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Sunday, June 26, 2022

1st Test: Visitors reach 256/9 at stumps on Day 1

India on top after Umesh Yadav's 4 wickets for 32 before Australia end day one at 256/9.

By: Express Web Desk | Pune |
Updated: March 6, 2017 1:55:34 pm

India vs Australia 1st Test

What a day of Test cricket in Pune! Australia won the toss and then began brilliantly with openers David Warner and Matt Renshaw. Umesh Yadav then gave the wicket of Warner. Renshaw took the toilet break. Steve Smith and Shaun Marsh steadied India before India fougthback with their spinners. Then Renshaw came back and kept Australia going and they were going nicely before Umesh came on with the old ball. Australia collapsed. And then Mitchell Starc went into attacking mode. He helped Australia finish with 256/9 at stumps. Phew! Tomorrow it will India batting

Day highlights, as it happened

1635 hrs IST: STUMPS! 94 overs bowled in the day’s play. Australia are 256 for the loss of 9 wickets. Starc unbeaten for 57* and Hazlewood the other unbeaten batsmen. Umesh Yadav the star bowler with four wickets for 32 runs

1627 hrs IST: Final over of the day coming up in Pune. Ishant Sharma to bowl the over. Australia are 256 for the loss of nine wickets. Can India bowl out Australia today?

1624 hrs IST: Starc and Hazlewood survive the over from Ishant. Australia are 254 for the loss of nine wickets. Couple of more overs of spin can be bowled. Only one over of pace. Two if it is pace and spin from either end

1619 hrs IST: If the last wicket falls now, India won’t bat here. Only 10 minutes remaining and that is the break time between the innings. So KL Rahul and Murali Vijay can breathe easy

1615 hrs IST: FIFTY! Starc pulls another one for four and reaches a 47-ball half-century. Ninth Test fifty for Starc. He has never not to a hundred. 99 is his highest score. Ashwin to bowl now

1609 hrs IST: Australia are 242 for the loss of nine wickets. Ishant Sharma to bowl now. He is replacing Jadeja. Australia have 20 minutes to survive today. Can they?

1606 hrs IST: Super striking from Starc. First places it beautifully for four and then clears the ropes over long-on. Six runs. He is into the 40s now. Ashwin to replace Jayant Yadav

1603 hrs IST: Jadeja replaces Umesh. Starc on strike. He is playing his shots and not worried about going for the kill. He gets an inside edge which travels for four behind the wicket for four

1600 hrs IST: SIX! Mitchell Starc takes the aerial route and clears the ropes. Second six for him. Brilliant batting. Not letting the pressure get to him. Jayant needs to be better with his length here.

1558 hrs IST: No success for Umesh in that over. Jayant Yadav to bowl next. Starc and Hazlewood keeping Australia going. We are nearing the close of day’s play now

1554 hrs IST: A single from Jayant’s over. Umesh back to bowl to Starc. He has four wickets so far. Can he get his fifth? Australia are 212 for the loss of nine wicket with 25 minutes left in the day’s play

1551 hrs IST: India call for the second new ball. Last ball of the Umesh over. Starc on strike. It’s maiden over for Umesh. Australia remain at 211 for the loss of nine wickets. Jayant Yadav to replace Ashwin

1547 hrs IST: Ashwin gets a quick over through. Umesh Yadav to bowl again and this has to be a top spell. He can get five wickets if he picks the final Australian wicket. Only his 11th over

1543 hrs IST: WICKET! Two in two for Umesh Yadav. Nathan Lyon is gone LBW. Reverse swing in the play. Lyon reviews after umpire gives it out. Clipping the stumps and he has to go. Australia 9 down

1539 hrs IST: WICKET! Wriddhiman Saha with a stunning catch behind the stumps. Flying to he right to take it mid-air. He was parallel to the ground. Steve O’Keefe goes

1533 hrs IST: 80 overs bowled and India have a new ball available. They are not taking it though. The reviews are also reset. India have two, Australia have two. Ashwin to bowl for India

1529 hrs IST: Drinks in Pune. Australia are close to 200 in the first innings but a lot of work to be done still. Australia are currently 199 for the loss of seven wickets. Some quick wickets falling

1526 hrs IST: Steve O’Keefe is the new man in for Australia. The visitors are inching towards the 200 run mark but they’ve lost seven wickets already. Starc the other batsman

1524 hrs IST: GONE! R Ashwin gets some extra bounce and that does enough to dismiss Matt Renshaw for 68 from 116 balls and Australia are 196/7. Ashwin comes over the wicket this time and has Renshaw playing at it with the ball moving away. The Australian

batsman chases at it and edges to Murali Vijay who takes a simple, low catch.

1520 hrs IST: Umesh Yadav again. First ball of the over pitches outside off and Renshaw offers a shot but misses. The ball doesn’t carry either. Third ball of the over strays on the leg side and Renshaw gently pushes it away for a four towards the fine leg boundary. Next ball is a variation – a slower delivery and Renshaw looks to play away from the body but misses. Four runs from the over

1516 hrs IST: Mitchell Starc is the new man in. R Ashwin continues from the other end. A single from the over with Renshaw adding one to his score

1507 hrs IST: Umesh Yadav has Matthew Wade caught leg before and the umpire has given it. But the Aussies opt to review it. There is no ball and no edge on that. Wade possibly moved across onto off stump and gets pinned. The impact is in-line with a touch on the leg stump but as rules say, it is umpire’s call. GONE! Matthew Wade is gone for 8. Bit unlucky that for Wade

1505 hrs IST: CHANGE IN BOWLING. Umesh Yadav comes into the attack. Renshaw had yet to face the reverse swing and seam effort of Umesh. Let’s see how he reacts to the change

1503 hrs IST: R Ashwin on the other end and varying his length. Goes for a length ball to open the over to Wade and then moves on to a full length delivery and a tossed up delivery to close the over

1459 hrs IST: Jayant Yadav is on the other end once again with Matthew Wade – another left-hander facing him. Single rotates side and Renshaw growing in confidence as he comes down the track a touch and pummels the ball down the ground for a four

1457 hrs IST: R Ashwin comes on to bowl with the ball 72 overs bowled and Australia 184/5. And it is a maiden over with solid defensive work by Renshaw

1455 hrs IST: Jayant Yadav tosses the ball up and Renshaw is quick to latch on to the overpitched delivery and it goes running through cover region for a four

1453 hrs IST: A beautiful technique from Renshaw. Not really falling in the trap of driving or staying on the back foot. Leaving the ball outside off stump. Australia are 178 for the loss of five wickets

1447 hrs IST: FIFTY! Matt Renshaw gets an half-century in his first innings in the sub-continent. Some brilliant batting from Renshaw that has been rewarded. Apllauded from the Pune crowd as well

1442 hrs IST: WICKET! Jajdeja gets the wicket of Mitchell MarshThat is just smart bowling from Jadeja. It is quick and flatter from and that hits Marsh on the pads. Plumb in front. Umpires takes no time

1438 hrs IST: Jadeja finishes his over. Australia are 165 for the loss of four wickets. Ashwin to bowl now. Australia moving on nicely since the two quick wickets before Tea

Meanwhile in the Pune MC elections, you can follow the results on the website

1436 hrs IST: Mat Renshaw has really shown some good batting skills here. The learning of Matthew Hayden working now. He is closing in on a fifty in Pune

1432 hrs IST: Matt Renshaw comes down the pitch and sends one over mid-wicket for four! Brilliant shot getting his body behind the shot. No one in the deep. Ashwin will bowl from the other end for India

1430 hrs IST: Players are back in the middle for the final session of play in Pune. Matt Renshaw and Mitchell Marsh the batsmen for Australia. Jadeja to begin proceedings with the ball.

1410 hrs IST: Tea on Day 1 in Pune! India clearly the better team in this session. They picked up three wickets and gave only 69 runs. Jadeja, Ashwin and Jayant picking up a wicket each. Smith will be disappointed after his dismissal. Renshaw and Mitchell Marsh the two batsmen out in the middle

1407 hrs IST: End of the Jadeja over. Ashwin to continue. He will bowl his 21st over now. Australia dealing in single for now. Every batsmen getting into double figures but no big score so far

1405 hrs IST: Jadeja appeals but Renshaw has a long stride out. Clearly going down the leg-side. But this has been a big shift in the momentum for India. On top of the game now

1402 hrs IST: It’s all happening in Pune. India have the momentum but Australia are 150 for the loss of four wickets. Matt Renshaw and Mitchell Marsh are in the middle for them. Jadeja to continue

1400 hrs IST: Review! Mitchell Marsh reviews after umpire gives him out caught behind. There is clear day-light between bat and ball and the ball is hitting the flap of the pad. Marsh not out

1358 hrs IST: WICKET! Steve Smith cannot believe it. He has hit one straight to short mid-wicket. He has to go. Ashwin strikes. Comes down the pitch and sends it straight Kohli. One brings two for India

1356 hrs IST: Who is back? Matt Renshaw is back to bat. He is batting on 36. Here is why he had to retire hurt just after David Warner’s wicket at the stroke of Lunch

1353 hrs IST: WICKET! Peter Handscomb is plumb in front. Jadeja strikes! He bowls a straight delivery and Handscomb has no clue about it. Misses it completely and it hit on the back leg and right in front of the wickets

1347 hrs IST: End of the over. Not a bad over. Australia move on to 146 for the loss of two wickets. We are into the final 30 minutes before Tea in Pune. Ashwin to continue

1345 hrs IST: Oh! What happened there?! Jadeja bowls a delivery that bounces twice. Handscomb tries to hit it but misses. Almost edged it. They all have a laugh but could have been disastrous for Handscomb

1344 hrs IST: Matt Renshaw sitting at the sidelines. He is retired ill. He can bat whenever a wicket falls. Jadeja to replace Ashwin now. Australia are 144 for the loss of two wickets

1341 hrs IST: It is really hot in Pune. Ishant is slow to bowl his over. Steve Smith is also taking his time to get his stance. Crowd looking for shade and you can see some empty stands

1337 hrs IST: Four more! Handscomb flicks one on the leg-side and he finishes the over with another four. Ashwin proving to be expensive. Australia move on to 142 for the loss of two wickets. Ishant to continue

1335 hrs IST: Gorgeous drive from Handscomb to get a four! Playing that shot through covers and no chance for the fielder to stop it. Nice timing on it from Handscomb

1330 hrs IST: Maiden over from Ashwin. Handscomb getting no run off it. Ishant to continue from the other end. Smith will be on strike for the next over. Some empty stands in Pune

1327 hrs IST: Finally Ashwin! He will bowl to Handscomb. Australia are 132 for the loss of two wickets. This will be the 54th over of the innings. Handscomb is batting on 10*

1321 hrs IST: India not bringing on Ashwin. He has an strike rate of around 80 and he has bwoled those many delivery now. Should be brought on. Ishant to continue for India

1318 hrs IST: Ravindra Jadeja to bowl from the other end after drinks. Smith is batting on 23* and Handscomb in on 4*. Australia scoring runs at just over 2.5 runs per over

1317 hrs IST: Ishant drifting down the leg-side and Handscmob takes a single. Smith plays the final ball. Australia taking no risks to score the runs. They are 130 for 2.

1313 hrs IST: Change in bowling after drinks. Ishant Sharma will be bowling to Steve Smith. This is the 51st over of the Australian innings and they are 128 for 2. Ishant to bowl now for India

1311 hrs IST: Drinks in Pune. Australia remain at 128 for 2. India will be looking to make inroads now that they have yet another new batsman at the crease in Handscomb. Drinks

1308 hrs IST: 50 overs bowled and Australia have reached 128 for the loss of two wickets. India bowling with Jadeja and Jayant. When will Ashwin be back and will there be reverse swing for pacers?

1303 hrs IST: A loud shout for a leg-before from India against Smith but umpire Nigel Llong turns it down. Jadeja is furious and Kohli has a word with the umpire. Impact outside off says Llong

1300 hrs IST: Peter Handscomb is the new batsmen for Australia. Jadeja to bowl a new over and Steve Smith on strike. Australia are 121 for the loss of two wickets now. No Matt Renshaw though

1257 hrs IST WICKET! Jayant Yadav gets the wicket of Shaun Marsh. That is not the greatest delivery but he still gets a wicket. Jayant bowls down the leg-side and Marsh tries to sweep it but gets a glove and caught at leg-slip

1253 hrs IST: Jayant Yadav with a maiden over! Ravindra Jadeja to continue. Shaun Marsh will be on strike. This will be the 46th over. A leg-slip, slip and short leg in place for him

1250 hrs IST: Another top over from Jadeja. Giving the batsmen no room to play the shots. India need the wickets though. Jayant Yadav to continue for India with Australia on 118 for 1

1247 hrs IST: Not a great line from Jayant and Australia get another four! They move on to 117 for the loss of one wicket. Jadeja to contiune with Steve Smith on strike for Australia

1244 hrs IST: Some anxious moments for Smith in the over from Jadeja but he survives. India make a bowling change and Jayant Yadav is replacing Umesh Yadav. He impressed in earlier spell

1242 hrs IST: Jadeja bowls a short one and Smith in quick to put it away. Pulled over mid-wicket. Gets four! That has to be a top shot from Smith. Tranfer of balance it just seemless.

1240 hrs IST: Australia move on to 105 for the loss of one wicket. Marsh and Smith are patient enough to play out overs rather than take risks on this pitch. India continue with Jadeja

1237 hrs IST: Jadeja with a quick over after that review. Kohli looks disappointed after losing both the reviews. Bit inconsistent in taking those reviews after being unsure. Umesh to continue

1233 hrs IST: REVIEW! Kohli has reviewed a not out decision by umpire for a LBW appeal against Steve Smith. There is no bat involved but it looks like going down the leg-side. Impact inside the line but it is missing the wicket. Going down the lg-side. Smith survives

1230 hrs IST: Drifting down the leg-side and those are easy pickings for Steve Smith. Umesh Yadav not sticking to his line outside the off stump and getting hit for four!

1228 hrs IST: 100 up for Australia in the 38th over! So they have done well to make those runs. Though slow, they have not lost too many wickets and that is a good sign. Umesh Yadav to continue

1224 hrs IST: Excellent shot from Shaun Marsh off Umesh Yadav on the leg-side. Not trying to hit it hard but just time it. Placed it just away from the square-leg fielder and gets a boundary

1222 hrs IST: Good over from Jadeja but Australia are 93 for the loss of one wicket. They are in no mood to take those risks. Smith leaving everything outside off stump

1217 hrs IST: Umesh Yadav bowls a terrific over. Some good deliveries to the batsmen. Australia batsmen are looking confident in this session as well. Jadeja to continue for India

1210 hrs IST: Steve Smith and Shaun Marsh have walked back to the middle for the second session of play in Pune. Indian fielders have taken the field and we are all set. Jadeja to bowl the first over

India bowlers need to pick some wickets in the second session and though the pitch is slow and dry, the batsmen can get a hang of it and score runs. Marsh and Smith can do that very easily

It was a great session for Australia. The openers Warner and Renshaw really made the Indian bowlers worked hard. Not playing bad shots and allowing the ball to come to them. Getting some valuable runs

1133 hrs IST: Lunch on Day 1! A fantastic session of cricket and Australia will be very pleased with this one. They are 84 for the loss of one wicket. India would have hoped for a better session but failed to pick more wickets. Smith and Marsh the two unbeaten batsmen for Australia with Renshaw retired

1130 hrs IST: Shaun Marsh takes 13 balls to get off the mark and Steve Smith 18 balls to do the same. Australia are 84 for the loss of one wicket. What a session this has been

1129 hrs IST: Jadeja finishes his over in just 2 minutes and we will have another over before Lunch. Marsh on strike against Ashwin. Both Smith and Marsh are yet to open their account

1126 hrs IST: Last few overs have really stalled Australia. Also, there are two new batsmen at the crease for them. Will need some work to pull things together. Change in bowling and Jadeja comes back

1123 hrs IST: Maiden over from Umesh! India have bowled 30 overs so far in this session. That is one-third of the day’s overs but we can continue as we still have six minutes for Lunch. Ashwin now

1120 hrs IST: Marsh survives the Ashwin over but with some discomfort. Matt Renshaw can continue his innings after a fall of wicket. Umesh Yadav to continue for India. 10 minutes to go for Lunch

1117 hrs IST: Ashwin will continue for India. Marsh and Smith both are new at the crease. Can India capitalise on this and get another breakthrough just before Lunch? Ashwin here

1114 hrs IST: Hmm… Looks like Matt Renshaw has retired and left the field with Warner’s wicket. Steve Smith is the new man and is now joined by Shaun Marsh. Renshaw is “retired ill”

1112 hrs IST: WICKET! David Warner played on. First over from Umesh and he has got the wicket of Warner. Bowled. Playing away from the body, gets the inside edge and onto the stumps

1106 hrs IST: Close! A huge appeal from India for leg-before against Renshaw but umpire says not out. Kohli thinks about taking the review but then decides against it.

1104 hrs IST: 26 overs bowled and Australia are 80 for no loss. We are into the final 30 minutes before Lunch in Pune. This has been an exceptional effort from Renshaw and Warner but things can change quickly

1101 hrs IST: Warner sweeps and sweeps perfectly. A bit away from the deep square-leg fielder and he gets a four to end the Ashwin over.

1059 hrs iST: Matt Renshaw down the pitch and he gets hold of that. Big six for him as he lofts one over long-on. First six of the innings. Good feet movement and balance from Renshaw

1058 hrs IST: Warner getting itchy in the middle. He wants to score some quick runs. His strike rate is below 50 in this innings. Jadeja to bowl a new over for India

1055 hrs IST: Warner and Renshaw have a chat in the middle of the pitch. Ashwin and Kohli have a chat later. Mind games all over there. Good over from Ashwin and Australia are 63 for no loss

1051 hrs IST: Renshaw down the pitch and sends it over mid-on for four! First charge from the left-hander. Now Ashwin back again. This is exactly the start Australia wanted on this pitch

1047 hrs IST: There is turn and bounce from the rough for Jadeja. Australia move on to 53 for no loss after 20 overs. Brilliant batting from the two left-handed openers of Australia. Ashwin to continue

1044 hrs IST: 50 up for Australia in the 19th over. Ashwin bowls a beauty of a delivery to finish the over. Ravindra Jadeja to continue for India. There is big rough for him outside the off stump for a left hander

1041 hrs IST: Changes of ends for Ashwin. He replaces Jayant at the other end. Australia are 49 for no loss. India still searching for that first wicket. Ashwin will be the key for India

1038 hrs IST: So here we are. Virat Kohli brings on Ravindra Jadeja. Third spinner used by India. Renshaw on strike for Australia. Left-arm spinner to left-arm batsman

1037 hrs IST: Not really the start India wanted from Jayant. He has to be better in length. The short ball is easily pulled by Warner for four! Australia continue to bat with confidence

1033 hrs IST: So Jayant Yadav to continue after drinks. Australia showed have been one down but for the no-ball. Warner will be on strike for Australia. India need that wicket to break this stand

1029 hrs IST: End of the first four in Pune and the players head for drinks. Australia openers Warner and Renshaw have done well to remain at the crease so far.

1026 hrs IST: BOWLED! Whoa no! A no-ball from Jayant. He has bowled Warner round his legs not umpire calls it a n0-ball. It goes for four as well. That is huge no-ball from Jayant Yadav.

1024 hrs IST: Short from Jayant and Warner has hammered it for four! The Bull stationing himself on the back foot and pulled it. So much power in that shot from Warner

1022 hrs IST: Only a single off Ashwin over. Australia are 30 for no loss. Warner and Renshaw are picking the ball on the full. Not letting it to turn a great deal. Jayant Yadav to continue

1020 hrs IST: Another good over for India. Just the single of the over of Jayant Yadav. Ashwin will bowl to Warner. Ashwin will like to attack Renshaw more. He has a silly point and a slip

1018 hrs IST: Kohli knows his spinners can get him that wicket. Renshaw and Warner have done great to be together so far. Jayant Yadav to continue for India

1017 hrs IST: Square turn for Ashwin! Warner is beaten all ends up and Renshaw is all smiles. It turned square! 12th over of the first day of the Test match. Ashwin likes it

1015 hrs IST: Warner is showing his experience in these conditions. Trusting his defence and playing the cut shot. Ashwin to continue and Warner will be on strike for Australia

1013 hrs IST: Maiden over from Ashwin but India lost their one review out of two in that over. Australia remain at 27 for no loss. Jayant Yadav to continue for India. Warner on strike

1010 hrs IST: REVIEW! India appeal for caught behind but umpire says not out. Virat Kohli thinks before reviewing and asks if the bat hit the pad. Ashwin thinks he should. Legal delivery from Ashwin. But there is no spike on the UltraEdge. Not out

1009 hrs IST: Here we go! Ashwin gets one to turn and bounce. Renshaw looks a bit surprised. But that was a really good delivery.

1007 hrs IST: Not great start from Jayant. First a full toss delivery put away by Warner for four. Jayant then tries a short one on which Warner settles back and cuts it for four. Australia getting some runs in that over

1005 hrs IST: India not holding back! Kohli bring on Jayant Yadav from the other end. Replaces Ishant Sharma. Warner on strike and he will face another off-spinner

1002 hrs IST: Warner tries to play the big shot. Comes down the pitch and lift the ball over mid wicket. Misses it completely. Hit on the body. That is the first time Warner has shown aggression

1001 hrs IST: Single run from the Ishant Sharma over. Australia are 18 for no loss and India are continuing with Ashwin with the new ball. Warner on strike against him

0959 hrs IST: Warner and Renshaw cautious in the middle. Leaving the ball outside the off stump. No risks taken and Ishant Sharma is going round the wicket now. Kohli making some field adjustments

0956 hrs IST: Six overs gone and Australia are 17 for no loss. Three overs each of pace and spin bowled by India and nothing so far that has troubled Warner and Renshaw. The running between the wickets has been good as well

0952 hrs IST: So a good comeback from Ishant after going for three runs off the first three balls. Australia are 14 for no loss with Warner and Renshaw at the crease. India continue with Ashwin

0950 hrs IST: Three runs for Australia off the first three balls of the Ishant Sharma over. Renshaw is looking very composed today. Good stance and not falling over for the ball

0948 hrs IST: Maiden over from Ashwin! He’s got the variation going on early. Ishant to bowl from the other end. Umesh Yadav yet to get the ball. So pace and spin from either ends for India

0946 hrs IST: Some turn and bounce for Ashwin. Beats Renshaw’s outside edge. Falls short of the slip fielder. This pitch will be troubling the batsmen and it will be troubling them quick

0944 hrs IST: Another good over from Ishant. Two singles from it. Australia move on to 11 for no loss. India continue with Ashwin. He has a slip and silly point for Matt Renshaw. He is getting some turn

0939 hrs IST: A loose delivery from Ashwin and Renshaw flicks on the leg-side for four! Second boundary of the innings for Australia. They move on to nine for no loss after two overs

0937 hrs IST: Forget pace, India give the new ball to R Ashwin in the second over. Warner on strike for the first time. This is an exciting contest.

0935 hrs IST: An excellent start from Ishant Sharma! He got the outside edge which went for four but otherwise a brilliant over. Australia remain at four for no loss. Warner to take strike

0932 hrs IST: FOUR! Australia and Renshaw start with a four! A good delivery from Ishant Sharma that takes the outside edge of Renshaw’s bat and it races between second slip and gully for four

0929 hrs IST: We are done with the National Anthems. Indian team in a huddle. Australia openers David Warner and Matthew Renshaw are walking towards the middle for live action in Pune

0925 hrs IST: Start of the Border-Gavaskar Trophy in Pune, which is hot but not humid. Australia have read the pitch and are ready to roll. India are trying to keep the winning run going

0920 hrs IST: The umpires and the players are coming out to the middle for the National Anthems of the two nations. First will be the National Anthem of Australia followed by that of India

0910 hrs IST: Playing XI for India

Murali Vijay, KL Rahul, Cheteshwar Pujara, Virat Kohli, Ajinkya Rahane, Wriddhiman Saha, R Ashwin, Ravindra Jadeja, Jayant Yadav, Ishant Sharma, Umesh Yadav

0905 hrs IST: Playing XI for Australia

David Warner, Matthew Renshaw, Steve Smith (c), Shaun Marsh, Peter Handscomb, Mitchell Marsh, Matthew Wade (wk), Mitchell Starc, Steve O’Keefe, Josh Hazlewood, Nathan Lyon

0902 hrs IST: Virat Kohli also hoped to win the toss but adds “I don’t come here thinking anything but we wanted to bat first as well. It is an advantage for us to play on this pitch so we have done one change by bringing in Jayant Yadav in place of Bhuvneshwar Kumar. And once the reverse swing comes into play, we have Ishant and Umesh”

0900 hrs IST: Australia win toss and Steve Smith decides to bat against India in Pune. Smith says “this pitch won’t bounce as much and take turn from ball one and we playing with two pacers.”

0856 hrs IST: Shane Warne says “I have not seen a pitch as dry as this. Generally Pune pitch has grass over it and is nicely laid out. This has a lot of cracks on it. But Australia should play a normal team.”

0855 hrs IST: Pune pitch is really dry. Ravi Shastri says “I have never seen a pitch like this. We all know that this pitch will turn and may start from ball one and once the fast bowlers come on and create the rough, it will bounce.”

0850 hrs IST: Australia will clearly look up to their captain Steve Smith for motivation and his experience of playing in India before. Can he help his team like he did himself when appointed the captain after Michael Clarke? Sriram Veera argues – Can Steve Smith, who reinvented himself, now reinvent his team?

0840 hrs IST: If Australia can actually overcome the fact that pitches in India will turn and bounce, it will be a different challenge to negotiate two world class spinners in R Ashwin and Ravindra Jadeja. The two have been phenomenal for India in this home season. But Pune is dry Steve Smith mentioned it. Bharat Sundaresan was at the pre-match presser – Australia stare at ‘dry clean’

0830 hrs IST: Hello and welcome to the coverage of the first day’s play of the first Test between India and Australia from Pune. India are on a 19-match winning run and Australia are looking for their first Test win in India since 2005. Pune is hosting a Test match for the first time.

India and Australia are all set for the first Test of the four-match series that begins in Pune on Thursday. India have a long winning run behind them and they will like to continue that for the remaining part of the home season. Australia have had a disastrous record in Asia in the past two years losing to Sri Lanka and Pakistan. They have a rather inexperienced squad coming to India for this series with a lot of talk about who will be their spinner other than Steve O’Keefe.

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With Pune hosting it’s first ever Test, the pitch is though to be dry and Steve Smith even said that it will take turn from first ball. Virat Kohli said it will be slow and likely to turn from second day. Australia have come to India with four full-time spinners while Glenn Maxwell can chip in as a part-timer.

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