India vs Australia 3rd Test Day 4, match highlights: Pujara, Saha apply pressure, Jadeja adds to it

Cheteshwar Pujara and Wriddhiman Saha's 199-run seventh wicket stand and Ravindra Jadeja's performance with bat and ball were the highlights on Day 4.

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Cheteshwar Pujara scored his third Test double hundred on Day 4. (Source: Reuters)

India have taken control over proceedings as they move into lead over Australia on Day 4 of the third Test in Ranchi. Riding high on unbeaten stand between Cheteshwar Pujara and Wriddhiman Saha, the hosts have been solid since the first hour of penultimate day of the third Test. Even after the two were dismissed Ravindra Jadeja heaped more misery on Australia by scoring his fifth Test 50 and went on to take two wickets.

India vs Australia 3rd Test Day 4 highlights

1633 hrs IST: OUT! Nathan Lyon 2 b Jadeja, Australia 23/2. The nightwatchman is dismissed and that is Stumps on Day 4. It has been India’s day all along and on Day 4, the visitors trail by 129 runs with eight wickets remaining. 

1629 hrs IST: Just 2.2 overs remaining in the day and Nathan Lyon walks in to bat. The second ball he was faced resulted in a an big LBW shout. Umpire turns it down, ball travelling outside off.

1625 hrs IST: OUT! David Warner 13 b Jadeja, Australia 17/1. Again in the r0ugh patch outside off and it takes a sharp turn. Warner looks to play it forward and it beats the inside edge and goes straight on to the stumps. India get their first, Warner dismissed by Jadeja for the second time in the match.

1618 hrs IST: Warner goes inside out and hits Ashwin for four. Warner gives a nervous smile after that. It was a risky shot as he was beaten in the flight. Mid-off was not far off but the thick outside he got carries it to the boundary. India appealed for an LBW just two balls later but that is turned down.

1616 hrs IST: Warner gets Australia off to a swift start. He smashed eight runs off the first over bowled by Ashwin and Jadeja conceded four in the second.

1613 hrs IST: Spin twins in operation as Kohli introduces Jadeja from the other end. He too has plenty of men around the bat, and some rough to exploit outside the left-hander’s off-stump

1612 hrs IST: The left-hander makes his intentions clear – he is not going to defend! Goes after Ashwin and collect two boundaries off short deliveries

1608 hrs IST: Warner to strike and it’s Ashwin who will make first use of the shining red cherry. Men around the bat, and it’s very noisy in the middle at the moment

1605 hrs IST: Virat Kohli and his men are out in the middle, out come Australian openers Matt Renshaw and David Warner. Lot of pressure on Warner as he has had a poor series will be very tired after fielding for most of the day today

1602 hrs IST: India will get about eight overs to bowl at a tired Australian batting line-up. The hosts would love to have a wicket or two before the umpires call stumps

1600 hrs IST: DECLARATION! Jadeja clips one fine to the ropes for a boundary and in comes the declaration. India end with 603/9, lead by 152 runs

1554 hrs IST: FIFTY! Jadeja with the old fashioned slog and brings up his FIFTY, off only 51 balls. India stretch lead to 148 now, 599/9. The sword dance from the left-hander after reaching fifty and the dressing room is all smiles

1551 hrs IST: WICKET! Umesh miscues and Warner takes a sharp catch in the ring to give O’Keefe his second third wicket of the innings. No declaration yet as the lanky Ishant Sharma walks out to the middle. India 595/9

1550 hrs IST: 12 more overs remain after this, Indian camp is ready with the gear but Ishant is still padded up. Looks like India are in readiness to declare but when?

1548 hrs IST: Umesh throws his bat again, and it goes off the edge for another boundary. Smith must keep a third-man in position as the visitors can’t afford to give away easy runs. Meanwhile, FIFTY-run partnership between Jadeja-Umesh comes up

1547 hrs IST: Width on offer and Umesh helps it to the ropes. These are golden runs for India and they continue in this fashion, we have a GAME ON!

1546 hrs IST: SIX! Another clean hit by Jadeja down the centre. Swing his arms, and then sends him into the sight screen again.

1543 hrs IST: SIX! Jadeja comes down the track and lofts Lyon over the sight screen for a six!

1533 hrs IST: Seventeen overs left in the day, things could get interesting from here. Depends how India play out the final session of play. Lead by 114 runs

1527 hrs IST: DRINKS! An hour to go into the day’s play and India are 565/8, lead by 114 runs with Jadeja on 28 and Umesh on 4.

1516 hrs IST: Short of length by Hazlewood and Jadeja with a nice late punch to beat the fielder at deep point. India’s lead over a 100-runs now

1509 hrs IST: DROPPED! O’Keefe with a desperate dive at mid-on but it bounces off his hand. Umesh survives. Tries to slog it but doesn’t get the distance on it and it goes towards SOK who tries to hold on but it falls off on impact as he goes to ground

1505 hrs IST: Earlier Steve O’Keefe had bowled the most overs by an Australian bowler in India. Now he’s bowled the most for an Aussie since 1979 in Tests.

1501 hrs IST: GONE! Now Saha walks back and the other spinner strikes. Saha goes for 117 from 233 balls while trying to clear the in-field but doesn’t get the aerial route he wanted to take. Looks to chip over cover but finds Maxwell stationed there instead. Crowd appreciate yet another superb innings

1455 hrs IST: As the 199 run stand comes to an end, Ravindra Jadeja is the new batsman in

1449 hrs IST: GONE! After 616 minutes, Pujara falls. What tremendous innings. Entire stadium stands up and applauds as Cheteshwar walks back. Lyon the wicket taker – first wicket for him since the first day of the Bangalore Test. Looks to punch a short ball from Lyon away on the on side but the ball stops on him and is chipped to Maxwell at short midwicket. 202 runs from 525 balls

1448 hrs IST: The shackles are off now that both have their respective milestones.

1441 hrs IST: DOUBLE CENTURY! Pujara brings up his 3rd Test double in 521 balls. Flicks it past square-leg and picks up a single. Second double ton against Australia. Pumps his fist – rare show of emotion from him

1433 hrs IST: CENTURY! Wriddhiman Saha brings up his 3rd Test century. Single to square leg off Maxwell. Dressing room stands up and applauds! Most Test hundreds by an Indian keeper: Dhoni (6) and Saha (3)

1415 hrs IST: Another session going India’s way. Another session where Australia didn’t get a chance for a wicket. They’ve been exhausted both physically and mentally by this resolute and patient duo of Pujara and Saha. They’ve not given Australia any look in and are inching towards respective milestones. Idea after Tea should be to accelerate the pace

1410 hrs IST: TEA! India 503/6 at Tea. Pujara on 190 and Saha on 99. The lead for the hosts up to 52 runs. 68 runs in that session for India and once again no wickets lost

1409 hrs IST: Poor fielding by Australia. Smith doesn’t get down low enough to pick up the ball and Saha inches one run closer to a century

1408 hrs IST: Saha back on strike as Pujara plays one down the leg side. Saha is on 98 and Pujara on 190.

1400 hrs IST: Pujara has now faced 498 balls – most by an Indian batsman in Test history. More than Rahul Dravid who played 495 balls against Pakistan in Rawalpindi in 2004. Fantastic effort by Pujara to stay patient and steady from Day 2. 

1345 hrs IST: Cummins stings Saha on the chest. The wicketkeeper batsman looks to move outside the line of it. Smith reviews – a desperate one at that. Drops his wrists out of the way and Smith reckons it has come off the glove. But the review goes to waste

1329 hrs IST: The stand between Pujara and Saha is worth 150 runs now. The pair got together when India were in a spot of bother. They staged a fine resuce act, were stubborn in the morning session today and are now capitalising in the afternoon session

1323 hrs IST: 603 minutes and Pujara has now batted for over 10 hours. The marathon man continues, and puts India in a reallty good position to dominate this Test

1320 hrs IST: O’Keefe and Hazlewood have bowled a little over 100 overs between themselves. Only two wickets they together managed to pick and have worked very hard for the same

1314 hrs IST: India’s appraoch against the new ball has been very positive. They have looked for runs and have dispatched loose deliveries with disdain

1310 hrs IST: It’s baffling why Smith is yet to use Maxwell or himself. The skipper is adding needless workload on his premier bowlers

1308 hrs IST: Cummins gets one to jag back sharply into Pujara, beats his solid defence but the right-hander ensured to keep his bat away from the ball

1306 hrs IST: O’Keefe has bowled 60 overs now – the most by an Australian in India. Plenty of old records broken in Ranchi – the venue hosting a Test match for the first time

1304 hrs IST: The second new-ball has not worked for Australia. Ever since the shining red cherry was put into use, India have scored freely. The hosts’ lead is now worth 20, 471/6

1300 hrs IST: And, another 150 comes up as O’Keefe concedes his 150th run. Long days under the sun for the Australian spinners. Both Lyon and O’Keefe have struggled!

1254 hrs IST: Saha charges down the track, miscues but gets enough power behind that shot to beat a chasing Warner. Frustration continues for the visitors as India move to 466/6

1253 hrs IST: Pujara-Saha break the 69-year-old record for the best seventh-wicket partnership. Their stand is worth 133 crucial runs now

1248 hrs IST: Both Pujara and Saha are approaching double hundred and hundred respectively, and are well set to change gears without any fuss in the middle

1245 hrs IST: It’s one period of the game now where India can afford to go for the kill and put Australia on the mat. Brisk runs here will trigger panic in the visitors’ dressing room

1231 hrs IST: India have now taken the lead over Australia in Ranchi. Pujara and Saha continue to operate in fluent fashion off the hard new ball. It’s 452/6

1227 hrs IST: Saha cuts it away for a single and brings up the 450 for India. They now trail Australia by just one run

1225 hrs IST: Smith continues to operate with his specialist bowlers, who have already bowled a lot. It won’t be a bad idea to give them some breather and try using someone like a Maxwell or Smith from the other end

1221 hrs IST: Australia’s lead now in single digits. India a hit away from turning the tables and strengthening their grip over proceedings in Ranchi

1218 hrs IST: Runs coming from both ends, and being leaked from both ends by Australia. Saha gets into excellent position again and creams it through covers for another boundary

1215 hrs IST: Hazlewood, sharing the new ball with Cummins, bowls one straight and Pujara has no problems flicking it off his pads for a boundary

1211 hrs IST: Perfect hand-eye coordination and Saha drives one elegantly through covers for a boundary. Hard new ball and it races to the fence

1210 hrs IST: The two teams are out in the middle for the afternoon session. Pujara and Saha take guard, Cummins to bowl with the shining red cherry. India trail by just 16 and would hope to take the crucial lead now

1128 hrs IST: Top session for India as they head into Lunch at 435/6. The hosts add 75 runs in the session without losing a single wicket. Pujara remains unbeaten on 164, Saha 59*. Australia’s lead is now only 16 runs

1126 hrs IST: Saha sweeps, misses, ball pops up and goes to Wade behind the stumps. Keeper excited, Lyon excited but umpire not interested. Smith gives a long thought and decides to go ahead with the review. Replays suggest it clearly missed the ball, Saha survives. India keep the wickets intact, 435/6

1121 hrs IST: Pujara has now faced 429 deliveries, yes 429 deliveries. Rahul Dravid holds the record for most deliveries faced by an Indian. The former India captain holds the record of playing 495 deliveries


1119 hrs IST: After a see-saw battle on Day 3, India have hit the right notes on the penultimate day. Solid start to the session and they are now looking to end how they started

1117 hrs IST: If India manage to head into Lunch, which is about 10 minutes away, without losing a wicket, they would well fancy taking lead over Australia

1108 hrs IST: The last time Lyon picked a wicket was 400 balls ago. It has been frustration for the offie right from the second innings in Bangalore

1104 hrs IST: Another spot on review for India. It was pitched in line, impact in line but there was just enough turn to miss the stumps on that occasion. Lyon’s wait for the wicket continues


1103 hrs IST: Little bit of turn for Lyon, hits Pujara in front and the finger goes up after a loud, and desperate, appeal. Pujara has a chat with Saha and decides to review

1059 hrs IST: Test FIFTY No.5 for Saha. Loud cheer from the crowd and applause from the dressing room as the right-hander reaches the milestone with a single. Australia’s lead now reduced to just 32. India slowly taking a strong grip over proceedings

1056 hrs IST: Saha dances down the track and hits Lyon all the way, with the turn, for a maximum. There was a fielder in the deep but good connection reduced him to a mere spectator. The right-hander moves to 48, India 415/6

1053 hrs IST: Everyone was on their feet to appreciate Pujara’s knock. Captain and coaches were happy and the former had his two thumbs raised to praise his teammate’s knock


1051 hrs IST: O’Keefe finds Pujara’s outside edge, it takes the keeper’s pads before going away from Smith. Good bowling by Keefe but luck wasn’t on his side there

1047 hrs IST: 150 for Cheteshwar ‘dependable’ Pujara. How well has he played in this innings! Solid hand and stitched crucial partnerships in the process. The approach in the morning session has put India in a really good position in the Test

1044 hrs IST: What a home season this has been for Pujara. The crisis man has delivered time and again for the hosts, under pressure, and this is just one more knock of similar character

1042 hrs IST: Another comfortable single brings up the 400 for India. The smiles are back in the hosts’ dressing room as Kumble and Jadeja wear a relaxed look

1039 hrs IST: Hands crossed and resting on the hips, worried look on the face and all is not right in the Australian camp at the moment. They are in desperate need of a wicket to put pressure back on the hosts

1038 hrs IST: Singles continue to come easily for Pujara and Saha. The former is now a hit away from a solid 150 under pressure. India needed someone to do a Steve Smith and Pujara didn’t disappoint

1031 hrs IST: Cummins replaces Hazlewood after the drinks break and he too starts from around the wicket. The seamers are trying to create that rough for Lyon to exploit

1027 hrs IST: And, it’s the 100 up for Lyon. Pujara continues to use his feet well against the spinner, just like he has done right through his innings.


1026 hrs IST: Lyon comes into the attack, replaces a very off-colour O’Keefe. First ball, he gets some turn but Saha has no problems in cutting it away for two more runs

1023 hrs IST: Hazlewood ends another over with some chatter. Cool as a cucumber, Pujara responds with a nod of the head. This stand is frustrating Australia now

1021 hrs IST: Pujara works it away on the off-side and the batsmen run two more runs. Pujara is inching closer to his 150, just four short now. India 393/6, trail by only 58 now

1019 hrs IST: And, there were words exchanged between Saha and Hazlewood at the end of the over. Not quite sure what it was about but certainly injects life into the session

1014 hrs IST: The Saha-Pujara stand is worth 62 crucial runs. Every run they scored in the morning session would have hurt Australia

1008 hrs IST: The way this game is going at the moment, draw looks a good possibility. Australia needed quick wickets but India didn’t allow that to happen. They have survived the first 45 minutes nicely and have reduced the lead

1002 hrs IST: O’Keefe continues from the other end and he is into his 48th over. The left-armer is yet to make an impression in the match as he has conceded over 120 runs, and picked just one wicket in the process

0957 hrs IST: Josh Hazlewood replaces Cummins. With O’Keefe not effective from the other end, it wouldn’t have been a bad option to have seamers operating from both ends

0953 hrs IST: Saha plays it away for a single and brings up the fifty-run partnership with Pujara. A very handy stand for India. They still trail Austrtalia by 73 runs and would like the pair to get them over the line

0951 hrs IST: Easy singles continue to keep the scoreboard moving for India. Just the kind of start they would have wanted. India 377/6 at the end of the 136th over

0947 hrs IST: Short from O’Keefe, Pujara goes deep into his crease and pulls it away for a boundary. Top shot by the right-hander takes his score to 136

0945 hrs IST: It’s been a busy start in the morning session by the hosts. Both Pujara and Saha are working the ball aorund nicely and keeping the scoreboard ticking in the process

0943 hrs IST: Cummins is varying his length nicely in the middle. His opening spell will be crucial for the visitors. Not enough lead in the bank now and every run, wicket is vital to both teams

0941 hrs IST: After a tidy O’Keefe over, Cummins marks his run-up again. Shines the ball aggressively against the lower and gets ready to bowl to Saha

0937 hrs IST: Six runs coming from an eventful Cummins over. India now trail Australia by 83 runs and have four wickets in the bag

0934 hrs IST: The stumper responds in style as he hits the next ball for a boundary. He certainly is a handy lower-order batsman and India need his runs today

0932 hrs IST: Impact in line, pitched outside off but it was doing enough to miss the leg-stump. The right-hander survives and it remains 362/6. There were two sounds but it was bat hitting the pad and there was no contact whatsoever with the ball

0927 hrs IST: Cummins into the attack and loud shout with the first ball. Umpire raises his finger without any hesitation but Saha decides to go for the review straigth away

0920 hrs IST: Both teams are out in the middle. Pujara and Saha the overnight pair for the hosts, and it will be O’Keefe who would start proceedings with the ball

0912 hrs IST: Working on those safe hands! Both teams apply final touches as we approach the start of day’s play in Ranchi

0908 hrs IST: The pitch has held itself together quite nicely. Certainly has all the ingredients for it to be a Day 1 or Day 2 pitch. There are, however, enough cracks, footmarks to keep the bowlers intestested

0904 hrs IST: Brett Lee feels Australia need to find a way to get Pujara early, and get into the Indian lower-order. The ball is about fifty overs old and it will take some doing to make it talk in the morning session

0900 hrs IST: Up next, Jadeja warms up before the start of play. He needs to come good with the bat today. After another Ashwin failure, India need someone from the lower-order to chip in with useful contributions

0854 hrs IST: The Ranchi strip has been the best of the series so far. For the first three days, it was good for batting and was rewarding for bowlers who hit the right areas. There are no signs of alarming turn yet, and it remains to be seen how it behaves on the penultimate day

0852 hrs IST: Yes, some Indian batsmen were guilty of throwing it away with poor shots but Karun Nair and KL Rahul got absolute rippers from the seamer. The former was undone by a delivery which tailed in and went through his defence and Rahul couldn’t get out of the way of a sharp bouncer

0850 hrs IST: Day 3 kept both teams interested. If it was India who got off to a solid start with top-three getting runs, the visitors hit back and removed Virat Kohli, Ajinkya Rahane cheaply. Pat Cummins, make a return to the Test team, was pick of the bowlers and his spell was a treat to watch

0848 hrs IST: All Indian hopes rest with the pair of Pujara and Saha. They don’t trail Australia by much now and would like a solid start to the fourth day’s play in Ranchi

0840 hrs IST: Hello and Good Morning! We’re ready and in place for the fourth day’s play in the third Test in Ranchi. Hard to pick which way this one is going as India trail by just 91 but have four wickets left to play for.

India vs Australia 3rd Test, Day 4: Pitch

The pitch has held itself together quite nicely. Certainly has all the ingredients for it to be a Day 1 or Day 2 pitch. There are, however, enough cracks, footmarks to keep the bowlers interested

India vs Australia 3rd Test Playing XI:

India: Murali Vijay, KL Rahul, Cheteshwar Pujara, Virat Kohli, Ajinkya Rahane, Karun Nair, Wriddhiman Saha, R Ashwin, Ravindra Jadeja, Umesh Yadav, Ishant Sharma

Australia: David Warner, Matt Renshaw, Steve Smith, Shaun Marsh, Peter Handscomb, Glenn Maxwell, Matthew Wade, Steve O’Keefe, Nathan Lyon, Pat Cummins, Josh Hazlewood


India vs Australia 3rd Test, Day 3: Reactions from Day 3

Murali Vijay: “I think the game is evenly-poised. If we can get closer to the target and may be if possible extend a lead from there, it would be a good game in hand. They were bowling really tight to be honest. Myself and Pujara had a talk in between, the main goal was to see off the initial phase.” (Read what he had to say)

David Saker: “Hats off to the selectors to go with him (Cummins). Ball speed in India is a big thing because the wickets don’t generate any pace. But he was way higher than the expectations we had. We know what talent he is but it’s so pleasing to see him go so well.” (Read what he had to say)

India vs Australia 3rd Test Day 4 Preview at Ranchi: India would blame themselves for the number of wickets they lost on the third day. The dismissals of Murali Vijay, Virat Kohli and Ajinkya Rahane were less than wicket-taking deliveries but for the lapse in concentration on Vijay’s part and poor shot making on the other two’s part. However, same cannot be said for Cheteshwar Pujara. He, for the most part, was solid in his inning and fittingly received a pat on the back by the Aussies as he walked back unbeaten on 130. He has Wriddhiman Saha for company. For the visitors, Pat Cummins was the difference maker with four wickets to his name.

India vs Australia 3rd Test, Match Umpires

Ground Umpires: Chris Gaffaney and Ian Gould
Third Umpire: Nigel Llong
Match Referee: Sir Richie Richardson

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