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Friday, February 21, 2020

World Cup 2019: MS Dhoni reveals why he’s not a superstitious player

Most sportspersons follow some superstition they follow in the hope that it brings them success. But MS Dhoni doesn't have any noticeable ones and he reveals why.

Updated: June 3, 2019 7:28:18 pm
Mahendra Singh Dhoni MS Dhoni is not someone who believes in superstition. (Representational Image)

Most players have some superstition they follow in the hope that it brings them success. But MS Dhoni doesn’t have any noticeable ones. And in a new video, he reveals why.

“I think most of the cricketers are superstitious about a lot of things and we call it more routine, than anything else. We keep figuring out it was a left leg or right leg, I was also somebody like okay, when I go inside the field I would take left leg. Then after a while I got confused whether it was a left leg or right leg?” Dhoni said during an interview at the Indian Cricket Heroes awards ceremony.

“I am better when I have more options, the moment I have two options I get confused. There was a time when I lost 29 out of 32 or 33 tosses, and most of the Test matches were in India. A lot of times I would go, and I will be like okay I want to change what I have called, and it was during IPL. I was like okay, I don’t remember what I called in the last game. Every time it was new to me,” he said.

“I kept changing a lot of things, routine because it is more controllable at last we can say okay that was something that was in my hand. Whether its a glove, whether it’s a pad. I think 100 percent cricketers they have this superstition or routine, you may call it whatever you want,” he said.

Harbhajan Singh who’s on the panel with him, revealed that after every run during the 2011 World Cup final, he would turn a circle after every run. But Dhoni quickly clarified that he only did it during that match.

Watch the video here (from the 33:35 mark);

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