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Wednesday, May 12, 2021

India beat England by three wickets after chasing down 351 in Pune

Virat Kohli and Kedar Jadhav scored centuries and shared a 200-run stand to help India chase down 351 against England.

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Updated: January 19, 2017 11:17:33 am
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India chased a record total to win the first one-day international against England in Pune. First, it was England’s highest ever score in India: 350/7. India chased it down with 11 balls to spare. This was also the fourth highest ever chase in ODIs. But this was only possible after hundreds each from Virat Kohli and Kedar Jadhav who also shared a 200-run stand for the fifth wicket. India were once 63 for the loss of 4 wickets. Then the Kohli-Jadhav stand happened.

2133 hrs IST: INDIA WIN BY THREE WICKETS. What a win for the home team. Ashwin sends the ball into the stands to pull off the win. They chase down 351 with 11 balls remaining. India end with 356/7

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2131 hrs IST: Pandya with a six off last ball. India need 1 off the last over. Ashwin on strike for India.

2128 hrs IST: Pandya and Ashwin doing it easily now. Both are dealing in singles. No risks taken. England have their shoulders down. Will there be a twist in the tale or will inida India cruise home?

2126 hrs IST: End of another good over for India as they take five runs off it. Now India need only 12 runs off 18 balls with three wickets in hand. Ashwin will be on strike with Adil Rashid bowling to him. This is interesting from England to bring on the leg-spinner

2123 hrs IST: A couple of runs off the last ball of the 47th over and India are 334 for the loss of seven wickets. They need 17 runs off the last 24 balls. Pandya and Ashwin at the crease. Jake Ball to bowl

2120 hrs IST: Wow! What a shot from Pandya! Delicate touch to get it past the wicket-keeper and get another four! No ones stopping that. India need 22 runs off 28 balls now. No one’s complaining here

2117 hrs IST: Hardik Pandya with a boundary through covers. What a great strike and he has brought the chase down to 26 needed off 31 balls. Jake Ball is not happy. Clearly a good shot there

2115 hrs IST: WICKET! Ravindra Jadeja c Adil Rashid b Jake Ball. India lose their seventh wicket as Jadeja mistimes a pull shot. Lobs it to mid-on and he has to go. Too high on the bat for him. India still need 33 runs

2114 hrs IST: Good over from Ben Stokes! India have reached 318 for the loss six wickets and they need 33 runs from the last six overs. Jake Ball with over number 45 in the Indian innings

2112 hrs IST: A decent over from Ben Stokes. Yorker length bowling from him, something the Indian bowlers failed to do in death overs. Can he pick up a wicket here as well?

2109 hrs IST: England back with Ben Stokes at the end of the 43 overs. India are 314 for the loss of six wickets. They need 37 more runs from the last seven over. Can Pandya and Jadeja do it?

2104 hrs IST: Over number 42 ends. India take six runs from that and are 305 for the loss of six wickets. Jake Ball to bowl now. India need 46 runs off 48 balls

2101 hrs IST: 300 up for India in the 42nd over. India need 51 more runs from 53 balls. It will be a matter of keeping nerves in this match now. Hardik and Jadeja doing it nicely for India

2100 hrs IST: England are going with Moeen Ali to bowl the 42nd over with India on 299 for the loss of six wickets. Ravindra Jadeja will be on strike. This is a big gamble from England to bring on Ali

2057 hrs IST: Review! England with a half-hearted appeal for the LBW against Ravindra Jadeja. Umpire Nandan says not out. England review. The ball is flying over the stumps. Missing wickets and Jadeja is not out

2053 hrs IST: 40 overs gone and India are 291 for the loss of six wickets. India need 60 more runs off 60 balls with four wickets in hand. Ben Stokes will bowl the 41st over for England

2051 hrs IST: WICKET! Kedar Jadhav (120) c Stokes b Jake Ball. That was another terrific shot from Jadhav but he has sent it straight to Stokes at backward square leg. Out for 120 and India are six down now. Ravindra Jadeja in the new man in

2045 hrs IST: Got to kidding, Jadhav! He gets one past short fine-leg for four! His parents enjoyed that. India are nicely moving towards the win but they need a set batsman till the end

2043 hrs IST: SIX! A ball after he got the cramp, Jadhav smashes one over square-leg for a flat six. This is heavenly batting from the right-hander. India on track in this chase but five wickets down

2041 hrs IST: Another cramp for Kedar Jadhav. He is on the ground. Medical attention. No runs even as he hits it over mid-wicket. He will have a short delay.

2038 hrs IST: Kedar Jadhav has controlled this game. Can he take India home? He gets another six. But he is cramping. India are 271 for the loss of five wickets.

2033 hrs IST: WICKET! Virat Kohli falls. Ben Stokes gets the wicket for England. Kohli miscues a slash and it goes up in the air to mid-on. Jadhav and Kohli had a 200-run stand. Now broken

2028 hrs IST: HUNDRED! Kedar Jadhav has a century off 65 balls. First On his home ground and sixth fastest by a Indian batsman. Kohli hugs him after the century

2023 hrs IST: 250 up for India in the 35th over! This is batting at a different level now from both these batsmen. India are 251 for the loss of four wickets after 35 overs. They need exactly 100 runs from 90 balls

2019 hrs IST: Kedar Jadhav also into nineties now! This is one gem of an innings from him as well. India 245 for the loss of 4 wickets after 34 overs. Jadhav and Kohli are going strong

2015 hrs IST: What an incredible shot from Virat Kohli over square to hit another six! This is just true display of batting masterclass from the Indian captain. He reaches 112*

2010 hrs IST: Ben Stokes to begin for England after drinks. 150 partnership between Kohli and Jadhav. England need to regroup and get a wicket here.

2004 hrs IST: HUNDRED! VIRAT KOHLI WITH A MAGICAL CENTURY IN PUNE. What a start to his captaincy career. Jadhav denied him a single so Kohli goes over the bowler’s head for six and gets his 27th hundred. Little celebrations from the captain

2000 hrs IST: Absolute carnage in Pune!  Kedar Jadhav gets 10 runs from the last two balls of the 31st over to take India to 221 for the loss of four wickets after 31 overs.

1955 hrs IST: Another over where India get 10 runs. They reach 208 for the loss of four wickets. Virat Kohli is on 97 and will be on strike for the next over.

1953 hrs IST: 200 up for India in the 30th over. Counter-attack at its best from India. Jadhav and Kohli finding the odd boundary every over and keeping India right in this chase.

1951 hrs IST: Yet another 10-run over for India. They are 198 for the loss of four wickets now. Willey to bowl again. India need 153 more runs off 126 balls. Jadhav has been a gem in this innings

1948 hrs IST: End of over number 28 and India are 188 for the loss of four wickets. They need 163 more runs off just 132 balls to win the match against England, who now bowling with spinner Moeen Ali

1939 hrs IST: Kohli got a six off the first ball off the 26th over. Nice start that brings nine runs off the over. India 174 for the loss of four wickets. Moeen Ali continues for England with Kohli on strike

1936 hrs IST: 100-run stand between Kohli and Jadhav for the fifth wicket. Jadhav gets a four straight down the ground. 25 overs gone and India are 165 for 4. Need 186 more off 150 balls

1931 hrs IST: 23 overs gone in the Indian innings and they are 152 for the loss of four wickets. They need 199 more runs off 162 balls. Jadhav and Kohli at the crease for them

1928 hrs IST: FIFTY! Excellent half-century from Kedar Jadhav off just 29 balls. He already has a hundred to his name in ODIs. He has been a great support to Virat Kohli at the other end

1923 hrs IST: Moeen Ali’s first over costs eight runs to England. India are 140 for the loss of four wickets with 211 more needed 29 more overs.

1919 hrs IST: Kedar Jadhav a playing a gem alongside Virat Kohli. Has raced to 39 off just 21 balls. India are 132 for the loss of four wickets after 20 overs.

1912 hrs IST: SIX! Kedar Jadhav sends one over long-on for a big six. Taking on Adil Rashid with an against the spin shot. 11 off the over and India are 119 for the loss of four wickets

1911 hs IST: FIFTY! Virat Kohli has a half-century off just 44 balls. He runs two to bring up his 39th fifty of the ODI career. But he has a long way to for a win for India

1909 hrs IST: Six more from the over of Jake Ball for India. They are 108 for the loss of four wickets. Adil Rashid will continue for England. Virat Kohli on strike for India

1904 hrs IST: 100 up for India in the 16th over. Kedar Jadhav with four to take India to the three-figure mark. At the end of over number sixteen, India are 104 for the loss of four wickets. England were 96 for the loss of one wicket

1901 hrs IST: Adil Rashid will be into the attack for England after drinks. He is England’s most successful bowler since the 2015 50-over World Cup. Virat Kohli on strike for India

1857 hrs IST: Kedar Jadhav with consecutive boundaries. He moves to 14 off seven. End of the 15 over and India are 94 for the loss of four wickets. They need 257 more runs from 210 balls in Pune. Time for drinks

1851 hrs IST: Another gorgeous cover drive from Kohli to start the 14th over. India need over 7.5 runs per over in this chase. This is brilliant batting from the new India captain 

1847 hrs IST: FOUR! What a shot from Kohli. Just pushed it back past the bowler and gets a boundary. It is back to him in a big chase for India. Kedar Jadhav is the new man in but it Kohli who can take India through

1844 hrs IST: WICKET! MS Dhoni dismissed after making six runs. Disastrous for India. He tries to pull a short ball from Jake Ball but manages a top edge. Easy catch to mid-on and India are in trouble

1841 hrs IST: 11 overs gone in this Indian innings and they are 61 for the loss of three wickets. They still need 290 runs in this chase to win. Jake Ball to continue for England

1838 hrs IST: MS Dhoni the new man in for India. And he gets off the mark with a boundary. Fierce shot from Dhoni through point region. He takes a single off the next ball

1836 hrs IST: WICKET! Yuvraj Singh 15 c Joss Buttler b Ben Stokes. Ben Stokes has got a wicket in his first over for England. Yuvraj Singh got a four down the leg-side on the previous ball but now gets a thin edge and is caught behind. India lose their third wicket for 56

1834 hrs IST: 10 overs gone in the Indian innings and India are 51 for the loss of two wickets. 300 more needed off 240 balls for India with eight wickets in hand. Yuvraj and Kohli at the crease for them now

1832 hrs IST: 50 up for India in the 10th over after Kohli takes a single to the fine leg after that six. India need 301 more runs from 242 balls to win this match in Pune

1831 hrs IST: SIX! That was close to being a catch to third-man. Virat Kohli with a thick outside edge that flies to the third man on the boundary ropes. It is just over his outstretched hand and away for six.

1825 hrs IST: Another excellent pull from Yuvraj Singh and this time he gets four through mid-wicket. Super shot! India are 42 for the loss of two wickets after eight overs. Chris Woakes to continue for England

1821 hrs IST: Wow! Yuvraj Singh pulls a short ball from Willey for a six over mid-wicket. That was a vintage shot from Yuvi. He is showing intent in his batting today

1819 hrs IST: Kohli gets two consecutive fours! First over covers that flies and the next over mid-wicket for another four. He is the key for India in this chase. England will be aware of his record in chases

1816 hrs IST: Yuvraj Singh is the new batsman for India at number four! This will be a big challenge for him as England are on top in Pune. Six over gone in the Indian innings

1814 hrs IST: WICKET! KL Rahul b David Willey. Second wicket for Willey as he gets one through KL Rahul’s defence and rattle his stumps. Rahul planted his front-foot out of the crease and failed to move it back as he played the shot

1810 hrs IST: Virat Kohli gets going! He comes down the pitch against Willey and smashes it over mid-wicket for a maximum. A flick of the wrist as he played that shot over mid-wicket. 89 metres it travels

1807 hrs IST: Virat Kohli is the new man in for India. He will be on strike as Woakes comes in with a fresh over. Kohli is off the mark as well with a single. In 177 ODIs, Kohli has 26 hundreds

1803 hrs IST: WICKET! Shikhar Dhawan 1 c Moeen Ali b David Willey. Dhawan is out early. A bit wide from Willey and Dhawan goes after it with a hard flash. It flies to the third-man quickly where Moeen Ali fumbles it twice before holding on. India lose first wicket for 13

1759 hrs IST: Single run from the over of Woakes and India are 10 for no loss chasing 351. Dhawan yet to get off the mark after six balls. David Willey will continue for England with the fourth over

1755 hrs IST: End of the second over and India are nine for no loss. Woakes will continue for England and KL Rahul is on strike. Aggressive batsman by nature, it will be interesting to see KL Rahul’s appraoch in this chase

1751 hrs IST: FOUR! KL Rahul gets one through the cover and point to get off the mark and get a boundary! First runs off the bat as well. Cautious start from the two openers from India

1749 hrs IST: End of the first over and India get two runs off it. Shikhar Dhawan and KL Rahul not off the mark as both runs were extras. David Willey will begin the second over for England

1745 hrs IST: Indian openers Shikhar Dhawan and KL Rahul are out in the middle as the team chases 351 to win the first ODI against England. Chris Woakes will begin the bowling for England

1740 hrs IST: Injured India batsman Rohit Sharma thinks this Indian team can chase down the 351-run target set by England in Pune. Match again begins in 5 minutes

England post their highest total in India. This will be a tough chase for India but they can oull it off given it is a good batting track and there is a chance of dew under lights. Openers Shikhar Dhawan and KL Rahul like the ball coming on to the bat and that is exactly what’s happening in Pune

1704 hrs IST: England reach 350 on the last ball of the innings. India need 351-run target by them. Single on the last ball of bye to reach that total. Excellent effort from them. 115 runs scored in the last 10 overs

1658 hrs IST: WICKET! Moeen Ali b Umesh! A yorker right from Umesh. Moeen Ali tries a reverse paddle and misses it. He loses his stumps. England lose their sixth wicket 

1655 hrs IST: Moeen Ali gets a six off Bumrah. A slower bouncer from Bumrah that Moeen pulls over the mid-wicket. Nice shot from the left-hander

1649 hrs IST: WICKET! Ben Stokes falls after a 40-ball 62. He mistimes a pull shot off Bumrah and is caught in the deep. Super innings from him which has put England in a great position to score a big total

1647 hrs IST: Stokes with a brilliant boundary off the last ball of the Umesh Yadav over. Gives himself some room and creams it through point and cover. England are 317 for the loss of five wickets after 47 overs

1643 hrs IST: Umesh Yadav starts with a beamer. It is a six off it as well. England have a free-hit. 300 up for England. This is really hurting India

1642 hrs IST: FIFTY! Ben Stokes has the fastest fifty for England batsmen against India. He gets their off 33 balls and with a six. England are 297 for the loss of five wickets after 46 overs.

1639 hrs IST: Third waist-high full-toss from Jasprit Bumrah! Another no-ball. He had skied it in air but Virat Kohli drops it run back. No-ball so it would not have mattered. Freet-hit again for England

1637 hrs IST: 14 runs from the Ashwin over. A six and four in it. Great for England. They are 285 for the loss of 5 wickets. 30 balls remaining and they  will be pushing it over 325 now

1633 hrs IST: With six overs remaining, India bring back Ashwin. England are 272 for the loss of five wickets. England will like some quick runs and push the total towards 350

1630 hrs IST: No ball from Bumrah! That was the second waist-high full-toss from him. Stokes clearly the long-on boundary to get six off the free-hit. Something England needed now.

1628 hrs IST: SIX! Ben Stokes makes some room for himself and sends it over cover for a big six. Jadhav bowled a bit fuller delivery. England are 255 for the loss of five wickets Bumrah the bowler now

1623 hrs IST: WICKET! Joe Root 78 c Hardik Pandya b Jasprit Bumrah. Slower one has done the trick for India. Joe Root fails to pick it up and sends it straight to long-on where Pandya takes the catch. He ran in first but then had to jump to take the batch. England five down

1619 hrs IST: Nine overs remaining in the innings. England are 240 for 4. 54 balls and England will look something around 80 runs. Jasprit Bumrah the bowler now

1615 hrs IST: 40 overs bowled in the England innings and they are 235 for the loss of four wickets. Kedar Jadhav to bowl the 41st over. This is a nice pitch to bat on so anything less than 325 will be great result for India

1612 hrs IST: Kedar Jadhav finishes another over and England are 227 for the loss of four wickets. Ashwin will bowl a new over. Stokes in the new man in for England

1607 hrs IST: WICKET! Jos Buttler c Shikhar Dhawan b Hardik Pandya. Big wicket of the dangerous looking Buttler. The bat moved in his hand as he hit the shot and it flies straight to Shikhar Dhawan at mid-off who timed his jump nicely to take the catch

1603 hrs IST: Some quick runs from England and they are 219 for the loss of three wickets. India bring back Hardik Pandya to bowl the new over. Can he pick a wicket here to put England under some pressure

1601 hrs IST: SIX! Jos Buttler launches first ball of Yuvraj Singh second over straight over the bowler’s head for a six! Brilliant batting from him.

1558 hrs IST: Six runs from the first over of Yuvraj Singh. 200 up for England in that over. This is a perfect set for them to score a big total and will Joe Root get a hundred in this match?

1555 hrs IST: Yuvraj Singh into the attack for the 35th over after drinks. Can he stop the run flow for India. Engfland are 199 for the loss of three wickets

1552 hrs IST: England are 199 for the loss of three wickets after 34 overs and it is time for drinks in Pune. England were 99 for one at the end of 17 overs when first drinks were taken

1550 hrs IST: SIX! Joe Root with a slog sweep off the first ball of the new spell from Jadeja and gets a flat six. Great strike from Root. Jadeja under pressure now

1549 hrs IST: 33 overs have been bowled in the England innings and they are 189 for the loss of three wickets. The run-rate has not dipped too much for them and that gives them  a great chance for a 300+ total

1547 hrs IST: FIFTY! Joe Root has his 18th ODI half-century! A most consistent England batsman has another 50 for his team. England are all set for a big total in Pune

1544 hrs IST: A six from Buttler to finish the 32nd over. That was as clean as you like over covers from Buttler. England are 184 for the loss of three wickets. Pandya to continue

1537 hrs IST: End of the 30th over in the England innings and they are 171 for the loss of three wickets. India continue with Pandya. Some crucial overs coming up for both teams

1534 hrs IST: Next two overs give England 13 runs and they are 170 for the loss of three wickets after 29 overs. Jadeja to bowl the next over for India. Buttler and Root at the crease for England

1523 hrs IST: WICKET! Eoin Morgan c MS Dhoni b Hardik Pandya. A review from India after umpire Nandan doesn’t give Morgan out caught behind. MS Dhoni is confident that Morgan has edged it. Ball tracking shows a feather. Morgan has to go

1518 hrs IST: Jadhav with a decent over! He gives only four runs from that over and England are moving on nicely. Kohli brings on Pandya for the next over. India seriously need a wicket here

1513 hrs IST: 25 overs gone and England are 150 for the loss of two wickets. They are scoring exactly at the rate of six runs per over. Kedar Jadhav has been given the bowl and he will be bowling the 26th over of the innings

1507 hrs IST: 23 overs bowled in the England innings and they are 132 for the loss of 2 wickets. Ashwin to bowl his sixth over and 24th of the England innings

1500 hrs IST: A slog sweep from Eoin Morgan off Ashwin and he clears the mid-wicket boundary and gets a six. First for England, and Morgan. That was a mighty hit from the England captain

1458 hrs IST: Excellent over from Jasprit Bumrah. England are 113 for the loss of two wickets and the run flow has slowed down for them. India have a chance to get back in the game now

1452 hrs IST: Eoin Morgan and Joe Root at the crease for England now. 19 overs have been bowled in this innings and England are 109 for the loss of two wickets. Ashwin to continue for India

1450 hrs IST: WICKET! Jason Roy 73 st Dhoni b Jadeja. Smart bowling from Jadeja. Sees Roy coming down the pitch, pitches it short and Roy tries to defend it. He misses it and Dhoni whips off the bails

1446 hrs IST: Good over for England after the drinks. Eight runs from it including a boundary from Jason Roy. Jadeja will continue for India. England are 107 for the loss of one wicket after 18 overs

1444 hrs IST: DROPPED! Roy with a reverse sweep and it flies to Umesh Yadav at short third man. He fails to improvise and ends up dropped it. Was difficult but that should have been taken

1441 hrs IST: 17 overs bowled in the England innings and they are 99 for the loss of one wicket. Time for some drinks in Pune. This has been a brilliant start from England. India struggling

1435 hrs IST: 50-run stand between Roy and Root for the second wicket. It has come at run a ball. Nice from both batsmen. Roy clearly the attacker with Root scoring only 13 runs

1434 hrs IST: Five runs from the first Ashwin over. He is trying to attack the pads of the batsmen. This partnership is growing nicely for England

1431 hrs IST: R Ashwin into the attack after the 13th over. He is coming round the wicket and England are 82 for loss of one wicket. This is Ashwin’s first ODI since playing the Brisbane ODI against Australia in January 2016

1428 hrs IST: Joe Root with a reverse shot off Jadeja over MS Dhoni. He gets four. Just using the pace of Jadeja. England 81 for hte loss of one wicket

1427 hrs IST: Jason Roy gets a ball short and wide and he has smashed that over point for four! Oh boy that is a good shot. England on the march here. Jadeja to continue

1423 hrs IST: Five runs from the first Jadeja over. England are 72 for the loss of one wicket. Jasprit Bumrah will continue from the other end. Jason Roy has been in exceptional touch

1420 hrs IST: Ravindra Jadeja is into the attack and he will bowl the 11th over. The fast bowlers haven’t impressed much. This is a good batting track. England scoring at a rate of 6.7 runs per over

1418 hrs IST: FIFTY! Jason Roy with a half-century off just 36 balls. Another four from Jason Roy with a pull shot. 10 boundaries in the 52 runs he has scored so far. After 10 overs, England are 67 for the loss of one wicket

1415 hrs IST: Bumrah with his second over and Jason Roy creams the first ball for four! A brilliant straight drive from the batsman. England flyinh high

1414 hrs IST: Nine runs from the ninth over and England are 57 for no loss. Jason Roy hit two boundaries in that over. He is racing towards his fifty for England. He is on 43 off just 32 balls

1411 hrs IST: 50 up for England in the ninth over! Boundary from Jason Roy. He has given England a brilliant start in Pune. Joe Root at the other end for them

1401 hrs IST: WICKET! Alex Hales is run-out. Brilliant throw from deep fine-leg from Jasprit Bumrah. Direct-hit and Alex Hales has his bat on the crease. Kohli was confident. India get first wicket

1358 hrs IST: A bad delivery from Hardik Panday, drifting down the leg side and Alex Hales gets a boundary. That will be end of the sixth over and England are 34 for no loss

1354 hrs IST: After first five overs, England have reached 28 for no loss. Nice start from their openers with Jason Roy being the aggressive one. Alex Hales has struggled in the match so far. Pandya with a new over

1348 hrs IST: Hardik Pandya with a surprise bouncer to Alex Hales, who miss-times a pull shot that falls away from Ashwin at fine-leg. Two more runs from the Pandya over and England are 24 for no loss after 4 overs

1345 hrs IST: Hardik Pandya begins the new over with a brilliant delivery outside the off stump. Beats Hales all ends. England are 22 for no loss after three overs

1342 hrs IST: Review! Umpire gives it out after Umesh traps Jason Roy in front. After consultation, Roy decides to review. It’s all okay until the ball tracker shows it is missing leg-stump. Not out

1338 hrs IST: Consecutive fours from Jason Roy off Hardik Pandya and he is off in a blaze. Two fantastic drives from the right-hander. Kohli working on the field now

1334 hrs IST: Six runs off the first over of the day. Jason Roy gets a boundary as well to get England off the mark. Hardik Pandya to start the second over for India

1330 IST: We are all set for the start of play. Umesh Yadav will bowl to Jason Roy. Right arm fast medium from Umesh. Crowd is cheering the Indian bowler

1320 IST: Worth keeping in mind that this series will use DRS. So Ruchira Palliyaguruge from Sri Lanka is the third umpire. Each team allowed one review per innings


India XI: Shikhar Dhawan, KL Rahul, Virat Kohli, MS Dhoni, Yuvraj Singh, Kedar Jadhav, Hardik Pandya, Ravindra Jadeja, Ravichandran Ashwin, Umesh Yadav, Jasprit Bumrah

England XI: Jason Roy, Alex Hales, Joe Root, Eoin Morgan, Ben Stokes, Jos Buttler, Moeen Ali, Chris Woakes, Adil Rashid, David Willey, Jake Ball

1300 IST: TOSS: Virat Kohli starts his job as India captain of the limited over side by winning the toss and opting to bowl first. India will be without Manish Pandey, Bhuvneshwar Kumar, Ajinkya Rahane and Amit Mishra. Eoin Morgan says he would chosen to bowl too had he won the toss. In terms of team personnel, the visitors are without  Liam Dawson, Liam Plunkett, Sam Billings and Jonny Bairstow

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