India vs Pakistan: To win or not to win: If Hamlet was a Pakistan fan

India vs Pakistan: To win or not to win: If Hamlet was a Pakistan fan

Pakistan lost to India by 76 runs in 2015 Cricket World Cup in Adelaide on Sunday.

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India maintain an all win record against Pakistan in World Cups. (Source: Reuters)

It’s not easy to be a Pakistan cricket fan. Especially during World Cup season. The latest defeat – their sixth – against India at the mega event has left them disappointed, angry and disinterested. What if Hamlet was a Pakistan fan?  (Full Coverage| Venues | Fixtures)

To win or not to win

Is not the question

For when it is India

In the World Cup

We always head in the same direction

Leaving one to wonder

Whether it is nobler

In the mind to suffer

The tweets and Facebook jibes

Of outrageous Indian fans

Or to seek exile

From the cricketing subcontinent

And by doing so,

End them?

To post, to tweet no more

And to end

The heartaches and the thousand natural shocks

The cricketing flesh is heir to

Or to sleep

Perchance to dream

And in that sleep

What dreams may come

Of shuffling down the track

And making Indians recoil

But let us pause

There’s the aspect

Of constant World Cup defeat that makes

A calamity of so long a life

For who would bear

The whips of Kohli

The scorn of Ganguly

Sachin’s sixes long

Anil Kumble’s googly

Oh the pangs of rival gloating

Which tempts one to their quietus make

By dismissing the sport from one’s mind

And refusing to log in

At least when we play

Our neighbours in this Cup of the World

So am I tempted to say

(Mis)bah! Get thee to a nunnery.