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England vs Australia 4th Ashes Test Day 5 Highlights: Australia win in last hour

England vs Australia 4th Ashes Test Highlights: Australia have retained the Ashes in England for the first time since 2001.

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England vs Australia 4th Test Highlights: Australia won the fourth Test by 185 runs.

England vs Australia (ENG vs AUS) 4th Ashes Test Day 5 Highlights: England are hoping for a repeat of Headingley, where Ben Stokes dragged them from the jaws of defeat to a stunning victory, in the ongoing 4th Test at Old Trafford. Australia are on top of England on Day 5 on Sunday. At the beginning of Day 5, Australia needed 8 wickets. Two wickets – including that of Headingley hero Ben Stokes – fell in the morning session. Another 2 wickets fell in the afternoon session, as Jos Buttler played an unusual innings to frustrate Australia.

In the final session of the day, a minimum of 36 overs will be bowled. England need 217 runs for victory, which is unlikely. Australia need 4 wickets for a victory. England will be hoping they can eke out a draw and take the series to a deciding match in the 5th Test.

The Ashes, 2019Old Trafford, Manchester 22 September 2019

England  301 (107.0) & 197 (91.3)


Australia  497/8 dec & 186/6 dec

Match Ended ( Day 5 - 4th Test ) Australia beat England by 185 runs

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England vs Australia 4th Ashes Test Day 5 Highlights:

Off to the Oval

What an Ashes series this has turned out to be! Steve Smith and Ben Stokes probably the biggest stars of the show. But what about the supporting roles played by people like Cummins and Leach! We're off to the Oval for the final Test of the series now. That will start from the 12th of September. Will Australia win the series there? Or can England draw the series level and get a psychological victory?

Australia win

Hazlewood gets Overton out lbw. Overton goes for the review but to no avail. The Australians are delirious with happiness. For a long time today, they would have been fearing today would see a redux of Headingley. Australia win by 185 runs. They take a 2-1 lead in the series. Australia retain the Ashes urn.

14 overs left

Broad is being protected by Overton at the moment. Huge cheers as Broad plays out the last 2 balls of a Lyon over. Can Overton protect his partner long enough? He has played 103 balls today. Has put up 21 runs but more important is the amount of time he has occupied the crease and the bravery with which he has taken blows to the body. 14 overs left. 1 wicket left. 


Labuschagne strikes! The change works. Leach goes after a 51-ball 12. This is tragic for Leach. What a decision by Paine to bring Labuschgane on at this stage. One wicket is all that separates Australia from a huge win here.

Final hour

It's down to less than 100 balls now. It'll just take 2 balls for Australia though. Starc and Lyon bowling from either end. Head seen yawning in the outfield. He's lucky he's not a Pakistan captain. 16 overs left. 2 wickets left.

Labuschagne replaces Lyon. Wonder what the thinking behind this move is.

Old Trafford is buzzing

Every ball is drawing a cheer from the crowd. A block down to the bowler is being cheered like it is a six. Lyon comes back on. Gets the ball to narrowly miss Leach's bat and go through to the keeper. Momentary silence. Then relieved murmurs. The next ball again draws a straight batted block. Again, huge cheers! 17 overs left. 2 wickets left.

Bright sunshine

The weather is also well into the spirit of this contest. Bright sunshine has suddenly emerged from behind the clouds!
Meanwhile, Overton is hit on the helmet by Cummins. These two are putting every part of themselves on the line. 18 overs left. 2 wickets left.

And the spirit of the contest is spreading. Warne and Piers Morgan have a bit of a battle over that Cummins sledge:

Leach frustrates

Pat Cummins, usually a very genial bloke, gives Leach a stare and has something to say to him as well - possibly not of the PG-rated variety. With good reason. Australia cannot tolerate the fact that this bespectacled tail-ender is giving them so much pain with the bat in this series. Leach took a long break to clean his glasses in the last over. Australia were not very amused with that. 20 overs left. 2 wickets left.

Dark skies

The skies in Manchester are darkening. Which means that Australia's world is also darkening just a little bit. There are 22 overs left in the day, but could bad light save England here? Leach and Overton are not bothering to chase after anything outside the line of the stumps. An edge is just around the corner though, you sense it. 

Nasser Hussain, ever the pragmatist, says on commentary that Overton and Leach should absolutely not think about the skies. They should prepare to play every one of the 22 overs that remain, he says.


Australia would have been tired of seeing Leach's face in Headingley. Here he is out again, cleaning his glasses between balls like he is out to catch the morning train to office rather than being in the middle of a battle against fierce rivals Australia. 25 overs left. 2 wickets left.
The second new ball is available to Australia for the last 25 overs. They don't go for it right away. But they do bring back Pat Cummins into the attack. And now they do take the new ball! Just one ball with the old one for Cummins then. Leach up against it as Cummins is now steaming in with a shiny red cherry.

Review against Overton

Australia have gone for an lbw review against Overton. The umpire's decision was not out. Ball tracker shows the ball would have swung too much and missed the stumps. Overton survives. England breathe, for now.

Archer goes for 1

Archer is castled by Lyon. He was defending with a straight bat all this while. Suddenly one ball kept very low and Dharmasena raised his finger. Archer does not review. he has little to do but walk back with a wry smile. Surely it is beyond this England tail to see out almost 30 overs. Jack Leach promoted to No.10 after his Headingley heroics. Only Broad left after this. 29 overs left in the match.

Buttler is OUT!

Jos Buttler is bowled! A wild inswinger by Hazlewood. England lose their 7th wicket. And it's the wicket of Buttler - the man who they would have been counting on to take them to safety. That ball swung in a mile though. Buttler was letting it go. He had no idea it would swerve in so much. Australia are ecstatic. 3 wickets to win it for them now. 30 overs left in the match.

Can England hang on?

Lyon starts off proceedings in the final session. England are still hanging on by a thread. This series is hanging by a thread. The next 2 hours could make or break heroes. 35 overs left in the match.
There shall be some heart-in-mouth moments in this session, that much is assured.

Last session

There is a minimum of 36 overs to be played in the match in the last session. Can England hold on? A lot of prayers will be said at the moment for Jos Buttler at the moment. Be back for the potentially thrilling finale in another 10 minutes as everybody takes a quick breather.


Huge cheers greet Buttler and Overton take England safely to the last interval of the match. Just one session left. England 217 runs away from a win. Australia 4 wickets away from a win. Just 2 wickets came in that afternoon session. A brilliant post-Tea session coming up. 

Big spin

Lyon is also getting a lot of turn on this Day 5 pitch. The seamers are getting a lot of swing. Has to be said that the England batting order has put up a pretty strong resistance today. There have already been 32 overs in this afternoon session. England would LOVE to go back in without any further damage. That would set us up for an exciting last session. ENG 164/6

Lbw decision overturned

Cummins gets another wicket. Lbw appeal entertained by the umpire. Overton goes for the review. Very unclear if Overton got any bat on that before it struck his pad. The third umpire is taking a loooong time with this. Which shouldn't make the English fans very unhappy. They do have a battle against time to contend with, apart from the battle against Australia. But then...Ball Tracking shows the umpact was outside off stump. The decision is reversed. Overton survives. England breathe again. Huge cheers as Overton takes a single after that. This crowd believes! We are getting closer and closer to the Tea break now. ENG 155/6

Massive swing

That is massive swing! Comes after a change of ball. Buttler went to poke at it but missed it by miles. Paine has a shocked look on his face as he collects. Even Cummins has a surprised smile on his face. Goes to show how difficult this second half of the day is going to be for England. Buttler and Cummins smile at each other - two of the nicest cricketers from either side. ENG 146/6


A wicket right after the drinks break. Starc does it! Dharmasena raises his finger for an lbw. Bairstow goes for the review. And replays support the umpire's call. The ball would have hit the stumps right on the top. 'Umpire's call' - that dreaded diagnosis in the DRS means that Bairstow has to walk. Can consider himself unlucky, but that's that for this partnership. Overton comes out at No.8.

Part-time spin

Head and Labushagne are bowling from either end. What could that indicate? Are Australia tiring of this resistance? Or is this a ploy? To make the batsmen comfortable, luring them into a mistake? Drinks are taken. We could potentially have another 50 overs or so in the match, with some time to be added on if the umpires think it would bring about a result. England still 245 runs away. Disappointingly for Australia, they are also still 5 wickets away from a win and retaining the Ashes. 45 runs added by this Buttler-Bairstow pair now. ENG 138/5

Buttler-Bairstow give England hope

Starc has just bowled 6 overs of the 47 so far. Perhaps Australia are saving him up for the tail. He could be unplayable with the ball reversing like this. Buttler and Bairstow are keeping them all out at the moment, but how long can they keep it up? If they manage to get close to Tea, England could start hoping. That's still a fair way off though. Today is Buttler's birthday, though. If anyone plays a special knock today ala Stokes @ Headingley, it has to be him. Was tragic how he was run out by Stokes in that innings as well. ENG 118/5

Denly goes

That's the end of Joe Denly. Edged to forward short leg. He goes for 53 off 123 balls. The number of balls he has faced no less important than the runs he has scored. If England somehow manage to draw this match, Denly's knock will have been invaluable. England lose their fifth wicket. Out walks England's last specialist batsman - Jos Buttler. There is more than one and a half sessions of play to be had still. This partnership to decide the match then. Bairstow and Buttler need to come up with their best defensive game. ENG 93/5, still need 290 runs.

50 for Denly

This is Joe Denly's third Test 50. Has been admirable in his resolute defence in this series, this man.

Afternoon session begins

We are back from the lunch break. Cummins steams in again. Joe Denly, who has turned out to be England's surprise performer this series, and Jonny Bairstow walk out to face the music. Australia are favourites at this point, but if one pair can put on a partnership for around 90 minutes or so, this match will come to life. An England victory can probably be ruled out at this stage. A draw is still very much on the cards though. If England show enough application.


Denly and Bairstow take England to the Lunch break. They go into the break at 87/4, still 295 runs behind. Roy and Stokes were the two men to fall in the morning session. Denly still holding on. The big wicket was te one of Stokes, of course. Everyone knows - with memories of Headingley being fresh in everyone's mind - what he can do once he gets going.

Stokes out

Stokes walks on his own. Caught behind. The umpire didnt see it. Stokes starts walking though. Again, Cummins the man who provides the wicket. Stokes's honesty is not something we get to see much in the modern game. Stokes wanted to leave it, but the ball nipped in ever so slightly and brushed the bottom of Stokes's bat on its way to the keeper. Big blow for England. ENG 74/4

Wicket! Cummins the man again

It's the end of Jason Roy! Pat Cummins finds the gap between bat and pad and rattles the stumps of another England batsman. Roy goes for 31. His eyes widen as he realizes his stumps are broken. In walks Headingley hero Ben Stokes at No.5. Joins Denly. Could we have yet another Stokes miracle today? 

First hour survived

England had lost 2 wickets in the first over they faced yesterday. Today though, they have resisted firmly. There's less than an hour to the safety of lunch for Denly and Roy. There's a big question mark on both their places in the side - especially Roy, because of his exceptionally poor series - but these two have done the job so far for England. Could there be a repeat of Headingley today? A win is still very far away - 325 runs still needed - but England will take a draw gladly.

Roy and Denly hold fort

There has been no joy for Australia on the final day of this Test so far. Roy and Denly have held fort admirably. Cummins and Hazlewood started off the day for Australia. Those two have been the most incisive bowlers for the visitors. Now, Starc and Lyon are bowling in tandem and there has still been no joy for them. This partnership is worth 50 runs now. This will give England belief! 

Day 5 underway

Final day of Ashes 4th Test is underway at Old Trafford with England requiring a miracle and 365 runs to win

Ashes 4th Test Day 5 LIVE

Hello and welcome to our live coverage of Ashes 4th Test Day 5. Australia are on the brink of winning this Test. England need a miracle in the form of 365 runs to win the match. Stay tuned for live score and updates of the match here.

Australia were the better side in all three departments with Cummins, Josh Hazlewood and Mitchell Starc all troubling England and benefitting from sharp catching, but it was once again Smith's batting that proved a class apart. On a day in which every other batsman struggled to cope with good length pace bowling, Smith, who has now compiled nine straight half-centuries against England, looked utterly unfazed.