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Monday, July 23, 2018

IPL 2017, KXIP vs MI Highlights: Jos Buttler, Nitish Rana demolish KXIP by 8 wickets

Set to chase a mammoth 199, Jos Buttler's 77 and Nitish Rana's unbeaten 62 took Mumbai to a comfortable 8 wicket win.

By: Express Web Desk | Updated: April 21, 2017 5:21:58 pm
Mumbai indians’ Nitish Rana is the highest run scorer in IPL 2017 and holds the orange cap. (Source: PTI)

Kings XI Punjab took on an in-form Mumbai Indians in the IPL 2017 contest in Indore on Thursday and MI continued their brilliant start to the season. MI pulled off a remarkable chase of 199 for win with eight wickets and 27 balls to spare and pushed themselves to top of the IPL table. Their head to head for 9-9 in 18 games prior to the contest shifted towards MI after the game. (Results | Fixtures | Points Table)

IPL 2017, Kings XI Punjab vs Mumbai Indians in Indore

2307 hrs IST: SIX! Nitish Rana makes it seven sixes for himself and finishes it in style. Mumbai Indians win by 8 wickets with 27 balls to spare

2307 hrs IST: Nitish Rana up to 56 from 33 balls with six sixes and NO boundaries.

2303 hrs IST: FOUR! FOUR! Mishit by Pandya on a low full toss and with no mid-off, it lobs the infield and goes to the boundary. Last ball of the over, hit straight down the ground. Long on tries to dive and save it but it is hit with too much power. 21 runs from that Ishant over. His spell tonight: 4-0-58-0. Strategic timeout: 8 needed from 30 balls

2302 hrs IST: SIX! Stand and deliver. Short of length, Pandya stands tall and bullets it into the second tier. Straight down the ground!

2259 hrs IST: SIX! When it’s not your day, it’s not your day. Rana tries to swivel and pull it behind, only gets a top edge and goes all the way for a six. That’s the 22nd six of the match – most in this IPL. Orange cap back with Nitish Rana – up to 246 runs with his third fifty this season

2253 hrs IST: GONE! Jos Buttler departs for 77 from 37 balls with seven fours and five sixes. Finally doesn’t middle it and it goes high and Maxwell comes underneath it to take it. What an inning! Swung the game Mumbai’s way completely

2252 hrs IST: Mumabi Indians are now 166/1 after 16 overs. Required rate down to just 4.71 in a chase of 199. WOWZA!

2250 hrs IST: SIX! SIX! Jos Buttler almost feeling left out and gets back to hitting the big hits once again. Half volley and short by Sandeep Sharma and Buttler defiantly smacking it into the stands. Highest score for Buttler now – 77 unbeaten

2245 hrs IST: SIX! SIX! Annihilation continues. Swapnil Singh with some poor bowling and we’re being polite here. Short and slow and it is meant to be hit and it is by Nitish Rana

2240 hrs IST: SIX!! Ishant Sharma comes into bowl and try and get a wicket. But the first ball offers Rana some width after it being pitched up and outside off. Rana plays it on the up with no mid-off fielder and the ball clears the boundary with ease

2239 hrs IST: Swapnil comes into the attack. He goes for 6 runs. MI are 123/1 after 10 overs. Runs stopped there but need wickets

2237 hrs IST: Just six dots in the Powerplay including the wicket of Parthiv. Balls going into the stands

2235 hrs IST: When MI started, they needed 9.95 runs an over. They’re doing nearly 13 runs an over at this stage and need 7.50. Breathtaking stuff!

2233 hrs IST: SIX! Arm ball by Axar and Buttler sends it 90m. Into the top tier. Faster one but Buttler reads it early and swings on it. WHAT A SHOT!

2231 hrs IST: SIX! Nitish Rana plays with the spin to Axar and the sound of the bat is the sweetest you’d hear. Middles it to perfection and goes into the first tier

2231 hrs IST: FIFTY! Jos Buttler brings up his 50 from 24 balls after picking up a single – seven fours and two sixes

2230 hrs IST: Another good over for MI with no dot balls once again. 100 up for the visitors after 8 overs and just 11 balls in the inning. Stoinis goes for 14 runs there

2226 hrs IST: Nitish Rana doing exactly what Parthiv Patel was doing. SIX! Banged in short by Stoinis and gets his head down and pulls it into the second tier. Timed from the middle of the bat. Gets into the act early

2225 hrs IST: Mumbai’s top scorer this season – Nitish Rana is the new man in. First over of the MI innings to not go for a boundary as Axar Patel concedes just 5

2222 hrs IST: End of the Powerplay overs, MI are 82/1 after 6 overs. Best Powerplay show by MI in their IPL history

2219 hrs IST: GONE! Finally KXIP get the breakthrough they needed. Parthiv goes for 37 from 19 balls. Another slower one and the ball slows down, doesn’t time it properly and it goes easily into the hands of Maxwell at long off. 

2218 hrs IST: Patel survives, sort of. Slower delivery by Stoinis and Parthiv plays it uppishly and it finds the gap. Fielder opted to stay on the rope instead of attacking it for the catch. The bowler is not pleased. KXIP desperately need a wicket

2216 hrs IST: Marcus Stoinis comes on to bowl now. And the hunting from Buttler and Parthiv continues. SIX! FOUR! This is carnage by the MI openers. Maxwell really needs to have a chat with the bowlers now

2212 hrs IST: Bowling change as Mohit Sharma comes on to bowl. But boundaries continue to flow. First ball of the over is sent for an upper cut by Parthiv Patel. On the third, Buttler gets into it with a lovely strike to the left of mid-off. On the fifth ball, down on the pads and Buttler wrists it into open area. Last ball of the area finds the gap with a lovely drive. 17 runs in that over!

2208 hrs IST: 17 runs from that Ishant over. MI are off to their 50 runs already. 51/0 after 4 overs

2206 hrs IST: DROP? Buttler’s thundering shot goes straight at Miller but it is hit so hard that it goes through his hands, nearly takes off his head, and despite getting both hands to it, the ball goes off for a four. Should count as a lifeline for Buttler

2204 hrs IST: SIX! Parthiv Patel gets in the act as well. Short by Ishant and Patel pulls it behind for a six. Goes 74m and into the third tier. Gorgeous hit!

2204 hrs IST: SIX! Low full toss by Sandeep, Buttler makes a little space and bullets it for a six. A low six that goes bang on the electronic hoardings.

2202 hrs IST: Gurkeerat is on the microphone: The idea is to mix things up. Just work at it and when the ball gets older, keep mixing things up. Amla is a wonderful player, blessed with his wrist work. Maxwell is all about power, Amla is all wrist. Whenever we do get the time, it is good to learn from experienced players.

2156 hrs IST: FOUR! Ishant Sharma with the second over. Just a touch outside off and little bit of width, Buttler opens the face of the bat and steers the ball for a boundary. Smooth as you like

2154 hrs IST: SIX! Last ball of the over, Buttler shuffles forward and swings confidently. Middles it beautifully and it goes soaring into the first tier. 10/0 after first over

2152 hrs IST: Mumbai Indians begin their chase. Jos Buttler and Parthiv Patel open. Sandeep Sharma opens the bowling.

2135 hrs IST: Final ball of the inning and Amla gets a single. KXIP score 198/4 off the 20 overs. Strong target of 199 for MI to chase. Amla the star with his maiden hundred!

2132 hrs IST: SIX! Another six. This time it is not off the edge. Pulled behind for a six – goes soaring into the stands. HUNDRED FOR AMLA. 102 in 58 balls. His first hundred in T20s. 

2131 hrs IST: SIX! Banged in short by Malinga and Amla tries to pull but gets the top edge. Goes over the keeper’s and everyone’s head for a six

2130 hrs IST: Good over once again from Bumrah. Finishes with 4-0-30-1. His last two overs going for 14 and the first one arrested MI’s charge

2128 hrs IST: FOUR! Bumrah bowling his final over. Slower delivery, Amla moves towards the stump and plays it fine to beat the fielder inside the circle and the ball goes running towards the boundary rope

2125 hrs IST: FOUR! Width on offer for Amla after a short delivery and it is slashed high and wide for a boundary. Was in the air for a while but with no fielder around, it was a safe shot. Bounces just in front of the boundary to go for a four. Good over for MI once again

2121 hrs IST: GONE! McClenaghan strikes as Stoinis walks. Tries to go the distance straight down but only finds Pollard at long on. Didn’t get the distance but only the height

2117 hrs IST: BOWLED! Maxwell is upset as he is castled by Bumrah off a slower delivery. Rolls his fingers over the ball, Maxwell goes for a heave but the ball blows down on him and hurts the top of the stumps

2114 hrs IST: After 28 runs in that McClenaghan over, Malinga goes for 22! This is poor bowling at the death by MI. Sure the conditions are optimum for going big in the slog overs but bowling full toss after another to Amla won’t help Mumbai one bit! 1, 6, 1wd, 6, 4, 0, 4!

2103 hrs IST: 28, yes 28, coming off the McClenaghan over. KXIP can now fancy 200 from this stage. 139/2 after 15 overs

2102 hrs IST: Free hit treated well as Maxwell hits another SIX. This is destruction at its best by the KXIP skipper

2100 hrs IST: Two boundaries after the sixes…the right-hander is in the zone now. Quality batting by the right-hander gives the KXIP total the push they were looking for

2058 hrs IST: SIX! Another one…he stands still, waits for the ball and deposits it into the stands. KXIP make a serious move on in the last two overs

2057 hrs IST: SIX! It seems the bouncer woke Maxwell up. McClenaghan into the attack and he hits a clean and long hit for a maximum

2055 hrs IST: After the blow, Maxwell hits Bumrah for consecutive boundaries. Who will have the last laugh? Stay tuned for all the updates from Indore

2053 hrs IST: OOuch! Bumrah knocks out Maxwell with a nasty bouncer. The right-hander was looking to get out of the way but the ball kept following him

2048 hrs IST: FIFTY for Hashim Amla, off only 34 balls. He has looked good for the hosts, needs to bat right till the end now

2044 hrs IST: Top shot as Amla just opens the face of the blade and helps the Malinga delivery over the off-side ring for a boundary. He’s now into the 40s

2042 hrs IST: WICKET! Saha looks to do a Amla makes a mess. Charges at the Pandya delivery but fails to put bat to ball. Comfortable stumping for Parthiv behind the stumps. KXIP 80/2 after 11

2040 hrs IST: SIX! Much needed…Amla dances down the track and hits K Pandya all the way. Punjab need to accelerate the scoring now. Not enough runs on the board at the moment

2039 hrs IST: At the half-way mark, KXIP 69/1. The search for boundaries continues as Mumbai bowlers continue to give nothing away

2034 hrs IST: Amla and Saha continue to deal in singles. Rohit won’t mind this period at all as his spinners are doing an excellent job in the middle. KXIP 63/1 at the end of the ninth over. Krunal Pandya has bowled two tight overs, and yet to concede a boundary

2030 hrs IST: Mumbai doing a fine containing job in the middle. Punjab crawl to 58/1 after eight overs. They were looking good in the powerplay but spinners have restricted the flow of runs

2026 hrs IST: Saha takes a comfortable single and brings up the fifty for Kings XI Punjab in the seventh over of the innings

2023 hrs IST: WICKET! McClenaghan strikes as Marsh flicks one straight to Harbhajan in the ring. KXIP lose the opener after fluent start 46/1

2021 hrs IST: McClenaghan joins the short act now and Marsh pulls it some timing, power. It races to the ropes in no time

2016 hrs IST: SIX! Amla joins the act now. Picks Malinga’s length early and smokes it over the mid-wicket fence for a big one. The ball is coming nicely on to the bat. A very true batting surface this in Indore

2014 hrs IST: Rohit makes another change. Lasith Maling to bowl his first over. KXIP off to a fluent start, 32/0 after four

2012 hrs IST: Mumbai bowlers not learning. Harbhajan bowls one short and Marsh gives it the treatment. The left-hander is very good with the cut and the pull. Can’t afford to bowl him there

2011 hrs IST: Early spin! Rohit Sharma introduces Harbhajan Singh into the attack. Looks like the move to unsettle Marsh, who is timing the ball sweetly in the middle

2008 hrs IST: Another cut and another boundary off Marsh’s blade. Pandya persists with the short length and Marsh finds the gap with ease

2007 hrs IST: Marsh cuts and cuts well for a boundary. Pandya on the shorter side and Marsh has no problems in clearing the ring for a boundary. He’s looking in good touch today

2005 hrs IST: DROPPED! Amla with the uppish drive and Nitish Rana fails to hold on to the difficult chance at backward point. A couple of singles after that and KXIP take the score to 15/0 after two

2004 hrs IST: Almost! That could have been close. Amla went for the quick single, didn’t get response from Marsh but made ground in time

2003 hrs IST: MI strike bowler McClenaghan to bowl from the other end. Right through the season, he has been consistently giving breakthroughs. The seamer is equally effective in the death overs

2002 hrs IST: That’s the end of the first. Pandya goes for eight, KXIP 8/0

2000 hrs IST: Punjab openers Hashim Amla and Shaun Marsh walk out to the middle. Hardik Pandya with the new ball for Mumbai Indians

1945 hrs IST: Punjab need runs, a lot of runs to put Mumbai Indians under pressure. MI are good chasers and this ground is a good chasing venue


1940 hrs IST: Right then, David Miller has been dropped from the Punjab XI. The left-hander was struggling in his previous outings with the bat

1939 hrs IST: Mumbai Indians – P Patel, J Buttler, N Rana, RG Sharma, K Pollard, H Pandya, K Pandya, H Singh, M McClenaghan, L Malinga, J Bumrah. Kings XI Punjab – KXIP XI: H Amla, S Marsh, G Maxwell, MP Stoinis, W Saha, A Patel, GM Singh, S Singh, M Sharma, Sandeep Sharma, I Sharma

1932 hrs IST: Shaun Marsh coming back into the side is a good move. He lends a lot of stability to that middle-order, and Punjab are in desperate need of that. Stonis, Gurkeerat, and Swapnil are other three players included in the KXIP XI for this game. Stay tuned for complete team sheets

1930 hrs IST: TOSS! Mumbai Indians get the spin in their favour and have elected to field. They are unchanged for this fixture against Kings XI Punjab, who have made four changes for this fixture

1926 hrs IST: The pitch wears a green look. Team winning the toss will look to field first, feels former Indian cricket team director Ravi Shastri

1920 hrs IST: We are less than ten minutes away from the toss. These two teams haven’t played each other in Indore yet. Stay tuned as we bring to you the all important toss update in a bit


1910 hrs IST: Here’s a look at the two squads before action gets underway in KXIP’s second home

MI: Rohit Sharma(c), Kieron Pollard, Lasith Malinga, Harbhajan Singh, Ambati Rayudu, Jasprit Bumrah, Shreyas Gopal, Lendl Simmons, Vinay Kumar, Parthiv Patel, Mitchell McClenaghan, Nitish Rana, Siddhesh Lad, Jagadeesha Suchith, Hardik Pandya, Jos Buttler, Tim Southee, Jitesh Sharma, Krunal Pandya, Deepak Punia, Saurabh Tiwary, Nicholas Pooran, Mitchell Johnson, Karn Sharma, Asela Gunaratne, Krishnappa Gowtham, Kulwant Khejroliya


KXIP: David Miller, Manan Vohra, Axar Patel, Glenn Maxwell(c), Gurkeerat Singh Mann, Anureet Singh, Sandeep Sharma, Shaun Marsh, Wriddhiman Saha, Nikhil Naik, Mohit Sharma, Marcus Stoinis, KC Cariappa, Armaan Jaffer, Pardeep Sahu, Swapnil Singh, Hashim Amla, Varun Aaron, Eoin Morgan, Matt Henry, Rahul Tewatia, Martin Guptill, Darren Sammy, Rinku Singh, T Natarajan, Ishant Sharma

1905 hrs IST: Mumbai Indians on the other hand wear a very balanced look. The star players are performing, and the Indian domestic players have stepped up. The likes of Nitish Rana and Krunal Pandya are giving consistent performances and Rohit Sharma too is back among the runs. They are one of the finest teams in the tournament at the moment

1900 hrs IST: A very important game for Kings XI Punjab when they take on Mumbai Indians in Indore on Thursday. The Maxwell-led unit has come close in their previous matches but are not able to be consistent with the bat. It’s time the three Ms – Maxwell, Miller and Morgan deliver for the team


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