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Saturday, May 21, 2022

GL vs MI, IPL 2016: Gujarat beat Mumbai by 6 wickets in Kanpur

Gujarat Lions beat Mumbai Indians by 6 wickets to confirm play-off spot and knock out Mumbai.

By: Express Web Desk | New Delhi |
Updated: May 22, 2016 1:02:12 pm
Suresh Raina made 58 runs in Gujarat’s win. (Source: BCCI)

Gujarat Lions confirm a top-two finish after beating MI by 6 wickets and claiming 18 points after 9 wins in IPL 2016. Defending champions Mumbai have a bleak chance to qualify depending on other results and net run-rate


As it happened

2320 hrs IST: Gujarat Lions win! Confirm a play-off berth with 18 points and possibly a top-two finish. Mumbai knocked out

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2318 hrs IST: Gujarat are 5 runs away from a top two finish

2311 hrs IST: Bumrah to bowl the 17th over

2309 hrs IST: Defending champs Mumbai’s chances of winning this win are bleak. Gujarat need 16 off the last 4 overs. Time for time-out

2303 hrs IST: Nine runs off the 15th over and GL are 147/4

2259 hrs IST: Smith hits the first ball of 15th over for FOUR!

2258 hrs IST: Smith follows the six with a four. Gujarat are closing in. After 14 overs, 138/4. Need 35 more

2257 hrs IST: SIX! Smith picks it from middle and leg over midwicket for a six

2255 hrs IST: A wicket and only 5 runs off the 13th over. Gujarat 126/4. Need 47 off 42 balls

2252 hrs IST: WICKET! Raina is gone. Big wicket. Raina closes the face off the bat early and it goes high in the sky. Buttler settles himself under it and takes it easily

2250 hrs IST: 12 overs gone and Gujarat are 121/3

2249 hrs IST: SIX! First ball faced by Smith is short which he pulls for a massive six

2247 hrs IST: Dwayne Smith is the new man in for Gujarat

2246 hrs IST: WICKET! Dinesh Karthik is caught behind down the leg-side. He is not happy with the decision

2242 hrs IST: FIFTY! Suresh Raina pulls one for four to bring up his half-century. What time to bring it up

2241 hrs IST: 100 up for Gujarat at the end of the 10th over. 73 more needed

2239 hrs IST: Dinesh Karthik is the new man in for Gujarat

2237 hrs IST: WICKET! Looks like McCullum is bowled. Yes, missing the ball completely and it clips the bails. Harbhajan strikes. GL 96/2

2235 hrs IST: Nine overs done and Gujarat race to 96/1. Need 77 off 66 balls

2230 hrs IST: 10 off the 8th over and Gujarat are 90/1

2228 hrs IST: Short again and McCullum sends it for four! This was on the off-side

2228 hrs IST: McCullum pulls and it is four! Harbhajan’s first ball was too short

2227 hrs IST: 7 overs gone and Gujarat are 80/1

2225 hrs IST: Down the leg-side and Raina just puts bat on the ball. It races past short fine-leg and for four!

2225 hrs IST: Krunal’s first ball is wide and Raina just puts his bat on it. Four!

2222 hrs IST: A late call for time-out

2221 hrs IST: Short, slow and outside-off, McCullum chases it and sends it to cover boundary

2220 hrs IST: ON McCullum’s pads and he flicks it past short fine leg for FOUR!

2220 hrs IST: DROPPED! Raina hits one back but Bumrah expected a much faster catch. Puts it down

2219 hrs IST: SIX! Bumrah bowls on the leg-side and Raina picks it up and sends it over mid-wicket for a massive six!

2218 hrs IST: Slower one from Bumrah and Raina gets a top edge which goes over keeper’s head for a four!

2217 hrs IST: What a shot from McCullum! Short from Krunal and McCullum picks it from outside-off and pulls it over mid-wicket for a six. Gujarat 51/1 after 5 overs

2213 hrs IST: Exceptional effort from Hardik at square-leg boundary. Saves 2 runs

2212 hrs IST: Spin introduced! Krunal Pandya is welcomed By McCullum by a four

2211 hrs IST: Four overs done and Gujarat are 33/1 chasing 173

2208 hrs IST: Full-toss on the leg-side and McCullum just places it at square-leg. FOUR!

2207 hrs IST: Vinay Kumar in some pain after a straight, hard hit from McCullum hits him on the foot

2206 hrs IST: 4, 4, 6 off the last three balls of the third over. 18 off it. Gujarat are away in the chase

2155 hrs IST: McCullum gets on the front-foot and puts the Bumrah low full-toss away. First boundary of the Gujarat innings

2154 hrs IST: Jasprit Bumrah introduced from the other end by Rohit Sharma

2151 hrs IST: Suresh Raina is the new man in. He joins McCullum in the middle

2150 hrs IST: WICKET! The Finch experiment doesn’t work as Vinay traps the opener in front with a sharp in-swinger. Gujarat 0/1. That’s wicket no.100 for V Kumar in the IPL

2148 hrs IST: Gujarat openers Smith and Finch out in the middle for the 173-run chase. Vinay Kumar with the new ball for Mumbai

2133 hrs IST: WICKET! On the last ball, Hardik hits the full-toss straight to long-on. Mumbai post 172/8

2129 hrs IST: WICKET! Harbhajan goes for the slog but the top edge isn’t enough! Raina takes a good catch

2128 hrs IST: 19th over produces only 6 runs. Mumbai have lost wickets and plot. 166/6

2124 hrs IST: Bravo to bowl the 19th over. First ball over Harbhajan’s head for a wide

2123 hrs IST: Excellent over from Kulkarni! 7 off it

2120 hrs IST: WICKET! Full-toss from Kulkarni and Pollard mishits it. It travels to long-off where Smith runs in to take the catch. MI 160/6

2118 hrs IST: SIX! A mishit from Pollard and it still travels over long-on for a six

2116 hrs IST: WICKET! A slower one from Bravo and Rana drags it from outside off to square-leg. Caught in deep. An excellent innings of 70 off 36 balls comes to an end

2111 hrs IST: Bravo to bowl the 17th over. Pollard on strike

2108 hrs IST: Mumbai have been excellent in the recovery. Last 6 overs fetching them 73 runs. 16 gone, MI 145/4. Time for the time-out

2108 hrs IST: Rana pulls a slightly short ball from Kulkarni and manages to clear the square-leg fielder! SIX

2105 hrs IST: Kulkarni to bowl the 16th over

2104 hrs IST: Rana finishes the over with another boundary! Through point area and Mumbai are 134/4 after 15 overs

2103 hrs IST: FIFTY! Maiden IPL half-century for Nitish Rana! With a four through mid-wicket

2103 hrs IST: Nitish Rana has been unstoppable today! Another slog and another four!

2100 hrs IST: Bravo finishes the over with a dot ball and then walks up to Pollard

2059 hrs IST: Pollard is the new man in!

2058 hrs IST: WICKET! What a catch from Bravo. It was a yorker length and Buttler had struck it hard back to the bowler. Bravo sticks out his hands in front of his face and it sticks. MI 120/4

2056 hrs IST: Rana picks the slower one early and sends it over cover for a four

2053 hrs IST: Rana going extremely well. Ends the 13th over with a six. MI 114/3

2050 hrs IST: 12 overs gone and Mumbai are 103/3

2047 hrs IST: Rana launches the free-hit into the orbit! He is on 20 off 18 balls

2046 hrs IST: Dwayne Smith loses control and it is high! Rana hits it for four. It’s a no-ball and a free-hit

2045 hrs IST: Buttler cuts and it races to the point boundary, FOUR! MI 87/3 after 11 overs

2045 hrs IST: Nitish Rana launches a big one against Jadeja but that goes high rather than long. Still it is just over the ropes

2042 hrs IST: Jadeja into the attack for Gujarat

2042 rhs IST: 10 overs done and Mumbai are 72/3. Gujarat Lions have applied the breaks on the scoring rate

2040 hrs IST: Half over done from Bravo and only 4 runs so far

2038 hrs IST: Dwayne Bravo with the ball and he will bowl the 10th over

2036 hrs IST: Smith finishes with his third over and Mumbai reach 67/3 after 9 overs. Time for the time-out

2032 hrs IST: Jakati gives only 5 runs in his over and Mumbai are 59/3

2029 hrs IST: Spin introduced. Jakati to bowl the eighth over

2029 hrs IST: Dwayne Smith with a tidy over with only 5 runs off it

2024 hrs IST: Down the leg side and Buttler gets an edge and a four. After 6 overs, MI 49/3

2023 hrs IST: Buttler has no clue what is PK bowling to him. Beaten outside-off and then one comes back to go through his bat and thigh

2021 hrs IST: PK is back to bowl and Buttler is facing him

2020 hrs IST: It’s all happening in Kanpur! Smith has struck again. Krunal pulls a wide short ball and it travels to Finch at deep square-leg. Awkward catch but MI are 45/3 after 5 overs

2017 hrs IST: GONE! Dr Smith has struck! Guptill tries to pull a short ball which is a bit high and it goes to mid-on where Dwayne Bravo takes the catch

2016 hrs IST: Dwayne Smith the new bowler for Gujarat and Guptill has flicked him for a four

2015 hrs IST: Nitish Rana begins with a pull that goes for a four. After 4 overs, MI 37/1

2013 hrs IST: WICKET! After the six, Rohit pulls a short ball from Kulkarni and it travels straight to the deep square-leg fielder!

2012 hrs IST: Pitched up from Kulkarni and Rohit sends it back over the bowler’s head for a big six!

2009 hrs IST: Three overs gone and Mumbai are 25/0

2007 hrs IST: Rohit just knows where the ball will be pitched! Excellent play on the leg-side

2005 hrs IST: Rohit charges and lofts it over mid-off for a six. 2 overs gone and MI 19/0

2004 hrs IST: Appeal for a LBW against Rohit but umpire thinks he got an inside edge. Replays show otherwise. Would have been plumb

2003 hrs IST: Width on offer and Rohit was ready for it! Four through point boundary. Could have been stopped

2002 hrs IST: Guptill plays it towards covers and sets off for a run; McCullum punches onto it and stops it but single already taken

2001 hrs IST: Dhawal Kulkarni to bowl the second over for Gujarat

2001 hrs IST: Another four from Rohit. Flicked off the hips and it races towards the square-leg boundary

1959 hrs IST: Rohit Sharma crunches a cover drive. Exceptional shot! Praveen Kumar bounces back with a peach of a delivery

1957 hrs IST: Rohit Sharma and Martin Guptill out in the middle. Praveen Kumar ro biwk the first over for Gujarat

1937 hrs IST: Winner of the match will go through to the play-offs

1934 hrs IST: Toss – Gujarat Lions win toss, elect to bowl against Mumbai Indians



RACE TO PLAY-OFFS: Which team can make the cut and how

Live Cricket Score, live score cricket, cricket live score, gl vs mi live, live gl vs mi, gujarat vs mumbai live, live gujarat vs mumbai, gujarat vs mumbai live, gl vs mi IPL 2016 live score, gl vs mi IPL live score, gl vs mi ipl match live score, gujarat vs mumbai ipl 9 live score, gl vs mi ipl cricket live score, ipl 2016 live gl vs mi ipl 2016 live streaming, live streaming cricket video, cricket live streaming Six teams are in contention for a play-off spot. (Source: BCCI)

The race to the play-offs are getting intense with every game as six teams remain in the contention to book a last-four berth. Sunrisers Hyderabad are better placed than others with 16 points from 12 games, but it’s very interesting below them. Gujarat Lions are at 16, have a game at hand, and following them are RCB, KKR and MI – all three locked at 14 points each and are left with one game each.

GL vs KKR: Just what the Doctor ordered

Live Cricket Score, live score cricket, cricket live score, gl vs mi live, live gl vs mi, gujarat vs mumbai live, live gujarat vs mumbai, gujarat vs mumbai live, gl vs mi IPL 2016 live score, gl vs mi IPL live score, gl vs mi ipl match live score, gujarat vs mumbai ipl 9 live score, gl vs mi ipl cricket live score, ipl 2016 live gl vs mi ipl 2016 live streaming, live streaming cricket video, cricket live streaming Dwayne Smith did the early damage to KKR for GL picking up four wickets. (Source: BCCI/IPL)

Dwayne Smith turns out to be the man with the golden arm for Gujarat Lions after a piece of inspirational act from Shadab Jakati put the team back on track. Kolkata Knight Riders labour to 124/8 but respond with a strong bowling performance. Suresh Raina, however, sees his team through

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