Bangladesh finish third day’s play of one-off Test at 322/6, trail India by 365 runs: Highlights, As it happened

Bangladesh rode on superb bowling by the Indian seamers in the opening session on Day 3 to keep battling in the one-off Test.

By: Express Web Desk | Hyderabad | Updated: February 12, 2017 8:29:28 am
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India were in the driving seat of the only Test against Bangladesh before the visitors showed tremendous fightback led by their captain Mushfiqur Rahim. Bangladesh had lost their six wickets before Tea and it looked liked India will be able to bowl them out on day three as the tail had been exposed. But Bangladesh did not lose a single wicket in the final session and ended the day 322 for the loss of six wickets and trailing India by only 365 runs. Rahim was unbeaten on 81 while he was with Mehedi Hasan who scored his maiden Test half-century and remained unbeaten on 51. Shakib Al Hasan also contributed with 82 runs

India vs Bangladesh Test, Day 3

1630 hrs IST: That was a neat last over of the day from Ishant Sharma. Went for a four but came back with superb deliveries to keep Mushfiqur on his toes right till the very end. Banged the ball short and brought it in to bother the visiting batsman. At the end, Bangladesh are 322/6 and trail by 365 runs

1626 hrs IST: Change in bowling. Ishant Sharma comes on with one allotted over left. Five minutes of play left. May get two overs in? Let’s see. Mushfiqur Rahim with a late cut to an Ishant delivery that was short and outside off and it runs away for a four. Next ball Ishant with a ball that was rising and Mushfiqur is struck awkwardly on the glove.

1623 hrs IST: Maiden Test fifty for 19-year-old Mehedi Hasan and what an opposition to get that against – World No 1 Test side. He’s beaming and why shouldn’t he?!

1618 hrs IST: Tossed up outside off by Ashwin and Mehedi Hasan plays it against the turn. Goes running to the cover boundary

1616 hrs IST: Mehedi Hasan getting looked at his right hand now. Physio comes running out again. Umpires keeping a close look to ensure there is no time wasted.

1609 hrs IST: Maiden over by R Ashwin and Bangladesh are 303/6. Mushfiqur getting some treatment now as he suffers from cramps. Expected so, he’s on 71 from 191 balls and has been in the middle for a significant period of time. He had suffered pain in the right hamstring during the tour of New Zealand, maybe a recurrance. Or could be a tactic to eat time so Bangladesh don’t have to play many deliveries as we’re running good on time. 5 overs or so to be bowled with 20 odd minutes left.

1554 hrs IST: Mehedi Hasan spanks R Ashwin for two boundaries. Reading the ball beautifully and making the most of it

1548 hrs IST: Maiden over from Jadeja. India have just 40 minutes to get some wickets. They move to Ashwin now. He can be effective with this semi-new ball. Mehedi Hasan on strike

1545 hrs IST: Some runs for Bangladesh as Mehedi gets a four over slips. They are 284 for the loss of six wickets. Not the greatest of bowling as Umesh pushes it wide. Jadeja to continue

1541 hrs IST: Two runs from that over of Jadeja. We have another change in bowling as Umesh Yadav takes the bowl. Change in ends for him as well. Mushfiqur will be on strike. Bangladesh are 277 for 6

1538 hrs IST: Bhuvneshwar keeps it to just two boundaries from his over. No more runs in that over. India still searching for that seventh wicket of Bangladesh. And India are persisting with Jadeja

1534 hrs IST: Second boundary of the over for Mushfiqur. Two good shots and two fours for him. Moves on to 63*. Bangladesh move on to 275 for the loss of six wickets. Three balls still remaining in the over

1530 hrs IST: Maiden over from Jadeja. Drinks time in Hyderabad. Bangladesh remain at 267 for 6. This is another partnership building for Bangladesh and Mehedi Hasan has been brilliant for them

1527 hrs IST: Four more runs for Bangladesh. A four for Mushfiqur there. He is still standing tall for Bangladesh. Bhuvi finishes with a beauty. Jadeja will continue for India

1523 hrs IST: Two runs from the over of Jadeja. A single each for Mushfiqur and Mehedi. They finally score a run. Bangladesh are 263 for the loss of six wickets. Bhuvi to bowl a new over now

1520 hrs IST: Jadeja in to the attack after five overs of pace with the second new ball. Bhuvi bowled another maiden. Mehedi Hasan on strike for Bangladesh. They are 261 for the loss of six wickets

1514 hrs IST: Another maiden over for India. Umesh gives nothing to the batsmen. Bangladesh remain at 261 for the loss of six wickets. Mushfiqur Rahim on strike as Bhuvneshwar Kumar continues

1510 hrs IST: Maiden over from Bhuvneshwar again. Runs have dried up for Bangladesh with the second new ball. They remain at 261 for 6. Umesh Yadav to Mehedi Hasan now.

1506 hrs IST: Four runs off that over as Mehedi gets one over slips and sends it for four. Good shot that from the batsman. Bhuneshwar will continue for India. Bangladesh are 261 for 6 now

1502 hrs IST: A maiden to start with the second new ball. Bhuvi bowling a tight line to Mushfiqur. Mehedi Hasan will face Umesh Yadav in the second over with the new ball now.

1458 hrs IST: We have a change in bowling after that Jadeja over. New ball taken by India as 80 overs have been completed in the Bangladesh innings. The reviews have also been reset to two each team

1455 hrs IST: FIFTY! Finally the long awaited half-century is completed in 133 balls. His 16th fifty in Test cricket. Pushes it to the leg-side for a single to reach the milestone. Bangladesh 257 for 6

1454 hrs IST: A single to Mushfiqur in that over and Bangladesh move on to 256 for the loss of six wickets. Jadeja will continue and Rahim will try and get his fifty in this over. He is on 49*

1449 hrs IST: Just the two runs from the over of Jadeja. Mushfiqur has been in the 40s for quite a long time now. Ishant Sharma to bowl the new over. He has the Bangladesh captain on strike

1447 hrs IST: Tidy over from Ishant. No wickets though. No runs also scored. Maiden. Jadeja to continue with Mehedi Hasan on strike. He has played some good strokes in this short innings.

1441 hrs IST: End of the over from Jadeja. Bangladesh move on to 253 for the loss of six wickets. Ishant Sharma will continue and Mushfiqur Rahim will be on strike. He is on 48*

1439 hrs IST: Almost! Mushfiqur gets a top edge and Rahane tries to catch it behind the wicket-keeper. Far from him and it falls away. Mushfiqur moves on to 48* with that run.

1437 hrs IST: 250 up for Bangladesh in the first over after Tea. They take six runs from the over and Mushfiqur leading the way for them. Ishant Sharma finishes his over.

1413 hrs IST: Tea in Hyderabad. Bangladesh move to 246 for the loss of 6 wickets at Tea. They still trail India by 441 runs and that is a lot. India will be happy to pick those 2 wickets in that session and share it with Bangladesh

1409 hrs IST: Last over before Tea and it will be bowled by Umesh Yadav. Bangladesh are 239 for the loss of six wickets. Mehedi Hasan on strike for Bangladesh. They are 448 runs behind

1404 hrs IST: India bowling brilliantly now. Ishant has his tail up and so have the spinners. Mushfiqur being the lone fighter for Bangladesh. Penultimate over before Tea to be bowled by Ishant.

1400 hrs IST: WICKET! Sabbir Rahman given LBW. Jadeja strikes. That is gone and it is very close. Jadeja gets one through as Sabbir tries to sweep. Hits on on the front pad and umpire thinks it is out. Mushfiqur also gives a nod to Sabbir. No review from Bangladesh. Six down now

1358 hrs IST: A loud appeal for a leg-before against Mushfiqur and Ishant thinks he has got his man. Umpire says it is going down the leg-side. No reviews for Inida. Kohli thinks it is out

1353 hrs IST: Appeal for stumping but Sabbir was well inside the crease. Ishant Sharma brought back into the attack in place of Ashwin. Bangladesh are 233 for the loss of five wickets. 70 overs gone in the innings

1349 hrs IST: Some quick overs thrown in by Ashwin and Jadeja. Runs not flowing for Bangladesh. Jadej again for India. This will be crucial over for both teams as Bangladesh will like to go to Tea without further damage

1341 hrs IST: India have Ashwin and Jadeja bowling in tandem. Bangladesh hope to rebuild once again with Mushfiqur and Sabbir. Half-an-hour to Tea in Hyderabad. Bangladesh still have a lot to do

1335 hrs IST: End of another Jadeja over and Bangladesh are now 221 for the loss of five wickets. Mushfiqur is still there at 44*. Sabbir Rahman is the new man in for Bangladesh. Ashwin to bowl again

1329 hrs IST: WICKET! Shakib Al Hasan has holed out to mid-on. Ashwin gets going. He has deceived Shakib into the shot and that is not connect at all. Caught at mid-on and India have wicket after long

1326 hrs IST: Mushfiqur Rahim with another pull shot to get another boundary off Jadeja. Nothing in the pitch for the bowlers. Bangladesh batsmen scoring runs easily

1325 hrs IST: Ashwin goes wicketless in that over. Shakib takes a couple of runs but no risk. Bangladesh are 212 for 4. India in need of a wicket now. Jadeja has the ball in hand again

1322 hrs IST: Bangladesh are 210 for the loss of four wickets. They still trail by 477 runs. Ashwin will continue to bowl for India. Shakib on strike for Bangladesh. Can he give India a wicket?

1321 hrs IST: 100-run stand up for the fifth wicket between Rahim and Shakib. This has been an exceptional partnership for Bangladesh. They need them to continue if they need a good total

1320 hrs IST: End of the Ashwin over. Bangladesh are 206 for the loss of four wickets after Shakib hits Ashwin for a four. Jadeja continues for India as Mushfiqur takes strikes for Bangladesh

1317 hrs IST: Ashwin and the keeper are appealing for a catch. Umpires say they need to check it upstairs. Checking for a bump-ball. Soft single is out. That ball has brushed the pads and then bounced in the pitch. It will be not out.

1313 hrs IST: Jadeja will continue after drinks. Shakib sweeps him for a single off the first ball and 200 up for Bangladesh. They are still 487 runs behind India’s total but this is a good partnership

1310 hrs IST: Three runs from the Ashwin over and Bangladesh are 199 for the loss of four wickets. Drinks called in Hyderabad. This hour belong clearly to Bangladesh. Total domination from the batsmen

1307 hrs IST: Jadeja comes and bowls a maiden over. Pulls things back after some expensive overs from Ashwin and Umesh and Bhuvi. Change of ends for Ashwin as he comes on to bowl from the other end

1304 hrs IST: R Ashwin has been taken off the attack. Jadeja back into the attack. Bangladesh captain Mushfiqur Rahim on strike with his team in the verge of 200. They are scoring very quickly in this session

1303 hrs IST: Umesh going for some runs in that over. 12 off it. Shakib with two boundaries. A run-out chance as well but no damage down. This is moving nicely for Bangladesh. Shakib showing great experience to deal with the bowling. They are 196 for the loss of four wickets

1259 hrs IST: 11 runs from the over of Ashwin as Bangladesh hit two fours and take a double and a single in that over. Umesh to bowl now. Bangladesh making a move on now and these two batsmen doing it nicely.

1256 hrs IST: A peach of a delivery to end his new over. Umesh has been exceptional for India today. Ashwin will begin his 11th over now. It is a flat deck with nothing in it for bowlers. Shakib to be on strike

1247 hrs IST: Eventful over with another run out appeal but this was not even questioned. Ashwin will continue after Bangladesh score seven runs off the previous over. Shakib on strike for Bangladesh

1242 hrs IST: End of 50 overs in the Bangladesh innings and they are 160 for the loss of four wickets, still 527 runs behind India’s first innings total. Umesh Yadav will be bowling the new over

1239 hrs IST: WICKET!  That was so close. Jadeja with a under-arm bullet throw from mid-off and Mushfiqur dives at the striker’s end to avoid a run out. Saha dislodges the bat and though Rahim has his bat in, it is in the air. The shoulder may have been on the line. So tight and the third umpire thinks it is not out. Could have gone either way

1237 hrs IST: 50-run stand between Mushfiqur and Shakib. Brilliant batting from these two keep India bowlers searching for wickets. Shakib on strike now. Bangladesh need this stand to continue

1236 hrs IST: Three runs for Mushfiqur off the final ball of the Bhuvi over. Ashwin to bowl for India. Bangladesh have settled down with these two batsmen at the crease. Their partnership worth 49* now

1232 hrs IST: Ashwin finishes his over. Bangladesh are 155 for the loss of four wickets. They are trailing now by 532 runs. Bhuvneshwar will continue but this time it is Musfiqur who is on strike

1230 hrs IST: FIFTY! Shakib Al Hasan creams another boundary through covers and gets to his half-century. Brilliant innings from the left-hander. Bangladesh need more from him.

1228 hrs IST: Two more boundaries to Shakib in that Bhuvneshwar Kumar over. Similar to the previous. One through covers, other through slips. He moves on to 46*. Ashwin to continue

1224 hrs IST: Another boundary for Bangladesh and this time it is Mushfiqur Rahim who plays a nice shot against Ashwin. Bhuvneshwar Kumar to continue from around the wicket Shakib on strike

1220 hrs IST: Couple of boundaries in that over for Shakib. Both through off side. One through covers and the other through the slip region. Bangladesh move on to 134 for the loss four wickets. Ashwin to continue

1216 hrs IST: Just the single from Ashwin over. Bangladesh move on to 126 for the loss of four wickets. Shakib will be on strike once again as Bhuvneshwar Kumar takes the ball to start a new spell

1213 hrs IST: India resume with Ashwin after Lunch. Shakib is on strike for Bangladesh, who are 562 runs behind India’s 687. They still have to score 363 runs more to save the follow on in Hyderabad

1210 hrs IST: The players are walking out to the middle for the second session of play in Hyderabad. Bangladesh will resume at 125 for the loss of four wickts. Shakib and Musfiqur are the two batsmen for them.

India have done well to keep Bangladesh under the radar. No loose deliveries on which the batsmen can score runs, no slip-ups in fielding. The second session will once again be important for both teams. Ashwin will like to be in wickets

Ishant Sharma and Umesh Yadav gave India a perfect start for the day picking up a wicket each and the latter also causing a run-out. Bangladesh on the other hand are struggling to keep up with the quality bowling from India

1134 hrs IST: Lunch in Hyderabad. Bangladesh are 125 for the loss of four wickets. They are still 562 runs behind India’s first innings total of 687 for 6. Umesh Yadav has been the star for India this morning

1129 hrs IST: Two quick singles from Bangladesh in that over from Ashwin. They move on to 125 for the loss of four wickets. Scoring exactly at 3 runs per over this session. Ishant Sharma to bowl the final over before Lunch in Hyderbad

1126 hrs IST: Mushfiqur has faced 18 balls and has scored only 5 runs with a lucky boundary on the last ball of Ishant Sharma’s over. Bangladesh move to 123 for the loss of four wickets with five minutes remaining for Lunch. Ashwin again

1121 hrs IST: End of the 40th over of the Bangladesh innings and it is another maiden. Bangladesh remain at 113 for the loss of four wickets. Just 10 more minutes remaining for Lunch. Ishant to continue

1118 hrs IST: Review! Ashwin thinks he has Shakib out. Umpire gives it not out. Ashwin asks Saha about reviewing. Ashwin confirms there is no bat. Saha tells Kohli then it is out. Kohli reviews. No bat involved. Impact inside line but it is going over the stumps. hitting the back leg of Shakib as it just turned slight away from the line

1117 hrs IST: Ashwin to continue after Ishant also bowls a maiden. Mushfiqur and Shakib just trying to take Bangladesh to Lunch without losing anymore wickets. Shakib on strike to Ashwin

1113 hrs IST: Maiden over from Ashwin. No turn yet in this pitch. Mushfiqur Rahim and Shakib the two batsmen for Bangladesh struggling out in the middle. Ishant Sharma to continue for India

1110 hrs IST: Bangladesh have scored 72 runs in this session from 23 overs at a run-rate of just over three runs. Ravinchandran Ashwin is into attack for India with just 20 minutes to go for Lunch

1103 hrs IST: Another bad start to Jadeja to his new over. Shakib sweeps and sweeps hard. Four through mid-wickets. But Bangladesh are under a lot of pressure here. Four down for 113 now

1059 hrs IST: WICKET! Mahmuddullah is gone LBW! Ishant Sharma strikes. That is pact pacy from Ishant and angling into the right handed Mahmuddullah. Hits him just above the pads. Umpire thinks it is out. Shakib asks Mahmuddullah to review. The impact is inside the line but the hitting wickets in umpire’s call. Still he has to go as the original decision is out

1057 hrs IST: Brilliant ball first up from Ishant. It swings into the right hander and beats him all ends up. Brilliant bowling. Batsman will find it difficult to face Ishant even though he doesn’t have same pace as Umesh

1055 hrs IST: Ravindra Jadeja going for some runs in that over. Seven in total. Bangladesh move on to 107 for the loss of 3 wickets in Hyderabad. Ishant Sharma is replacing Umesh Yadav in the bowling attack

1052 hrs IST: Attacking shot from Mahmuddullah. He sweeps Jadeja and collects four runs. This is the rare occasion where you get to score off Jadeja’s bowling. Bangladesh reach to 100 after that four

1046 hrs IST: Maiden over from Jadeja. Bangladesh live score 94 for 3. Kohli still looking for those wickets. He continue with Umesh Uadav. India vs Bangladesh Live Score here

1044 hrs IST: Another super over from Umesh. He beats the outside edge of Shakib on more than one occasion. Still not getting the edge. Jadeja back with a short-leg and slip in place for Mahmuddullah

1039 hrs IST: Jadeja back at his usual stuff. Quick over. No big run-up and hurry through his deliveries that gives little time to the batsmen to settle down. Umesh Yadav to continue

1036 hrs IST: Ravindra Jadeja will continue after drinks. Bangladesh trail by a lot of runs and that has given the freedom to Kohli to set attacking fields. A left-right combination out in the middle for Bangladesh

1034 hrs IST: Bangladesh are 87 for the loss of three wickets. A good first hour of the morning for India. Umesh has been the hero through out. Shakib and Mahmuddullah at the crease. Drinks taken

1031 hrs IST: Fine shot from Shakib for four! Leaning into the shot. Wide from Umesh and Shakib sees the opportunity to hit. Connects and gets four. Positive batting from Bangladesh

1030 hrs IST: Almost every over of this Bangladesh innings this morning has a appeal. Jadeja also getting some purchase now. Not much though. Umesh to continue. Last over before drinks this morning

1026 hrs IST: Brilliant bowling from Umesh. Bowling above 140kph and beating the batsmen. Brilliant to see. Batsman barely putting his bat down. Ravindra Jadeja to continue for India from the other end

1020 hrs IST: India on top in Hyderabad. Two wickets inside first hour of the day’s play. Umesh Yadav will continue for India. Bangladesh are getting the odd lucky boundary. Umesh steaming in

1015 hrs IST: WICKET! Mominul is adjudged LBW. Brilliant bowling from Umesh Yadav. Gets one to beat Mominul. It is a quick deliver and Mominul is hitting on the back leg. Umpire takes time but thinks it is going to hit the stumps. Gone

1012 hrs IST: Mahmuddullah has shown some signs of good batting in the past with some good scores of above 50 but he has only scored one hundred in the past. Today is perfect setting to get a big score for him

1007 hrs IST: End of the Jadeja over. Some drift in there for him. Bangladesh score four runs off that over. Umesh Yadav will continue. The Hyderabad crowd really getting behind the Indian team

1003 hrs IST: Ravindra Jadeja is into the attack now. This pitch isn’t turning much so Jadeja will be handy here with his flat deliveries. Bangladesh are 55 for 2. Mominul on strike for Bangladesh

1000 hrs IST: Review! A big appeal for an LBW from India against Mahmudullah. They think they have got their man but umpire thinks not out. We have a review coming up. No bat involved there. Ball tracker shows impact in the line. But the ball hitting the wickets “umpire’s call”

0955 hrs IST: 50 up for Bangladesh in that over. These two batsmen can bat long and Bangladesh need a big partnership today. India are continuing with Bhuvneshwar Kumar. 21st over of Bangladesh innings

0949 hrs IST: Good start for India this. India have good a wicket and Bangladesh have not yet crossed the 50-run mark. Umesh Yadav will continue for India. Mahmudullah and Mominul at the crease.

0941 hrs IST: WICKET! Tamim Iqbal is run out. That is just disastrous. Mominul and Tamim check for a second run after the former played it deep square-leg. Never a second run and Umesh sends in a throw that Bhuvi collects and throws on the stumps. Tamim has to go

0935 hrs IST: Edge but it doesn’t carry to the second slip. Proper edge and Umesh is bowling close to 140kph. It doesn’t carry! This Hyderabad pitch clearly has no pace in it. Let’s see when it shows turn

0933 hrs IST: Bhuvneshwar Kumar starts with a maiden over. Good line and length from him. Mominul happy to leave most of the deliveries. Bangladesh remain at 41 for 1. Umesh to bowl the second over of the day

0927 hrs IST: Indian players are walking out to the middle. Tamim Iqbal and Mominal Haque are also making their way towards the middle. Bangladesh resume at 41 for 1, trailing India by 646 runs

0920 hrs IST: 10 minutes from live action and it will be interesting to see when Kohli moves to his spinners especially Jadeja. Ashwin bowled some overs yesterday but there was little turn or him. Jadeja may be the better bowler on this flat track

0910 hrs IST: India piled on 687 runs in the first innings. This is the first time any team has scored 600 or more runs in three consectutive Test. What has given India these record breaking totals. Sriram Veera explains – Late swing: A ‘lower’ resolution picture that’s beautifying India’s frame

0900 hrs IST: On day two, Virat Kohli created history. He did that without any fuss. Complete humiliation of the Bangladesh bowlers. And in a confident manner. Sriram Veera captured it here – Don and dusted

0845 hrs IST: It is the third day of the only Test between India and Bangladesh in Hyderabad and it looks like it can well decide the outcome of this match. Bangladesh will resume today at 41 for the loss of one wicket and trailing India by a massive 646 runs and also needing 447 runs to avoid the follow on.

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