CWG 2018: Shreyasi Singh wins gold, Ankur Mittal settles for bronze in Double Trap

CWG 2018: Shreyasi Singh wins gold, Ankur Mittal settles for bronze in Double Trap

India won three medals in shooting on Day 7 of the Commonwealth Games with Shreyasi Singh winning the gold while Ankur Mittal and Om Mitharval settling for bronze.

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Ankur Mittal settles for bronze in Double Trap. Source: File)

On Day 7, Shreyasi Singh won the gold medal for India in Women’s Double Trap on Wednesday. Varsha Varman finished in the 4th position. Ankur Mittal settled for the bronze medal in Men’s Double Trap while Ashab Mohd finished in the 4th position. Jitu Rai, who earlier clinched gold in 10m air pistol, failed to add another for India after he finished in the 8th position. Om Mitharval, who had earlier won a bronze in 10m air pistol, won another bronze after he finished in the third position in the event. India total won 1 gold and 2 bronze in shooting on Day 7. (CWG 2018 Day 7 Live Updates |  CWG 2018 Medal Tally | CWG2018 Day 7 Schedule )

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CWG 2018 Live Score, India Shooting Highlights:

Everything you need to know about Ankur Mittal

Ankur Mittal pulled off a terrific bronze medal finish in Men's Double Trap. Click on the following link to know everything about her: Who is Ankur Mittal?

Everything you need to know about Shreyasi Singh

Shreyasi Singh pulled off a surprise gold medal finish in Women's Double Trap. She comes from a family of shooters. Click on the following link to know everything about her: Who is Shreyasi Singh?



Scores - 60 points

Ankur Mittal - Ankur Mittal has finished on the third position with a score of 53 points and he wins the bronze medal in Double Trap.

Scores - 50 points

Ashab Mohd - Ashab Mohd has been eliminated and he finishes in the 4th place.

Ankur Mittal - Ankur Mittal remains on the top with 46 points out of 50.

Scores - 40 shots

Ashab Mohd - Ashab Mohd has missed 9 shots and is on 31 points after 40 shots

Ankur Mittal - ANkur Mittal continues to be on top with 37 points after 40 shots

Scores - 30 Shots

Ashab Mohd - Ashab Mohd misses six shots and he is on 24/30. He is on the 4th position after 30 shots.

Ankur Mittal - Ankur Mittal misses only two shots so far and he is on the top for now.

Scores - 20 shots

Ashab Mohd - Ashab Mohd has missed 5 shots in his first 20 shots and he is on with the score of 15/20 and he is on the sixth position.

Ankur Mittal - Ankur Mittal misses o2 shots out of 20 and he is on the top position with a score of 18/20.

Scores - First 10 shots

Ashab Mohd - Ankur Mittal misses two shots in the first Rotation. His score is 8/10.

Ankur Mittal - Ankur Mittal gets all his target bang on. His score is 10/10.

Men's Double Trap Final

Shreyasi Singh just won the medal in Double Trap. Now it will be Ankur Mittal and Ashab Mohd who will compete in the same event in Men's Double Trap. Can they add to the medal tally?




Shreyasi Singh will be in action with Emma Cox for the decider - Got off to a solid start. 2 hits from 2! Pressure on Emma Cox. And she misses out on her shot! Shreyasi Singh has done it! She wins gold in Women's double trap.

Shreyasi Singh in shoot-off for Gold!

Shreyasi Singh has tied with 96 points with Australia's Emma Cox. The two will now go head to head to determine who takes the gold and silver.

Varsha Varman misses out on medal in Women's Double Trap

Varsha Varman missed out on a podium finish after finishing in the 4th position with 86 points standing one point behind Scotland's Linda Pearson who scored 87.

Women's Double Trap Final Scores

Shreyasi Singh - 24 +25 +22 -71
Varsha Varman - 21 + 25+21 =67

Shreyasi Singh is on the second position while Varsha Varman is on the third position in Women's Double Trap final after three rounds.

Ashab Mohd and Ankur Mittal qualify to enter Men's Double Trap final

Ashab Mohd and Ankur Mittal have qualified to reach the Men's Double Trap Final. Ankur Mittal stood in the 5th position in the qualifiers while Ashab Mohd stood in the second position. 

Men's Double Trap qualifiers

Ashab Mohd is on the first position after four rounds in Double Trap qualifiers while Ankur Mittal is on the sixth position. Both the shooters look set to qualify for the final.


Om Mitharval is receiving best wishes from all over the country on his brilliant run in CWG - Two bronze medals in his first two games! COMMENDABLE!



This is his second bronze medal after clinching the same in 10m air pistol event.

Shots -21-22/24 - Scores

Om Mitharval - 7.2 + 7.6 = 201.1

Om Mitharval has been ELIMINATED! He went down from gold to silver and finally settles for a bronze medal. This has been an amazing achievement from the 22-year old. His second bronze medal in the CWG 2018.

Shots - 19-20/24 - Score

Om Mitharval - 8.6 + 9.2 = 186.3

Om Mitharval now slips to the second position. He is assured of a medal here. Can he dug in deep to for gold?

Shots - 17-18/24 - Scores

Om Mitharval - 10.2 + 10.0 = 168.5

Om Mitharval is now tied at the top position! This is getting too close to call. Only 6 more shots to go. Can he sustain it?

Shots - 15-16/24 - Scores

Om Mitharval - 9.8 + 8.6 = 148.3

Om Mitharval stands rises to the silver medal position. Can he sustain it for eight more shots?

Shots 13-14/24 - Scores

Om Mitharval - 9.3  9.3 = 129.9

After 14 shots, Mitharval is currently in the fourth position. Can he increase his scoring to go for a medal? Still 10 shots to go!

Shots - 11-12/24

Jitu Rai - 10 + 9.1 = 105

Om Mitharval - 9.1 + 8.5 = 111.3

JITU RAI HAS BEEN ELIMINATED! He is the first one to be eliminated in 50m pistol event. Stands in 8th position. SHOCKING!

Shots 6-10/24 - Scores

Jitu Rai - 8.6 + 7.6 + 9.7 + 8.5 + 7.9 = 85.9

Om Mitharval - 10.3+ 10.1 + 9.9 + 9.7 + 8.5 = 93.7

Jitu Rai is still in the bottom position but Om Mitharval is on the top of the table now! Rai, the defending champion could be the first elimination. This will be a shocking result.

Shots - 1/5 - Scores

Jitu Rai - 7.2 + 9.8 + 9.1 + 9.7 + 8.5 = 43.6

Om Mitharval - 7.6 +  9.4 + 7.7 + 9.0 + 10.8 = 45.2 

Jitu Rai is at the bottom and Mitharval is second to last. The Indians need to buck up!


Jitu Rai  and Om Mitharval in action now in Men's 50 m final. Can they win a medal for India early morning for India?


The 50m pistol final event in Gold Coast is about to begin in a matter of minutes - Jitu Rai and Om Mitharval are in medal contention at the moment. Can they increase India's medal tally on Day 7?

Men's Double Trap Qualification

Mohd Asab is currently lead after the first three series in the qualification round. He scored 30, 27, 29, respectively. 


Women's Double Trap finals

Shreyasi Singh is currently in the second position with 24 points in the first series. Varsha Varman has dropped down to the 6th position after first series with a total of 21 points.

Up next - Men's 50m pistol final

In around 40 minutes, India could be on their way to increase its medal tally with shooter Jitu Rai and Om Mitharval competing in Men's 50m pistol event. While Mitharval stood first in the qualifying round, Rai finished in the 6th position. 

Women's Double Trap finals

Shreyasi Singh and Varsha Varman are currently competing in Women's Double Trap finals. Can the two woman add a medal for India?

Om Mitharval and Jitu Rai qualified to 50m pistol Final

Om Mitharval and Jitu Rai have both qualified to reach the final of the 50m pistol event. Mitharval stood in the top position in the qualifying round with a total of 549 points while Jitu Rai scored a total of 542 points to stand in the 6th position in the qualifying round.

Women's Double Trap finals

Two Indian shooters will be in action in Women's Double Trap Shooting event - Shreyasi Singh and Varsha Varman. Can India add a medal early morning?

Men's 50m pistol qualification scores

After the first three series, here are the scores so far:

Om Mitharval - 89 90 92

Jitu Rai - 93 91 87

CWG 2018 DAY 7

It is an action-packed day for India with some of the biggest athletes in action in Gold Coast- Mary Kom will compete in Boxing semifinal while PV Sindhu, Saina Nehwal and Kidambi Srikanth will also compete in preliminary rounds of badminton. For all Live updates on CWG Day 7, click here: Commonwealth Games Day 7 LIVE Updates

Current Scores - Qualification Round

Jitu Rai has scored 83 points in his first series while Om Mitharval scored 89 in his first series in Men's 50m pistol qualification.

Ankur Mittal is on the top in Men's Double Trap qualification with the current score of 28 in the first series.

Ankur Mittal in Qualification round

Ankur Mittal is competing in the Double Trap qualification round along with Ashab Mohd in the Men's Double Trap event qualification round. We will keep you updated with the latest scores of the qualification round. Stay tuned.

Jitu Rai and Om Mitharval in qualification round

The Qualification round of Men's 50m pistol event has started with and Jitu Rai and Om Mitharval are off the mark. We will keep updating you with the latest scores of the qualification round. Stay tuned!

Om Mitharval has won two bronze medals in Gold Coast. (Source: AP)

Ankur Mittal started off good in Men's Double but ultimately had to settle for bronze in Men's Double Trap. Ashab Mohd who stood in the first position in qualifying stages, dropped to fourth position. Shreyasi Singh struck a gold medal for India in Women's Double Trap after an intense playoff with Australia's Emma Cox. Varsha Varman finished in the 4th position in the event. Om Mitharval won his second medal bronze medal as he clinched a podium finish in Men's 50m pistol event in Gold Coast. Jitu Rai had a disappointing competition as he finished in the 8th position. Mitharval scored total 201.2 in the finals round to register the podium finish. It is his second bronze medal win as he had earlier earned the same position in 10m air pistol event.