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Wednesday, December 11, 2019

Ind vs NZ 3rd ODI Highlights, India vs New Zealand Highlights: Rayudu, Karthik steer India to 7 wicket win

Ind vs NZ 3rd ODI, India vs New Zealand 3rd ODI Highlights: India beat New Zealand by 7 wickets at Bay Oval to take an unbeatable 3-0 lead in the five-match series.

By: Sports Desk | Updated: January 28, 2019 3:09:15 pm
India vs New Zealand 3rd ODI Live India vs New Zealand 3rd ODI: Kohli and Rohit stitched a 100-run partnership for the second wicket. (Source: BCCI)

India vs New Zealand Ind vs NZ 3rd ODI: India had a comfortable time beating Australia in the ODI series and they continued that momentum into New Zealand to seal the series 3-0 in the third ODI. With the 7-wicket win at Bay Oval, India took an unbeatable lead in the series with two matches to go. Virat Kohli and Rohit Sharma struck fifties for their 16th 100 hundred stand. Following their dismissal, Dinesh Karthik and Ambati Rayudu stepped up and scored in good flow to reach the 244 run target with 42 balls to spare.

Earlier, New Zealand won the toss and posted their biggest score in the series. The 119-run stand between Ross Taylor and Tom Latham gave New Zealand belief after another poor start. Latham struck a fifty while Taylor was stopped in his tracks from a century to be dismissed for 93 runs.

However, lower down the order, New Zealand couldn’t make the most of this stand to lose wickets at regular intervals. Indian spinners Kuldeep Yadav and Yuzvendra Chahal didn’t quite make the same impact that they had in the first two ODIs but Mohammed Shami and Bhuvneshwar Kumar took over. Shami picked up three wickets with two each for Bhuvi, Chahal and Hardik Pandya.

India in New Zealand, 5 ODI Series, 2019Bay Oval, Mount Maunganui 12 December 2019

New Zealand 243 (49.0)


India 245/3 (43.0)

Match Ended ( Day - 3rd ODI ) India beat New Zealand by 7 wickets

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    15:05 (IST)28 Jan 2019
    India captain Virat Kohli

    Winning captain Virat Kohli in the post-match ceremony: "Amazing. Three clinical games for us. Couldn't have asked for a better performance after the first two clinical games. The relentlessness of the side is something that really pleases me. We really enjoy ourselves and the guys believe in their skills and they are showing it on the field. When a guy doesn't get runs in a couple of games the opposition still feels that he's gonna fire. I haven't had a break for a long time. It's been hectic. I can relax and enjoy my break. Some day someone has to take your place and that's how it goes. Shubman is a very exciting talent and I saw him bat in the nets and I was like wow I was not even ten percent of that when I was 19."

    15:00 (IST)28 Jan 2019
    New Zealand captain Kane Williamson

    New Zealand skipper Kane Williamson at the presentation ceremony: "They are a very good side and they are teaching us a lesson. There are improvements today and we want to appreciate some of the lessons we have learnt from their side. The consistency about their plans and the way they forced some mistakes I guess we gotta be better than that. The margins are large in white cricket but it does require a lot of improvement. I think everybody is wanting to contribute more. The wicket was tough and the partnership between Latham and Ross was outstanding. I think we are going okay with the ball in hand. We need early wickets to put pressure on the opposition."

    14:57 (IST)28 Jan 2019
    Mohammed Shami is the Man of the Match

    Mohammed Shami is adjudged as the Man of the Match for his three wickets. "It's really difficult to bowl against the wind. One comes with the wind and the other is against the wind. It is difficult but not too hard. Bhuvi at the other end was also a great help. Sticking to areas where we want to bowl is the key."

    14:47 (IST)28 Jan 2019

    India get the win with byes! Doug Bracewell's bouncer beats everyone - including the keeper - and jumps over to run away to the boundary. India win the 3rd ODI by 7 wickets to take an unbeatable 3-0 lead in the series

    14:45 (IST)28 Jan 2019
    72 run partnership

    India need 4 runs to win and the partnership is on to 72 runs. DK and Rayudu have gone about excellently after the fall of Kohli and Rohit. 

    14:43 (IST)28 Jan 2019

    A gift for DK and he says thank you with a six to Ish Sodhi. A dolly of a full toss and it has been duely dispatched for a six. Steps down the track, hits it cleanly over mid-wicket for an 87 metre six. 

    14:33 (IST)28 Jan 2019

    Short by Lockie Ferguson and another well-timed pull. Lovely timing and placement on it. No need to run and DK isn't. Lovely placement through mid-wicket

    14:28 (IST)28 Jan 2019

    DK with a boundary to open the 39th over and Rayudu to close it. Both short balls by Boult, both ease into the pull and hammer it over mid-wicket. India move to 212/3 from 39 overs. 32 runs needed from 66 balls

    14:15 (IST)28 Jan 2019

    This has been a quickfire knock from Ambati Rayudu and a six keeps it going. Comes down the track to Doug Bracewell and blasts it over extra cover. Went flat and well over the boundary hoardings. Great timing. 

    13:55 (IST)28 Jan 2019

    The other well set batsman in Virat Kohli now walking back to the pavillion. He is dismissed for 60 runs from 74 balls and Trent Boult strikes. Not sure Kohli had to go after a delivery well outside off and on the attack with runs already coming with ease. Plays it uppishly and Nicholls jumps up to take it. India are 168/3

    13:53 (IST)28 Jan 2019

    Rayudu has been banned from bowling but with the bat he's off to a flying start. Already up to 13 runs from 9 balls with three boundaries in between. 

    13:45 (IST)28 Jan 2019

    Stumped and gone! Rohit Sharma is dismissed for 62 runs from 77 balls. Mitchell Santner getting the breakthrough to end the 113 run stand. Well flighted delivery, Rohit with an uncharactistic heave after coming down the track and misses it completely. Latham whips the bails off. Desperate attempt at getting back isn't enough. Only the second time that Rohit has been stumped in ODIs. India are 152/2

    13:36 (IST)28 Jan 2019
    Ambati Rayudu suspended from bowling

    BREAKING: Ambati Rayudu has been suspended from bowling in international cricket. Suspension comes into effect immediately and will remain in place until he is tested, and can demonstrate he is able to bowl with a legal action.

    13:33 (IST)28 Jan 2019

    Now fifty for Virat Kohli. Gets there in 59 balls. Short by Santner, Kohli goes on the backfoot and punches it past to collect a single. First in the series for him. Worth reminding that this will be his last match this series. 

    13:31 (IST)28 Jan 2019
    100 run stand

    100 run partnership between Rohit Sharma and Virat Kohli from 105 balls. India accelerating now with New Zealand desperately seeking a wicket

    13:29 (IST)28 Jan 2019

    Banged up, Virat Kohli not entirely in control of the pull but the top edge is enough to beat the fielder at fine leg. Not a bad bouncer from Lockie Ferguson but the small ground has its benefits. Bit of a smile on Kohli's face as it just about clears the boundary rope.

    13:23 (IST)28 Jan 2019

    Virat Kohli adds to the misery. Just outside off stump, Kohli opens the face of the bat to steer the ball past Latham. No chance for the keeper. No one stationed at third man. Runs off for a boundary. 12 runs from the over

    13:21 (IST)28 Jan 2019

    WHAT A SHOT! 143 kmph short of length delivery by Lockie Ferguson, Rohit Sharma swivels on his back leg and nails the pull to perfection over deep mid-wicket boundary. Shot of theday!

    13:16 (IST)28 Jan 2019

    Rohit Sharma plays the ball down the ground towards long on for a single and reaches his fifty in 63 balls. A quick raise of the bat, shake of hands with the skipper and back to the task at hand. Back-to-back fifties for Rohit Sharma

    13:12 (IST)28 Jan 2019

    Virat Kohli getting bit of momentum after that boundary. Adding two more, off Ish Sodhi, to keep the pressure on New Zealand. Kohli transfers his weight back and pulls the ball over mid-wicket. Last ball of the over is also sent for a boundary. Steers the ball past short third man after reading the wrong one off the hand

    13:05 (IST)28 Jan 2019

    And there's that boundary to alleviate some pressure. Flighted, Virat Kohli gets to the pitch of Santner delivery and plays it across the line. Beats the fielder on the deep mid-wicket boundary. It also brings up the 50 run stand between Kohli and Rohit

    13:02 (IST)28 Jan 2019
    Kohli, Rohit keep scoreboard ticking

    Been almost five overs there has not been a boundary. Virat Kohli and Rohit Sharma happy to deal in singles and doubles. New Zealand, meanwhile, need a wicket from somewhere to put the pressure back on India

    12:48 (IST)28 Jan 2019

    Tossed up outside off by Santner, Rohit comes down the track and gets underneath it to swing it high and over long-off for a maximum, 

    12:41 (IST)28 Jan 2019

    First six of India's innings - and it comes from Rohit Sharma's bat. Slow delivery from Mitchell Santer and the Hitman stepped up to hit it straight down the line. Lovely swing of the bat, and that one has gone the distance.

    12:27 (IST)28 Jan 2019
    Ross Taylor enters history books

    Ross Taylor now has most catches for a New Zealand outfield player. The Dhawan catch was his 134th and it takes him past Stephen Fleming. Others in the list: Chris Harris (96), Daniel Vettori (88) and Nathan Astle (83)

    12:21 (IST)28 Jan 2019

    Trent Boult strikes and it is the dangerous Shikhar Dhawan who walks back after scoring 28 runs from 27 balls. A loose, loose shot from Dhawan and perishes as a result. Outside the off stump, had to play at it but no foot movement, no weight into the attempted drive. Gets the outside edge and it flies to Ross Taylor at first slip. India 39/1

    12:10 (IST)28 Jan 2019
    New Zealand bleeding boundaries

    India are off to 31 runs in six overs and 24 of them have come in boundaries - five boundaries by Dhawan and one by Rohit. Bracewell after going for 22 runs in the first two overs has been replaced by Lockie Ferguson in the attack. And he starts with a maiden over

    11:56 (IST)28 Jan 2019

    Doug Braccewell concedes three straight boundaries to Shikhar Dhawan. First one is a driver through extra cover, next one is caressed through cover and the over ends with a whip off his pads towards mid-on. 13 runs from the over

    11:50 (IST)28 Jan 2019
    India resume chase

    Rohit Sharma and Shikhar Dhawan walk out to the middle for India's 244 run chase. Trent Boult has the ball. 3 runs from the first over

    11:18 (IST)28 Jan 2019

    Trent Boult is the last wicket to fall. He is dismissed for 2 runs from 4 balls and New Zealand have been bowled out for 243 runs. Bhuvneshwar Kumar picking up his second wicket there. Another skier from Boult and DK, Shami come underneath. DK lets it be for Shami and the seamer takes it comfortably. 

    11:15 (IST)28 Jan 2019

    Virat Kohli is everywhere. Run out this time around. Doug Bracewell is caught short at the non-striker's end and walks for 15 runs from 18 balls. Trent Boult pushes this Bhuvneshwar Kumar delivery to Kohli at short mid-wicket. Bracewell well short of his crease and Kohli runs across the whip the bails off. New Zealand are 239/9

    11:13 (IST)28 Jan 2019

    No mistake by Virat Kohli this time around. Ish Sodhi the batsman once again. VK at long-on again. This one is flatter and sent straight at the Indian skipper. Sodhi departs for 12 runs from 12 balls

    11:12 (IST)28 Jan 2019

    Dropped! By Virat Kohli no less! Puts his hand up and apologises immediately. Sodhi goes through with his shot early against the slower ball, it loops up high towards the long-on area and Kohli fails to hold on

    11:11 (IST)28 Jan 2019

    Ish Sodhi sends the ball soaring for a six! Tried it the previous ball but gets it done this time around. The pacy bumper is muscled over mid-wicket for a six. Sodhi cleared his front leg and got all of it

    11:02 (IST)28 Jan 2019

    Mohammed Shami breaks New Zealand hearts once again. Ross Taylor misses out on his century - departs for 93 runs from 106 runs. Either way, a lovely inning. Accelerated beautifully. Will it be enough? Remains to be seen. A zippy good length delivery around the fifth stump channel, Taylor looks to force it through the outside edge and sends a regulation edge to DK. Taylor opts for the review in some hope but there is a clear mark on Hotspot. New Zealand are 222/7

    10:40 (IST)28 Jan 2019

    Hardik Pandya once again and Mitchell Santner is dismissed for 3 runs from 9 balls. New Zealand are 198/6. Another poor shot results in a wicket. Not a great delivery either but Pandya/India won't mind. Outside off, angling away from the left hander, Santner tries to cut it away but only finds the outside edge behind to DK. 

    10:29 (IST)28 Jan 2019

    India failed to get the run out decision their way on the last ball but have Henry Nicholls walking for 6 runs from 8 balls on the next. Hardik Pandya picking his first. Bounced up, Nicholls looks to pull it away but only finds the glove behind to DK for a simple catch. New Zealand are 191/5

    10:21 (IST)28 Jan 2019

    A ball after Tom Latham brings up his fifty, he walks back to Yuzvendra Chahal. End of a possibly game-changing 119 run stand for New Zealand. Against the run of play. Latham runs down the wicket and does not quite get close to the pitch of the flighted delivery, but still hits it with the wind to deep mid-wicket. The ball comes off the base of the bat and fails to clear Rayudu. Latham departs for 51 runs from 64 balls, New Zealand are 178/4

    09:52 (IST)28 Jan 2019

    Back-to-back boundaries for Ross Taylor off Kedar Jadhav and it brings up his fifty as well. Had bitt of a lull in the first two ODIs but back now and in good touch so far. Second ball of the over, Taylor rocks back and plays the cut in front of square. Next ball, another cut and this time it is placed behind point

    09:48 (IST)28 Jan 2019
    Hardik Pandya bowls a 7-ball over

    Bit too much drama at Bay Oval. Hardik Pandya continues to bowl and ends up with 7 balls in that 29th over. 6 runs from 7 balls. 

    India squad: Virat Kohli (captain), Rohit Sharma, Shikhar Dhawan, Mahendra Singh Dhoni (wk), Kedar Jadhav, Dinesh Karthik, Vijay Shankar, Shubman Gill, Yuzvendra Chahal, Kuldeep Yadav, Mohammed Shami, Bhuvneshwar Kumar, Mohammed Siraj, Khaleel Ahmed, Ravindra Jadeja, Hardik Pandya.

    New Zealand squad: Kane Williamson (captain), Ross Taylor, Tom Latham, Martin Guptill, Colin de Grandhomme, Trent Boult, Henry Nicholls, Doug Bracewell, Lockie Ferguson, Matt Henry, Colin Munro, Ish Sodhi, Mitchell Santner, Tim Southee.