Ball tampering aftermath: Banned players angry because officials got away, says Ian Chappell

Ball tampering aftermath: Banned players angry because officials got away, says Ian Chappell

Ian Chappell's remarks came a day after a review by the Sydney-based Ethics Centre into the incident condemned an "arrogant" and "controlling culture" at CA.

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David Warner and Steve Smith were banned for 12 months. (Source: Reuters)

Former Australia captain Ian Chappell on Tuesday said that the banned players Steve Smith, David Warner and Cameron Bancroft, who were involved in the infamous ball tampering incident, have the right to be angry that Cricket Australia administrators got away. Chappell’s remarks came a day after a review of the scandal by a Sydney-based Ethics Centre condemned an “arrogant” and “controlling culture” at CA.

Speaking to, Chappell said: “If they are banned and no administrators are tossed out on their backside then that’s not going to help to marry them up again – Cricket Australia and the players.”

The former Australian batsman further added that players paying for the mistakes of the administrators has been “the history of the game”. “Quite rightly, the players are going to be angry about that – the fact that it’s only them who have copped it in the neck. But that’s the history of the game. The administrators make the mistakes and the players cop the punishment,” he said.

After the report, Australian Cricketers’ Association (ACA) on Monday said that the players should have their bans reduced as they were under too much pressure from the administrators. “There must be a reconsideration of the harshness of the penalties handed down to Steve Smith, David Warner, and Cameron Bancroft,” ACA President Greg Dyer said.

Smith and Warner were handed a 12-month ban, while Bancroft was given a 9-month ban after the ball tampering incident that took place during the 2nd Test against South Africa in Newlands.

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