Pakistan minister Fawad Chaudhary jumps into MS Dhoni gloves insignia row

Pakistan minister Fawad Chaudhary jumps into MS Dhoni gloves insignia row

Fawad Hussain taking a potshot at Indian media jumped into the ongoing contention over Mahendra Singh Dhoni on Thursday.

Mahendra Singh Dhoni wearing the Indian Army insignia on his gloves during the match against South Africa on Wednesday. (AP)

The ongoing contention over Mahendra Singh Dhoni wearing insignia of Indian special forces in the match against South Africa has invited attention from neighboring country Pakistan.

Federal Minister of Science and Technology government of Pakistan Fawad Chaudhary took a plunge into the ongoing contention over Mahendra Singh Dhoni wearing the insignia of Indian Army Special Forces on his gloves.”Dhoni is in England to play cricket and not for MahaBharata, what an idiotic debate in India media, a section of Indian media is obsessed with the war they should be sent to Syria, Afghanistan or Rwanda as mercenaries….#idiots.” the minister tweeted on Thursday from his twitter handle.

Mahendra Singh Dhoni besides being a player is also honorary Leitunent Colonel in the parachute regiment of the territorial army. The insignia containing dagger pointed downward, with upward extending wings extending from the blade and a scroll superimposed on the blade with balidaan superimposed in Devnagiri is allowed to be worn only by para commandoes. Mahendra Singh Dhoni was spotted wearing the regimental insignia when he stumped Phehlukwayo in the 40th over in the match against South Africa. The Indian Armed forces insignias draw close inspiration from foot soldiers, chariots, horses and elephants and of weapons like spear, sword, and bow & arrow used during Mahabharata.

The BCCI has shot up a letter to ICC asking it to allow Mahendra Singh Dhoni wear the regimental insignia. “The BCCI had already sent a formal request to the ICC for clearance. As per ICC regulations, players can’t sport any commercial, religious or military logo. There was nothing commercial or religious in this regard as we all know,” Vinod Rai told PTI over the phone.


Moreover, the tweet from Mr. Chaudhary has drawn numerous reactions from fans.

A user tweeted,

“I get/agree with your sentiments but so much is wrong with your tweet. To implicate india of wrong doing, you’ve managed to belittle Syria, Afghanistan & Rwanda in the process. Is this the Govt’s official position? Maybe @SMQureshiPTI Sb can bring you up to speed with this.”

Another twitter user showing the mirror to the minister tweeteed;

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“Here is your team offering namaz on ground, according to ICC codes anything related to religious practise is not allowed. MS Dhoni was siply wearing the badge of paras on his gloves. M S Dhoni is Leitunent Colonel with TA. What’s the fuss Mr. Chaudhary? Calm down.”

Another user highlighting the Mahendra Singh association with Indian Army tweeted.
“He is trained soldier and sportsperson.”

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