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Tuesday, July 17, 2018

IPL 2017, MI vs KKR: Match highlights, as it happened in Mumbai

Nitish Rana's half ton and a cameo from Hardik Pandya won Mumbai Indians the match.

Match EndedIndian Premier League, 2017 - Match 7

Mumbai Indians

180/6 (19.5)

Kolkata Knight Riders

178/7 (20)
Match Ended ( Day - Match 7 )
Mumbai Indians beat Kolkata Knight Riders by 4 wickets
By: Express Web Desk | Updated: April 10, 2017 6:40:12 pm
Nitish Rana scored a valuable half century that ultimately won the match for Mumbai Indians. (Source: IPL)

What a match that turned out to be! Mumbai Indians were down and out when they lost the wickets of the likes of Rohit Sharma and Kieron Pollard but Nitish Rana played a fabulous innings and Hardik Pandya’s cameo won them the match. Ankit Rajpoot had a brilliant spell but his 19th over was a bit too expensive and that served as a base for Pandya to work from and take Mumbai over the line.

IPL 2017, MI vs KKR match highlights:  

2348 hrs IST: Hardik Pandya hits a boundary and wins it for Mumbai Indians. This has to be one of the unlikeliest victories that Mumbai have taken under their belts.  

2347 hrs IST: Hardik tries to go big again and doesn’t time it at all but it has been dropped by Rishi Dhawan. That was a sitter and that might just cost them the match.

2344 hrs IST: A misfield at mid on, goes straight through his hands and it goes for a boundary, Mumbai now need 5 off 4! Suryakumar Yadav the fielder.

2341 hrs IST: Hardik Pandya keeps going though, Rajpoot bowls a low full toss to his legs and he flicks it for a magnificent six. Rajpoot may have taken a wicket but he has also given 19 runs in his last over, MI need 11 to win from 6 balls.

2339 hrs IST: OUT! Nitish Rana c Narine, b Rajpoot and that’s the third of the day for Rajpoot. 

2336 hrs IST: Rana hits an absolute beauty! Scoops a full one straight back for six, hits four off the next one and that’s 50 up for the Delhi lad. 

2331 hrs IST: Nitish Rana hits a boundary, then a six off Trent Boult and he is now giving Mumbai Indians a glimmer of hope. He is now on 40. Hardik Pandya then goes bif and MI now need 30 off 10 balls.

2328 hrs IST: Woakes may have taken Pollard’s wicket but Hardik Pandya takes 11 runs off him after that. They now need 49 runs off the last 3 overs.

2323 hrs IST: OUT! Kieron Pollard c R Dhawan b Woakes, and that might just mark the end. It was wide, it was short and Pollard goes for the cut, ends up hitting it straight to third man.

2319 hrs IST: The game is slipping away from the Mumbai Indians. Despite the solid opening partnership, Mumbai have lost a few quick wickets and that is costing them now.

2314 hrs IST: Rana swings at it, misses it completely and it carries to Narine at short fine leg. But there is no bat on it, KKR seemed to know it although Woakes makes a polite inquiry to the umpire.

2304 hrs IST: Pollard goes big and its a maximum! That’s 100 up for the Mumbai Indians. It has been a topsy turvy ride but right now, KKR are clearly on top. The required rate has now climber the 10 RPO mark

2301 hrs IST: OUT! Krunal Pandya c Uthappa b Rajpoot. Tries to help it down leg side, plays it to the keeper. Pandya looked dangerous and that’s an important wicket for KKR. Rajpoot with his second scalp.

2259 hrs IST: Nitish Rana now frees his arms. Hits a boundary and a six off the last two balls bowled by Kuldeep Yadav.

2255 hrs IST: Krunal Pandya pulls a short one from Rajpoot for a four. That’s a welcome boundary for the Mumbai Indians. He then puts it above the head of the fielder at midwicket and it takes a couple of bounces before reaching the boundary again. Welcome runs for the Mumbai Indians. The elder Pandya delivered with the ball, can he deliver with the bat too?

2250 hrs IST: OUT! Rohit Sharma LBW Narine, Sharma is not happy about that! And he has reason to be unhappy. That took an inside edge before getting to his pad and despite that, the umpire lifts his finger. The Buttler decision may have been a tough one but this one is a proper umpiring howler.

2248 hrs IST: Mumbai Indians’ captain Rohit Sharma is now in the middle and he has Nitish Rana with him. Two new batsmen there for Mumbai and the pressure is now right back on them.

2242 hrs IST: GONE! Jos Buttler LBW Ankit Rajpoot first wicket for the youngster in his first over! Both the openers have been dismissed in quick succession, it was a low full toss swinging into Buttler who misses it and hits the pad. Umpire gives it straightaway. Replays show it may have missed the leg stump but, in defence of the umpire, a tough call that one.

2236 hrs IST: OUT! Parthiv Patel LBW Kuldeep Yadav, and finally the opening stand is broken. Patel had hit him for a six in just the previous ball. He tries to sweep again but this time the ball comes into the left hander and hits the pad in front of middle and off stumps.

2234 hrs IST: Narine bowls this one outside off, Buttler flicks his wrists and dispatches it for a six over long-on. Some pressure off the home side now. They now need 120 off 77.

2231 hrs IST: Some clever bowling from Kuldeep Yadav and Sunil Narine has stemmed the flow of boundaries for Mumbai Indians.

2228 hrs IST: Chris Lynn is wearing a sling and has got an ice pack on his shoulder. This does not look good for the Kolkata Knight Riders.

2225 hrs IST: Parthiv Patel takes two dot balls and tries to snatch a run off Narine. Buttler sprints to make his ground but its a direct hit and the umpire goes upstairs. Replays show that Buttler is safe.

2222 hrs IST: Buttler tries to go big off the last ball by Woakes but he doesn’t get enough power on it. Lynn sprints to get under it, dives and is unable to hold on. He seems to have injured himself in the process and walks off the field. Mumbai take two runs off that ball.

2219 hrs IST: Two extra balls and two free runs given by Woakes to the Mumbai Indians first up, KKR have been pretty wasteful in the first part of their defence. Woakes is punished even more by his England teammate Jos Buttler as the penultimate is dispatched for a six with a scoop.

2213 hrs IST: The Orange cap holder, Chris Lynn throws and it turns into an overthrow, gifting Mumbai an extra run. Boult is not impressed, the next one is a dot ball but the one after that is dispatched for four by Parthiv Patel. They take two runs after that and it’s 10 runs off that third over.

2211 hrs IST: Boult bowling the third over and KKR go up for a caught behind appeal for the second ball, umpire shakes his head. As it turns out, Buttler swings at it and there is no edge.

2159 hrs IST: Mumbai Indians get the chase underway with Parthiv Patel and Jos Buttler. Trent Boult to get the defence underway.

2143 hrs IST: OUT! Sunil Narine LBW McClenaghan and that would also be the end of the KKR innings. Manish Pandey has certainly spoilt McClenaghan’s day, 23 runs off that final off which 19 technically came from the first three balls. It has been an exhibition here from Manish Pandey. As wickets fell on the other side, he stayed strong and never let Mumbai Indians put him under pressure. In the end, he has taken his side to a good total that they didn’t look capable of achieving at one stage

2140 hrs IST: The next ball is a full toss that goes for four and is also a no ball. The next ball, which is a free hit, is wide and the ball after that goes for six. This is turning into an expensive final over for MI.

2138 hrs IST: McClenaghan bowls the last over and the first one is pitched up outside off and Pandey smashes it for a six over deep midwicket.

2132 hrs IST: GONE! Chris Woakes c Pollard b Malinga, second wicket of the day for Malinga. Goes for the big one, can’t get enough power on it. Pollard, yet again has to only keep his eyes on the ball and takes a straight forward catch.

2131 hrs IST: That’s 50 for Manish Pandey. He has acted as an anchor for this innings for the Kolkata Knight Riders. But wickets have been falling frequently on the other side.

2122 hrs IST: OUT! Suryakumar Yadav c Pollard b Malinga, the ‘Slinga’ strikes. This was a slow one, full at leg stump, the pace deceives him and Pollard has an easy catch at long on.

2116 hrs IST: SIX! And that is much needed from the away side, pressure right back on MI. Bumrah bowls it wide outside off, Pandey thwacks it straight back for a maximum. The next one goes for four and Bumrah’s over has now gone for 15 runs.

2111 hrs IST: KKR cross the 100-run mark. Manish Pandey is looking take some of the pressure off KKR but thus far, Mumbai Indians have kept it tight. Suryakumar Yadav hits a boundary off Harbhajan Singh to finish his over.

2100 hrs IST: GONE! Yusuf Pathan c Hardik Pandya b Krunal Pandya, KKR 87/4. Krunal tosses this one up and Pathan goes after it. He doesn’t get enough on it and it is straight down the throat of Hardik. KKR looking shaky now.

2055 hrs IST: A close call there for Manish Pandey on two counts. Harbhajan bowls it at a good length outside off, it takes a leading edge off the bat and goes a faie distance in the air but lands in a safe area. He then has a run out shout against him, umpire goes upstairs and Pandey is confirmed to be safe.

2052 hrs IST: So both the KKR openers who won them the match against Gujarat Lions are now back in the pavilion.

2044 hrs IST: WICKET! Big blow for KKR as Bumrah gets Chris Lynn leg-before, swipes at it without his eye on the ball and it hits him on the pad which is straight in front of middle stump. That’s a biggie!

2040 hrs IST: Good over for Mumbai as just six runs from Krunal’s over. And it’s time for the first time-out of the match, KKR 65/2 after seven overs

2036 hrs IST: Pollard with a full-length dive as he saves two crucial runs for Mumbai. Krunal to continue from the other end

2030 hrs IST: WICKET! Pandya brothers in action, Krunal gets his second as Hardik collects a sitter at deep midwicket to dismiss Robin Uthappa. KKR 48/2 after five over.

2025 hrs IST: WICKET! Krunal Pandya strikes and provided the much needed breakthrough. Gambhir tries to sweep this one over square leg but McClenaghan collects it easily. KKR lose their first

2021 hrs IST: SIX! First six of the match, Malinga bowls a good length delivery but in Lynn’s area. This time he smashes this one over square-leg boundary for a maximum. With this shot he is the highest run scorer of IPL 10.

2018 hrs IST: FOUR! Back-to-back boundaries for Gambhir as 15 runs come from Bumrah’s over. Goes for a length ball but the batsman gets an outside edge as the ball rushes towards the boundary line. KKR batting at a  strike rate of 11.33

2015 hrs IST: Just one over for Malinga as there is a change in bowling. Bumrah comes in to bowl the third over. Oh My God.. He has overstepped, Gambhir to take strike on free-hit. Just a single as he bowls a block-hole delivery.

2013 hrs IST: FOUR! McClenaghan tries to bowl outside off stump but Gambhir plays it towards cover point for a boundary. After two overs, KKR 19/0

2009 hrs IST: FOUR! McClenaghan bowls outside leg, and Lynn punishes it as it rushes towards the short fine leg boundary line for a four

2005 hrs IST: FOUR! Lynn continues from where he left in the previous match, opens up the blade of his bat to smash the ball to mid-on. KKR 10/0 after the first over

2000 hrs IST:  KKR skipper Gambhir to take strike while Chris Lynn on the other end while Lasith Malinga to begin the proceedings with the ball. Countdown begins 3…2…1….

1957 hrs IST: After a nine-wicket win over Gujarat Lions, Sunrisers Hyderabad top the points table. Can the home side earn three crucial points or will it be KKR who will take the top spot?

1940 hrs IST: Overseas players for MI – Buttler, Pollard, McClenaghan and Malinga. For KKR – Lynn, Woakes, Narine, Boult

1930 hrs IST: Mumbai Indians win the toss, elect to bowl. Malinga comes in for Tim Southee and Harbhajan Singh replaces Ambati Rayudu. For the visitors, Ankit Rajpoot replaces Piyush Chawla

1920 hrs IST: Mumbai Indians lead the head-to-head with Kolkata Knight Riders 13-5 and have won the last three matches between the two teams.

1910 hrs IST: Kolkata Knight Riders, Mumbai Indians Chennai Super Kings are the only teams to win IPL title twice.

1900 hrs IST: Mumbai Indians have won the last three matches against Kolkata Knight Riders at the Wankhede Stadium. Last time the Knights managed to beat Mumbai at their home ground was back in 2012.

1855 hrs IST: Bollywood actress Malika Arora Khan joins Sushant with a lively performance on ‘Dholi Taro’ and there is a loud cheer from the crowd. Sushant at the top as there is a pyramid made by govindas. Duo setting the mood in Wankhede before players entertain with some firework performances.

1850 hrs IST: Hello and welcome to the live coverage of Mumbai Indians and Kolkata Knight Riders match. And Wankhede is all set to start its campaign with Sushant Singh Rajput’s dance performance. And the bollywood actor starts with offering his prayers to Lord Ganesh.

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