India vs West Indies 3rd ODI Highlights: West Indies beat India by 43 runs

India vs West Indies 3rd ODI Highlights: West Indies beat India by 43 runs

India vs West Indies 3rd ODI Highlights: West Indies cleaned up India in 47 overs and four balls to win the third ODI.

India vs West Indies 3rd ODI Highlights: West Indies have a chance at levelling the series. (AP photo)

India vs West Indies 3rd ODI Highlights: Virat Kohli’s 38th ODI century went in vain as India fell short of a 284-run target by 43 runs. Marlon Samuels took three wickets in the last 10 overs, including that of Kohli to lead West Indies’ charge to victory. They have now levelled the five-match series 1-1 and India are feeling the effects of being too reliant on their captain during batting efforts.

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India vs West Indies 3rd ODI Highlights:

Ashey Nurse is man of the match

I was able to play with free spirit. When Shai got out, I had to do something to get a big score. Always back yourself to win the game. Just dedicated my wickets to my friend to my good friend Sunny Sohail, whom I met in the CPL.

Virat Kohli

We bowled well, the wicket wasn't offering much in the first 35 overs. In the later half, it became difficult. We should've been chasing 250-260, max, but that apart from that the bowling was fine. Just that we gave away a little in the last 10 overs and should've closed it out better. We couldn't get partnerships, which doesn't happen often. We were fine on the field. We didn't execute our plans properly. West Indies is an explosive side, capable of beating anyone on their day, and they deserved to win. When Hardik and Kedar both play, we get the extra bowling option. Kedar will come in next game which will give us better balance. We have to leave out one bowler, but we have six options to choose from. I don't want to talk about my batting. We should focus on the things we didn't do right today. I wanted to go after Marlon, but didn't execute it better. We have to take wins and losses in our stride, just a bad day in the office. We just need to execute our plans better.

Marlon Samuels with some typically big words

I've been bowling in the nets much as I'm coming back from a knee injury. But I need to keep getting stronger. Watching Shai Hope today was heartwarming. He's been growing from strength to strength. He's (Hetmyer) fearless, chooses the right bowler and right moment. He's hungry and you should look for big things from Hetmyer as well. Very important going 1-1 into the next game. We're going to take the next game even more seriously. We're not looking to compete anymore, we're looking to win.

India 1-1 West Indies

Who would have thought that the series would stand level after three matches. Certainly after that farcical Test series and the first ODI. Kohli scored an awesome 107 but the rest of batsmen did precious little. It looked like India were cruising when during the Kohli-Dhawan stand but after that, they fell apart. 


Marlon Samuels fittingly takes the winning scalp. Bumrah caught at slip and departs for a duck. What an exceptional performance this has been from the senior statesman and the West Indies. India will now notice that they are a bit too reliant on Virat Kohli. 

India 239/9 off 47 overs

Bumrah has now come in and he now has to play out 18 balls with Kuldeep Yadav. West Indies are on the cusp of an incredible win here. 

GONE! Khaleel Ahmed St Hope b Samuels, India 237/9

Marlon Samuels is having one of the best matches with the ball he has experienced in recent years. Khaleel Ahmed comes down the track, misses it completely and it's bread and butter stuff for Hope. Umpire goes upstairs but Ahmed knew straightaway. West Indies one wicket away. 

India 234/8 after 45.3

Kuldeep Yadav was given out LBW and he straightaway went for the review. The ball seems to have grazed the glove before hitting the pads. All very borderline but Kuldeep survives. 

India 230/8 after 45 overs

Need 54 to win off 30 balls. West Indies need two wickets to win. And they almost got one of them when Khalil Ahmed came halfway down the track to take a second run that Kuldeep was not interested in. But the throw went to the wrong end. 

OUT! Chahal c sub Paul, b Roach, India 225/8

Wild pull that takes the top edge. The ball balloons behind the batsman and a good catch at deep fine-leg. West Indies two wickets away from a win now. 

India 222/7

RUN OUT CHANCE MISSED. Yes and no between Kuldeep and Chahal. The latter runs like the wind and Kuldeep is not interested at all. He manages to get back but had the throw been on target, he would have the pavilion. 

GONE! IT'S KOHLI! Marlon Samuels bowls him over

The match has turned West Indies' way. Kohli comes across the line and tries for a big pull, the ball sneaks through and on to the big stumps. That ends another superlative innings. He has to walk on 107 and he is giving the term 'captain's knock' a new meaning

GONE! Bhuvneshwar Kumar 10 c Powell b McCoy, India 215/6

He is caught in the deep and West Indies will be sensing an opportunity now. Kuldeep Yadav is now in after this come Yuzvendra Chahal, Jasprit Bumrah and Khalil Ahmed.

India 207/5

As much superlatives as Kohli deserves, India still have worries. The required rate has crept above six for the first time in the innings. 

Another day another 100 for Virat Kohli

He is the first Indian to score three consecutive centuries in ODI cricket. An absolute machine. But muted celebrations. He knows there is a job at hand. His partner is Bhunveshwar Kumar, which is an indication that India is running out of wickets. 

India 198/5 off 36.2

Pressure, what's that? Kohli lofts Roach straight back to the boundary and moves to 98. There is a little world inside that crease and Virat Kohli is inside it. He is not affected by what is happening in the MCA stadium. 

GONE! Dhoni 7, c Hope, b Holder, India 194/5

Short of a length, Dhoni flashes at it and nicks it to Shai Hope. Pin-drop silence in Pune and now, India are in danger of running out of wickets. Kohli can't bat alone, after all and the rest seem to be falling in regular intervals around him. 

India 191/4 off 35 overs

Virat Kohli moves into the 90s with a four off the first ball of the 35th over and what a ridiculously good shot that was. Picks the length early, knows exactly where the field is and almost ramps it to the third man boundary.

India 181/3 after 33 overs

Kohli hits a four off the fourth ball of the 33rd over to move into the 80s. The record is very much on the cards here. 

GONE! Pant 23 c Hope b Nurse, India 172/3 off 31.1 overs

Umpire shakes his head at the appeal but West Indies review. There is a slight spike as the ball passes the glove and Pant has to walk. In comes MS Dhoni. 

India 166/3 off 30 overs

Heart in the mouth moment for Kohli. A risky single taken and, had the throw been on target, Kohli would have been out. 

India 162/3 off 29 overs

A little piece of trivia, if Virat Kohli reaches a century here, he will become the first Indian batsman and the ninth batsman overall to score three back to back centuries in ODI cricket. 

India 154/2 off 28 overs

A four off the last ball and Kohli moves to 70. He has now gone past MS Dhoni in total ODI runs. 

India 137/3 off 26 overs

McCoy would have got two wickets in two balls as Pant was dropped off the very first ball he faced. Hetmyer was parallel to the ground when he tried to catch it and the ball just bounced off his hands. If that had stuck, it would have been a good contender for catch of the series. 

GONE! Rayudu 22 b McCoy, India 135/3

Played On! Rayudu succumbs to pace. He was dominating spin but the extra pace has got him. Rayudu shifts to his backfoot and inside edges to the stumps. 

India 134/2 off 25 overs

Four singles in that over and so it is understandable why Rayudu is a little out of breath at the end of it. West Indies have to stop this flow of runs (and dismiss Kohli) if they hope for getting anything out of this match. 

India 130/2 off 24 overs

Rayudu hits consecutive fours off the first two balls of the over and then, it is all about singles. 

India 119/2 off 23 overs

A ridiculous shot to the offside by Virat Kohli and that is the first six off the Indian innings. He has dropped anchor now. 

India 97/2 off 20 overs

Rayudu comes in and is thus far helping India not feel the effect of both openers departing. Kohli inching closer to his millionth half century in ODIs. 

GONE! Dhawan 35 LBW b Nurse, India 88/2

15th time Dhawan has fallen to an off-spinner. He also seems to be a victim of his own temperament. The last time India had got a boundary for themselves was 30 balls ago and he tries to force the pace, ends up getting caught in front of middle and off. 

India 79/1 after 14 overs

Just two runs from that over bowled by Ashley Nurse. Sharp fielding at midwicket to deny India a single, although at the moment it's like a drop in a hypothetical infinite ocean. 

India 77/1 after 13 overs

Two of the best shots for four that you will ever see in cricket off the bat of Virat Kohli to start off the over and after that, three singles. It is now safe to say that India are getting into cruise-mode. 

50 partnership between Dhawan and Kohli

And it has come off 54 deliveries. A foundation as solid as any you would find is being set here. 

India 54/1 after 10 overs

Single to bring up the 50 for India. Shikhar Dhawan then follows it up with a four. Kieran Powell gave chase and almost went over the advertising board head first. 

India 38/1 after 7 overs

The chipping away process continues. West Indies won't be happy with this. Dhawan and Kohli are calm right now but they can bring a storm to them if they are allowed to stay and run between the wickets serenely in the beginning of the innings. 

India 32/1 after 6 overs

The match is drifting, at the moment, towards India. Kohli and Dhawan have not been bothered too many times so far, in fact he latter has not been bothered at all. 

India 32/1 after 6 overs

The match is drifting, at the moment, towards India. Kohli and Dhawan have not been bothered too many times so far, in fact he latter has not been bothered at all. 

Indai 26/1 after 5 overs

Roach came in from round the wicket this time. The runs came via a four off the second ball by Dhawan, a leg bye and a single. India looking as stable as a building right now. 

India 20/1 after 4 overs

Virat Kohli off the mark with a boundary before which Dhawan scored a boundary for himself. Dhawan was also squared up by Holder in that same over. 

India 11/1 after 3 overs

The departure of Rohit means that Virat '10k' Kohli comes in. Kemar Roach bowled the third over and just one over came off it. West Indies would hope that they get Kohli and Dhawan as soon as possible or they can kiss their chances goodbye.  

India will be hoping to put up an improved bowling show with their frontline pacers Bhuvneshwar Kumar and Jasprit Bumrah back in action for the third ODI here on Saturday. A well-oiled India hammered the Windies in the lung opener in Guwahati by eight wickets, but the gritty visitors indeed, made a statement of sorts in Visakhapatnam, by denying the hosts a victory and a chance to go 2-0 ahead in the five-match rubber.