from Ashwin, maiden from Jadeja. Ashwin to bowl the last over of the day. Shakib on strike. 6 balls to face for him

1635 hrs IST: Three overs remaining in the day. Bangladesh are 103 for the loss of three wickets. Shakib and Mahmudullah are at the crease. Can India pick a wicket here? Ashwin to bowl

1632 hrs IST: Maiden from Ashwin after expensive over from Jadeja. Bangladesh still at 99 for three. Jadeja will continue with four overs remaining in the day.

1629 hrs IST: Shakib going for his shots. Two lofted shots and two fours for him. Then a single off the final ball of Jadeja over. 10 from the over and Bangladesh are 99 for the loss of three wickets

1622 hrs IST: Shakib is given caught bat-pad by the on-field umpire. But he reviews is straightaway. It’s a clean  catch at short-leg but Shakib says he has no bat on it. UltraEdge confirms that. Nothing picked he survives

1618 hrs IST: Four! Width on offer for Shakib from Ashwin. Smashes it for four! Good shot. Then plays it on the leg side for a couple. Some run for Bangladesh after three maiden overs. They are 83 for hte loss of three wickets

1613 hrs IST: Wicket-maiden over for Ashwin. Shakib tried scoring runs but could not get the room. Bangladesh are 75 for 3 after 25 overs. Jadeja will continue from the other end

1609 hrs IST: WICKET! Ashwin starts the new over with a wicket. Mominul Haque caught at slips. Coming over the wicket to left-hander and that ball had some turn and bounce on it. Regulation catch to Rahane this time

1606 hrs IST: Ashwin goes for 2 runs in his over. Jadeja to bowl from the other end. He will be bowling to new batsman Mahmudullah. Right handed batsman for Bangladesh

1601 hrs IST: WICKET! Sarkar caught by Rahane at slips. A wonderful one-handed beauty from Rahane. Jadeja pitches this one just outside the line of off stump and Sarkar plays in the line. It’s slow through the air and straightens. Rahane move to his right and takes it in one hand. Brilliant reflexes

1556 hrs IST: Another beautiful shot, this time from Mominul Haque to start the over with a couple of runs. Bangladesh move on to 67 for 1. These two batsmen have done well to keep Bangladesh in this game, at least to save it

1552 hrs IST: Sarkar welcomes Jadeja with a four. Coming down the ground and hit it back straight back. It races to the ropes. Not letting the bowler settle first up

1551 hrs IST: An outside edge but it doesn’t carry to gully fielder. Bangladesh score two runs off the Umesh Yadav over. India with the change in bowling. Jadeja will bowl for the first time in this second innings

1543 hrs IST: Drinks for the final time in Hyderabad. We have 45 minutes left in the day’s play. 17 overs remaining. Bangladesh are 55 for the loss of one wicket. Umesh Yadav will continue for India

1540 hrs IST: Review! India think they have Sarkar caught behind. Saha doesn’t agree. Ashwin and Kohli are convinced. After lot of discussion, it is reviewed. Checking for a inside edge. There is nothing on the UltraEdge and no chance of stumping. So not out and Sarkar survives

1538 hrs IST: So three runs off the first Umesh Yadav over. Ashwin will have another over. He has word with Virat Kohli for field placement. Sarkar batting on 31* and will be on strike

1534 hrs IST: Ishant Sharma given a rest and it is Umesh Yadav who will be bowling for India. Bangladesh are 52 for 1 after Ashwin’s maiden over. Sarkar on strike. He was dismissed by Umesh in the first innings

1530 hrs IST: 50 up for Bangladesh in the second innings chasing 459 for a win. Lucky boundary that goes through the slip cordon. Sarkar playing a nice innings for Bangladesh, who are 52/1

1526 hrs IST: Ishant Sharma to continue for India. Bangladesh are 44 for the loss of one wicket. They need 415 more runs to win the match. Sarkar and Mominul at the crease

1523 hrs IST: 22 minimum over left in today’s play. Aswin will continue for India. Not long before Jadeja comes on to bowl as well. This pitch not really crumbling. Still decent to bat on

1517 hrs IST: Three runs off the Ashwin over. Suddenly the turn is missing from the pitch. There are foot-marks outside off but cannot pitch every delivery there. Ishant to continue from the other end

1514 hrs IST: Ishant Sharma finishes his first over in this second innings. It will be Ashwin from the other end. Bangladesh are 33 for the loss of one wicket. India need to pick a couple more before close of play in Hyderabad

India have won the World T20 for blind by beating Pakistan in the final

1508 hrs IST: Mominul and Sarkar slowly getting used to this fourth day wicket now. Picking the ball early and playing the shots. Another four to end Ashwin’s over. IND VS BAN TEST SCORE here

1505 hrs IST: Boundary off the final delivery off the Bhuvneshwar over and Bangladesh are 24 for the loss of 1 wicket after 9 overs. Ashwin will continue for India. His fifth over

1459 hrs IST: Bhuvneshwar with the bouncer that hits Sarkar on the helmet. He is down on the ground. Nothing dangerous though. Hit the back grill of the helmet. Bangladesh 19 for 1

1456 hrs IST: Sarkar gets a short and wide ball from Bhuvneshwar and he puts it away for four! Good shot and that will ease some nerves for him. Bangladesh move on to 15 for the loss of 1 wicket

1451 hrs IST: WICKET! Ashwin gets the first wicket. Tamim Iqbal caught by Virat Kohli. Umpire gave it not out but Kohli was sure of an inside edge. He called for review that confirmed an inside edge. Bangladesh 11/1

1449 hrs IST: Bangladesh openers being cautious in the middle in the second innings. Five overs bowled and Bangladesh are nine for no loss. Ashwin to continue for India

1442 hrs IST: Maiden over from Bhuvneshwar Kumar. India will continue with Ashwin with left handers at the crease for Bangladesh. Runs not a problem for both teams

1438 hrs IST: Lucky boundary for Sarkar in that over. Outside edge that goes past the keeper. Bangladesh are six for no loss after two overs. Bhuvneshwar Kumar to start the new over

1435 hrs IST: Bangladesh start with a two-run over. Decent over first up from Bhuvneshwar Kumar. India going for spin straight away. Ashwin will bowl the second over for India.

1430 hrs IST: Bangladesh openers are out in the middle for the final innings in this Test and the final session of the day. Bhuvneshwar Kumar has the new ball in hand. Tamim Iqbal on strike

India bowlers also have four sessions to bowl out Bangladesh. This will be difficult as the pitch has not crumpled like the pitches during the England series. Let’s see how it goes

India declare at 159/4. Bangladesh need 459 runs to win in the four sessions remaining in this Test.

1411 hrs IST: Tea in Hyderabad. India are 159 for the loss of four wickets. The lead is worth 458 runs. Puajra with very good fifty. No declaration so far

1409 hrs IST: FIFTY! Cheteshwar Pujara has a half-century off just 57 balls. India’s lead is past 450 now. Brilliant batting from him. Selfless and for the team

1406 hrs IST: So the last over before Tea coming up. Shakib to bowl with Jadeja on strike. India’s lead is 447 runs. This may be the last over before India declare. May be a couple of overs after Tea

1402 hrs IST: India are 139 for the loss of four wickets and the lead is worth 438 runs. Jadeja will be on strike as Mehedi Hasan comes on to bowl. Bangaldesh sending the fielders on the ropes

1401 hrs IST: SIX! This time he connects and sends it over long on for a six. Clear and clean hit. India need this before Tea. Just 10 minutes to go. Two overs maximum

1400 hrs IST: FOUR! Jadeha sent up the order to score quick runs. He launches a big one but it has gone up in the air. DROPPED at deep square leg. He gets four

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1357 hrs IST: WICKET! Ajinkya Rahane is bowled. Trying to attack the left-arm spinner Shakib. That came in with the angle to Rahane, who was already down the pitch. Misses it completely

1353 hrs IST: Mehedi Hasan’s new over start and Pujara takes a single off the first ball. Probably Rahane is asked to attack the bowlers. Just over 15 minutes to go for Tea

1352 hrs IST: Pujara and Rahane have a chat in the middle. With just 18 minutes to go for Tea, this should be the time they should start the attack. Or may be hold on for the half-an-hour after Tea.

1347 hrs IST: SIX! Rahane knows the importance to time here. Starts the new Mehedi Hasan over with a six. Nice shot over mid-wicket. India move on to 119 for the loss of three wickets

1345 hrs IST: Rahane starts the new over with a boundary! Sweeps and sends it over mid wicket for four. India lead by 411 runs now. Surely looking for those runs, quick runs

1344 hrs IST: Not a good over for India but a decent one. Three runs off it. India now move on to 108 for the loss of three wickets. Rahane on strike with Shakib to bowl. India will clearly look for some quick runs in the last 25 minutes before Tea

1341 hrs IST: Eight runs from the Shakib over. India’s lead past 400. Mehedi Hasan the new over now. India are 105 for the loss of three wickets. The lead is 404 runs

1340 hrs IST: 100 up for India in the second innings. India’s lead in now 399. Half an hour remaining to Tea now. Close to 450 will the target in India’s mind

1338 hrs IST: Runs have dried up for India after that wicket. Some good bowling from Shakib and Mehedi as well. Rahane and Pujara are the two batsmen out in the middle for Bangladesh

1331 hrs IST: Mehedi Hasan with a nice over. Just the three runs conceded by him India move on to 96 for the loss of three wickets. Ajinkya Rahane is the new man in for India

1327 hrs IST: WICKET! Virat Kohli has hit it straight to short mid-wicket. And he is caught. Trying to clear the in-field but could not get to the pitch of the ball. Good catch at short mid-wicket. Kohli is furious with himself

1325 hrs IST: SIX! A flat six from Kohli. Comes down and flicks it over mid-wicket. Just over the ropes. India move on to 90 for the loss of two wickets. Lead by 389 runs

1321 hrs IST: Three runs from the Shakib over. India’s lead is worth 380 now. Kohli and Pujara into the thirties now. Bangladesh with a change in bowling. Mehedi Hasan comes on to bowl

1318 hrs IST: Shakib Al Hasan to continue after drinks break. Virat Kohli will be on strike for India. Both Pujara and Kohli are scoring at a strike rate of over 100. India at 78 for 2

1315 hrs IST: SIX! Pujara expected the short ball and shapes up for the pull shot. Sends it into the stands over fine-leg. India move on to 78 for the loss of two wickets. The lead is worth 377. Drinks time in Hyderabad

1312 hrs IST: A boundary for Kohli through covers. Brilliant shot in air and over the in-field. India not hanging around. Bangladesh are taking their time to bowl these overs in Hyderabad

1309 hrs IST: Just the two runs from Shakib’s over. India lead by 363 runs now. 80 to 100 more runs and India might think of declaring. But India need to score those in the second one hour, that is the time remaining till Tea

1305 hrs IST: Single off the final ball off the 12th over. India vs Bangladesh live score is 62/2. Lead by 361 for 2. Bangladesh change in bowling. Shakib Al Hasan to bowl for Bangladesh now

1301 hrs IST: Puajra drives and gets it through the covers. Another good shot. Just picking the gaps now. Both batsmen scoring at a rate of run-a-ball. And that is what India need.

1300 hrs IST: So India’s lead is past 350. After 11 overs, India are 55 for the loss of two wickets. Taskin to continue. Bangladesh need to stop that run flow from India. Kohli can just take off

1257 hrs IST: Kohli takes two twos off the first two balls off the Taijul over and it is 50 up for India in the 11th over. Scoring at a good rate by India. Kohli follows it up with a boundary through third man area

1255 hrs IST: Some quick runs for India in that over. Pujara getting a boundary. India move on to 46 for the loss of two wickets. The lead is worth 345 runs. Kohli on strike as Taijul continues

1250 hrs IST: India have their captain in the middle. This will be a great time as Kohli can think what time to declare and how much time his bowlers will need to get those ten Bangladesh wickets

1246 hrs IST: Pujara opens the face of his bat and it races to the third man boundary for four! Nine runs off that over for India. They move on to 32 for the loss of two wickets. Lead by 331 runs

1245 hrs IST: A lucky boundary for Kohli as it flies over slips for four! India lead by 326 runs. He takes a single off the fourth delivery. Hyderabad crowd getting behind Kohli. Taskin continues

1241 hrs IST: Virat Kohli is the new man in for India and Taijul Islam will bowl. India are 23 for the loss of two wickets. They lead by 322 runs. India vs Bangladesh Live Score here

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1234 hrs IST: WICKET! KL Rahul gone. Similar to Vijay dismissal but thicker edge this time. India 2 down. He will be disappointed with that. Second failure for KL Rahul. Not a great Test for Rahul

1231 hrs IST: Taskin Ahmed to continue. KL Rahul will be on strike for India. Bangladesh need to keep picking wickets if they need to stop the scoring rate of India. Cannot just bowl

1229 hrs IST: My goodness! Cheteshwar Pujara gets off the mark with a good shot. Comes down the ground and then hits it through to the covers. That is just brilliant from Puajra

1228 hrs IST: A successful over for Taskin. First wicket of Vijay. Cheteshwar Pujara is the new man in. Taijul Islam will continue for India with KL Rahul on strike for India

1225 hrs IST: WICKET! Murali Vijay is walking off. India lose their first wicket. That is a rash shot from Murali Vijay. No feet movement and he went after a wide ball. Faintest of edges and he decides to walk-off. Umpire checks for no ball but that is fine. India lose their first

1220 hrs IST: Murali Vijay scores a beautiful boundary on the on-side to get four. India take six runs off that over Taijul over. Taskin Ahmed to continue for Bangladesh. India lead by 308 runs

1216 hrs IST: And just the two runs from the over of Taskin. India are three for no loss. Vijay and Rahul just settling in at the pitch with the new ball. Taijul Islam will continue for Bangladesh

1211 hrs IST: Murali Vijay will take strike after Lunch as Taskin Ahmed takes the ball in hand. This will be the second over of the Indian innings. India resume at 1 for no loss and a lead of 300 runs

1200 hrs IST: 10 minutes to go for live action to start. India will resume their innings after that one over before Lunch. What will be message? Score quick runs? Go after everything?

Now the tricky part in this match is when Virat Kohli wants to declare? Ideally India should add around 150-170 runs and give it to Bangladesh. But they need to score them quickly to give the bowlers some time to bow Bangladesh out

1131 hrs IST: And that will be Lunch in Hyderabad on Day 4. India are 1 for no loss. The lead is of 300 runs. Now it’s hard to explain why the players came out to bat for just one session.

1130 hrs IST: India are away. Murali Vijay takes a single and that will 300-run lead for India. They need to score quick runs. 5 sessions remaining in this match.

1127 hrs IST: India openers KL Rahul and Murali Vijay walk out to the middle. That will be just over before Lunch. Cricket, you beauty. Bangladesh have no option but to not give those quick runs

India have decided not to en-force the follow-on. They will bat in the second innings. May be score some quick runs and then Virat Kohli has to do a timely declaration

Mushfiqur Rahim scored 127 runs for Bangladesh. (Source: AP) Mushfiqur Rahim scored 127 runs for Bangladesh. (Source: AP)

1119 hrs IST: WICKET! Mushfiqur Rahim c Wriddhiman Saha b R Ashwin. That is the record wicket for Ashwin. He becomes the fastest to 250 Test wickets, in just 45 matches. Mushfiqur is out for 127. Bangladesh bowled out for 388

1117 hrs IST: Ashwin to continue for India. Just over 10 minutes for Lunch remaining. Bangladesh will like to go to lunch with that one wicket in hand. India will like to take that breather now

1114 hrs IST: Kamrul does well to defend the final four balls of the over. Jadeja to bowl again. Mushfiqur on strike for Bangladesh. They are very close to the total of 400 which will be a great achievement

1112 hrs IST: Good batting from Mushfiqur. Tries the ramp sweep and gets it to the boundary. Then tries the reverse sweep but could only score a single. Ashwin to bowl to Kamrul now

1111 hrs IST: Ashwin to continue from the other end. Bangladesh are nine down and India will like to wrap up this innings quickly now. Score runs quick runs and then attack Bangladesh to bowl them out

1008 hrs IST: WICKET! Taskin Ahmed c Ajinkya Rahane b Ravindra JadejaFinally India get the wicket. Taskin Ahmed it is. Jadeja with a straighter one and Taskin just defends it. Takes the outside edge and Rahane takes a good catch at slips

1106 hrs IST: Couple of appeals for leg-before in that over. The first one was very close. India do not have a review left. Ashwin thought that was out but umpire thinks the impact was outside off-stump. Jadeja to bowl again

1103 hrs IST: Another six runs from the Jadeja over. Bangladesh still going strong. They are 376 for the loss of eight. Ashwin to bowl again. Taskin has played very well today. Giving support to Mushfiqur

1101 hrs IST: Tidy over from Ashwin. Maiden to Taskin. Nicely defended as well by the batsman. Bangladesh are closing in on the 400 run mark as well. This is some effort from them

1056 hrs IST: Review! Mushfiqur Rahim calls for review after Taskin is not sure if he had hit the ball with his bat. Umpire has given him out caught behind. Fair delivery from Jadeja and there is clear sound of bat hitting something. Oh! It hit the pad and not the ball. Decision will be reversed. Taskin survives

1054 hrs IST: Another change in bowling as Jadeja comes on. He will have a full over to bowl to Taskin Ahmed. Can he get the breakthrough for India? Crucial over this for both teams

1052 hrs IST: Mushfiqur isn’t holding back! He sends final ball of the Ashwin over for a six over mid-wicket. Brilliant shot. This is after he used his feet to play a shot through off-side for four. 12 off that over from Ashwin

1048 hrs IST: Finally spin on the fourth day. Ashwin is brought into the attack. Bangladesh are 356 for the loss of eight wickets. Centurion Mushfiqur is on strike for Bangladesh. This is nice battle

1044 hrs IST: Bhuvneshwar Kumar is back into the attack. Virat Kohli still not moving on to his spinners. He is eyeing the two Bangladesh wickets quickly and may think about en-forcing the follow-on

1041 hrs IST: CENTURY! Mushfiqur Rahim gets to Test hundred number five in Hyderabad. Brilliant and patient batting from the Bangladesh batsmen. Bangladesh are past 350 now

1040 hrs IST: Bangladesh are 339 runs behind and need 140 more runs to avoid the follow-on. Mushfiqur Rahim has done all the hard work and deserves a hundred in this Test

1039 hrs IST: Just a single from the Ishant Sharma over. Mushfiqur Rahim moves onto 96*. He will be on strike and Bangladesh will be hoping for a big century from him and will like him to carry on as long as possible

1034 hrs IST: Play resumes after drinks. Ishant Sharma will be bowling again. Virat Kohli is backing his pacers here. Ashwin and Jadeja may be handy but he is thinking about that reverse swing to get rid of the two wickets

1030 hrs IST: Maiden over from Umesh Yadav. India desparately seeking that wicket of Mushfiqur Rahim who is five runs away from his hundred. Bangladesh are eight down. Drinks in Hyderabad

1025 hrs IST: Review! India think they have got the wicket of Mushfiqur caught behind. Umpire thinks the other way. India review. There is a deflection as the ball went past the batsman but has it come off the gloves? No. It has hit the arm. It will remain not out

1021 hrs IST: SIX! Mushfiqur Rahim moves to 93* with a six over fine leg. Another good short delivery from Ishant Sharma but Mushfiqur was up to it and played a nice hook shot. Bangladesh are 345 for the loss of eight wickets

1018 hrs IST: WICKET! Taijul Islam c Wriddhiman Saha b Umesh Yadav. Brilliant bowling from Umesh Yadav. Short stuff worked for India. Taijul ducks but the ball takes some part of the gloves and straight to the wicket-kepeer. Bangladesh 8 down

1014 hrs IST: Now Umesh Yadav with the short stuff. Taijul Islam, the tail-ender, is having a tough time. Brilliant bowling from Umesh and some really attacking field from captain Virat Kohli

1010 hrs IST: Ishant Sharma with some good bouncers to Mushfiqur and Taijul Islam. Just banging it into their bodies. Both batsmen have not played hte short ball convincingly. Tough test

1008 hrs IST: Taijul Islam just manages to defend the final ball of the Umesh Yadav over. Single run from the over and Bangladesh move on to 333 for 7. Ishant Sharma will continue for India with Mushfiqur on strike for Bangladesh

1006 hrs IST: Bangladesh have done great to be still batting and with over 300 runs scored. But the real test may come in the second innings when they will be under pressure to save the Test match

1004 hrs IST: A four through slips for Taijul Islam. Between slips and gully it goes and there is no third man. Bangladesh move on to 332 for the loss of seven wickets. Umesh Yadav will continue for India

1001 hrs IST: Ishant Sharma continuing the good work of the other pacers. No room given to Bangladesh batsmen. Varying his pace and bounce to Taijul. Should wrap the tail up quickly

0958 hrs IST: Umesh Yadav finishes another tidy over. Bangladesh are 327 for the loss of seven wickets. India with a change in bowling as Ishant Sharma is brought into the attack. India vs Bangladesh Live Score here

0952 hrs IST: Bangladesh will try and stack as many runs as possible now with three wickets remaining. Indian bowlers have so far done well to stop the run flow

0947 hrs IST: Another good over from Bhuvneshwar. Bangladesh move on to 325 for the loss of seven wickets. Umesh Yadav to continue for India. Taijul Islam on strike for Bangladesh

0942 hrs IST: Umesh Yadav gives two runs off his first over of the day. Brilliant start from the Indian pacers. Giving nothing away to the batsmen. Three more Bangladesh wickets to go. Bhuvnshwar Kumar to bowl now

0937 hrs IST: Review! Virat Kohli asks for a review after Taijul is hit on the pads first ball. But it has pitched outside leg-stump and nothing more needed to give that not out. Brilliant first over from Bhuvneshwar. Maiden over

0934 hrs IST: WICKET! You gotta be kidding, Bhuvi! That is a peach to get rid of Mehedi Hasan. A ripper from Bhuvi as it comes back a long way back into the right hander. Dips, dips and dips a bit more to uproot leg-stump. That was unplayable even at 135kph

0932 hrs IST: Bhuvneshwar Kumar has the ball in hand and he will be bowling to Mehedi Hasan, the impressive youngster who is batting at 51*. Bangladesh are into their 105th over

0928 hrs IST: Players are walking out to the middle for the fourth day’s play. India team is in a huddle. Bangladesh batsmen are also walking out to the middle and they will resume at 322 for the loss of 6 wickets

0922 hrs IST: Hyderabad has been buzzing with decent crowd for a Test match. The Indian U-19 team played a one-day series against England U-19 and won it 3-1. Coach Rahul Dravid opened up to Bharat Sundaresan and reflected on the new job, cricket career and various other topics. Here’s the long interview. Enjoy! Rahul Dravid interview: The man behind the iron mask

0915 hrs IST: Bangladesh will resume at 322 for the loss of six wickets with Mushfiqur and Mehedi at the crease and they will hope that these two players keep their partnership going for some time now

0910 hrs IST: The Hyderabad pitch has not broken yet but it is on the slower side. But still a good pitch to bat on if the batsmen get settle down. India will be hoping Ashwin and Jadeja can recreate their magic and bowl out Bangladesh

0900 hrs IST: India’s assistant coach Sanjay Bangar revealed on day three that there is one particular change in the batting stance of the Indian batsmen that has helped them. Sriram Veera wrote about it – Why have India batsmen reverted to a narrower batting stance and how it has helped them

0850 hrs IST: Bangladesh are in this position mainly because of Shakib’s counter attack and Mushfiqur and Mehedi Hasan gritty batting. Sriram Veera is in Hyderabad and he summed up day three here – India stay ahead after slugfest

0840 hrs IST: A warm welcome to the coverage of the fourth day’s play from the only Test between India and Bangladesh from Hyderabad. Bangladesh have done exceedingly well to not been be bowled out in the first innings. They are still 365 runs behind with four wickets in hand

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