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Friday, February 28, 2020

England win maiden ICC World Cup via dramatic Super Over against New Zealand

England scored 15 off the six balls and New Zealand had to score 16 to get their World Cup dreams come true. But New Zealand managed to score only 15 as England won on the basis of the number of boundaries each team had hit during the match.

By: Sports Desk | Updated: July 15, 2019 1:16:07 am
England lift their maiden World Cup trophy beating New Zealand in the finals.

England vs New Zealand: In a dramatic end to the Wolrd Cup finals, England defeated New Zealand with more number of boundaries to lift the coveted trophy for the first time at Lord’s. As the 50-over clash ended in a tie, the match entered Super Over. In the Super Over, England batted first and the duo of Ben Stokes, who kept the hosts in the game with a brilliant 84 off 98 balls, and Jos Buttler made 15, and New Zealand also ended at the same score but for the loss of one wicket, paving the way for an English victory on boundary count.

Earlier, New Zealand scored 241 for eight after opting to bat and hosts England were all out for exact score in the last ball of their innings.

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ICC Cricket World Cup, 2019Lord's, London 28 February 2020

New Zealand 241/8 (50.0)


England 241 (50.0)

Match Ended ( Day - Final ) New Zealand tied with England (England win Super Over by boundaries)

Live Blog

England vs New Zealand Live Cricket Score Online, World Cup 2019 Final LIVE Score:


    00:39 (IST)15 Jul 2019
    Eoin Morgan credits Buttler, Stokes

    I'd like to commiserate Kane and his team. The example that they lead is hugely commendable to him and his team. On a tough wicket where everyone found it tough to score. Buttler and Stokes put together a partnership, and I thought that would take us deep, and it did. This has been a four-year- journey - and we find it hard to play on wickets like that. To get over the line today means the world to us. I was being cooled down by Plunkett, which isn't a good sign. Some of the support staff - not only the best in our team, but in the world, they really helped. Full credit to the two boys who went out for the superover, given that they were there most recently. Archer just improves every time he goes out there. Really incredible - everyone in the changeroom today, Willey, Billings, whoever missed out on the squad - I'd like to mention them too.

    00:30 (IST)15 Jul 2019
    Player of the tournament

    Kane Williamson named 'player of the tournament' for his leadership and scoring 578 runs in the World Cup. His tally of 578 runs is the highest by a captain in a single World Cup. Williamson receives the trophy from Sachin Tendulkar. 

    "It certainly wasn't one extra run. There were so many moments that could've gone either way, but congratulations to England - they've had an incredible campaign and they deserve it. The pitches have been different to what was expected. No 300 totals as expected. The NZ side showed a great amount of heart to get us to this point, but it just wasn't meant to be. The guys are shattered at the moment - it is devastating. It's pretty tough to swallow at this stage. But a fantastic effort from our guys. We were thinking about the overheads. We thought runs on the board - we would have liked 10-20 more. But in a World Cup final this was a competitive total. The bowlers really put the batsmen under pressure. It had to go down to the last ball, and then the last ball of the next little match, but a great match all round. It was a shame that the ball hit Stokes' bat, but I just hope it doesn't happen in moments like that. I don't wish to nitpick, just hope it never happens in such moments ever again. The left-hand right-hand combination was useful in the superover, looking at the short boundary, but it's unfair to critique a match fought with such small margins."  

    00:28 (IST)15 Jul 2019
    Presentation Ceremony Begins

    Man of the Match: Ben Stokes

    Stokes: Pretty good innit? I'm pretty lost for words. All the hardwork that's gone on in these four years, and to execute with such a good game is unthinkable. Thanks to everyone for all the support. We just kept talking during the partnership with Jos, and the run-rate wasn't getting away, and in the last over when the ball hit the bat and went for four - I apologize to Kane for that. I definitely wasn't going to bowl the last over (laughs). It's fantastic, without the lads, the family, and the support, it's just been incredible

    00:22 (IST)15 Jul 2019
    Player reactions

    Jos Buttler: Unbelievable. Thought you've seen everything in cricket. That was ridiculous. Hard to put into words, what an unbelievable game. Wanted to take it deep. Didn't feel the run rate would be an issue if we (Stokes and him) stayed till the end. Just wanted to get a partnership going. Don't know what happened. Unbelievable.

    Jofra Archer: Pretty sure I was going to bowl it. Just had a double-check with Morgs. Still racing (heartbeat). Probably the biggest thing (in his life). The way the guys started in this tournament from the beginning, would've been disappointing not to win. They've been a family to me.

    00:04 (IST)15 Jul 2019

    England win their first ever 50-over World Cup. It came down to the very last ball. For those who are wondering why England won despite tied scores in the super over, here is the answer. England had hit more boundaries than New Zealand in the final which helped them win the final. 

    00:01 (IST)15 Jul 2019
    Scores level in super over

    Jofra Archer started off with a wide. A couple of runs off the next delivery. Next ball, Neesham goes for the big shot and he clears the boundary. That was a huge hit. That was followed a couple of runs. Fourth ball, another couple of runs. Fifth ball, a short ball from Jofra Archer. Just a single off that one. Martin Guptill on strike, two runs off the last delivery. Last ball, Guptill gets bat on it, he goes for a couple of runs but could not make his ground. The scores are level again! England win the World Cup. They have hit more boundaries than New Zealand in the final. 

    23:53 (IST)14 Jul 2019
    New Zealand's super over

    Jofra Archer with the ball in hand. Martin Guptill and James Neesham have walked out to bat to chase down 16 runs in the super over to win the World Cup 2019. 

    23:44 (IST)14 Jul 2019
    Stokes shines in super over

    First ball, Ben Stokes goes for a big shot but could not time it. The edge goes past the short third man, three runs off the first ball. Second ball, Buttler gets a single. Third delivery, FOUR! Stokes has been phenomenal for England in the final. Fourth ball, stopped inside the 30-yard circle, just a single. Boult bowls another yorker, Buttler takes a couple of runs. Last ball of the over, FOUR! Stokes hits another boundary. New Zealand need 16 runs to win in super over. 

    23:38 (IST)14 Jul 2019

    The super over will proceed as any other super over we have witnessed in T20 cricket. However, if the scores are tied in super over as well, England will win as they have hit more boundaries than New Zealand. 

    23:35 (IST)14 Jul 2019

    After two dot deliveries, Ben Stokes his a six. The fourth delivery he gets a couple of runs but Martin Guptill hits Stokes' bat as he was trying to make his ground. Umpire Dharmasena awards them four runs. This is bizarre. We have never seen anything like this. A wicket off the next ball by run out and a single. The last ball of the over, two runs to win. The game gets tied as Mark Wood could not make his ground. WE WILL WITNESS A SUPER OVER HERE!

    23:24 (IST)14 Jul 2019

    James Neesham's slower ball does the trick. Jos Buttler expected one in the slot but with more pace on it. Archer bowled for a golden duck. England need 15 runs from 6 deliveries. ENG - 227/8 in 49 overs

    23:20 (IST)14 Jul 2019

    James Neesham has done a wonderful job under pressure. Neesham was brave to pitch it up right in the slot but did not give Liam Plunkett enough pace. Plunkett went for the big shot but did not get enough on it. ENG - 220/7 in 48.3 overs

    23:15 (IST)14 Jul 2019
    Plunkett-Stokes fight back

    Liam Plunkett and Ben Stokes took on Trent Boult and got 10 runs from his over. Boult went too full initially and then switched back to the back of the length deliveries. England need 24 runs from 12 balls now. ENG - 218/6 in 48 overs

    23:12 (IST)14 Jul 2019
    Ferguson does his job

    Lockie Ferguson has done his job in the death overs despite the boundary off Liam Plunkett's bat. He has got two wickets helping New Zealand get back into the game. NZ - 208/6 in 47 overs

    23:06 (IST)14 Jul 2019

    Lockie Ferguson has been outstanding in the death overs. He bangs another one short and Chris Woakes goes for a big shot. All he could get was a top edge. He gets out for two. ENG - 203/6 in 46.1 overs

    22:59 (IST)14 Jul 2019

    Lockie Ferguson gets the much-needed wicket of Jos Buttler. Substitute fielder Tim Southee takes an outstanding catch. GAME ON! New Zealand are not giving up here. ENG - 196/5 in 44.5 overs

    22:55 (IST)14 Jul 2019
    Fifty for Stokes

    Ben Stokes gets to his half-century in 81 deliveries. A patient inning from Stokes under pressure. He has been as solid as a rock in this run chase so far. ENG - 189/4 in 44 overs

    22:52 (IST)14 Jul 2019
    Fifty for Jos Buttler

    Jos Buttler hits his second half-century of World Cup 2019. He has done it under immense pressure but the job is only half done. 

    22:43 (IST)14 Jul 2019
    Neesham floors Stokes

    Two back-to-back economical overs from New Zealand, not giving anything away. James Neesham almost bowled his version of the Mitchell Starc yorker flooring Ben Stokes. But this time Stokes managed to get his bat down in time. Just four runs from the over. ENG - 177/4 in 42 overs

    22:40 (IST)14 Jul 2019
    Ferguson puts some pressure

    Lockie Ferguson gives just three runs from that over. Ferguson banged the ball short and bowled with sheer pace to Jos Buttler and Ben Stokes. ENG - 173/4 in 41 overs

    22:34 (IST)14 Jul 2019
    Cheeky shot from Buttler

    Jos Buttler has turned on the T20 mode on. He knew Matt Henry is going to pitch it up. He plays the scoop shot for a boundary to end Matt Henry's quota of 10 overs. England need 72 runs from 60 deliveries. ENG 170/4 in 40 overs

    22:28 (IST)14 Jul 2019
    Run chase on course

    Jos Buttler and Ben Stokes are keeping up with the required run rate without taking any risks. They are trying to score one boundary every over. They are taking the game deep. New Zealand bowlers are lacking the conviction to get a breakthrough here. They need one desperately now otherwise the game will be over soon. ENG - 162/4 in 39 overs

    22:21 (IST)14 Jul 2019
    Ferguson back into the attack

    Williamson brought Ferguson back into the attack, the fastest bowler of the New Zealand side. Ferguson got off to a poor start as he pitched it wide of the off stump. Buttler went after it and got a boundary. Six runs from his over. ENG - 149/4 in 37 overs

    22:05 (IST)14 Jul 2019
    50-run partnership

    Ben Stokes and Jos Buttler have shared a crucial partnership for the fifth wicket in the final. They are looking for singles and doubles. They scored eight runs from Matt Henry's over including three twos. England need 105 runs from 96 deliveries. ENG - 137/4 in 34 overs

    21:58 (IST)14 Jul 2019
    Buttler-Stokes stabilise run chase

    Trent Boult's second spell has not been effective. Jos Buttler and Ben Stokes are scoring runs off him. Maybe Kane Williamson can bring back Lockie Ferguson for a few more overs against Buttler and Stokes. They have stabilised the run chase despite the game being delicately poised between the two sides. ENG - 126/4 in 32 overs

    21:49 (IST)14 Jul 2019
    Trent Boult into the attack

    Trent Boult has been brought back into the attack as Kane Williamson recognises that he needs to break this partnership before it gets threatening. Just four runs from his over. ENG 115/4 in 30 overs

    21:47 (IST)14 Jul 2019
    Grandhomme's marathon spell ends

    Colin de Grandhomme was introduced as a first change bowler by Kane Williamson and he bowled a marathon spell bowling 10 overs on the trot. He got the wicket of Joe Root and kept the scoring rate low. 25 runs in his quota of 10 overs. ENG - 111/4 in 29 overs

    21:41 (IST)14 Jul 2019
    100 up for England

    Ben Stokes is consistently coming down the ground in an attempt to reach for the ball and hammer it down the ground. He succeeded once in James Neesham's over hitting him for a boundary. Stokes might look to counter-attack now as the required run rate is going up. Eight runs from Neesham's over. ENG - 106/4 in 28 overs

    21:37 (IST)14 Jul 2019
    Over 6 runs per over

    The required run rate has now gone up more than six runs per over. New Zealand continue to build more pressure with Ben Stokes and Jos Buttler in the middle. England are in dire need of a partnership here. This is the last partnership they can depend on to chase down the total under pressure. A wicket here will almost end England's run chase. ENG - 98/4 in 27 overs

    21:23 (IST)14 Jul 2019

    Lockie Ferguson runs in from the deep, dives forward and takes a blinder to get rid of England skipper Eoin Morgan. James Neesham introduced into the attack, bowls a short ball to start his over. Morgan goes for the shot but did not have any control over it as he immediately shouted "NO!!!". Ferguson may have pulled the catch of the tournament here. England are in trouble now. ENG - 86/4 in 23.1 overs

    21:19 (IST)14 Jul 2019
    Stokes' first boundary

    Ben Stokes comes down the wicket, reaches for the balls and pulls it away for a boundary. Kane Williamson instantly asks Tom Latham to come up. Three dot balls to follow. Just one boundary from the over. ENG - 86/3 in 23 overs

    21:16 (IST)14 Jul 2019
    Ferguson leaks runs

    Lockie Ferguson his trying too hard to take a wicket. He is getting the better of Eoin Morgan on most occasions but five wides do not help his side. England batsmen still struggling to score. ENG - 82/3 in 22 overs

    21:11 (IST)14 Jul 2019
    Grandhomme continues to trouble

    Colin de Grandhomme is almost unplayable at the Lord's. The slower he bowls, the tougher it becomes for the batsman to get bat on it or time his shot properly. Ben Stokes struggling to get bat on the ball. ENG - 75/3 in 21 overs

    21:04 (IST)14 Jul 2019

    Jonny Bairstow runs out of luck. Bairstow had almost inside-edged the ball on several occasions but survived but not this time. Ferguson gets the prized wicket. He departs for 36 runs from 55 deliveries. ENG - 71/3 in 19.3 overs

    20:50 (IST)14 Jul 2019
    Grandhomme delivers

    Joe Root gets anxious and plays a few out of character shots to throw his wicket away. First, he went for a slog but missed. Then, he went fishing outside the off stump and edged the ball to Tom Latham. Colin de Grandhomme delivers. The game is wide open folks! ENG - 59/2 in 16.3 overs

    20:48 (IST)14 Jul 2019
    Ferguson into the attack

    The first over was not exactly the ideal start for Lockie Ferguson even though Jonny Bairstow as beaten off the first ball of the over. Three runs from the over. ENG - 59/1 in 16 overs

    20:38 (IST)14 Jul 2019
    50 up for England

    Welcome boundary for England as Jonny Bairstow puts away an overpitched delivery from Matt Henry. Next delivery, he almost chops it on to his stumps. England are surviving on the edge of a knife here. ENG - 51/1 in 14 overs

    20:31 (IST)14 Jul 2019
    Root struggles to score

    Joe Root is struggling to rotate the strike. He has scored just two runs from 19 deliveries he has faced. Three maidens in a row. This kind of pressure can trigger an erratic response from the English batsmen. ENG - 39/1 in 12 overs

    20:27 (IST)14 Jul 2019
    Colin de Grandhomme into the attack

    It will be a mistake to underestimate what Colin de Grandhomme can do in conditions helping the swing bowlers. He can do what Plunkett did for England in the middle overs. Bairstow almost got beaten by the pace but the ball did not carry to the mid off fielder. DROPPED! Grandhomme dropped a simple caught and bowled on follow through. A maiden over from him. ENG - 39/1 in 11 overs

    20:24 (IST)14 Jul 2019
    A game of patience

    It's an evenly matched contest between bat and ball at the Lord's. So far, Jonny Bairstow has been patient, waiting for the bad delivery to put away. Bairstow knows that it is important that he stays in the middle rather than dominating the Kiwi bowlers. Trent Boult and Matt Henry need to be patient too. They have been beating the English batsmen. They need to stick to their lines and lengths instead of trying to do something extraordinary. Lockie Ferguson, Colin de Grandhomme and James Neesham will have a major role to play here. End of the first powerplay. ENG - 39/1 in 10 overs


    England: Eoin Morgan (captain), Moeen Ali, Jofra Archer, Jonny Bairstow, Jos Buttler (wk), Tom Curran, Liam Dawson, Liam Plunkett, Adil Rashid, Joe Root, Jason Roy, Ben Stokes, James Vince, Chris Woakes, Mark Wood.

    New Zealand: Kane Williamson (captain), Martin Guptill, Colin Munro, Ross Taylor, Tom Latham (wk), Tom Blundell, Colin de Grandhomme, Jimmy Neesham, Trent Boult, Lockie Ferguson, Matt Henry, Mitchell Samtner, Henry Nicholls, Tim Southee, Ish Sodhi.

    Match starts 3 PM IST.