India vs Afghanistan: Afghanistan bounce back in final session as India reach 347/6 at Stumps on Day 1

Murali Vijay and Shikhar Dhawan scored centuries but Afghanistan bowlers brought their side back into the match in the final session.

By: Sports Desk | Bangalore | Updated: June 14, 2018 6:09:00 pm
india vs afghanistan live Murali Vijay scored 12th Test hundred. (AP Photo)

India vs Afghanistan Only Test Day 1: Afghanistan tightened the noose around India in the final session with regular interruptions caused by rain hindering India’s momentum. Murali Vijay went on to complete his century but was soon dismissed Wafadar for 105. Rashid Khan took his first Test wicket when he dismissed skipper Ajinkya Rahane. KL Rahul too completed his fifty before he got out on 54. Mujeeb Ur-Rahman took another wicket as India lost half their side before the stumps. An unlucky run out to Dinesh Karthik cost India another wicket as they closed the day with 347/6 at Stumps on Day 1.

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Afghanistan in India, Only Test, 2018M.Chinnaswamy Stadium, Bengaluru 15 October 2018

India 474 (104.5)


Afghanistan  109 (27.5) & 103 (38.4)

Match Ended ( Day 2 - One-off Test ) India beat Afghanistan by an innings and 262 runs

Live Blog

India vs Afghanistan Only Test Day 1 Highlights

18:08 (IST) 14 Jun 2018

India go from 280/1 to 347/6 in the final session with Afghanistan bowlers tightenting the noose around India. The day saw exciting cricketing action, which was hindered by rains, but India still managed to deal back.

17:49 (IST) 14 Jun 2018
Dinesh Karthik has been Run Out!

Dinesh Karthik's return to Test cricket ends in a tragedy as he is run out for 4. Afghan spinners tightened the noose which prompted the two batsmen in the middle to steal an extra run. But Afghan fielders were good at task. IND 334/6

17:30 (IST) 14 Jun 2018

Afghanistan have broken the wall and it is Mujeeb Ur Rahman  gets his first wicket. Mohammad Nabi takes a brilliant catch at slips. The spinners have brought Afghanistan back into the match. IND 328/5

17:19 (IST) 14 Jun 2018

Rashid Khan gets a wicket as he dismisses skipper Ajinkya Rahane for 10. He was convinced that it was LBW and he convinced his skipper to take the DRS call. Gets the big man and Rahane's poor form with the bat continues. 

16:49 (IST) 14 Jun 2018
300 up for India

Back to back boundaries from KL Rahul as he brings up 300 for India. This has been surprisingly pacy innings from him, as he reaches 20 runs in 19 balls. The sun has gone down and it seems that there might be an early call off due to a bad light soon.

16:44 (IST) 14 Jun 2018

Yamin Ahmadzai takes his 3rd wicket as he dismisses India captain Ajinkya Rahane. But the skipper was convinced that the ball did not hit the bat and touched the shoulder. Replays showed the ball was indeed hitting the shoulders. Rahane survives.

16:14 (IST) 14 Jun 2018

KL Rahul has been clean bowled by Aghanistan bowler Yamin Ahmadzai and India have lost both their set batsmen. Afghanistan are looking to bounce back and India seem to be running out of steam with constant interruptions.  IND 284/3

16:10 (IST) 14 Jun 2018

Murali Vijay is GONE and Wafadar gets a wicket. India have lost both their openers who scored a century. Now Cheteshwar Pujara will come, and this will officially become a 5-day match.

16:01 (IST) 14 Jun 2018

KL Rahul completes his half century in Bangalore, as the clouds give way to bright sunlight. He reaches the landmark in just 61 balls, and it has been a solid innings by him. He did not open the innings this time, but shows that he can also bat at No. 3

15:54 (IST) 14 Jun 2018
Century for Murali Vijay!

Murali Vijay scores a boundary bring up his 12th Test hundred. He goes to KL Rahul and shows off with a dab. The Indian players are enjoying batting at the moment, and the day belongs to India so far.

15:51 (IST) 14 Jun 2018
Play resumes

Play resumes as Murali Vijay comes into the middle. He sis on 99. But he will be on the non-striker's end with KL Rahul facing off Rashid Khan after the interruption. The match is expected to continue till 5:30, with 30 minutes extra provisional can be used, since 107 minutes of the day have been wasted by rain.

15:44 (IST) 14 Jun 2018
Play to resume in 5 minutes

Umpires have inspected the field and play is set to resume by 15:48, according to BCCI. 

15:08 (IST) 14 Jun 2018
Rain interrupts play again

The rain has returned to play spoilsport again and Murali Vijay is left stranded at 99. There still might be a chance to play a few overs in the day. Stay tuned for updates.

14:56 (IST) 14 Jun 2018
250 up for India

A glorious drive by KL Rahul. He looks to be enjoying himself out in the middle coming down to bat at No. 3. Slams yet another boundary to bring 250 up for India. India off to a steady start after raim.

14:51 (IST) 14 Jun 2018
Back Live

We are back live and it seems like there will only be the final session that will take place in the match. India come out to bat at 248/1. Afghanistan will look to use the shift in momentum to bounce back into the match.

14:42 (IST) 14 Jun 2018
Play to resume in 10 minutes

As per the latest updates, the play will resume in 10 minutes in Bangalore. Good news for the fans! Will India lose momentum due to rain? We just have to wait and find out

14:28 (IST) 14 Jun 2018
Covers coming off

The covers are coming off in Bangalore but we do not have a time when can play resume. Keeps the fingers cross for this. Umpire on the field now

14:03 (IST) 14 Jun 2018
Early Tea in Bangalore

There is on and off rain in Bangalore which has forced the umpires to take an early Tea! The play will resume at 14:15 IST if there is no further rain in Bangalore

13:34 (IST) 14 Jun 2018
Rain stops play in Bangalore

And the rain arrives in Bangalore. It's not heavy but the covers are on and the players are going the field. Murali Vijay is on 94* and KL Rahul is with him. Grey clouds over the stadium

13:13 (IST) 14 Jun 2018
India 223/1

India have been brilliant against this Afghanistan bowling unit which is yet to leave its mark. India are 223 for the loss of one wicket. KL Rahul and Murali Vijay are the two batsmen out in the middle

12:42 (IST) 14 Jun 2018
KL Rahul at three

India have changed their batting order. KL Rahul is in at number three instead of the regular batsman Cheteshwar Pujara. Vijay has reached his half-century 

12:28 (IST) 14 Jun 2018
WICKET! Shikhar Dhawan falls

First wicket in Test cricket for Afghanistan! Ahmadzai has Dhawan caught at slips and India lose their first wicket. Good delivery which is slightly shaping away from Dhawan. He goes for the drive and it caught at slips. The second slips had a fumble and it went up in the air which was taken by first slip

12:16 (IST) 14 Jun 2018
Second session

Shikhar Dhawan and Murali Vijay are back on the field for the second session. Vijay will be on strike as Rashid to continue after Lunch. India are 158 for no loss

11:34 (IST) 14 Jun 2018
India 158/0 at Lunch

A brilliant start from India and they are 158 for no loss at Lunch on Day 1 in Bangalore. Dhawan with a magnificent century off just 87 balls. Vijay is unbeaten on 41. Afghansitan need to rethink their strategy here

11:31 (IST) 14 Jun 2018

Shikhar Dhawan with a cracking boundary and a century! He becomes the first Indian to reach to three-figures before Lunch on day one of a Test match. Take a bow Dhawan. He reaches there off just 87 balls

11:15 (IST) 14 Jun 2018
Mujeeb to bowl

India are going strong in Bangalore and are scoring at a run-rate of close to six runs per over. Mujeeb to continue now. India are 124 for no loss after 22 overs

11:07 (IST) 14 Jun 2018
100 up for India

Shikhar Dhawan is not holding back. He is playing his natural game and now hits one over the fence straight over the bowler's head. Brilliant shot. 100 up for India

10:58 (IST) 14 Jun 2018
Dhawan gets going

Shikhar Dhawan gets going and he is not afraid to take on Rashid Khan. Couple of boundaries again and he has moved on to 61* off 61 balls. Looks like unstoppable for the moment

10:47 (IST) 14 Jun 2018
FIFTY! Shikhar Dhawan

Test cricket? Shikhar Dhawan looks in no discomfort and has reached his half century in just 47 balls. Rashid Khan concedes 13 runs of his first over.

10:37 (IST) 14 Jun 2018
Rashid Khan to bowl

India are 62 for no loss after 13 overs. That is one hour of play done in Bangalore. Now, Rashid Khan will bowl in Afghanistan's first ever Test! Vijay on strike

10:31 (IST) 14 Jun 2018
Dhawan on the charge

Shikhar Dhawan is charging Nabi here. He picks the ball very early and plays his shot to perfection. Two consecutive boudaries for him after an LBW appeal

10:10 (IST) 14 Jun 2018
India on the move

Some quick runs for both Dhawan and Vijay now! They seem to have settled down nicely and the sun in out as well. Vijay with some uneasy shots but has not been troubled too much by Afghanistan bowlers. India 40 for no loss after 8 overs

09:58 (IST) 14 Jun 2018
India 18/0 after 5

Good start this by India as they reach 18 for no loss after five overs. Dhawan and Vijay have been watchful to start the game. Afghanistan bowlers have been decent too

09:49 (IST) 14 Jun 2018
Vijay off the mark

Murali Vijay finally gets off the mark but it is not a confident shot. Ahmadzai makes it move away a fraction and Vijay is going forward to play. But then it straightens and holds the line. Vijay is into the drive and gets an inside edege. Four runs

09:45 (IST) 14 Jun 2018
Dhawan with fours

Two loose deliveries outside the off-stump from Wafadar and Shikhar Dhawan is quick to cut them. Both shots are in front of the square and race away for four! India 10/0 after 2 overs

09:41 (IST) 14 Jun 2018
Wafadar to bowl second over

Two runs of the first over and no it will be Wafadar who will bowl the second over for Afghanistan. Ahmadzai was decent in the first over and even beat the bat of Vijay. Good start this

09:35 (IST) 14 Jun 2018
Ahmadzai to Vijay

Well, not the start we expected. Nervous from Ahmadzai there. He runs in to bowl the first ball but pulls out at the end moment. He has to re-launch. Nice ball first up. It is slightly moving into Vijay. He gets an inside edge and the first run

09:33 (IST) 14 Jun 2018
Dhawan, Vijay open

This is the first time ever India are playing a Test match at home in the month of June. Shikhar Dhawan and Murali Vijay open the batting for India. Yamin Ahmadzai to open the bowling

09:26 (IST) 14 Jun 2018
National Anthems

The two teams are coming out on the field for the national anthems. The players and officials have lined up. Afghanistan national anthem will be played first followed by India's.

09:20 (IST) 14 Jun 2018
Afghanistan Presentation

India Sports Miniter Rajyavardhan Singh Rathore is present in Bangalore and a small presentation for Afghanistan to mark this historic moment.