India beat Bangladesh by four wickets, win Nidahas Trophy 2018

Dinesh Karthik slammed 29 off 8 balls, including a last ball six to help India beat Bangladesh by four wickets in a breathless finish and clinch the Nidahas Trophy 2018

Dinesh Karthik, Abhishek Nayar, Nidahas Trophy 2018, india cricket team, cricket news, sports news, cricket, Indian Express Dinesh Karthik scored a six off the last ball to win the match for India. (Express Archive)

You had to see it to believe it. India seemed to have bottled it. The first moment when they looked down was when captain Rohit Sharma was dismissed but then Manish Pandey then took India back into the game. Bangladesh responded by making sure the struggling Vijay Shankar remains on strike with Muztafizur Rahman bowling a gauntlet of an 18th over. Manish Pandey was then dismissed and it looked like Bangladesh might just pull off a famous win here. And then came Dinesh Karthik, the man who has been around for a long time in the fringes of the Indian team. He stepped up and slammed 29 off eight balls. It went down the wire and India needed five runs to win off the last ball and what does Karthik do? He simply slammed Soumya Sarkar over the cover boundary for a six and won the match in the most extraordinary fashion you would ever see on a cricket pitch.

India vs Bangladesh, Nidahas Trophy final highlights:

  1. 10:39PM
    18 Mar, 18

    India needed five off the last ball and Dinesh Karthik hits a six! Incredible scenes here, India win by four wickets, win the Nidahas Trophy 

  2. 10:35PM
    18 Mar, 18
    Nine needed off the last three

    Shankar swings and misses again before the finally managing a a single off the third ball. But Dinesh Karthik manages only a single off the next and India now need 9 off 3 

  3. 10:30PM
    18 Mar, 18
    Dinesh Karthik fighting back

    Dinesh Karthik comes on and slams six, four and a six off the first three balls he faced, slams 22 off the penultimate over India need 12 runs off last 6 balls!

  4. 10:25PM
    18 Mar, 18
    GONE! Manish Pandey 28 c Sabbir Rahman b Mustafizur Rahman, India 133/5

    Swing and miss all the way for Vijay Shankar as he plays four consecutive dot balls. He finally manages a run off the fifth and Pandey then tries to go big, ends up picking out long on. Dinesh Karthik now comes with all the pressure in the world on his shoulders. 

  5. 10:20PM
    18 Mar, 18
    India 132/4 off 17 overs, need 35 to win off 18

    A wicket would be two steps forward for Bangladesh here. Once again, in a big match, they are making India sweat. It is in situations like these that the value of Hardik Pandya becomes clear. 

  6. 10:13PM
    18 Mar, 18
    India 123/4 after 16 overs, need 44 runs off 24

    The boundaries are still hard to find for Pandey and Shankar. The former has moved to 25 off 23 while Shankar has made six off 7. Bangladesh are keeping the pressure on the Indians at the moment. 

  7. 10:10PM
    18 Mar, 18
    India 115/4 off 15 overs

    Manish Pandey leading the Indian fightback now, hits consecutive fours off Soumya Sarkar but the boundaries are not coming as freely for India as they did in the first 10 overs an the pressure is building. 

  8. 10:01PM
    18 Mar, 18
    OUT! Rohit Sharma 56 c Mahmudullah b Nazmul Islam, India 98/4

    Well what do you know. Runs were coming at a premium for some overs now and Rohit Sharma looked to break the shackles. But he has mistimed it and he probably knew it as soon as the ball left the bat. An easy catch at long-on and Bangladesh have pulled themselves back into this match. 

  9. 9:51PM
    18 Mar, 18
    India 88/3 after 11.2 overs

    14th T20I fifty fot Rohit Sharma. A single does it after a simple flick through midwicket. India need 78 to win off 51 balls which means his work isn't done yet. 

  10. 9:45PM
    18 Mar, 18
    GONE! KL Rahul 24 c Sabbir b Rubel, India 83/3

    And Bangladesh have taken a step bac into the match. KL Rahul tries to go for the pull, ends up getting a top edge on it, backward square leg has to wait, watch and get his hands in position for trapping that white cherry flying towards him. 

  11. 9:42PM
    18 Mar, 18
    India 81/2 off overs

    Well Mushfiqur Rahim's naagin dance is the only thing that is being seen around the ground, even Sunil Gavaskar in the commentary box tries a hand at it, unfortunately for our eyes. Mushfiqur doesn't seem to amused by all that though, with good reason, his team is getting pounded here, 50 partnership up between Rahul and Rohit

  12. 9:36PM
    18 Mar, 18
    India 72/2 off 8 overs, need 95 to win off 72 balls

    Rohit Sharma has moved to 45 off 29 balls but he faced a troublesome situation when KL Rahul pushed the ball away for a single, Mehidy had picked the ball and lined up the throw and Rohit had given up. But the throw is nowhere close to the stumps.

  13. 9:30PM
    18 Mar, 18
    India are 56/2 after 6 overs

    The gulf is clear, Bangladesh were 40/3 at the end of their powerplay while India India are 56/2. Rohit Sharma and KL Rahul are knocking the ball about and keeping a good pace about the Indian innings. For now there doesn't seem to be any way back for Bangladesh.

  14. 9:22PM
    18 Mar, 18
    India 48/2 off 5 overs

    Rohit Sharma is bludgeoning the Bangladesh bowlers now, he has made 32 off 16 balls, India have made 48 for the loss of two wickets in the first five overs of their innings. Bangladesh had made 40 at the end of the powerplay

  15. 9:15PM
    18 Mar, 18
    OUT! Suresh Raina 0, c Mushfiqur, b Rubel, India 32/2

    Bangladesh appeal but umpire gives wide, Mushfqur is screaming for a review and Shakib, who is on the other end of the emotional spectrum does go for it. Mushfique does a high five with Rubel as the replays start playing, Raina tries to pull and the snicko shows he got the slightest of edges. He has to got for a duck.

  16. 9:10PM
    18 Mar, 18
    GONE! Shikhar Dhawan 10, c Ariful Haque b Shakib Al Hasan, India 32/1

    This innings is going at a breakneck speed. India bash Bangladesh a bit and then they strike back, Shikhar Dhawan pushes it to mid on and substitute fielder Ariful Haque dives forward to take a sharp catch. 

  17. 9:07PM
    18 Mar, 18
    India 24/0 after 2 overs

    Rohit Sharma goes berserk! Shikhar Dhawan goves him the strike in the second ball of the third over and then, the Indian captain goes 6,4 and another big 6 in the next three balls, he has made 21 off 8 balls, India 24/0 in 2 overs. Talk about a good start

  18. 8:50PM
    18 Mar, 18
    Bangladesh set target of 167 for India to chase 18 runs off that last over

    Mehidy Hasan Miraz gave Bangladesh a strong finish and in the end, Bangladesh have somehow huffed and puffed their way to a score that their bowlers can defend. Sabbir Rahman was the standout performer, his 77 off 50 balls is the highest by a Bangladesh batsman against India in T20Is. So India need to make 167 so as to win this tri-series. 

  19. 8:41PM
    18 Mar, 18
    OUT! Rubel Hossain 0 b Unadkat, Bangladesh 148/8

    Unadkat has effectively got two in two because he bowled a wide in between these two wickets. Slow ball in line with the stumps and Rubel swings his bat everywhere but near the ball, the middle stump is off. 

  20. 8:39PM
    18 Mar, 18
    BOWLED HIM! Sabbir Rahman 77 b Unadkat, Bangladesh 147/7

    And that's it. Slow ball, Sabbir misses and Unadkat hits. The end of a very eventful and well-constructed innings and also, of any chance Bangladesh had of ensuring a competitive total that could make the Indians think. 

  21. 8:36PM
    18 Mar, 18
    Bangladesh 147/7

    Sabbir moves into his 70's. He is practically playing a one-man show now and Bangladesh's fate in this final could be dependent on how he handles this innings. 

  22. 8:28PM
    18 Mar, 18
    GONE! Shakib Al Hasan run out, Bangladesh 134/6

    Shakib looking to grab a quick single but ends up running himself out. Sabbir is keeping a good pace to the Bangladesh innings but he is running out of partners.

  23. 8:16PM
    18 Mar, 18
    OUT! Mahmudullah 21 run out, Bangladesh 104/5

    Chaos reigns supreme! Sabbir guns for a quick single from the non strikers end but Mahmudullah does not move an inch, Vijay Shankar runs towards the ball and fumbles a bit, Mahmudullah then makes a dash for it but Shankar runs towards the wicket and wins the race. Mahmudullah was their finisher-in-charge and his wicket has fallen in the most dubious of ways.

  24. 8:13PM
    18 Mar, 18
    Bangladesh 100/4

    The 100 comes up, a rare period of stability for Bangladesh, Sabbir nearing his 50. They need these two to stick together to put up a competitive total

  25. 8:07PM
    18 Mar, 18
    Bangladesh 90/4 after 13 overs

    Mahmudullah and Sabbir give Bangladesh a rare period of stability. There was a run out chance when Unadkat raced to his right to pick up the ball pushed away by Mahmudullah and threw the ball at the non strikers while he was making a dive for it. A direct hit would have done him. 

  26. 8:00PM
    18 Mar, 18
    Bangladesh 76/4 after 11.2 overs

    Mahmudullah and Sabbir in the middle now. Mahmudullah would have got his first boundary had it not been for Suresh Raina who puts in a dive to save a boundary at long on. Mahmudullah had saved Bangladesh in extraordinary fashion against Sri Lanka. They would need a good finish from him to put up a competitive total.

  27. 7:54PM
    18 Mar, 18
    OUT! Mushfiqur Rahim 9 c Shankar b Chahal, Bangladesh 68/4

    Mushfiqur miscues his slice and the ball loops up in the air, Vijay Shankar runs to his right before making a dive to take a sharp catch. Another one bites the dust for Bangladesh and it is the in form Mushfiqur Rahim.

  28. 7:46PM
    18 Mar, 18
    Bangladesh 59/3 after 8 overs

    Sabbir Rahman hits a six and a four off the third and fourth ball of the eighth over bowler by Vijay Shankar to relieve some of the pressure, Bangladesh end up getting 14 runs off that over

  29. 7:36PM
    18 Mar, 18
    Bangladesh 40/3 at the end of powerplay

    Bangladesh never really got going there. The openers managed to last two overs but the three wickets have come in very short time, Mushfiqur Rahim and Sabbir Rahman in the middle now, negotiating a very attacking field set up by Rohit Sharma. 

  30. 7:28PM
    18 Mar, 18
    OUT! Soumya Sarkar 1 c Dhawan b Chahal, Bangladesh 33/3

    Chahal gets a second and that is because Soumya Sarkar has just sweeped a ball straight to square leg into the hands of Shikhar Dhawan. Bangladesh falling like nine pins here

  31. 7:25PM
    18 Mar, 18
    OUT! Tamim Iqbal 15 c Thakur, b Chahal, Bangladesh 27/2

    Incredible Catch! Tamim looking to send it over long on and it almost did. Shardul is the fielder standing at the boundary and he leaps up, plucks the ball with a short leap and lands on his left foot probably an inch inside the boundary line. He somehow maintains his balance and completes the catch, both the Bangladesh openers back in the hut now.

  32. 7:20PM
    18 Mar, 18
    GONE! Liton Das 11 c Raina b Washington Sundar, Bangladesh 27/1

    And the first pin falls! Slow one from Washington SUndar, probably pitched later than Liton expected, he goes for the slog sweep and it only takes an edge to balloon up in the air, Raina makes no mistake.

  33. 7:11PM
    18 Mar, 18
    Bangladesh 13/0 after 2 ovs

    Washington Sundar keeps it tight in the second over, the fielders went up for an LBW appeal off the third ball but Sundar himself wasn't interested, just four runs off that over

  34. 7:09PM
    18 Mar, 18
    Bangladesh 9/0 after 1 over

    The last ball is dispatched to the boundary in typical Tamim Iqbal style, somewhere between a flick and a pull for a short ball over the wicket. Unadkat's opening over has gone for nine runs

  35. 6:39PM
    18 Mar, 18
    Bangladesh playing XI

    Bangladesh are playing the same team. No change.

    Bangladesh (Playing XI): Tamim Iqbal, Liton Das, Sabbir Rahman, Mushfiqur Rahim(w), Soumya Sarkar, Mahmudullah, Shakib Al Hasan(c), Mehidy Hasan, Mustafizur Rahman, Rubel Hossain, Nazmul Islam

  36. 6:37PM
    18 Mar, 18
    India playing XI

    India have made the only one change in the playing XI - Mohammed Siraj has been replaced by Jaydev Unadkat.

    India (Playing XI): Rohit Sharma(c), Shikhar Dhawan, Suresh Raina, Dinesh Karthik(w), Lokesh Rahul, Manish Pandey, Vijay Shankar, Washington Sundar, Shardul Thakur, Jaydev Unadkat, Yuzvendra Chahal

  37. 6:34PM
    18 Mar, 18
    India win toss, elect to field first

    India win toss, elect to field first against Bangladesh. Rohit Sharma reckons this pitch will slow down with the time progresses for the bowlers and they would want to know what target to have in mind. 

  38. 6:29PM
    18 Mar, 18

    Brett Lee gives the pitch report says that it is one of the hardest surfaces in the series. The conditions will help the bowlers in the middle. He reckons the spinners and the swingers will enjoy bowling on these surface. He particularly picks up Shardul Thakur to enjoy his time today with all his variations. He says 180-190 would be a good score.

  39. 5:46PM
    18 Mar, 18
    Welcome to Live Blog on India vs Bangladesh final

    Hello and welcome to our Live blog on India vs Bangladesh T20 Nidahas Trophy final. This series has seen its fair share of ups and downs - and surprises! The first surprise was when the hosts Sri Lanka defeated India in the tri-series opener by 5 wickets. Then Bangladesh, came out of nowhere to defeat the home side twice to enter the final. The intense rivalry between the two teams led to fracas in the middle of the ground in the previous T20I and ICC would be keeping a close watch on Bangladesh captain Shakib Al Hasan in the final. In spite of Bangladesh's thunderous comeback, India are still favourites to clinch the trophy. Can Bangladesh sprung up another surprise.