India vs Australia: How Virat Kohli went Vroom Vroom in Mohali

India vs Australia: How Virat Kohli went Vroom Vroom in Mohali

Here's a look at how Virat Kohli fashioned India's chase, act by act in Mohali on Sunday.

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Virat Kohli celebrates after scoring a crucial boundary in Nathan Coulter-Nile’s over. (Source: PTI)

Preamble: India need another 39 runs from the last three overs. The strip is slowing down. Australia are sniffing a win and lunging around desperately. James Faulkner, that cheeky friend of Virat, has conceded just 13 runs in his last two overs and with his quiver full of variations, is reckoned among the most lethal bowlers at death.

Act 1

(over number 18, India need 39 from 18)

17.1 A slower ball, but pitched short and Kohli just swivels it past deep backward square leg for a boundary, without even minding to switch his weight onto the back foot.

17.2 Faulkner goes for a yorker outside off-stump, and he lands it where he plotted, but Kohli just squirms the ball, opens the face and drivels it past backward point for a four.

17.3 Faulkner goes short of length. And Kohli just steps out and creams it over long off. And he didn’t even time it as much as he would have ideally wanted it to.


17.4 Faulkner attempts a fuller ball, which is whip-driven to long-on for a double.

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Act 2

(over number 19, India need 20 off 12 balls)

18.2 Coulter-Nile serves up a routine half-volley, which Kohli, using those pliant wrists, carves through point to set the tone for the over.

18.3 Coulter-Nile errs in line and Kohli pulls it finely past the fine-leg fielder for a four.

18.4 Kohli shimmies down and just smokes Coulter-Nile flat over extra cover.

18.6 It’s too much for Coulter-Nile to comprehend and he ends up feeding Kohli with a half-volley on off-stump, which he crunches through covers.

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Kohli’s 11-ball 32 blast chops the target down to four from the last over, which Dhoni accomplishes in the very first ball of the last over.

Prowling zone

There’s no gap Kohli can’t thread, but his predilection for the arc between backward point and long-off was evident as he scored 42 runs off 15 balls in the space, including five fours and two sixes. He also favoured the gap between long-on and midwicket, smearing as many as three boundaries.