India vs Pakistan Women’s T20 Highlights: India win by 7 wickets

India vs Pakistan Women’s T20 Highlights: India win by 7 wickets

India vs Pakistan Women's T20 Highlights: Mithali Raj brought up her 16th T20I fifty to help India beat Pakistan by seven wickets in their second group B match of the ICC Womens World T20.

India vs Pakistan Women Live
India vs Pakistan Women’s T20 Highlights: India beat Pakistan in Guayana in the second T20I. (Source: WorldT20/Twitter)

India vs Pakistan Women’s T20 Highlights: Mithali Raj brought up her 16th T20I fifty to help India beat Pakistan by seven wickets in their second group B match of the ICC Womens World T20. India won the toss and opted to field against Pakistan in their second group game at the ICC Women’s World T20. That decision looked to have worked wonders with Pakistan losing three quick wickets. But a 94-run stand between Bismah Maroof and Nida Dar took Pakistan to a place of safety. Flurry of wickets in the final two overs ensured Pakistan finished on 133/7. But a penalty of 10 runs put them on the backfoot from the start. With Smriti and Jemimah getting runs under their belts India got home with one over to spare.

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India vs Pakistan Women's T20: Highlights


FOUR! Veda Krishnamurthy hits the winning runs and India have won the match by 7 wickets Two wins out of two matches for India. India overcome a spirited challenge from Pakistan in Guyana to take a stranglehold of Group B in their pursuit of World T20 glory.

OUT! Mithali c Nida Dar b Baig 56(47)

OUT! Mithali Raj is out for 56. Baig picks up the wicket INDW- 126/3, 18 ovs

Caught&Bowled! Rodrigues c and b Nida Dar 16(21)

Caught&Bowled! Nida Dar takes a good return catch. Rodrigues is out for 16. Mithali Raj registers a 42-ball fifty and she is leading the chase for India INDW- 101/2, 15 ovs

India progress slow

Mithali Raj and Jemimah Rodrigues are playing at a steady pace. That's three back-to-back quiet overs from india, who need 45 from 42 deliveries.  

Momentum broken

Jemimah Rodrigues comes to the crease at the place of Smriti Mandhana, whose wicket has put a break in the momentum of the game for India. Sana Mir is back into attack as India are 84/1 after 12 overs.

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OUT! Smriti Mandhana out for 26 as Bismah Maroof breaks the 73-run opening stand. Bismah Maroof is definitely having a good day. Earlier today, she made a half-century. And now claims the first wicket. India are 74/1 after 10 overs

50-run stand

50 run partnership between Smriti Mandhana and Mithali Raj in the eighth over of the chase. They've gone about comfortably and have faced no pressure thus far. 


Boundaries flowing in thick and fast for India women. Quicker on middle by Nida Dar, Mithali Raj gets her weight on it and flogs it past square leg. India are 48/0 after 6 overs


Mandhana keeps going strongly after the bowlers as well. Flat on the stumps by Sana Mir, Mandhana lowers her stance and wacks it through square leg for  a boundary. India are 43/0 after 5 overs


Mithali Raj with two boundaries in the 4th over to keep India cruising. Anam Amin bleeding runs here. Uses her feet, gets to the pitch of the ball and drives it elegantly through extra cover. On the last ball of the over, it is a near replay of the boundary earlier in the over. Extends her hands on the drive and sends it through extra cover

India men beat West Indies

In Chennai, India men have beaten West Indies by 6 wickets. From what looked like a walk in the park at one stage, India made things awkward in the last over before finishing the line on the last ball. [As it unfolded]


India begin with a 10-run luxury and have compounded with big hits in the first two overs. Mithali Raj with a boundary in the opening over but it is Smriti Mandhana who has turned on the magic in the second over by Anam Amin. Twin boundaries in the over and India are 26/0 after 2 overs

Two penalties for Pakistan

India will begin from 10/0 after two penalties to Pakistan for running down the danger line. Pakistan made 135 but two runs have been docked because the two singles that were taken when the batters thread on the danger area have been cancelled. 

Pakistan finish at 133/7

A single to end the inning. An appeal for a run out and the call goes upstairs. No harm there. Scamper across for a single. But it seems that the run won't count. Another run completed with the batter running down the danger line. So, Pakistan finish on 133/7 with India needing 134 to win


Another stumping! Sana Mir was the new batter in and she walks back for a duck. Came well down the track to Poonam Yadav, misses the ball completely as it stays low. It bounces once and Bhatia does well to stay low with the ball, breaks the stumps with Mir well outside the crease. Pakistan are 133/7


Poonam Yadav with the final over and she gets rid of Aliya Riaz after her four run start. Aliya Riaz walks back after scoring 4 runs from 3 balls. Appeal for a stumping and Taniya Bhatia is confident that is a goner. Fair delivery and Bhatia has taken the ball cleanly and broken the stumps with Riaz well short. Out is the call by the third umpire without much delay. Pakistan are 133/6


Ball after bringing up her fifty, Nida Dar perishes for 52 runs from 35 balls.  Slower and shorter of off by Hemlatha, Dar had to reach out for the cut, no pace on it to play with and ends up slapping it straight to Harmanpreet at cover. Pakistan are 129/5 after 19 overs


Nida Dar brings up her fifty with a six! Smriti Mandhana almost takes the catch at the boundary rope, but the momentum makes her step  touch further. She knew it immediately and dropped the ball away in anger. Dar came down the track, got close to the ball and clubs it towards deep mid-wicket, gets a good round of applause for her inning. 


Finally someone holds on! Maroof is dismissed for 54 runs and Veda Krishnamurthy holds on. Veda grabs this one and brings to an end this dangerous fourth wicket partnership. Maroof came down the track to a well flighted delivery and was looking to send it over mid-wicket. Didn't get hold of the shot and dragged it down the throat of long-on. Pakistan are 124/4

Pakistan handed penalty

Second official warning for the batswomen. Umpires spotted the two batters running on the danger area and India will start their inning at 5/0 - bonus runs for the Indians


After five singles in the over, Nida Dar ensures another big over for Pakistan. Comes down the track and plays it on the spin over the mid-wicket region. Lovely use of the feet and the bottom hand. Crosses the boundary line on the bounce. Pakistan are 115/3 after 17 overs


Moments after Pakistan's highest score vs India, Maroof brings up her maiden international fifty. Gets a deserved round of applause from the dressing room. Sends the ball in front of cover for a single to bring up her fifty


Maroof may be battling stomach cramps but it isn't stopping her from sending the ball to the boundary rope. Consecutive boundaries in the 16th over. Full and wide of off by Arundhati, Maroof shuffles across and opens the face of the bat to find the gap behind square on the off-side. Next ball is on length and Maroof goes across her stumps, uses the pace on the ball and laps it over the keeper's head. Pakistan are 106/3 after 16 overs

Heat playing a role

Maroof is down with some cramps, dehydration issues and a bout of stomach cramps. She limped all along during the last single, the physio is out in the middle. Gets some much needed liquid in the system before picking up and continuing. 


Does it count as a drop if no one goes for the ball? Everyone's scared of the ball now. Maroof survives this time. Poonam calls for the catch and then moved away as Harmanpreet ran across from cover. Complete communication problem and in the end, no one got any close to the ball. It drops at the place where Poonam would have been on her followthrough. Maroof with a sigh of relief.


Fielding errors creeping in for India. Little fumbles here and there but more importantly, catches being dropped. Nida Dar survives again. Punam Yadav is the third to drop a chance. Mistimed sweep by Dar and the ball lobs up in the air, Punam went back by the reverse cupping attempt is squandered. Another simple chance, another drop. Pakistan are 78/3 after 13 overs


First six of the match and it comes of Nida Dar's bat. Comes down the track to the pitch of the ball by Deepti Sharma and smacks the slog to deep mid-wicket for a six. Plenty of bat on it and this has sailed over the ropes. Pakistan are 72/3 after 12 overs


Not just a drop, a boundary too! Veda Krishnamurthy has dropped a simple catch. Nida Dar comes down the track, doesn't get near the ball and yet goes through with the lofted drive. Sends it high and down the throat of long-off where Veda goes for the reverse cup but drops it. To frustrate Radha Yadav further, it goes on to hit the ropes

Halfway stage

Maroof goes for a reverse sweep and misses the delivery from Deepti Sharma completely. Huge shout made for LBW, the umpire takes her time before shaking her head. Pinged on the back thigh and the only saving grace could have been where the ball pitched. Good decision. It does pitch outside leg. At halfway mark in the Pakistan inning, they are 53/3


Nida Dar with a well made connection on the sweep. Went low in time to Poonam Yadav, chose her spot and executed the shot brilliantly over square leg. Pakistan are 48/3 after 9 overs

Sehwag approves

Virender Sehwag watching and rooting for India women's team. 


UH OH! That's another disastrous run out attempt. Yes-No situation and Javeria Khan is dismissed for 17 runs from 15 balls. Pakistan are 30/3 in the 7th over. Two run outs already. Maroof plays it to the Radha Yadav inside the circle, Javeria Khan was halfway down the track before her partner decided to change her mind. Radha collects and passes it to Poonam at the non-striker's end for the run out


INDIA GO FOR THE REVIEW! Bhatia and Deepti Sharma appeal for a caught behind but it has been turned down. Harmanpreet talks to Deepti and take the review. No distortion on the UltraEdge and the on-field decision stands. India lose their review. Javeria Khan deceived by the late dip but ends up missing it


India appeal for a run out. Looks gone. Checking with the third umpire to be sure. Omaima Sohail is well short of her crease. OUT it is. Easy call for the TV umpire. Dabbed towards point,  Omaima went for the single after the call but Jemimah's pick up and throw at the bowler's end is bang on the money. Omaima is run out for 3 runs and Pakistan are 10/2 in the 4th over


OH NO! Smriti Mandhana has dropped a simple catch at mid-on! Arundhati could have had two in two but Mandhana lets the chance go. Reddy can't believe it. Javeria Khan lowered toe-ends this uppishly to mid-on, Smrithi went with both hands but puts it down rather embarrassingly


Ayesha Zafar walks back for a duck! Arundhati with a wicket maiden to start with. Brilliant catch by Veda at first slip. Length delivery outside off, Zafar looks to steer it towards the third man region it seems. The edge is ahead of Veda and she moves forward to hold on. Lovely take! Pakistan are 0/1 after 1 over


Ayesha Zafar and Javeria Khan open the batting for Pakistan. Arundhati Reddy opening the bowling


The teams walk out for the national anthems. First, Pakistan's anthem and followed by India's. Unlike St. Lucia, it's sunny and warm in Guyana. Indian girls break out of the huddle. Pakistan's opening pair is out in the middle. 

Pitch Report

From Lesley Murdoch: "Not a lot of grass on the wicket. Similar to what we saw on Day 1. There are a few cracks but looks like a good batting wicket."


India: Harmanpreet Kaur (c), Smriti Mandhana, Mithali Raj, Jemimah Rodrigues, Veda Krishnamurthy, Deepti Sharma, Taniya Bhatia (wk), Poonam Yadav, Radha Yadav, Anuja Patil, Ekta Bisht, D Hemalatha, Mansi Joshi, Pooja Vastrakar, Arundhati Reddy

Pakistan: Javeria Khan (c), Bismah Maroof, Aiman Anwer, Aliya Riaz, Anam Amin, Ayesha Zafar, Diana Baig, Muneeba Ali, Nahida Khan, Nashra Sandhu, Natalia Pervaiz, Nida Dar, Omaima Sohail, Sana Mir, Sidra Ameen, Sidra Nawaz