India vs New Zealand 1st ODI, Ind vs NZ Highlights: India win by 8 wickets, take 1-0 series lead

India vs New Zealand 1st ODI, Ind vs NZ Highlights: India win by 8 wickets, take 1-0 series lead

Ind vs NZ 1st ODI, India vs New Zealand 1st ODI Highlights: India beat New Zealand by 8-wickets (DLS) in the first ODI in Napier.

India vs New Zealand Live Score
India vs New Zealand 1st ODI: Shikhar Dhawan remained 75 runs not out at end of first ODI. (Source: AP)

Ind vs NZ 1st ODI, India vs New Zealand 1st ODI Highlights: Rohit Sharma and Virat Kohli did the labouring part of the simple run chase with Ambati Rayudu getting the team past the winning line. Chasing 157 runs for the win, Dhawan top-scored with 75 runs to alleviate pressure on himself after a streak of poor scores. Kohli had earlier been dismissed for 45 runs.

Half the job was done by the bowlers with Kuldeep Yadav taking four wickets, Mohammed Shami three wickets and Yuzvendra Chahal two wickets. But it was Shami’s two early wickets that put the pressure on the Kiwi batting which didn’t allow them to recover. He added one more before Chahal added to the troubles.

India in New Zealand, 5 ODI Series, 2019McLean Park, Napier 19 October 2019

New Zealand 157 (38.0)


India 156/2 (34.5)

Match Ended ( Day - 1st ODI ) India beat New Zealand by 8 wickets (D/L method)

Live Blog

India vs New Zealand 1st ODI Score and Updates from Napier: Read updates in Bengali, Tamil

Virat Kohli speaks

India captain Virat Kohli in the presentation ceremony, "It was one of our most balanced performances. With the ball, couldn't have asked for anything better. When I lost the toss, I thought a score of about 300-plus but the bowlers were brilliant. To get them out for 150-odd on this pitch was brilliant. Belief in his (Shami) abilities is key and as he said, the fast bowling unit is extremely confident of knocking any team out. The lines and lengths bowled by the spinners were brilliant because the pitch only slowed down in the second half and they were really good. Really important innings for Shikhar and we spoke during the sun break that he needed to finish the game to get some momentum. He is a dangerous player when in rhythm. (Whether he's experienced a sun strike break before) Never in my life, this rule wasn't there in 2014 and I actually got out in a similar situation."

Kane Williamson speaks

New Zealand captain Kane Williamson: "Certainly wasn't our best effort. India, we expected them to be good and they really were on top of the game. The surface wasn't as traditional as we thought it to be. India bowled well, particularly the lengths hit by their slower bowlers were really good. Geting to just 150ish on a pitch where 250-plus was needed, doesn't help. I think we didn't adjust well enough to the surface, don't think it was the lack of match practice that cost us. Their whole bowling unit contributed well and they need credit for that. We also did well with the ball, showed enough intent and will hope to take those things forward."

Post-match chatter

Mohammed Shami for his three wickets at the top of the New Zealand order is the Man of the Match: "Till now, whatever we have achieved has been a team effort. We enjoy each other's success and are able to execute our plans. If we have a plan that doesn't work, there's always a Plan B. As a bowling unit, we decide things together."

"Injuries changed my outlook. I made a comeback after a long time and spent a good time at our rehab centre which is world class. The management and support staff have been really cooperative, as has been my captain who has always encouraged me."

"Pitches were similar to Australia but the grounds there were bigger and climate was warmer, here the venues are smaller with pleasant temperatures. Important to adapt and we're enjoying it."


Played towards the off side with soft hands and India get the single to win. India win the opening ODI by 8 wickets under DLS method. 


Ambati Rayudu dances down the track to a Tim Southee slower delivery and smacks it over the infield for a boundary. Takes India run away from the win

Milestone filled day for India

Mohammed Shami reached 100 ODI wickets - fastest Indian to do so - and Shikhar Dhawan reached 5000 ODI runs - second fastest Indian to the landmark. Congratulations says Suresh Raina!

Edged, FOUR!

New man in is Ambati Rayudu. First ball and Rayudu gets an outside edge which finds the gap between the keeper and the man at wide slip. Good length delivery outside off stump by Ferguson, Rayudu tries to defend away from the body and gets an edge that perfectly evades two fielders


Virat Kohli falls for 45 runs from 59 balls with three boundaries from his inning. India 132/2 in the 29th over. Lockie Ferguson gets the wicket. Short delivery, surprising Kohli with the pace and also cramping him for room on the pull shot, gets a glove on it and it goes straight to the keeper. 

Kohli given out. India review

Kohli has been given OUT LBW off Tim Southee and he wants a review. Fair delivery and HotSpot doesn't reveal anything, but there's a spike on Snicko when the ball went past the bat. Third umpire Nigel Llong is happy with what he has seen and the decision has been overturned. NOT OUT is the call

100-up for India

Partnership between Virat Kohli and Shikhar Dhawan up to 59 runs from 75 balls as it brings up India's 100 runs in the 21st over. The required runs getting smaller with each passing over and looking easy too

Dale Steyn tweets

Dale Steyn wonders how New Zealand can cope with Virat Kohli.


Dhawan survives! Tom Latham grounds the catch! Maybe he should have let that be for Martin Guptill. Banged in short by Bracewell and hurried Dhawan on the pull. It caught a fat top-edge towards square leg. The ball kept going away from the keeper and it was further pushed away by the wind. He got there but it popped out in the end

Revised target

Due to the sun delay, India now need 156 runs to win from 49 overs

Back on!

Play back on after a 29 minute delay. Lockie Ferguson on the attack and Shikhar Dhawan takes a single from the first ball to hand over the strike to skipper Virat Kohli

Mayor of Napier speaks

Bill Dalton (Mayor of Napier): "We were very conscious that this would happen and had made a plan for it. The idea was to put our executive who is the largest (in frame) in New Zealand on top of the grand stand so that he can block the sun (jokes with a poker face) but then we thought he might get bored."

"We are working through with a plan to sort this issue. We are absolutely committed to make this the biggest multi-use sports ground in New Zealand. After the problem we had with the moisture few years back, I had to speak a lot to the press than waiting before a match."

"Really pleased with the council as this is a huge project worth $5 million and they've been excellent. The project deals with relaying the surfaces in such a way to deal with multiple sports like cricket and rugby apart from also using the venue for circus purposes. It's great to see how a sport can lift a community."

Umpire's speak

"The setting sun is directly in the eyes of the batsmen. So we got to consider the safety of the players, umpires. So we have decided to suspend play until conditions improve. This is the first time in my 14 years I have seen something like this happen on a cricket field. Good news is we have 30 minutes extra time. We are hoping to be back in 30 minutes and it will still be a 50-over game," explains umpire Shaun Haig.

Play stopped

Play has been stopped and players are off the field because the sun is right in the batsman's eye with Dhawan unable to spot the ball


Back after the break with Rohit Sharma on strike to face Doug Bracewell. Second ball after resumption and Rohit is dismissed for 11 runs from 24 balls. Poor shot from India's opener. Outside off, Rohit plays away from his body without moving his feet and gets a thick outside edge which flies to Martin Guptill at first slip. India 41/1 in the 10th over

And the teams break for dinner

India cruising at 41/0, need 117 to win off 246 balls. Bolt and Southee have been quite brilliant in these first 10 overs but the pitch is so good for batting and the target is so low that they would have been able to get a semblance of positivity only if they had blasted away the Indian top order within the first four overs. 

Lockie Ferguson

He is called 'Flash' and with good reason. Five of six deliveries that he bowled in the 9th over was in the 147-149kph area. Dhawan, though, brilliantly cuts the last delivery for a four towards third man. India are in cruise mode now. 

5000 ODI runs for Shikhar Dhawan

119 matches it has taken him to reach the milestone and he is the 13th Indian and the second fastest from his country to get there. The swashbuckling opener's 5000th run is a humble single as Boult and Southee continue to keep the Indian openers silent. 


First boundary of the innings comes off the willow of Shikhar Dhawan, although he didn't know much about it. Southee with a ripping delivery that comes into Dhawan's pads. He attemps to flick it away, takes a leading edge and lands on no-man's land before racing away to the boundary on this warp-drive inducing outfield. 

Big LBW call

Boult belts it in, pitching on good length accross the line. Umpire shakes his head, New Zealand don't go for the review, replays show that it would have been umpire's call anyway, although it looked like it might be going down the leg side to the naked eye. India 6/0

India 5/0 after 2 overs

Southee bowls the second over and there was a run out chance  off the third ball as Rohit went for a quick single. Replay shows that the Indian vice captain would have been in trouble had it been a direct hit. 

India chase underway

Rohit Sharma, Shikhar Dhawan out in the middle for the chase. Trent Boult has the ball. India need 158 runs to win. This part of the session to be played until the regulation Dinner break


Kuldeep Yadav comes back and takes the final wicket. Lovely stuff from Kuldeep, pays heed to MS Dhoni's guidance and cheering from behind. "Yeh aankh band kar ke khelega (he will play with eyes closed)," said Dhoni before the ball. The wrong one from Kuldeep, drifted in and then spun away, Boult prodded forward and gets a thick edge. Soft hands from Rohit Sharma at first slip. New Zealand are bowled out for 157.  


That should help reduce the pressure on this last pairing. Kuldeep Yadav looks surprised with what just happened. Short boundaries in New Zealand and sixes don't become all that difficult even if you get a top edge - as it happened right there. Southee bends down low, plays with the turn and sweeps it high and over mid-wicket for a maximum


Lockie Ferguson goes for a duck and Kuldeep Yadav has his third wicket. A stumping appeal and this is close. It has been sent to the third umpire. Third umpire Nigel Llong has several looks and he decides this is a goner. Another tailender falls cheaply. Tossed up by Kuldeep, kept going with the angle, beaten on the outside edge and beaten by some sharp work from MS Dhoni. 


Another one dropped. Another regulation catch. Shikhar Dhawan the guilty party this time. Tim Southee survives. Should have been nine down. Flighted delivery outside off by Chahal, Southee plays a lofted drive and Dhawan got across to the ball. He had it for a moment and then let the ball pop out. 


BOWLED! A double wicket maiden for Kuldeep Yadav. Last ball of the over and Kuldeep gets Doug Bracewell for 7 runs from 15 balls. New Zealand are 146/8. Horrid shot from Bracewell to a chinaman from Kuldeep. It wasn't picked up at all and Bracewell went back on the cut. Had to reach out for the shot and all he managed was a thick inside edge. 


Way to resume things! First ball after drinks and Kuldeep Yadav strikes to dismiss Kane Williamson for 64 runs from 81 balls. Comfortable catch for Shankar at long on. An absurd shot from a man well set and the team needing him to bat it out. Tissed up around off, doesn't look like Williamson picked it up and plays it with a leading edgse. Easy peasy for Vijay Shankar. New Zealand are 146/7


Bit of a breather for players now. India are controlling this nicely - despite Kane Williamson. He has been wonderful and carrying the hosts even while losing partners at regular intervals. Three wickets for Shami, two for Chahal and one for Kedar. India will look to restrict the Kiwis to under 200


Mitchell Santner is adjudged leg before off Mohammed Shami who picks up his third wicket and New Zealand are six down. Comes from around the wicket and traps Santner. He consults with Kane Williamson at the other end but decide not to review. Very full and from Shami, angle allowed the ball to come in and Santner shuffled across and missed. Santner dismissed for 14 runs from 21 balls and New Zealand are 133/6

India appeal and take the review

Kuldeep Yadav to Mitchell Santner and multiple reasons to appeal. First one is for a stumping and no problem there. Next up is to check for a caught behind and there is nothing on the Snicko. India lose the review. 


SIX! What a start from Mitchell Santner! Plays it against the turn and sends it soaring over wide long-on for a maximum off Kuldeep Yadav.  It was tossed up on leg and spun away, Santner got close to it lifted it over mid-on


Kane Williamson leans forward and places the drive into the gap wide of long-off for a double. In the process he brings up his 36th ODI half-century from 63 balls


Kedar Jadhav leaves New Zealand five down. Lovely take from Kuldeep Yadav - flies to his right with both hands and clutches on with some ease. This one is on the leg stump by Jadhav to Henry Nicholls who whips it towards the on-side, didn't keep it down - in the close vicinity of mid-wicket where Kuldeep came up with an absolute blinder. Nicholls falls for 12 runs from 17 balls and New Zealand are 107/5. 


Kane Wiliamson with consecutive boundaries off Yuzvendra Chahal to close out the 21st over. Too full and sliding onto his pads, comes down the track and whips it in front of square on the on-side to bisect the two fielders in the deep. Next ball is sent through mid-wicket. Next over, Henry Nicholls adds to the free flowing run. Loose from Jadhav and Nicholls cracks it in front of square on the off-side for a boundary


Next ball, Yuzvendra Chahal has another New Zealand left hander and Latham departs for 11 runs from 9 balls. Chahal claims the catch while Latham opts to stick around to see whether it has been taken cleanly or not. Third umpire Nigel Llong has a look and decides to give it. OUT! New Zealand are 76/4 in the 19th over. 


Tom Latham picks this up and plays it comfortably over the infield off Yuzvendra Chahal. Fielder near the boundary rope tries to cut it off but fails to do so. 

Ind vs NZ 1st ODI, India vs New Zealand 1st ODI: "The fact they are No. 3 in the world speaks about their consistency over the last couple of years. We played them in India and got beaten in Mumbai, and all the games were competitive and we felt they had a really good balance." - India captain Virat Kohli on the opposition

"We saw [what happened] in the last series, we want to execute a few things better, certainly in the field we want to step up and get back to our old ways." - Kane Williamson wants a better showing in the field than the preceding, high-scoring Sri Lanka series.

India squad: Virat Kohli (c), Rohit Sharma, Shikhar Dhawan, Ambati Rayudu, Dinesh Karthik, Kedar Jadhav, MS Dhoni (wk), Kuldeep Yadav, Yuzvendra Chahal, Ravindra Jadeja, Bhuvneshwar Kumar, Mohammed Siraj, K Khaleel Ahmed, Mohammed Shami, Vijay Shankar, Shubman Gill

New Zealand squad: Kane Williamson (c), Trent Boult, Doug Bracewell, Colin de Grandhomme, Lockie Ferguson, Martin Guptill, Matt Henry, Tom Latham (wk), Colin Munro, Henry Nicholls, Mitchell Santner, Ish Sodhi, Tim Southee, Ross Taylor