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ICC World Twenty20: England win by 10 runs and progress into the semi-finals

Despite Mathews' 73-run fight, England did just about enough to assure themselves of semis berth.

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Angelo Mathews fought tooth and nail but in the end, Sri Lanka fell 10-runs short. (Source: PTI)

That was a breathtaking match! England held on to their nerves to win by 10 runs at Feroz Shah Kotla and qualify for the semi-finals even though at one stage it looked like they would get home with ease. Angelo Mathews provided resistance after Sri Lanka were four-down early on. He finished with 73 unbeaten. Jos Buttler struck with the bat for England in unbeaten 66 and Chris Jordan did with the ball in four wickets. The result also means Sri Lanka and South Africa are out of the competition.




2256 hrs IST: Nothing from the final ball either. England win by 10 runs and qualify for the semi-finals.

2256 hrs IST: Needed a six but can’t get it.

2255 hrs IST: Great bowling by Stokes. Keeping it in the block goal. Need 11 from 2.


2254 hrs IST: Mathews scoops it and it goes a little over Rashid. Gets a hand but only two at the end.

2253 hrs IST: Second ball and they take two runs.

2252 hrs IST: 15 needed off the final over. First ball to Matehews and dot.

2248 hrs IST: New man in is Herath. And he can’t do much to help Sri Lanka’s cause. Jordan bowls him out with a belter of a yorker.

2246 hrs IST: JOE ROOT! SENSATIONAL CATCH! It looked to be going over the fielder but he leaps high and plucks it in the air.

2245 hrs IST: Nothing wrong with the ball but Shanaka opens the blade ever so slightly to steer for a four.

2245 hrs IST: So 22 needed from 12 balls.

2243 hrs IST: Short of length and it gives Shanaka the room to swing his arms. FOUR! 12 runs from the over.

2242 hrs IST: Shanaka gets back on strike and this time he gets it off the middle of the bat for a SIX!

2240 hrs IST: Shanaka played three dot balls but finally gets a single to give strike to Mathews.

2236 hrs IST: WICKET! Perera hits it straight at the mid-off fielder. Willey takes it at the neck level as Jordan strikes.

2232 hrs IST: Perera joins in the act with a six over the bowler’s head. 21 runs from the over.

2229 hrs IST: Mathews can’t move but he can still hit. And he does so. Hits Ali for a six. Second ball, another six!

2228 hrs IST: FIFTY FOR MATHEWS! Plays it down the ground and he trots on for a single.

2226 hrs IST: UH-OH! Mathews felt his hamstring when he ran that two. Limping now as he moves.

2221 hrs IST: Sri Lanka not going out without a fight. Perera smashes Moeen Ali for a big six. It goes into the stands and comes out wet.

2217 hrs IST: Kapugedera skies it and Stokes catches it in the deep. Needed a wicket, got it!

2215 hrs IST: Vaughan is at the edge of his seat

2213 hrs IST: Back to Mathews and another six! 21 runs from the over!

2211 hrs IST: This time Kapugedera goes towards the off side and the outcome is the same.

2210 hrs IST: Rashid loops it and Mathews wacks it for a six. Goes into the stands.

2208 hrs IST: Mathews plays an uppish drive and Morgan flies but he hasn’t timed his dive properly and it pops out of his hand.

2206 hrs IST: Sri Lanka need 113 runs from the remaining 10 overs. Can they do it?

2203 hrs IST: SIX! MASSIVE HIT BY MATHEWS! Rashid tosses it up and he goes WAY over. Into the third tier!

2157 hrs IST: Sri Lanka are not losing any more wickets but they need some big hits if they are to have any chance at the latter stages in the inning. Required rate over 10 per over already.

2145 hrs IST: At the end of the Powerplay overs, Sri Lanka are 34/4.

2139 hrs IST: PHEW! That could have been five down. Mathews gets an inside edge but it runs past the stumps for a four.

2137 hrs IST: Sri Lanka going down and taking South Africa with them

2133 hrs IST: OH MY! Thirimanne goes now. To make things tragic for Lanka, its a mix up and Stokes runs him out. 15/4!

2130 hrs: After a much needed six, Siriwardana departs. This is getting worse for Sri Lanka. Eoin Morgan takes the catch as Willey takes the wicket.

2123 hrs IST: Chandimal chases after a ball outside off. Bounce and swing away and Jordan strikes.

2123 hrs IST: Does look like it is all going against Sri Lanka at the moment

2118 hrs IST: Disastrous start for Sri Lanka! Dilshan goes back from the third ball of the inning.

2057 hrs IST: Stokes ends the inning with a six. England at 171/4.

2055 hrs IST: Only a single. One ball left.

2055 hrs IST: Perera keeps it low and a little wide, Buttler swings but can’t touch it.

2055 hrs IST: Dilshan with a fumble at the boundary and gives strike to Buttler.

2053 hrs IST: Perera stops a four and runs out Morgan. 22 runs from 16 balls by the skipper.

2052 hrs IST: Really good start by Perera. Yorker straight the feet. Single.

2051 hrs IST: Buttler tries to steal a single and get the strike for the final over but is sent back by Morgan. Wry smile from the captain.

2048 hrs IST: Short and it is in the hitting zone. Gets the treatment it deserved. HUGE SIX! Buttler is hurting Sri Lanka.

2045 hrs IST: Another big over for England. 15 runs coming from it. Two overs to go and Morgan’s men are 146/3.

2044 hrs IST: Next ball, he pummels for a six to bring up his FIFTY from 28 balls.

2042 hrs IST: Buttler continues the onslaught. Quick running between the wickets brings up the 50 partnership from 31 balls.

2040 hrs IST: Single from the free hit. 14 runs from the over.

2039 hrs IST: FOUR AND NO BALL! Replay says that wasn’t a no-ball. The foot was right on the line. FREE HIT!

2037 hrs IST: Back-to-back boundaries for Buttler. First a full toss played square. Next over the bowlers head.

2036 hrs IST: Bad decision making? Mathews, Herath, Vandersay are all done with their four overs.

2035 hrs IST: Eoin Morgan raising the volume at Feroz Shah Kotla! FOUR AND SIX! Perera pitches it high and its within hitting reach for the leftie. Goes sailing into the stands. 18 runs from the over.

2030 hrs IST: 100 come up for England with a wide. 15 overs gone.

2020 hrs IST: Roy tries to hit it on to the leg side but doesn’t connect to a faster one. Gets LBW and departs at 42. He’s not happy at all – a word of profanity to end his inning. Replay says it was hitting the stumps.

2017 hrs IST: You’ve got to appreciate Buttler’s presence of mind and skills to spot gaps and plays sweeps to pace bowlers.

2012 hrs IST: Cup of the leggies this

2012 hrs IST: Extraordinary reverse sweep by Jos Buttler. Connects it smoothly and goes for a four.

2010 hrs IST: Root is furious with himself as he walks back.

Express Opinion

2008 hrs IST: Short, slow and it was begging to be hit. Root hits it but only to the fielder on the deep midwicket boundary. OUT! England are 65/2.

2007 hrs IST: Halfway stage, England are 65/1.

2007 hrs IST: Praise for the Delhi crowd from Gillespie

2005 hrs IST: Chameera keeps it slow and Root clears mid-off. Desperate dive by Mathews but he can’t prevent it from going across the ropes.

2001 hrs IST: SIX! Roy dances down the track and hits Herath for a six! Not a big one but goes over wide long on.

2000 hrs IST: 50 come up for England after eight overs.

1958 hrs IST: Chameera mixing things up well. Leg cutters, skidding some through, bowling it short.. lots of variety.

1957 hrs IST: Lovely start by Chameera. First beats Roy with slower ball, now skids off surface. Appeal by the keeper but umpire says ‘no’.

1955 hrs IST: Too full and too slow from Siriwardana. Roy moves up and hits it straight at the sightscreen for a six.

1952 hrs IST: England finish Powerplay with a boundary. Root plays it off his pads and it is impeccably timed – races to the ropes.

1950 hrs IST: Slower ball from Mathews and Roy reads it properly to sweep it for a four.

1947 hrs IST: This time Roy gives himself room on a short delivery to punch it for a four. At the end of the 5th over, England are 29/1.

1946 hrs IST: Once again Root opens the blade of the bat towards the off side and it again races to the boundary for a four.

1944 hrs IST: Joe Root strides forward and takes it as a low full toss for a boundary.

1943 hrs IST: Roy connects nicely with a reverse sweep and it is the first boundary of the inning.

1940 hrs IST: The first wicket:

1937 hrs IST: Well that was expected based on the first delivery. Hales tries to play down to the leg side but gets nothing on it. Hits him in front and it’s caught LBW. England are 4/1.

1935 hrs IST: And first ball of the second over and Rangana Herath has Hales beaten completely. BEAUTY!

1935 hrs IST: Four runs from the first over.

1930 hrs IST: Jason Roy and Alex Hales open for England. Angelo Mathews has the ball. Double to start the match.

1920 hrs IST: A look at the pitch

1908 hrs IST: Alex Hales back for England in place of James Vince. For Sri Lanka, Nuwan Kulasekara sits out as Dasun Shanaka comes in.

1900 hrs IST: TOSS: Sri Lanka have won the toss and are fielding first.



England are second in the table but have an inferior net run rate than South Africa. Sri Lanka stand fourth and need win in both games to have any chance of progressing.


Sri Lanka missing fire in their belly

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England vs Sri Lanka, ICC T20 World Cup 2016: Without Lasith Malinga, Sri Lanka are a far inferior side than they should be. (Source: AP)

Seeing the inexperience and the repeated failures of batters upfront, the clamour for Angelo Mathews’ promotion up the order has only intensified.

England haven’t played their best cricket: Joe Root

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England vs Sri Lanka, ICC T20 World Cup 2016: England haven’t played spin to its optimum level – a requisite in this format (Source: Reuters)

“If we’re being honest, we’ve not done one part of our game consistently well. Times we’ve bowled extremely well and when we’ve batted well. The exciting thing for me is, when that comes together we’ll be a very hard side to beat,” Root said.