India beat Bangladesh by 17 runs, through to final of Nidahas Trophy: As it happened

India beat Bangladesh by 17 runs to advance to the final of the Nidahas Trophy.

India vs Bangladesh Live Washington Sundar took three wickets. (Source: AP)

India are the first team through to the final, as one would have expected before the start of this tri-series. Washington Sundar was stellar with the ball, stacking up dot balls on the Bangladeshis and taking three wickets in the process. Mushfiqur Rahim starred once again with the bat but his unbeaten 72 was in vain this time, unlike when he pulled off a miraculous 215-run chase in Bangladesh’s previous match against Sri Lanka. This result now means that Sri Lanka’s match against Bangladesh, which is the final group match of this series, is a virtual semi-final, with the team winning that match going through to the final.

India vs Bangladesh, Match highlights:

  1. 10:24PM
    14 Mar, 18
    India beat Bangladesh by 17 runs

    Mushfiqur Rahim tries to swipe at the last ball and doesn't connect at all. Swipes his bat in the air anger once again to show his frustration. It has been a frustrating night for Bangladesh and they end the match the way they have been for most of this chase. So close, yet so far. 

  2. 10:19PM
    14 Mar, 18
    GONE! Mehedy Hasan Miraz c Raina, b Siraj, Bangladesh 150/5

    Mohammad Siraj bowling the last over and Mehedy hits over the bowler's head, caught easily by Raina. 

  3. 10:14PM
    14 Mar, 18
    Mushfiqur and Mehedi

    Mushfiqur was caught by Siraj off his own bowling but it turned out to be a no ball. He and Mehedi ensured that 16 runs came off that over. It still remains an uphill struggle for the Bangladeshis

  4. 10:09PM
    14 Mar, 18
    50 up for Mushfiqur, Bangladesh need 39 to win off 14

    Mushfiqur has been in great touch so far in this series and Bangladesh have hope until he is there in the middle. Just over two overs remaining and this is going down the wire

  5. 10:06PM
    14 Mar, 18
    GONE! Sabbir Rahman b Shardul Thakur, 126/5

    Sabbir Rahman takes a leg swipe at a ball wide outside off, plays on to his stumps. That is exactly what Bangladesh didn't need as they approach the business end of the chase

  6. 10:01PM
    14 Mar, 18
    Bangladesh need 57 to win off 23

    Into the last four overs now, Shardul Thakur bowling the 17th, Washington Sundar bowled before this and gave away just four runs

  7. 9:48PM
    14 Mar, 18
    India vs Bangladesh Live

    Bangladesh are 104/3 after 13 overs. Need 73 runs from 42 balls. Mushfiqur on 40 and it would be important for India to get his wicket soon to avoid any drama later

  8. 9:40PM
    14 Mar, 18
    Bangladesh not going away

    Bangladesh are not going away without a fight. From 64/4 in 10 overs, Bangladesh or more specifically, Mushfiqur Rahim doing mighty good job or staying in it. 16 and 14 runs from subsequent overs and Bangladesh are up to 94/4 in 12 overs

  9. 9:38PM
    14 Mar, 18

    Mushfiqur Rahim is turning on the tempo now. Four, four and six to Mohammed Siraj in one over is followed by a four in the 12th over to Shankar. Make that another boundary. 

  10. 9:26PM
    14 Mar, 18

    Chahal drops the ball a tad short to Mahmudullah and he gets on the back foot to try and pull it towards deep mid-wicket. But KL Rahul comes under it and takes with plenty of ease. Poor shot in the end. Bangladesh are 61/4 after 9 overs

  11. 9:15PM
    14 Mar, 18

    Tamim Iqbal tried to be too cheeky there but pays for it. Tamim goes for a sweep and misses it completely as it clips the top of off stump and dislodges the leg bail. India players erupt in joy. This is proving to be rather easy for India. Bangladesh are 53/3 after 7 overs

  12. 9:01PM
    14 Mar, 18

    Washington Sundar once again! This time he has Soumya Sarkar bowled. Sarkar tries to play a slog-sweep across the line and he misses it. Bangladesh are 35/2

  13. 8:56PM
    14 Mar, 18

    Liton Das survived earlier on lbw but this time he is stumped. Tossed up outside off by Sundar and it is an off-break, Liton came down the track and tried to loft it into the on-side. Misses it completely. Karthik collects it cleanly and takes away the bails. He walks back and India have the first wicket. BANGLADESH 12/1 after 2 overs

  14. 8:53PM
    14 Mar, 18

    First ball by Washington Sundar and India go for a review for lbw. Das comes down the track and plays a cross-batted heave into the on-side. Big appeal and it has been given as not out. No bat, hits him on the thigh, impact is way outside off stump. Decision stands. India lose review

  15. 8:51PM
    14 Mar, 18

    Bangladesh begin their chase with Tamim and Liton Das. Mohammed Siraj goes for eight runs in the first over

  16. 8:41PM
    14 Mar, 18

    Suresh Raina at the mid-innings break: "The wicket was pretty slow. Rohit and me decided that if we play till the 18th over we'll surely get over 180. [On his comeback] Ravi Shastri gave me a lot of confidence when I came back into the side.The last 18 months were tough but now every game is important. I have been hitting the ball really well and it was only a matter of fixing a few small things. We have good bowlers now, Chahal and Washy (Sundar) will be crucial for us at the start for us to defend this."

  17. 8:35PM
    14 Mar, 18
    INDIA POST 176/3

    Rohit Sharma's 89 takes India to 176/3 after a slow start from India. Suresh Raina also playing a role with 47 runs. Will it be enough considering Bangladesh chased down 215 the other night? 

  18. 8:34PM
    14 Mar, 18

    Rather unlucky there Rohit Sharma to be run out on the last ball of the innings. Hits it straight back to Hossain. Gets a hand to it and runs the India batsman out at the bowler's end. Rohit Sharma dismissed on 89 from 61 balls

  19. 8:29PM
    14 Mar, 18

    Suresh Raina walks for 47 from 30 balls. Cramped for room by Rubel Hossain. Tried to whip it off the pads for a six but finds the fielder in the deep. Neat take on the move as well by Soumya Sarkar. INDIA 172/2

  20. 8:27PM
    14 Mar, 18
    100 run stand

    100 run stand comes between Rohit and Raina with a delicate cut towards third man by Rohit. INDIA 172/1 after 19 overs

  21. 8:25PM
    14 Mar, 18
    SIX! SIX! SIX!

    Raina and Rohit alternating with sixes. First Rohit, then Raina and then Rohit again. Abu Hider the unfortunate bowler to get the pounding. INDIA ARE 161/1 AFTER 18 OVERS

  22. 8:23PM
    14 Mar, 18
    India vs Sri Lanka Live
  23. 8:18PM
    14 Mar, 18

    That is a lovely hit by Rohit Sharma and it is into the stands. Neat take by the spectator who follows it up with fantastic dance celebration. Massive swing of the bat from the India captain and it goes comfortably into the stands

  24. 8:09PM
    14 Mar, 18
    Rubel is furious!

    Rubel Hossain with a great over thus far. 3 runs from 3 balls and then Mustafizur with an error on the boundary rope. Misjudged the spin on the bounce after Raina could do nothing but play a pull that gets the top edge. It was safe but should have been just one. To hurt his momentum further, Raina converts a full delivery into a low full toss and chips it over the infield. The ball trickles to the rope. INDIA 117/1 AFTER 15 OVERS

  25. 8:03PM
    14 Mar, 18
    SIX! FOUR!

    Suresh Raina ends his barren start and drought by going after Mehidy Hasan. Goes down on one knee to slog sweep the first ball for a six over mid-wicket. The follows it up with a chip over the bowler's head and it is connected well for a boundary. 

  26. 7:59PM
    14 Mar, 18

    After 28 runs in 3 innings, Rohit Sharma gets a 50 from 42 balls. This is his 13th T20 fifty. India nearing the 100 run mark

  27. 7:55PM
    14 Mar, 18
    Suresh Raina starts slowly

    Suresh Raina with a surprisingly slow start. Off six balls, he has scored just three. Failing to connect well with the ball and to understand the variation on offer. India are 84/1 after 12 overs

  28. 7:44PM
    14 Mar, 18

    Rubel with a yorker and Dhawan fails to grind it out. It goes on to take away the leg stump. India lose the first wicket. Dhawan departs for 35 from 27 balls. INDIA 70/1 from 9.5 overs

  29. 7:31PM
    14 Mar, 18

    No doubt on this one. Dhawan has been dropped by Liton Das on the boundary rope and to make things worse, it has gone for a boundary. 

  30. 7:29PM
    14 Mar, 18

    At the end of the powerplay overs, India are 49/0. Rohit Sharma on 26 and Dhawan on 22. 

  31. 7:23PM
    14 Mar, 18

    Rohit Sharma joins in with a six of his own. Mehidy Hasan with a flighted delivery and Rohit plays the slog-sweep with the ball on the turn. Goes flying over the deep mid-wicket boundary. INDIA ARE 38/0 AFTER 5 OVERS

  32. 7:20PM
    14 Mar, 18

    For the third straight time, Dhawan ends an over with a boundary. After boundaries in the previous two, this time he goes for the maximum and gets it. Mustafizur has been spanked for a massive hit. Picks up the slower delivery and thrashes it! India are 27/0 after 4 overs

  33. 7:14PM
    14 Mar, 18

    Is that dropped? Maybe not. Rohit Sharma with a miscue, gets the toe-end of the bat and the ball goes in between mid off and mid-on. Hider comes around and almost gets to it. But his desperate dive is just short. 

  34. 7:10PM
    14 Mar, 18
    Slow start

    Slow start by India. Two boundaries in the second over and India are 11/0 after 2 overs

  35. 7:02PM
    14 Mar, 18
    India vs Bangladesh Live

    Rohit Sharma and Shikhar Dhawan make their way to the middle. New man into the side, Abu Hider, comes on to bowl the first over. 

  36. 6:46PM
    14 Mar, 18

    India: Rohit Sharma (c), Shikhar Dhawan, KL Rahul, Suresh Raina, Manish Pandey, Dinesh Karthik (w), Vijay Shankar, Washington Sundar, Shardul Thakur, Mohammed Siraj, Yuzvendra Chahal

    Bangladesh: Tamim Iqbal, Soumya Sarkar, Liton Das, Mushfiqur Rahim (w), Mahmudullah (c), Sabbir Rahman, Mehidy Hasan, Rubel Hossain, Abu Hider Rony, Mustafizur Rahman, Nazmul Islam

  37. 6:39PM
    14 Mar, 18

    INDIA:Mohammad Siraj in place of Jaydev Unadkat.

    BANGLADESH: Abu Hider comes in for Taskin Ahmed

  38. 6:38PM
    14 Mar, 18
    Captains speak

    Captains at the toss:

    Mahmudullah: The wicket looks quite dry, spinners may come into play. The wickets here get better and better. We have two specialist spinners.

    Rohit Sharma: I was thinking about batting, if we qualify for the final, we want to do that. Very happy with the way the team is performing. No, not at all (concerns of form). 

  39. 6:31PM
    14 Mar, 18

    Bangladesh win the toss and choose to bowl. 

  40. 6:15PM
    14 Mar, 18
    Probable team changes

    Our correspondent from Colombo, Devendra Pandey informs: "Looks like Mohd Siraj will play today against Bangladesh in Colombo which means chances are Jaydev Unadkat been left out. Bangladesh will be resting Taskin Ahmed"