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IND vs PAK, Women’s T20 World Cup 2023: Jemimah Rodrigues, Richa Ghosh help India beat Pakistan in Newlands

India Women vs Pakistan Women's T20 World Cup: India beat Pakistan by 7 wickets in a Group B match.

By: Sports Desk
Updated: February 13, 2023 00:39 IST
India beat Pakistan by 7 wickets. (BCCI)India beat Pakistan by 7 wickets. (BCCI)

India vs Pakistan Scorecard, Women’s T20 World Cup 2023: Chasing 150 to win, India got off to a steady start and had a productive powerplay but opener Yastika Bhatia fell after a painstaking 17 off 20 balls. Shafali Verma, on the other hands, scored quickly to keep the Indian scoreboard moving and taking it past 50 in 7 overs. However, India suffered a blow when Verma was dismissed near the halfway mark of the innings, leaving India 85 to get from the last 10 overs. Thereafter Jemimah Rodrigues and Harmanpreet Kaur steadied the ship for the women in Blue. But with the departure of their skipper, India are in a tricky position needing 55 from the last six overs. But with the departure of their skipper, India seemed in a tricky position needing 55 from the last six overs. However, the steady head of Rodrigues, coupled with the big hits from Richa Ghosh late in the innings helped India reach the target with seven balls to spare.

Earlier, India bowlers were on the money right from the start as Deepti Sharma was the first strike in the PowerPlay but the women in green made a decent recovery with Muneeba Ali and Bismah Maroof. But after the Powerplay, Pakistan lost quick wickets as Radha Yadav and Pooja Vastrakar struk in back to back overs. Thereafter, Bismah Maroof , who struck a fluent fifty and Ayesha Naseem’s lusty blows propelled Pakistan to 149/4 in 20 overs.

Meanwhile, Pakistan won the toss and elected to bat. Pakistan skipper Bismah Maroof said the decision to bat first was taken after looking at the wicket, which was dry. Harmanpreet also said she would have opted to bat first had she won the toss.

Live Blog

India vs Pakistan Women's T20 World Cup: Follow IND vs PAK highlights from Newlands, Cape Town.

21:55 (IST)12 Feb 2023
IND vs PAK Live Score: Indian skipper Harmanpreet Kaur after the game

It was a good game. Pakistan batted well but we wanted to win and Jemi and Richa played really well. We are keen to do well for the team. Whoever gets the opportunity we are ready. Win against Pakistan is always special. Good game, crowd was great, got good support. We would love to spend some time in the nets and sort out the things we didn't do well today before the West Indies game.

21:55 (IST)12 Feb 2023
IND vs PAK Live Score: Pakistan skipper Bismah Maroof after the game

We were in the game all the time, but they played really well. We made mistakes with the ball. We should be better in the next game. Ayesha was crucial for us with that knock.

21:53 (IST)12 Feb 2023
IND vs PAK Live Score: Jemimah Rodrigues player of the match

 I don’t know what to say. I knew building partnerships, taking it deep we’d end up chasing. Richa and I have built a partnership against Bangladesh, and we could do this today. This innings is really special to me, I haven’t been getting runs for a while but I’ve stuck to his processes. God is grateful, he takes care of the rest. I want to dedicate this to my parents, they are here at the stadium. This knock goes out to them. We just needed 10 an over, we were going over by over and we knew they would bowl a loose ball so that is what we had to punish. We knew we’d win if we stayed till the end. We’re very happy we’ve won this, momentum is on our side and now we just need to do the simple things correctly and consistently.

21:41 (IST)12 Feb 2023
IND vs PAK Live Score: India win by seven wickets with one over to spare, Jemimah Rodrigues 53* and Richa Ghosh 31*

Brilliant win for the Indians here in Newlands

21:38 (IST)12 Feb 2023
IND vs PAK Live Score: Expensive offer by Anwer

Just when things looked in balance Richa Ghosh's brutal striking tilted the balance in the favour of India. Anwer conceded 14 runs in that over which could cost Pakistan the game. The Paksitan skipper is scratching her head. Indian dug out looking quite lively and happy. These seem like a winning start for India in their first game. Score after 18.2 overs INDW 142/3

21:33 (IST)12 Feb 2023
IND vs PAK Live Score: Not a good day for Nida dar with the ball

Nida Dar had an off day with the ball. She kept bowling a few loose deliveries every now and then. The Pakistan fielders did not help her cause either. The momentum seems to slightly shift in the favour of India now. This is turning out to quite a thriller here in Newlands. Seems like the one who can handle the pressure well will win the game. Score after 17.2 overs INDW 127/3

21:29 (IST)12 Feb 2023
IND vs PAK Live Score: Brilliant review by Richa Gosh

Rich Gosh was given LBW by the umpire while sweeping. However, Ghosh takes the review in which the Snickometer is shown she has gloved it. She was confident right from the word go. Smiles in the Indian dugout. The pressure is building on both sides. However, Ghosh is India's established finisher. The team would be pretty confident that she would take the team home if she stays till the end. Score after 16.2 overs INDW 116/3

21:20 (IST)12 Feb 2023
IND vs PAK Live Score: 100 up for India

100 up for India. Jemimah steps across the stumps and hit one over the square-leg fielder inside the ring. She is looking in good touch. If India has to get their points in the game it becomes imperative for Jemimah to bat through and hold an end up as Richa Gosh and batters to follow can use the long handle.Score after 14.4 overs INDW 101/3

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21:15 (IST)12 Feb 2023
IND vs PAK Live Score: Nashra Sandu picks up Harmanpreet

Harmanpreet trying to slog departs. Just when things started to look gloomy for Pakistan they picked up a much-needed wicket. Is there a twist in the tale? Can Pakistan can make a comeback in the game or India will keep their heads and continue to build on the solid foundation that has been laid and take this game home?Score after 13.2 overs INDW 93/3

21:14 (IST)12 Feb 2023
IND vs PAK Live Score: India coasting along nicely

India is coasting along nicely. Rodriguez and Harmanpreet are batting at the tempo of their choice. Pakistan bowlers are bowling a loose ball every over. There has been some turn on the surface however, the Pakistan bowlers' line and lengths haven't been good enough to exploit any of it. If it continues this way India should win this quite comfortably with overs to spare. Score after 13.1 overs INDW 92/2

21:06 (IST)12 Feb 2023
IND vs PAK Live Score: Fatima let's the pressure go away

Fatima with her ordinary over has eased the pressure on new batter Harmanpreet. Pakistan be it with the bat or ball now has not been able to apply pressure for a longer period. A good ball here a good ball there but nothing substantial to put pressure on India. India on the other hand would be looking to do more of the same for a few more overs and then explode from there to improve their Net Run Rate. Score after 11.4 overs INDW 83/2

21:02 (IST)12 Feb 2023
IND vs PAK Live Score: Brilliant flexibilty by Rodriguez

The ball pitched and turned sharply away from Rodriguez. She was beaten in the flight and pace of the delivery. However, thanks to her agility survive a close stumping. The skipper Harmeenpreet Kaur is in the middle. This is the game right here for Pakistan they need to find a way to break this partnership if they want to start the World Cup on a positive note. Score after 10.2 overs INDW 72/2

20:52 (IST)12 Feb 2023
IND vs PAK Live Score: Shafali Verma departs courtesy of brilliant catch by Ameen

Brilliant catch by Ameen to dismiss Shafali Verma. A timely wicket for Pakistan. Shafali Verma who was looking to open up and score some quick runs departs. Pakistan will be looking to take the game by the scruff of the neck from here on. However, India still has a lot of batting to come. Since it is the ninth over of the innings umpires have decided to take a water break. This contest is slowly turning into a humdinger. Score after 9.1 overs INDW 65/2

20:50 (IST)12 Feb 2023
IND vs PAK Live Score: Lovely shot from Rodriguez

The ball was just a little outside the off-stump. Rodriguez just gives a little dab. The ball runs away to the boundary very quickly. The outfield has been excellent. Pakistan bowlers have not been able to put any sort of pressure on Indian batters whatsoever. Whenever there has been a couple of dot balls India has found a way to get a boundary to ease the pressure of. The body language of Pakistan is looking a bit flat here. Score after 9 overs INDW 65/1

20:45 (IST)12 Feb 2023
IND vs PAK Live Score: 50 up for the Indians

50 up for the Indians. India is racing along nicely here in the run chase. They are not letting the scoring rate go up. It is going to be difficult for the Pakistan bowlers from here on as the batters have got their eye in and the pitch is looking flat. They cant afford to bowl any loose delivers and make it much easier for the Indian batters. Score after 7 overs INDW 53/1

20:39 (IST)12 Feb 2023
IND vs PAK Live Score: Yatstika Bhatia departs

Yastika Bhatia departs India to lose its first wicket. However, the opening pair laid a solid foundation. Shafali Verma on the other hand is now starting to take on the bowlers here. The LBW shout has been a wake-up call for Verma. India will be looking to continue the momentum and get a few boundaries. Pakistan bowlers have to be careful now about their lines and lengths and have to look for wickets and not contain the batters. Score after 6 overs INDW 39/1

20:31 (IST)12 Feb 2023
IND vs PAK Live Score: Excellent review by Shafali Verma

Excellent review by Shafali Verma. The ball was clearly going down the legside. However, the umpire thought otherwise. Varma did not waste a moment of review after the approval from her partner. India is looking to hit a few boundaries now and capitalise on the remainder of the Powerplay Score after 4 overs INDW 23/0

20:29 (IST)12 Feb 2023
IND vs PAK Live Score: India starting to get a move on

A leg glance from Bhatia goes for a boundary. India is slowly starting to grow into this game. Pakistan skipper has now used three bowlers in three overs giving her bowlers a short spell. The wicket is offering nothing to the Pakistan bowlers. Unless Indian batters make a mistake is it hard to see how Pakistan is going to pick a wicket? Score after 3 overs INDW 23/0

20:24 (IST)12 Feb 2023
IND vs PAK Live Score: Spinner into attack

Pakistan skipper Mahroof has brought in spinner Nadia into attack in the second over. This has been a watchful start from Shafali and Bhatia. Pakistan on the other hand would continue to build dots and pile the pressure on the Indian batters and force a mistake. Score after 2 overs INDW 12/0

20:21 (IST)12 Feb 2023
IND vs PAK Live Score: A decent start for the Indians

A good start for the Indian openers Shafali Verma and Bhatia. There is nothing ominous on the surface the ball is coming nicely onto the bat. Seems like the wicket has flattened out a bit. However, the chase is going to be tricky for the Indians as it is a huge total they are chasing and the pressure of the World Cup is imminent. Score after 1overs, INDW: 9/0

20:13 (IST)12 Feb 2023
IND vs PAK Live Score: Radha Yadav after the innings

Feeling good. Today, we wanted to bowl in good areas but a couple of misfields here and there. I was just trying to bowl in good areas. Ayesha was going after us, so I was trying to keep in the blockhole. Like any other game, we wanted to give it our best. We’ve done well, now our batting needs to perform. We need to play according to the ball

20:07 (IST)12 Feb 2023
IND vs PAK Live Score: Pakistan 149-4, Bismah Maroof 68* and Ayesha 43*

This has been a brilliant comeback by the Pakistani side. They looked a bit out of sorts in the first 10 of the game. However, in the last few overs the made a mockery of the Indian bowling. Indian bowling on the other hand has been poor at the death. Some sitters being dropped did not help their cause either. All in all if India need to win this game they need to play out of their skins.

20:00 (IST)12 Feb 2023
IND vs PAK Live Score: Radha Yadav Ayesha drops

Radha Yadav drops Ayesha. The ball went high up in the air. Radha who came underneath the ball had too much time to think about it and eventually makes a mockery of it. Frustration from the bowler Gaykwad and keeper Richa Gosh. How costly could this miss be Score after 19 overs, PAKW: 135/4

19:58 (IST)12 Feb 2023
IND vs PAK Live Score: 50 partnership between Ayesha and Bismah

It has been exactly what the doctor ordered for the Pakistan side. Both Ayseha and Bismah have batted brilliantly since the last wicket. The runnings between the wickets have been exceptional and the boundaries have come at will since Ayesha's entry. India on the other hand have been penalized for the slow over rate and they have only three fielders outside the ring. Score after 18 overs, PAKW: 127/4

19:52 (IST)12 Feb 2023
IND vs PAK Live Score: 50 for Pakistan skipper Bismah

50 for Pakistan skipper Bismah.The captain is leading from the front here. She held up an end allowing the batters from the other end to play their natural game. This in no means is over for her she would like to continue and play till the end of the innings to take her side to a decent total. However, it appears as if she has injured her finger the physio is having a look.Score after 17.1 overs, PAKW: 120/4

19:47 (IST)12 Feb 2023
IND vs PAK Live Score: Ayesha Naseem, just 18, is putting the pressure back on the Indian bowlers

Nihal Koshie: Ayesha Naseem, just 18, is putting the pressure back on the Indian bowlers. A six and a four off Renuka Thakur's 16th over of the innings is what Pakistan needed. Former captain Sana Mir said she believes Ayesha should bat up the order. 'She opens so she has very quick hands... And she is very strong... I have not seen such a strong batter... She is from Abbottabad and climbs mountains to stay fit,' Mir said on air. 18 runs off the 16th over.

19:46 (IST)12 Feb 2023
IND vs PAK Live Score: Thakur feeling the pressure

It is an expensive over from Thakur 18 runs came off it. Ayesha is showing no mercy on anything that is loose. The pressure is slowly shifting back onto Indians. With still four overs to go Pakistan would be looking to score anywhere near 150 runs. On the surface which is offering a bit of bounce and carry it won't be easy for the Indians to chase anything over 140. Score after 16 overs, PAKW: 107/4

19:41 (IST)12 Feb 2023
IND vs PAK Live Score: Radha completes her spell

Brilliant spell by Radha. She completed her four overs for 21 runs and picked up two crucial wickets in the middle overs. Her spell has kept the Pakistan batters in check. Now that her spell is done would be interesting to see what tactics will Harmanpreet Kaur use. What bowlers will she use in the death? The fielding has gone a bit off the boil since Ayseha has come in and started to play a few shots. Score after 15 overs, PAKW: 102/4

19:35 (IST)12 Feb 2023
IND vs PAK Live Score: Short pitch tactics by Harmanpreet Kaur

New Batter Ayesha has come into the middle. Skipper Harmanpreet Kaur immediately brought Pooja Vastrakar into the attack to bang in a few in the middle of the pitch. The Indian captain still has only four fielders outside the ring. However, this is the crunch moment in the game as Ayseha can take the game away from the Indians in no time. Score after 14 overs, PAKW: 83/4

19:26 (IST)12 Feb 2023
IND vs PAK Live Score: S Amin departs

S Amin departs. Pakistan loses their fourth wicket. Just when the pairing of Maroof and Amin were starting to accelerate a wicket falls. Amin trying to reverse sweep Radha Yadav ends up giving a simple catch to keeper Richa Gosh. Radha picks up her second wicket. Pakistan continue to loose wickets they are in desperate need of a partnership here. Score after 12 overs, PAKW: 68/4

19:23 (IST)12 Feb 2023
IND vs PAK Live Score: Shafali Verma into the attack

Shafali Verma has been introduced by the skipper. She bowled a brilliant over conceedning just three runs. Her lines and lengths have been immaculate in the over. Pakistan batters are trying to force the issue and up the scoring right. However, Indian bowlers are not allowing it do to so. Skipper has employed five fielders in the ring cutting down the singles.  Score after 11 overs, PAKW: 62/3  

19:18 (IST)12 Feb 2023
IND vs PAK Live Score: Water break

Pakistan batters Sida Amreen and Bismah Mahroof are rotating the strike nicely. Pakistan now would be looking to hit a boundary every now and then from here on in the next 10 overs. Indian skipper Harmeenpreet Kaur on the other hand would be expecting her bowlers to do the same things that they have done so far which is to keep the batters quiet. Score after 10 overs, PAKW: 58/3  

19:11 (IST)12 Feb 2023
IND vs PAK Live Score: 50 up for Pakistan

50 up for Pakistan in the ninth over. Pakistan after starting well in the powerplay has lost their way in the last few overs. Radha Yadav and Pooja Vastrakar have kept things tight in these middle overs exploiting the conditions well. Pakistan on the other hand is struggling with the pace and bounce on the surface. Score after 9 overs, PAKW: 50/3 

19:05 (IST)12 Feb 2023
IND vs PAK Live Score: Nida Dar departs

Nida Dar departs trying to pull Pooja Vastrakar. The short ball has done the trick for the Indians. The on-filed umpire has not given it out. However, skipper Harmanpreet Kaur took a review in which it showed there was a feather of an edge. Pakistan now have lost three wickets and are in a bit of bother. Score after 7.3 overs, PAKW: 43/3 

19:04 (IST)12 Feb 2023
IND vs PAK Live Score: Pakistan lose their second wicket

Lovely stumping by the wicket-keeper to dismiss Muneeba Ali. Munneba danced down the track to take on the Radha Yadav however, misses the ball to get stumped. This has been a good start for the Indians keeping things tight. Score after 7 overs, PAKW: 43/2

18:58 (IST)12 Feb 2023
IND vs PAK Live Score: Powerplay ends with a four

Muneeba Ali smashes Deepti Sharma for a FOUR on the last ball of the sixth over. The bowler was guilty of bowling it outside off and the batter slogged it away over the infield for a boundary. End of the powerplay. Score after 6 overs, PAKW: 39/1

18:48 (IST)12 Feb 2023
IND vs PAK Live Score: Back to back fours

Bismah Maroof gets the measure of Deepti Sharma and slams back to back fours. First she dances down the track to hit it over the bowlers head and then executes the sweep. Score after 4 overs, PAKW: 24/1

18:46 (IST)12 Feb 2023
IND vs PAK Live: What the numbers say?

India have won 10 matches against Pakistan in T20Is, while Pakistan have won just 3 against their arch-rivals. Score after 3 overs, PAKW: 14/1

18:39 (IST)12 Feb 2023
IND vs PAK Live: First wicket for India

Javeria Khan gets the first boundary of the day but is dismissed on the next ball by Deepti Sharma. She is caught out by skipper Harmanpreet Kaur. It was a soft dismissal as the ball was going down the leg side and Javeria helps it along to the short fine fielder. Score after 2 overs, PAKW: 11/1

18:36 (IST)12 Feb 2023
IND vs PAK Live: First over

Renuka Singh Thakur begins with a tight over and gives away just three runs. A bit of drama on the last ball as the bowler had a shy at the stumps but hit the strikers boots. No harm done. Score after 1 over, PAKW: 3/0

18:29 (IST)12 Feb 2023
IND vs PAK Live: Match begins!

Muneeba Ali and Javeria Wadood are the opening batters for Pakistan. Harmanpreet Kaur gives the new ball to Renuka Thakur.

18:17 (IST)12 Feb 2023
IND vs PAK Live: Rodrigues' preparation for the big game

I like to take this added responsibility that motivates me to peform better. We are a young side but we are excited to perform on this big stage. I might forget my suitcase but not my guitar (laughs). The prep has been really good. Every series before the WC the talk in the dressing room has been to prepare for the big one. We have got some good practice sessions here as well, can't wait to go out there and express ourselves, follow the processes and the results will take care of themselves. Bring on India vs Pakistan! - Jemimah Rodrigues

18:12 (IST)12 Feb 2023
IND vs PAK Live: Pitch Report

Much cooler and better conditions with some breeze here at the Newlands. There are really big "snake-like" marks on the pitch, Dane van Niekerk says, and might be two-paced, adds Nasser Hussain.

18:10 (IST)12 Feb 2023
IND vs PAK Live: Pakistan Women (Playing XI)

Javeria Khan, Muneeba Ali(w), Bismah Maroof(c), Nida Dar, Sidra Ameen, Aliya Riaz, Ayesha Naseem, Fatima Sana, Aiman Anwer, Nashra Sandhu, Sadia Iqbal

18:10 (IST)12 Feb 2023
IND vs PAK Live: India Women (Playing XI)

Shafali Verma, Yastika Bhatia, Jemimah Rodrigues, Harleen Deol, Harmanpreet Kaur(c), Richa Ghosh(w), Deepti Sharma, Pooja Vastrakar, Radha Yadav, Rajeshwari Gayakwad, Renuka Thakur Singh

Team India XI
18:08 (IST)12 Feb 2023
IND vs PAK Live: Harleen Deol replaces Mandhana!

Team India skipper Harmanpreet Kaur says they would have batted first too because of the dry conditions and they've brought in Harleen Deol for Mandhana's absence. She says Mandhana should be fine for the next game and she's confident the depth in their batting will help them chase down here. Today Shikha, Anjali and Devika are missing.

18:07 (IST)12 Feb 2023
IND vs PAK Live: Pakistan win the toss

"We'd like to bat first. It is a dry wicket, won't change much so we'd like to put up a total. It is unlucky she is not here with us, but this is an opportunity for someone else to perform. We have the confidence because we won against India last time but conditions are different here," said Bismah after winning the toss.

18:04 (IST)12 Feb 2023
IND vs PAK Live: Toss Time

Pakistan wins the toss. They will bat first against India at the Newlands.


17:52 (IST)12 Feb 2023
IND vs PAK: '83 World Cup opened up a Pandora's Box, says Shastri

"I know what happened in ‘83, when we won the World Cup, it opened up a Pandora's Box. The whole look at the game changed, you know, the way players were perceived, the way the game was perceived, the way people wanted. To pack the system, the way the monetisation of the sport changed overnight."

"I see that happening with the women's cricket. Now, under-19 is just a step. It was fabulous to see the way the young girls played, and won. And, especially the final, to beat a team like England, bowl them out for 68 and then do the job was an outstanding achievement and that spurred a lot of young cricketers to take the sport" - Ravi Shastri

17:43 (IST)12 Feb 2023
IND vs PAK: All set for a cracking game!
17:34 (IST)12 Feb 2023
IND vs PAK: When the U19 side showed the seniors the way

It has barely been a month since India’s U19 Women’s team won the prestigious age group title, the first ICC World Cup an Indian women’s team has won at any level. Read Sandip G’s excellent colour piece on that heady moment in the history of women’s cricket, which has the potential to inspire the senior side to the title in the coming weeks.

17:27 (IST)12 Feb 2023
IND vs PAK: Reaching the knockouts is not enough, says Mithali Raj

After a heady few months for women’s cricket in India — with the U-19 team winning the World Cup and five franchises being sold for Rs 4,669 crore — when the senior Indian women’s team starts its campaign in South Africa, only a title win will be a good enough result, feels Indian cricket legend Mithali Raj.

“We have reached a stage where reaching the knockouts is not enough... If we are getting all the facilities — hike in match fees, getting the camps we required and going early to acclimatise — then yes, the expectations will once increase. People will not be content with just playing the semi-finals and final. They will be expected to win,” Mithali told The Indian Express’ Venkata Krishna B in a freewheeling interview.

17:22 (IST)12 Feb 2023
When India takes on Pakistan, there’s tension in the air. Politics too

The India-Pakistan game has been held hostage to politics for decades now. For example, Pakistan toured India in 1960-61 with the understanding that India would visit their north-western neighbours for a return tour in 1964. That never happened with Operation Gibraltar and the 1971 War making things complicated.

Read a piece from our archives on India, Pakistan and the politics that often gets in the way of a great cricketing contest.

17:12 (IST)12 Feb 2023
IND vs PAK: When Shafali broke Sachin's unique record

In November 2019, Shafali Verma shattered her idol (Sachin Tendulkar) 30-year-old record when she became the youngest Indian to score an international fifty in the first T20 International against West Indies in St Lucia. Tendulkar was 16 years and 214 days when he notched up his maiden half-century (59, versus Pak in the second Test at Faisalabad on Nov 23, 1989)

17:07 (IST)12 Feb 2023
IND vs PAK: Who are Richa and Shafali's, childhood heroes?

The seeds of Shafali’s passion for cricket were sown when Sachin Tendulkar was playing his last Ranji Trophy match against Haryana at Lahli in 2013. The nine-year-old was in the stands of the Chaudhary Bansi Lal Cricket Stadium in Lahli, Rohtak, on her father’s shoulders, cheering ‘Sachin, Sachin’. For Richa Ghosh, it was MS Dhoni's World Cup-winning six at Wankhede that instilled the dream. 

17:04 (IST)12 Feb 2023
IND vs PAK: Watch out for Fatima Sana

Pakistan have been strengthened with both bat and ball thanks to the emergence of young all-rounder Fatima Sana. Her right-arm medium pace has proven very effective at the top level in 20 T20I appearances to-date, and she is a useful hitter too when required. Sana's time to step into the spotlight in international cricket isn't far away and she will have a perfect match against their arch-rivals to showcase their skills.

16:50 (IST)12 Feb 2023
IND vs PAK (2018): Mithali propelled India to a seven-wicket win 

Mithali Raj's unbeaten half-century led India to a comfortable seven-wicket win over Pakistan in a match which was full of drama. India dropped four sitters and then a 10-run penalty was imposed on Pakistan for their batsmen running down the danger area of the pitch. For Pakistan, Bismah Maroof (53) and Nida Dar (53) scored the fifties. 

Brief Score – PAK 133/7 (20 overs)

IND 137/3 (19 overs)

16:50 (IST)12 Feb 2023
IND vs PAK (2016): Rain played spoilsport for India at Kotla

Indian batters paid the price for a poor batting display against Pakistan as they lost the match by two runs via Duckworth-Lewis method at the Feroz Shah Kotla Stadium in New Delhi. After posting a meagre 96 for seven, India started badly in their defence but pulled the plug when it mattered and reduced Pakistan to 77 for six in 16 overs when the heavens opened up. The D/L par score was 75 at that point of time which enabled Sana Mir’s girls to remain two runs ahead.

Brief Score – IND 96/7 (20 overs)

PAK 77/6 (16 overs)

16:45 (IST)12 Feb 2023
IND vs PAK (2014): India eked out six-run win

After suffering a narrow loss two years ago, India managed to hold their nerves as they defeated Pakistan by six runs in the 2014 T20 World Cup. Soniya Dabir (3/14) was the star performer for India. She was ably supported by Poonam Yadav (2/25) and Sravanthi Naidu (2/12). 

Brief Scores – India 106/7 (20 overs)

PAK 100/9 (20 overs)

16:26 (IST)12 Feb 2023
IND vs PAK (2012): Pakistan won humdinger

Nida Dar (3/12) and Bismah Maroof (2/18) choked India in a low-scoring tie as Pakistan registered a historic 1-run win over their neighbours at Galle. For India, Jhulan Goswami (2/16 & 21) was the star performer.  Read more from this throwback piece on IND vs PAK encounters by Kanika Singh.

Brief Scores - PAK 98/9 (20 overs)

IND 97/8 (20 overs)

India vs Pakistan Women's T20 World Cup

india vs pakistan live streaming, india vs pakistan live stream India vs Pakistan, Women's T20 World Cup: India take on Pakistan.

India and Pakistan have met each other in T20Is 13 times with the Women in Blue winning an overwhelming 10 times while their archrivals have tasted victory only thrice. In their last encounter though, Pakistan walked away with a 13-run victory.

In the India vs Pakistan T20Is, India have made a high score of 137/8 against the Women in Green during the 2018 T20 World Cup while Pakistan have suffered the ignominy of being the team to have registered the lowest total against their neighbours with their 63 all out in Asia Cup final in 2012.

Former India captain Mithali Raj is the highest individual scorer against Pakistan in T20Is, having scored an unbeaten 73 in the Asia Cup final in 2016. When it comes to the best bowling figures in these clashes, Priyank Roy of India sits on top of the heap with her 5/16 in the 2009 edition of the Women’s T20 World Cup.

In the last ICC tournament, that is the 2022 ODI World Cup, India defeated Pakistan by 107 runs. The Harmanpreet Kaur-led side will be hoping for the same result as they clash with Pakistan in the T20 World Cup on Sunday at Newlands.

Read more stories of the IND vs PAK buildup below:

Women’s T20 World Cup awaits another chapter in India- Pakistan rivalry

Women’s T20 World Cup: Shafali Verma and Richa Ghosh, who are Tendulkar and Dhoni fans, will spearhead India against Pakistan

India in women’s T20 world cup: Semis for sure, winning a possibility

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First published on: 12-02-2023 at 15:59 IST
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