India vs Pakistan, ICC Under-19 World Cup Semi-Final: India thump Pakistan by 203 runs

India vs Pakistan, ICC Under-19 World Cup Semi-Final: India thump Pakistan by 203 runs

U-19 World Cup Semi-Final: India beat Pakistan by 203 runs to book their sixth World Cup final appearance. India posted 272 batting first before tumbling out Pakistan for just 69.

India vs Pakistan Live
India vs Pakistan, U19 World Cup Semi-Final: Ishan Porel shackled Pakistan early. (ICC Photo)

A clinical and comprehensive performance from India – with the bat and with the ball – ensured they faced no hiccup once again in their dominant run so far at the ICC U-19 World Cup. The fact that it came against Pakistan only added to the charm of it. The mouth-watering contest was reduced to a no contest first by Shubhman Gill’s battling century, by Pakistan’s miserable fielding show and then India bowlers produced a demolition show to end things. India now take on Australia in the final of the U-19 World Cup in a quest to remain unbeaten in the tournament. In all, when things got tough – a semifinal of a World Cup – the Indian players maintained their composure while their Pakistan counterparts fell by the wayside.

India vs Pakistan Score and Updates, U19 World Cup Semi-Final:

09:16 am IST: India beat Pakistan by 203 runs as India progress to their sixth U-19 World Cup final. Shubhman Gill is the Man of the Match. 

09:15 am IST: WICKET! It is all over! Abhishek Sharma strikes and Pakistan are bundled out for a meagre 69 runs. Iqbal got down to sweep but didn’t get the pitch of the ball right. Gets a top edge and Porel at mid-wicket takes it comfortably! 


09:10 am IST: WICKET! FLASH! Not sure if Harvik Desai or Flash! The Indian wicketkeeper is extremely quick to react as Saad Khan moves forward to defend the Roy straightener. It beat the outside edge, went to the keeper and Desai is quick to take and whip off the bails. Saad is gone by a few inches and Pakistan go nine down. 

09:05 am IST: Muhammad Musa brings up the first six of the Pakistan chase. Goes after Shiva Singh with all the strength, connects beautifully and it goes soaring into the stands.

08:55 am IST: This is poor batting from Pakistan and the latest example is Shaheen Shah Afridi. Shiva Singh strikes to pick up his third wicket of the day. And he takes the catch off his own bowling as well. Back of a length delivery outside the off by the left-arm spinner, Shaheen tries to swing towards the leg side but ends up getting a top edge. Eight down and Pakistan are yet to reach 50. 

08:42 am IST: WHAT. A. CATCH! Shubhman Gill takes an absolute blinder at mid-off. Runs back, keeps his eyes on the ball and goes down after catching to hold on to the ball. Does a tumble and rakes in the adulation. What a catch that! Once again, Parag the bowler with the tossed up delivery. Hasan Khan goes for 1. Pakistan are 45/7!

08:36 am IST: WICKET! Pakistan’s woes are heightened with the only batsman reaching two digits – Rohail Nazir – going back. Skies it and it is taken at mid-off by Shubhman Gill. Tossed up outside off by Parag and it is sliced. He immediately looked at the gloves suggesting the bat may have slipped from his grip as he came down the track. 

08:33 am IST: Rohail Nazir goes aerial. Doesn’t control his shot though. A wild inside-out slog and it goes in the air with Ishan Porel running in from the deep but it lands just short despite his desperate attempt. Would have been a blinder!

08:30 am IST: WICKET! Pitched up by Shiva Singh, Mohammad Taha tries to drive but plays it uppishly straight into Nagarkoti’s hands. Pakistan are five down with just 37 runs on the board

08:15 am IST: Pakistan need this pairing to settle down, calm nerves and keep the scorecard ticking. Not the most comfortable of situations and India breathing down your neck but that’s what one needs in such situations and at such tournaments

08:03 am IST: WICKET! Ishan Porel has a fourth! Back of a length from the India seamer, Ammad Alam tries to get on top of it but it continues to climb into him forcing a tame shot as a result. Tried to go over the top but the bounce just made his job lot harder. Alam goes for four with Shivam Mavi taking the simple catch. Pakistan are 28/4 and the task has become LOT harder!

08:00 am IST: At the end of 10 overs, Pakistan are 28/3 and need 245 more to win. Ishan Porel picking up all three wickets. Both openers and Ali Zaryab back in the pavillion. Rohail Nazir and Ammad Alam in the middle. Kamlesh Nagarkoti operating alongside Porel. Shivam Mavi in his first spell: 4-3-6-0.

07:46 am IST: WICKET! India’s sensational start continues. Shaw with yet another sharp catch at gully. Ali Zaryab goes for 1 and Pakistan are 20/3. Near identical to the previous dismissal but for an even better catch. Ishan Porel once again getting a thick edge out of a left-handed batsman and getting rewarded. 

07:36 am IST: WICKET! India pick two early wickets as Prithvi Shaw takes a fine catch at gully. Good length outside the off stump, Imran Shah pushes at it and gets a thick outside which flies to Shaw. Pakistan lose both openers with Ishan Porel striking twice. 

07:30 am IST: Shivam Mavi has bowled three overs and all three have been maiden overs. No runs given. Pakistan are 12 for the loss of one wicket after five overs in chase of 273

07:23 am IST: WICKET! Shivam Mavi with an excellent catch at the boundary ropes! Zaid pulls one towards fine-leg and Mavi is there to catch it. He later realises that his momentum will carry him over the ropes so he throws the ball up in the air to balance himself and them comfortably takes it. Pakistan lose their first wicket

07:21 am IST: Chance for India to get the first wicket. Zaid comes down the track and scoops one in the air! It is long way up in the air. Two fielders behind it but it fails in no-man’s land. No wicket!

07:15 am IST: After a maiden first over, Pakistan take six runs off the second over. Ishan Porel got hit for a boundary off the last ball of his first over. Zaid with a good pull shot. Pakistan 6 for no loss after two overs

07:05 am IST: Pakistan openers Imran and Zaid are out in the middle for the chase. India will open the bowling with Shivam Mavi. Pakistan are chasing a target of 273 for a win against India and a place in the U19 World Cup final against Australia

06:35 am IST: India post 272/9 against Pakistan in the semi-final. The free-hit was clobbered down the ground but Hassan takes a brilliant catch. But it is a free-hit so no problem for Gill. He runs a single. Pakistan need 273 runs from 50 overs for a place in the final!

06:33 am IST: HUNDRED! SHUBMAN GILL HAS GOT THE CENTURY HE DESERVED! It’s is a no-ball as well. He hits it straight down the ground and runs the single as the catch on the boundary is dropped. Gill lets out a loud cry. What an innings. He will face the final delivery of the innings which is a free-hit

06:31 am IST: WICKET! What a magnificent yorker from Musa. He has got the wicket Shiva Singh. India are nine down and Shubman Gill is still not on strike. Two balls remaining. Ishan Porel the final batsman in

06:27 am IST: WICKET! Shivam Mavi has hit a full-toss straight to mid-wicket is gone. Musa gets another wicket. Shubman Gill is on 98* and is at the non-striker’s end

06:26 am IST: Final over of the innings coming up. India are 265 for the loss of seven wickets. Shubman Gill is on 98 but will be at the non-striker’s end. Shivam Mavi to face the first ball of the final over

06:20 am IST: Shubman Gill into the 90s again! A couple off the first ball, then again off the second delivery and he runs a three off the third ball. He has moved on to 92*. This is his second 90 in this World Cup

06:16 am IST: WICKET! Shaheen Afridi bowled four dots before getting the wicket of Kamlesh Nagarkoti. Cramped for room with a short delivery and Nagarkoti plays it one. India are 242 for 7 with three overs remaining

06:06 am IST: WICKET! Anukul Roy walks back as he gets a feather! Actually he has gloved it to the keeper. Pacy delivery from Musa and Roy tried to pull it. He is late and the ball has brushed his glove and easy catch to the keeper

05:56 am IST: Fifty partnership for Gill and Roy. They have run well between the wickets, scored boundaries when needed, and led India’s rebuilding. They need to continue their good work

05:50 am IST: Six fifties in a row and that is a record in U19 One-Day games! Gill’s scores in this World Cup are — 63, 90* and 86. Today — 61* (playing). Earlier record was 5

05:46 am IST: 200 up for India in the 41st over. Anukul Roy gets the width on one delivery and he smashes it over the infield and gets boundary. India are 202 for the loss of five wickets

05:35 am IST: India are inching closer to that 200 but are scoring runs at a run-rate of 5. This will lead them close to 250-260. India would like some more runs on the board because this is an easy wicket to bat on

05:25 am IST: FIFTY! This boy is incredible. Another half-century for Shubman Gill in the U19 World Cup and he is playing a gem of an innings. There is no half-measures in his innings. Fluent, aggressive, sensible.

05:15 am IST: WICKET! Pakistan have turned this around! More like Arshad Iqbal has turned this around. That is the third wicket for him. Abhishek Sharma tries to play a shot down the leg side but misses but there is an edge there and keeper takes a catch down the leg side. India struggling now

05:07 am IST: WICKET! Arshad Khan is one fire! This time it is Riyan Parag who falls. It is again outside off and Riyan chases the ball. A light edge but everyone heard it. He has to go back to the hut

05:01 am IST: WICKET! Desai has hit it straight to point. India lose their third wicket. Arshad bowls it short and wide and Desai tries to hit it over the infield. No elevation there. Nice catch from the point fielder

04:51 am IST: Fifty partnership up between Shubman Gill and Harvik Desai. They have done well to rebuild for India after the two quick wickets. Gill can play long innings and India will like him to do so

04:40 am IST: Shubman Gill has looked in good form. India need a partnership going here otherwise Pakistan will bounce back. Only a big score in the first innings will give India bowlers the comfort of attacking in the second innings.

04:30 am IST: Four! Shubman Gill hits one hard through mid-wicket. Not far away from the fielder their but it was hit powerfully and goes quickly past the player. A four for Gill and India are 106 for 2 after 20 overs

04:18 am IST: WICKET! Pakistan have got another! Manjot Kalra departs after making a brilliant 47. Musa has bowled brilliantly here. Pitches outside off but it comes back slightly into Kalra. He is going for the drive and doesn’t get the movement. An inside edge and an easy catch for the wicketkeeper!

04:10 am IST: WICKET! Prithvi Shaw run-out. Pakistan finally manage the run-out in four tries. But a big blow to India as Shaw is gone. A tight single. Kalra nudges one close to the wicket and Shaw sets off for a single. Bowler Musa was quick to get to the ball too. He release the ball onto the wickets but Shaw has dived. His bat has crossed the line but it is in the air! He is gone for 42!

04:04 am IST: 15 overs bowled in the Indian innings and they have done well. They are 85 for no loss with Prithvi Shaw batting on 40 and Manjot Kalra is batting on 42

03:44 am IST: SIX! Hassan has bowled it too full and Kalra is too quick to adjust. Reaches to the pitch of the ball and then sends it over long off for the first six of the day! Brilliant shot

03:39 am IST: Scoring at a strike rate of more than 100! Kalra has played his shots freely! India are 57 for no loss after 9 overs. Scoring at a run-rate of 6.33 per over. Shaheen Afridi is the bowler now!

03:35 am IST: A run-out chance missed and a drop in that over. Manjot Kalra survives as his catch is dropped in the slips. An easy catch and Kalra gets a lifeline. India 53 for no loss after 8 overs

03:26 am IST: A spinner into the attack for Pakistan. Hassan will bowl his left-arm spin to the Indian opening pair. Kalra would look to take him on but it is Shaw who has crunched a boundary through the point region

03:20 am IST: Expensive over from Arshad Iqbal! A seven-ball over as he overstepped. 13 runs coming of that over and India are off to a brilliant start. They are 34 for no loss after five overs

03:10 am IST: This is a brilliant start for India. Shaw and Kalra have now seen the pitch and know they can trust the bounce. Both playing their shots now. A big score on the cards in this match.

03:05 am IST: FOUR! The first boundary of Indian innings and it is from the bat of Prithvi Shaw. A cracking shot past point and there is no chance for any fielder to stop that. The pitch looks a nice one to bat on!

03:00 am IST: India openers Prithvi Shaw and Manjot Kalra are ready for the match. Arshad Iqbal has the new ball in hand for Pakistan. All set for this big match in New Zealand.

02:51 am IST: The two teams are playing against each other for a spot in the final where they will face Australia. Every team is playing for this trophy below

02:45 am IST: Pakistan XI — Muhammad Zaid Alam, Imran Shah, Rohail Nazir, Ali Zaryab Asif, Mohammad Taha, Ammad Alam, Saad Khan, Hasan Khan, Muhammad Musa, Shaheen Afridi, Arshad Iqbal

02:40 am IST: India XI — Prithvi Shaw, Manjot Kalra, Shubman Gill, Harvik Desai, Riyan Parag, Abhishek Sharma, Anukul Roy, Kamlesh Nagarkoti, Shivam Mavi, Shiva Singh, Ishan Porel


02:30 am IST: India have won the toss and elected to bat against Pakistan in the semi-final! This game is played on the same pitch which was used for Australia-Afghanistan semi-final on Monday.

The players have reached the stadium and it will be a different experience for them to this game. India vs Pakistan is always special and in World Cups, the excitement gets to a different level.

Welcome to the coverage of India vs Pakistan semi-final at the U19 World Cup. Though this game is not hyped as the other contests between the two neighbours, it does promises to be an exciting fixture. The youngsters will also get to know the pressure of an India-Pakistan clash.