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Sunday, February 23, 2020

World Cup 2019, Sri Lanka vs Australia Highlights: Australia beat Sri Lanka by 87 runs

World Cup 2019, Sri Lanka vs Australia Highlights: Australia beat Sri Lanka by 87 runs in London on Saturday.

By: Sports Desk | Updated: June 16, 2019 1:20:35 pm
World Cup 2019, Sri Lanka vs Australia Highlights: Australia beat Sri Lanka on Saturday.

World Cup 2019, Sri Lanka vs Australia Highlights: Invited to bat first, Aussies piled up a mammoth score of 334/7 in 50 overs. Skipper Aaron Finch’s 153 and Steven Smith’s 73 took Aussies for this total.In reply, Sri Lanka had a decent start as their openers piled up 115 for no loss in 15 overs. But things did not work for them any longer and after Skipper Dimuth Karunaratne’s wicket on 97, entire batting order collapsed.

This is their third win in a row. They are at the top on point table now. Restricted Sri Lanka for just 247 in 45.5 overs. Sri Lanka were cruising. 87 without loss in 10 overs. Australia slipped into their Plan B and won the game. Sri Lanka really needed Mathews and Thisara to bail them out, but once they fell, the chase was as good as over. Karunaratne’s 97 was, in the end, Sri Lanka’s only consolation.

ICC Cricket World Cup, 2019The Oval, London 23 February 2020

Sri Lanka 247 (45.5)


Australia 334/7 (50.0)

Match Ended ( Day - Match 20 ) Australia beat Sri Lanka by 87 runs

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World Cup 2019, Sri Lanka vs Australia Highlights: Australia beat Sri Lanka


    22:40 (IST)15 Jun 2019
    Aaron Finch is the Player of the Match for his 153.

    "I was hitting some nice drives early, which is a good sign for my batting. It was a nice wicket. I'm working on trying to ensure my head doesn't fall over."

    22:39 (IST)15 Jun 2019
    Sri Lanka were 115/0 in the 16th over !

    This is disgraceful. This is not what you want to see in a World Cup. It was 4/5 the other day against Afghanistan. It's 7/42 today. Both after Karunaratne and Kusal Perera gave great starts. Sri Lanka were 115/0 in the 16th over in chase of 335. What more do you want?

    22:37 (IST)15 Jun 2019
    Australia beat Sri Lanka by 87 runs!

    So Australia beat Sri Lanka by 87 runs. This is their third win in a row. They are at the top on point table now. Restricted Sri Lanka for just 247 in 45.5 overs.  Sri Lanka were cruising. 87 without loss in 10 overs. Australia slipped into their Plan B and won the game. Sri Lanka really needed Mathews and Thisara to bail them out, but once they fell, the chase was as good as over. Karunaratne's 97 was in the end Sri Lanka's only consolation.

    22:27 (IST)15 Jun 2019
    Starc finishes off

    No fifer for Starc but still a brilliant spell by him. He finishes with figures of 10-0-55-4. <

    22:16 (IST)15 Jun 2019
    Sri Lanka lose 6 for 32 runs

    After an emphatic start, Sri Lanka threw it away badly. Lost their 9th wicket in form of Malinga in the 42nd over. Lanka are still 98 runs away from the win. Aussies need just one wicket to register their win. 

    22:07 (IST)15 Jun 2019
    Sri Lanka 8 down for 236

    K Richardson to Udana, out Caught by Finch!! Short ball, Udana looks to flat bat and Finch at mid-off back pedals to take it. Gives a thumbs up to his fans as well. That was banged in short, no room and Udana still wanted to slam it down the ground. The top-edge stayed high for a long time before being gobbled up the Aussie skipper.

    22:01 (IST)15 Jun 2019
    Starc tops the table with another wicket!

    Mitchell Starc has continued his superb run as he sent Kusal Parera as well. He was on hattrick which was averted by Udana but with 13 wickets so far in the tournament, Mitchel Starc is at the top of the table. He must have gone into the same zone as of 2015. He had claimed 22 wickets in 2015 world cup. He was the man of the tournament for this feet.

    21:51 (IST)15 Jun 2019
    Mitchell Starc gets second wicket in the over!

    Now Thisara Parera walks back for just 7 runs leaving Sri Lanka in trouble. They still need 118 off 78 runs with just 4 wickets in hand. 

    21:47 (IST)15 Jun 2019
    Mitchell Starc strikes!

    Just 4 balls after Angelo Mathews, Siriwardana is bowled! Micthell Starc knocks Siriwardana over. His second of the night and all of a sudden, Sri Lanka have half their side back in the hut. This is slightly fuller and it is at 143 KPH. Tails back in. Too good for MS. He looks to flick but misses, the ball hits the pads and crashes into the stumps.

    21:43 (IST)15 Jun 2019
    Angelo Mathews departs!

    Sri Lanka lost their third wicket when Pat Cummins claimed it. Soft, soft dismissal and Mathews is furious with himself as he walks back for just 9 runs off 11 balls . He can't believe he has got out to that delivery. Remember how Cummins got Imam-ul-Haq in Australia's last game? This is similar.

    21:38 (IST)15 Jun 2019
    Sri Lanka get past 200!

    With Kusal Mendis' maximum off Starc's ball, Sri Lanka cross 200-run mark in 35 overs. This can be used as the audition for being the shot of the tourney? That was a quick full ball and Kusal Mendis slaps it down the ground for a sixer. Was slammed over the bowler's head.

    21:26 (IST)15 Jun 2019
    Karunaratne misses maiden ODI ton!

    Skipper with just a 20-ODI match experience, managed to reach close to his maiden ton but falls just 3 runs short. He was caught by Maxwell for 97. He was the only hope of Sri Lanka's run chase today.

    20:52 (IST)15 Jun 2019
    Sri Lanka past 150!

    Riding on Opener Dimuth Karunaratne's 82, Sri Lanka have crossed 150 run mark in 24th over. They now require more 182 runs to win the match. Meanwhile, Behrendorff to Thirimanne, OUTcaught behind! Sri Lanka also lost their second wicket.  Behrendorff breaks through! He tried to square drive again on the up but this was much tighter to off and a little shorter, he was cramped attempting the shot, got a thin edge to Carey! Behrendorff has his first World Cup wicket.Score: 154/2.

    20:30 (IST)15 Jun 2019
    Karunaratne takes fans to joyride!
    20:19 (IST)15 Jun 2019
    Why is Starc so successful?
    20:15 (IST)15 Jun 2019
    Mitchell Starc does it for Oz!

    Aussies get their first wicket. Starc to Perera, OUT. It's a full, straight ball and the wicket comes as Kusal misses an attempted mow to the leg side. Australia get a breakthrough they desperately needed. Finch's decision to bring back his trump card works.

    115/1  (15.3). Parera goes for 52 (36)

    20:12 (IST)15 Jun 2019
    Kusal Parera follows his skipper

    Opener Kusal Parera also smashed a 50 off just 33 balls. Team score reaches 112 in 15 overs.

    20:00 (IST)15 Jun 2019
    Lankan Skipper Karunaratne on fire!

    Bravo! Dimuth Karunaratne has set the field on fire with his shots all round the park. The skipper reaches his 50 in just 43 balls taking the team score to 98 in 12 overs.  After 10 overs, Sri Lanka are 87/0 which is the fastest start in the World Cup 2019. Aussies were 53/0 at this time.

    19:53 (IST)15 Jun 2019
    Aussies review lost!

    9.4: Big moment in the game! Australia have reviewed right at the end as an appeal for a caught behind was turned down. Nobody seemed confident, it may have been one in desperation. By the look of things, there seems to be day-light between bat and ball and there is nothing on snicko as well.

    19:42 (IST)15 Jun 2019
    It's dead ball!

    What happened there! Karunaratne was in his stance. He thought Richardson was on his warm-up run and then suddenly defends as the ball is sent down. It's a dead ball

    19:35 (IST)15 Jun 2019
    Lankan openers get a steady start

    Skipper Karunaratne and Kusal Parera give Sri Lanka a solid start as both take score to 40/0 in first 6 wickets. Karunaratne is on 25* and Parera is on 14*. 

    19:22 (IST)15 Jun 2019
    What a ball from Starc!

    Mitchell Starc to Dimuth Karunaratne, Goes very full and on off, tails back in a little. Karunaratne strokes it back to the bowler.

    19:14 (IST)15 Jun 2019
    Cracking start

    Sri Lanka are off to a cracking start. 12 runs off the first over.

    18:56 (IST)15 Jun 2019
    Malinga is known for?
    18:49 (IST)15 Jun 2019
    Aaron Finch after his marvellous knock!

    Aaron Finch: I feel like I have played reasonably well. If you hit the middle of the bat often, that gives you confidence. I thought they used the bigger side of the ground well. Pretty happy all in all. We didn't have a target in mind. At the death, they bowled so well. Udana, Malinga are quality executors at the death. Not too many records for Australia but nice to have one.

    18:43 (IST)15 Jun 2019
    Australia set 335-run target for Sri Lanka

    Maxwell gets a boundary at last! Perera is not able to end the over well. Still not a bad last one though, 10 came from it. Also, this is not a very bad delivery, it is a low full toss outside off. Maxwell manages to whip it through mid-wicket, away from the fielder in the deep for a boundary. AUSTRALIA END WITH 334!

    18:33 (IST)15 Jun 2019
    Udana's magic continues: Two in Two

    Udana to Pat Cummins, out Pat Cummins Run Out!! This is superb! He nails the yorker, Cummins digs it out on the on side and takes off, Udana whips across like a leopard, Cummins is sent back by Maxwell, Udana gathers, steadies, fires and hits with Cummins miles out at the striker's end!

    18:31 (IST)15 Jun 2019
    Accurate throw from Udana sends Carey back!

    Brilliant run out from Udana! Ridiculously good in fact! That is fantastic work all round! A slow dipping yorker out of the back of the hand, Maxwell backs away and delays a tap back down the wicket, and Udana absolutely pounces on it - picks it up and throws at the non-striker's end, catching Carey, who was trying to return to the crease, short.

    18:23 (IST)15 Jun 2019
    Shaun Marsh gone!

    Isuru Udana to Shaun Marsh, OUT c Milinda Siriwardana b Isuru Udana. Australia have lost their fifth wicket.

    18:06 (IST)15 Jun 2019
    Malinga's yorker rattles the stumps!

    Malinga to Smith, out Bowled!! All class! A slinger of a delivery that curves towards off from round the wicket, needless to say, a yorker, and goes past Smith's flick to hit the base of the stumps! He looks distraught, but it did straighten a little towards the end of the flight - Magnus effect, countering the angle. Smith out for  73 off 59.

    18:01 (IST)15 Jun 2019
    He walks off to a standing ovation and a well-deserved one.
    17:59 (IST)15 Jun 2019
    Aaron Finch Out!
    Udana to Finch, OUTskied to cover!
     Slower ball does the trick! This was well bowled. Finch cleared the left leg to launch but the extra bounce and lack of pace saw him sky it straight up to cover and the skipper calmly claimed the catch. The end of a wonderful innings.


    17:52 (IST)15 Jun 2019
    Finch is going big, reaches 150*

    Finch angling across from round the wicket, Finch walks across and swats it away towards the cow corner fence for a one-bounce four and completes his 150*.

    17:46 (IST)15 Jun 2019
    Steve Smith adds more to Lankan woes!
    17:42 (IST)15 Jun 2019
    Finch is like Rohit Sharma!

    Michael Clarke, sitting at the commentary box, saying that Aaron Finch can hit double hundred today. He's playing like Rohit Sharma. Finch reached 136*

    17:29 (IST)15 Jun 2019
    Aussies reach 200 with Finch's century. 
    17:17 (IST)15 Jun 2019
    Superb ton for Finch!
    16:56 (IST)15 Jun 2019
    Back-to-back sixes

    Aaron Finch takes on Dhananjaya de Silva. Two consecutive sixes from Finch. He is into the 90s now. Finch has made his intentions clear now. He will attack as Steve Smith holds on to one end.

    16:50 (IST)15 Jun 2019
    Finch cruising towards century

    Aaron Finch is holding on to one end with wickets falling from another. The Australian skipper is looking to stitch a partnership in order to lay platform for a mammoth total. Steve Smith is trying to play himself in, knocking the ball around for singles.

    16:36 (IST)15 Jun 2019

    Dhananjaya de Silva strikes again and he is delighted. A flatter full ball and Khawaja stretches forward and tries to slog sweep over the leg side. But he doesn't get the desired connection and it flies in front of square leg. Isuru Udana in the deep moves across to his left and goes down low to complete the catch easily. 

    Squad: Australia: Aaron Finch (capt), David Warner, Usman Khawaja, Steve Smith, Glenn Maxwell, Marcus Stoinis, Alex Carey (wkt), Nathan Coulter-Nile, Pat Cummins, Mitchell Starc, Adam Zampa, Jason Behrendorff, Nathan Lyon, Shaun Marsh, Kane Richardson.

    Sri Lanka: Dimuth Karunaratne (capt), Dhananjaya de Silva, Nuwan Pradeep, Avishka Fernando, Suranga Lakmal, Lasith Malinga, Angelo Mathews, Kusal Mendis, Jeevan Mendis, Kusal Perera, Thisara Perera, Milinda Siriwardana, Lahiru Thirimanne, Isuru Udana, Jeffrey Vandersay.