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India 213/4 at stumps on Day 3 vs Australia in 2nd Test in Bangalore: Match highlights, video, wickets

India 213/4 at stumps on Day 3 vs Australia in 2nd Test in Bangalore: Match highlights, video, wickets

India rode on an unbeaten 93-run stand between Pujara and Rahane to lead by 126 at stumps on day three against Australia.

Cheteshwar Pujara stitched a solid unbeaten partnership with Ajinkya Rahane.

For the first time in this Test, a team went without dropping a wicket in a session as India batted out courtesy Cheteshwar Pujara and Ajinkya Rahane to extend their lead after cancelling out Australia’s advantage of 87 runs. At stumps, India lead by 126 runs for the first time the batting applying itself and standing strong. Josh Hazlewood still causing issues with three wickets in the bag already as pitch continues to throw in some surprises here and there.

India vs Australia, Day 3:

1633 hrs IST: Stumps on day three and for the first time in this Test that a team had a wicketless session. India are 213 for the loss of four wickets at close and all credit to Pujara and Rahane for helping India extend lead to 125

1627 hrs IST: Final over of the day coming up and it will be bowled by Starc. O’Keefe gave only 1 run from his over. Rahane gets a four off the first ball

1620 hrs IST: 10 minutes to close of play in Bangalore and Australia have called back Mitchell Starc for the closing honours. Rahane will be on strike with India on 207 for the four wickets


1616 hrs IST: A single to Rahane and that is 200 up for India in the 68th over. Both teams trying hard to take advantage in this Test but still Australia in a more comfortable position

1614 hrs IST: Couple of maidens for Australia. India’s scoring rate has gone down considerably after the drinks break. Pujara and Rahane need to survive 15 more minutes

1610 hrs IST: Nathan Lyon’s slow deliveries are getting some serious turn and bounce! Pujara just managing to keep them away India are 198 for the loss of four wickets. India lead by 111 runs

1606 hrs IST: Steve O’Keefe once again. Rahane has not scored a single run against him so far in this innings. Rahane is on strike with India on 194 for the loss of 4 wickets

1600 hrs IST: Ajinkya Rahane with a touch down the leg-side and it beats the leg-slip and the fielder running after the ball for four! India lead by 103 runs now! By the end of the over, India make it 104 runs

1556 hrs IST: A three-run over for India. Rahane defending most balls from O’Keefe. Lyon once again with close of play just 25 minutes away.

1552 hrs IST: Four runs off the Lyon over. Rahane is looking more confident in playing his shots. But hasn’t connceted all of them. Anyway, India are 183 for the loss of four wickets

1549 hrs IST: India are now 180 for the loss of four wickets. The lead is worth 93 runs now. Lyon to continue with Pujara on strike for India. Lyon getting a lot of turn off the pitch

1544 hrs IST: Josh Hazlewood to continue for Australia. He has been great for Australia in this innings. Pujara on strike. India extending the lead slowly

1527 hrs IST: Fifty up for Pujara and some much needed confidence boost for the India batting. 50 from 125 balls and India are on to 158 runs. Flick through the square leg and a casual single brings up half century. Two runs from the over

1525 hrs IST: But Steve O’Keefe for now. That’s close and a big shout from the Aussie fielders for leg before on Pujara. Moves on the leg side to play it down and gets all bat to it, no pad involved. Right decision from Illingworth. One run from the over

1523 hrs IST: Mitchell Marsh goes for a single from the over. And also warming up is Nathan Lyon on the ropes.

1518 hrs IST: Steve O’Keefe once again and Rahane makes his error from previous innings to go down to the back foot and tries to play it late and be done in by a delivery that straightens. Slides on but somehow ‘Jinx’ gets his bat into play at the right time

1516 hrs IST: Mitchell Marsh now. He has Pujara caught pad first but despite it being in-line and the impact being in the line, the ball had moved way too much down the leg side to be considered a strong shout. Turned down. Single to end the over.

1512 hrs IST: Silly point comes into the picture now for Steve O’Keefe to Rahane but no problems as the Indian batsman defends calmly and carefully.

1509 hrs IST: Pujara plays it down the leg side for a single and it brings up India’s 150 at the lost of four wickets in the 49th over. Pujara moving towards his fifty run knock.

1504 hrs IST: Another bowling change and Steve O’Keefe comes on. Third ball of the over and Rahane gets a thick inside edge which, luckily for him, it doesn’t go on to hit the stumps

1501 hrs IST: Mitchell Starc back in action. Round the wicket to Rahane. Two runs from the over in the form of two singles.

1456 hrs IST: Lots and lots of turn for Lyon. Pitches on off and keeps angling in and has Rahane struck pad-first. Pujara defends the rest of the over successfully.

1452 hrs IST: Nicely played by Rahane to rock on to the backfoot and slash a delivery outside-off by Hazlewood. Sweetly struck and finds the boundary with ease. Next delivery he picks up a single with another ball timed off the middle of the bat as mid-on fielder comes in to field. Lyon, meanwhile, applying some gel on the index finger – the all-important index finger – fresh.

1445 hrs IST: Rahane looking to sweep Lyon – went for it rather early on the first ball but the delivery is overpitched and defends it instead. Two balls later he does so successfully. Extends India’s lead to 50 runs. Another ‘jumper’ on Pujara to end the over.

1443 hrs IST: Invariable bounce for the seamer once again. Hazlewood comes darting in and Rahane somehow evades the low bounce. Gets the bat down just in time to avoid being bowled.

1439 hrs IST: Drop? Maybe not. Lots of turn and bounce for Lyon to end the over and Rahane survives. Pitches on middle and keeps going down the leg and then gloves over the leg slip fielder.

1434 hrs IST: So eight runs off the first over after Tea! Josh Hazlewood to continue after Tea. He was superb before the break, taking three wickets

1431 hrs IST: India got four byes off the first ball and then Pujara takes the next ball on the full and sends it through point and mid off for four. Good start

1430 hrs IST: Australian fielders take their position for the final session of play. Pujara also takes the strike. Nathan Lyon to bowl the first over after Tea. India lead by 35 runs

Pujara has been holding on to one end in the middle. Can’t blame Kohli for the review. Jadeja experiment never worked. So Rahane and Pujara have the task cut out for themselves

A big session coming up for India. They have six wickets in hand a lead of only 35. They need to get something around 250 to be secure. So another 200 runs from those six wickets

1410 hrs IST: That is Tea on Day 3 in Bangalore. This session to Australia as they take four wickets and India only have a lead of 35 runs. Rahane and Pujara the two unbeaten batsmen

1406 hrs IST: WICKET! Josh Hazlewood again! Ravindra Jadeja is bowled through the gap between his bat and pad. Brilliant line and length from Hazlewood and India are in trouble again as Jadeja’s stumps are broken. Four down India

1404 hrs IST: Two maiden overs from Australia and the pressure is building on India. Tea break round the corner and this will be a crucial phase for both teams

1356 hrs IST: Australia are persisting with pace from one end and spin from the other. Lyon and Hazlewood continue their spells. Jadeja is a left-hander and Lyon is an off-spinner. So Smith with some thinking captaincy

1353 hrs IST: India have promoted Ravindra Jadeja in the batting order. Pujara is the settled batsman. Lyon to bowl a new over for Australia. Australia will be happy to get the wicket of Kohli

1345 hrs IST: Review! Kohli given leg-before but he asks for review instantly. The impact is the big question here. Has it hit the bat first or pad? This is very close. Nothing to separate or even guess it. Third umpire having a close look. Third umpire says “no conclusive decision to over-turn on-field decision.” So it will remain pad first. Impact is umpire’s call on the line. Hitting wickets. That is out. India lose their third wicket. Kohli is shaking his head

1341 hrs IST: And Kohli ends the over with a solid defence on the front foot. India are 106 for the loss of two wickets. The lead is worth 19 runs. Pujara to face O’Keefe, who has got a change of ends

1337 hrs IST: Four! Kohli welcomes Hazlewood for the new spell with a boundary through the leg-side. On the pads and Kohli wastes no time to send it to square-leg fence,

1336 hrs IST: 100 up for India as Kohli strokes one to the long-on fielder for a single. India lead by 13 runs now. Change in bowling as Hazlewood comes on to bowl

1333 hrs IST: Steve O’Keefe bowling straighter line, the one which has given him wickets in the first Test. Pujara is picking the ball from the pitch of it. Here’s Lyon for now

1328 hrs IST: Nathan Lyon with another new over. India lead by seven runs but this pitch is becoming really difficult to bat on. Kohli and Pujara trying to settle down

1323 hrs IST: Australia are going for spin  from both ends. Kohli and Pujara at the crease. They way Kohli has got out in the previous three innings clearly forcing Smith to use spinners

1318 hrs IST: A single to Virat Kohli and India take the lead in Bangalore. They have eight wickets in hand and this is a crucial phase of this game

1315 hrs IST: WICKET! Steve Smith has pulled off a blinder at slips to dismiss KL Rahul. Smith is air-borne as Rahul drives one. It takes the edge and has taken a thick edge. It has to the right of Smith, who is full-stretch, parallel to the ground. Rahul dismissed for 51

1310 hrs IST: So Puajra is scoring at a strike rate of 50. He has to negotiate the pace of Starc and the spin of Lyon. India are just four runs behind Australia now. Drinks time in Bangalore

1306 hrs IST: FIFTY! KL Rahul has his second fifty of the match. He gets there with a single on the off side and off 82 balls. He made 90 in the first innings.

1303 hrs IST: Gorgeous cover drive from KL Rahul! He gets a four and moves on to 47*. That was just brilliant shot from Rahul. Starc bowling a bit wide outside the off stump

1300 hrs IST: A lot of intent from Rahul and Pujara to score runs and we can see the results as well. No maiden over so far in this Indian innings which has put Australia in a fix

1253 hrs IST: A quick single from Pujara and Rahul to start the 21st over. None of them have been maiden. India slowly closing in on the lead. They are 67 for 1 and lead is only 20 runs

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1248 hrs IST: A bit expensive from Hazlewood as he loses his line down the leg side. KL Rahul moves onto 38*. Nathan Lyon to continue from the other end.

1244 hrs IST: So KL Rahul is resorting to the sweep shot to tackle the spin of Lyon. He has been living on the edge so far. Suddenly Lyon is dominating. India 60 for 1

1240 hrs IST: Again some strict line and length from Hazlewood. Giving no room to the batsmen to play the shot. Only one lucky four for Pujara. Brilliant stuff

1236 hrs IST: Another fine over of spin from Lyon. India are 55 for the loss of one wicket. Lyon is getting it to turn and bounce and it will not be a surprise if Australia do not bring on O’Keefe from the other end soon

1230 hrs IST: 1, 000 Test runs for KL Rahul as he runs a couple through the off side. A beautiful drive to bring up the two runs. Crowd applauds the feat for the local boy

1229 hrs IST: 50 up for India. Lyon could have had his first wicket by Pujara survives. India are 50 for the loss of one wicket after 14 overs. Australia lead still 37 runs

1226 hrs IST: Almost! Pujara gets the outside edge but Steve Smith fails to hang on to a tough chance to his left. He was blinded by Wade as the catch was very fine

1225 hrs IST: 13 overs bowled in the Indian innings so far and they are 47 for the loss of one wicket. 40 runs still behind Australia’s lead. Lyon to continue after Hazlewood’s over

1218 hrs IST: Nathan Lyon to start the new over for Australia. India are 41 for the loss of one wicket. Cheteshwar Pujara the new man in for India

1214 hrs IST: WICKET! Just after Lunch, India lose Abhinav Mukund as he is bowled by Josh Hazlewood. Good bowling as he keeps it stump-to-stump. Big gap between Mukund’s bat and pad. It goes through to hit the off-stump.

1211 hrs IST: Players back on the field for the second session of play. Australia to start the bowling with Josh Hazlewood. Abhinav Mukund will be on strike for India

The players will be back for live action shortly. India resume play at 38 for no loss. If Rahul and Mukund can take India past Australia’s lead, the other batsmen can play freely

The second session will once again be very crucial. India still trail by 49 runs and if India can go past the Australia lead without losing a wicket, it could be a big psychlogical win for them

This has been a good session for India. Only the second they have won in this match. KL Rahul and Mukund did a good job after India bowled out Australia

1132 hrs IST: Lunch on day three and India are 38 for no loss. They trailed by 87 runs and now that has come down to 49. KL Rahul and Abhinav Mukund have done a good job so far

1129 hrs IST: Nathan Lyon to bowl the final over before Lunch after a good over from Steve O’Keefe.KL Rahul on strike for India. Two close in fielders for him

1126 hrs IST: Steve O’Keefe to bowl the penultimate over before Lunch. India have begun well and this could be a good end to their good beginning. O’Keefe here

1125 hrs IST: Single from Lyon over but the final delivery was very close to the off stump. Mukund deciding to shoulder his arms to it. Misses the stumps by a wishker. India 34 for no loss

1122 hrs IST: SIX! Starc with a short ball but is not short enough. Mukund pulls and gets a top edge. It is high but also goes the distance. Over the keeper for six. Few words exchanged between Starc and Indian batsmen

1118 hrs IST: No purchase off the pitch for Lyon but a good over for him. Only a single and a close call for a catch but no damage done. India are 25 for no loss and it will be Starc continuing from the other end

1114 hrs IST: So spin into the attack. Nathan Lyon will bowl the six over. Can he reproduce the magic of first innings? India are 24 for no loss and Mukund will be on strike

1113 hrs IST: This is nice start from India. There is nothing they can do about the pitch but the openers have not gone into a shell and defended every thing. India need to build on this

1108 hrs IST: Mukund struggled in that over to pust bat on ball convincingly but managed to survive. India move on to 20 for no loss. Starc coming around the wicket to KL Rahul now

1103 hrs IST: Four to end the over from Starc. Important boundary for India after only one run off the first five balls. Mukund getting his first boundary of this innings. Hazlewood to continue

1058 hrs IST: Good over from Hazlewood and Starc will continue now. He is hitting the deck hard to get the extra bounce. Some wide open cracks as well on that length for him

1052 hrs IST: KL Rahul saved by an inside edge. A close leg-before call. Next ball, he gets a boundary. Single off the final delivery and India are seven for no loss after the first over

1048 hrs IST: Players back in the field. India to start the innings 87 runs behind. KL Rahul and Abhinav Mukund are the two opening batsmen. Mitchell Starc to begin the bowling

1038 hrs IST: WICKET! Jadeja picks up his sixth wicket. Australia bowled out for 276. Hazlewood goes for the big shot but is caught at long-on. India will start 87 runs behind Australia and that will be very crucial. Those 87 are like 150 on this pitch

1032 hrs IST: Nothing on the hat-trick ball as Hazlewood takes a single through off side. Only 21 overs for Jadeja and he has taken five wickets on this pitch!

1029 hrs IST: Review! Jadeja has two in two as Lyon adjudged leg-before wicket. He reviews. No bat involved as he tried to sweep the ball. Below the bat it skids. Straight on to the wickets. Five wickets for Jadeja.

1025 hrs IST: Review! Wade given leg-before wicket but he asks for a review straightaway. WICKET! Wade has to go as all three are red on the HawkEye. It is hitting Wade in line and though it is turning sharply, Wade is too far outside and the ball with hit top of leg-stump, as per HawkEye. Australia eight down. Time for drinks now

1021 hrs IST: Steve O’Keefe is the new man in and he has survived the first over he faced from Jadeja. Australia take two runs as well. Lead now 82 runs for them

1017 hrs IST: WICKET! Mitchell Starc caught by Ravindra Jadeja at the fence! He finally goes for his favourite shot, the slog sweep and Jadeja, who was 15-20 yards inside the boundary, takes a good catch. Ashwin takes the wicket

1013 hrs IST: Review! Starc given caught behind but he has reviewed it. The ball is very close to the gloves and the bat. Keeper and Ashwin went up instanly and umpire gave it out quickly. Starc did not take time to review it. UltraEdge shows nothing as it went past gloves and bat. Nothig at all

1013 hrs IST: Magnificent use of the feet to get a boundary off the final delivery. Wade batting with great confidence. Ashwin will bowl to Starc now

1011 hrs IST: Maiden from Ashwin. So Jadeja will have a go at the batsmen again. India need to pick these wickets quickly and keep the lead below 100 to come back in this Test

1008 hrs IST: An expensive start for Jadeja. And also frustrating. The edges are coming but in safe places. Five runs off that over. Ashwin will continue from the other end

1005 hrs IST: First change in bowling as Jadeja replaces Ishant. He has taken three wickets in this Australia innings. Wade on strike for Australia with the lead worth 68 runs

1002 hrs IST: No luck for India! Starc tries to play it on the leg-side but it beats everything and goes for byes. Two runs for Australia. Frustration for Indian bowlers

0957 hrs IST: Thick outside edge and it has gone between the second slip and gully for four! 250 up for Australia and the lead in worth 64 now. Wade batting with confidence

0954 hrs IST: Between the slip and gully! Starc with a late adjustment to place it between the two fielders. Just a couple of runs for him there

0950 hrs IST: Ishant Sharma has kept it at the good length so far this morning. Wade has managed to avoid the edge. Time for Ishant to make Wade drive and edge one?

0948 hrs IST: Single from the Ashwin over as Starc pushes one to mid one. He will also keep the strike. This time, he will be facing Ishant Sharma in the new over

0945 hrs IST: Three runs from the Ishant Sharma over and Australia move on to 245 for the loss of six wickets. Ashwin will be bowling to Starc now

0942 hrs IST: Ishant Sharma has beaten the outside edge of Wade’s bat but fails to take that edge. Wade surviving but needs to change his tactics of leaving the ball outside the off stump

0938 hrs IST: First runs of the morning for Australia. Four byes! Starc pads but misses and it goes through his legs and later through the legs of the keeper. Australia get first runs of the day

0936 hrs IST: It will Ashwin from the other end for India. Starc on strike. Bowling over the wicket to the left-hander. He pads up two deliveries. No runs on those

0935 hrs IST: A maiden over to start with from Ishant. Wade leaving most deliveries outside off stump. Only two connected but no runs scored

0930 hrs IST: Start of play on day three. Ishant Sharma to start the bowling for India. Matthew Wade on strike for Australia. Starc on the non-striker’s end

0925 hrs IST: The Indian players are walking out to the middle for the first session of another Test cricket day in Bangalore. A big day for the 11 players. Australian batsmen also walking out now

0915 hrs IST: Just 15 minutes to start of action in Bangalore. Big day for India as it can make or break this series for them. Huge day to define the home season

0910 hrs IST: India not only have to make sure Matthew Wade doesn’t get going again, they have to worry about Mitchell Starc as well. He scored a fifty in Pune and can hit some big ones

0903 hrs IST: The pitch is seeing a lot of rough patches and cracks in the middle. There will be uneven bounce and batsmen need to be at the top of the their game in Bangalore

0858 hrs IST: What do you make of this day three pitch in Bangalore?

0855 hrs IST: The fielding has been a big concern for India, especially catching. They put down a lot of catches in the first Test and same was the condition on the second day of the Bangalore Test

0845 hrs IST: This series has been a depressing one for India so far. They one moment of heroism or motivation that can lift the spirits of the whole team

0835 hrs IST: Indian spinners Ashwin and Jadeja have bowled some terrific line and length but haven’t been as successful as Nathan Lyon, who picked up eight wickets in the first innings

0828 hrs IST: While Australia lost only four wickets on day two, they were very slow in scoring runs. They added only 196 runs on day with only two batsmen scoring fifties

0820 hrs IST: Day two was a thrilling day in terms of Test cricket. Words were exchanged, players made faces and a lot was said. But Renshaw and Marsh showed Australia the way and helped them take lead

0815 hrs IST: Welcome to the coverage of the third day’s play of the second Test in Bangalore between India and Australia. India once again have their back to the wall as Australia take first innings lead on a pitch that is becoming dangerous for batsmen

India vs Australia Pitch Report 2nd Test, Day 3:

It’s overcast today in Bangalore but no dark clouds. Just clouds. The pitch has really deteriorated from both ends. One end has rough patches closer to the crease and it will help any off-spinner. Indian batsmen need to be beware as Nathan Lyon may use it. Some cracks opening up at the good length area. Pacers hit any of the cracks, the ball can move, bounce and batsmen can barely survive. The bounce will be uneven and Indian batsmen need to be on the top of their game to play and avoid getting out to the bounce. Before that, India need to bowl out Australia in the first innings and Ashwin and Jadeja will be keen to exploit the roughs around the crease and pick the remaining four wickets of Australia as quickly as possible

India vs Australia Preview of Day 3 at Bangalore:

Things are not looking bright for India. As the pitch in Bangalore becomes even more merciless for the batsmen, every single run that Australia add to their first innings total will be a thorn in India’s flesh. Australia already have a 38-run lead and with 4 wickets in hand, they will like to extend it close to 100 and make life difficult for Indian batsmen on day three. Starc and Wade can score runs quickly and if they do that, Indian bowlers will be in for a hard time. The batsmen need to show more intent in batting in the second innings and make sure they put enough runs on the board which their bowlers can defend in the fourth innings. One thing that Indian spinners, in comparision to Australia spinners, could not do is get the ripping lift off the surface which has not made the batsmen think twice about the ball bouncing more than expected.

India vs Australia 2nd Test Playing XI

India: KL Rahul, Abhinav Mukund, Cheteshwar Pujara, Virat Kohli, Ajinkya Rahane, Karun Nair, Wriddhiman Saha, R Ashwin, Ravindra Jadeja, Umesh Yadav, Ishant Sharma

Australia: Matt Renshaw, David Warner, Steve Smith, Shaun Marsh, Peter Handscomb, Mitchell Marsh, Matthew Wade, Mitchell Starc, Nathan Lyon, Steve O’Keefe, Josh Hazlewood

India vs Australia 2nd Test, Day 2 Players reactions:

Cheteshwar Pujara “There is nothing wrong with the Indian batting lineup. We are known to play better against spinners, apart from last three innings. We will have a better gameplan in the second innings” (Read what he had to say)


Matt Renshaw “I was just trying to enjoy it and laugh at what (Kohli) was saying because some of it was quite funny. He was just reminding me to run off and go to the toilet again which happened in Pune, so it was quite funny” (Read what he had to say)

India vs Australia 2nd Test, Match Umpires

Ground Umpires: Richard Illingworth and Nigel Llong

Third Umpire: Richard Kettleborough

Match Referee: Chris Broad