CWG 2018 Hockey, England beat India 6-0, win bronze: Match highlights

CWG 2018 Hockey, England beat India 6-0, win bronze: Match highlights

The two sides were evenly match for much of the game but India collapsed in the final minutes.

India capitulated in the final minutes. (Source: Reuters)

India and England were on an even keel for much of the match with India’s failure to be clinical in the D. But England rained down on India in the final minutes and the latter collapsed under the pressure. They conceded four goals in the final five minutes and the scoreline at the end of it stood at 6-0. This defeat means that the Indian women’s team end the Commonwealth Games 2018 at fourth place. (CWG 2018 Day 10 Live)

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CWG 2018 Live, India vs England Hockey Live score: India vs England Women's Hockey Bronze Medal Match

THAT'S THAT! England beat India 6-0 win bronze

It was an even match for most of it but India completely capitulated in the final few minutes. Four goals in less than five minutes means that this has turned into a hiding. 

GOAL and GOAL! England 6-0 India

Two in quick succession and England are running riot now. Just under 4 minutes remaining in the match, India will want it to get over even before that. 

GOAL! England 4-0 India

India re unravelling now. It should have been a routine save for Savita, shot in from a tight angle to her right but instead, the ball hits the back of the net. Just under 5 minutes remaining now. 

GOAL! England 3-0 India

England able to make it into the D easily enough and hit the target yet again. This time though, India review the decision. Replays show that the ball has stayed away from every English foot and the goal stands. 

End of 3rd quarter, India 0-2 England

India have been the better side in this third quarter but the finishing remains the difference between the two sides. India have had quite a few chances but Sophie Bray made it 2-0 anyway with that beauty of a goal. It is an uphill struggle for India now. 

GOAL! India 0-2 England

What a finish that is! Sophie Bray doubles England's lead. She receives the ball in the D, turns and directs a shot into the top corner on the far side. 

6 mins remain in third quarter, India 0-1 England

India have taken control and putting on a full press whenever England get on the ball. England are being narrowed down and India are exploiting the spaces. The only thing lacking is being clinical inside the D to put it past Madeleine Hinch. 

PC for India

India with a more assertive start to this second half. Vandana Kataria is back with a bandaging on her head and she forces the PC. It is taken and the England keeper is unable to clear it off to safety, India go in again and force another PC that comes to nothing. 

HALF TIME! India 0-1 England

Vandana Kataria's injury has been a bit of a turning point here. England have been dominant since then and that has led to three penalty corners, one of which was converted. 

GOAL! India 0-1 England in the 2nd quarter

And this PC works for England. It is their third penalty corner of the match and Hollie Pearne-Webbflicks it into the India net. India have no choice but to attack now. 

Back to back PCs for England

England win a penalty corner and the flick is blocked away by India. That went off the foot so another PC. England line up....

2nd quarter 6 mins remaining

No goals to report or even shots on target but the Indian defence have been a little slack in the last few minutes, something that England are looking to exploit. A pass comes in from the right and Indian keeper Savita dives to her right to ward it away. Her team mates were all stationary. 

End of 1st quarter, India 0-0 England

India have been assertive but they have been a different side since Vandana had to be led off the ground after receiving a sickening blow to the head off a rebound. Thus far, it has been a pretty even affair. 

3 mins left in 1st Quarter, PC for England

England make some inroads and earn a penalty corner. It comes to nothing for them but England have been more assertive since Vandana's departure. 

PC for India

India get a penalty corner early on, the drag flick saved by the keeper and it rebounds straight to the head of Vandana Katariya. She needs treatment and it is not yet clear as to whether she can make a comeback. She is a key player and so that is an early set back for India. 

Hello and welcome to our coverage of the bronze medal match between India and England

India have started the match on an aggressive note, pressing the English defence more often than not. It has been a positive start from Rani Rampal and co. 

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CWG 2018 Live India vs England Hockey Live Score: Bronze medal is at stake as India take on England.

India and England suffered heartbreaks in the semi-finals. India lost to Australia 1-0 after their defensive setup, which was watertight in the first half, was broken by Australia in the second. England got even closer than India in their semi-final against New Zealand with the match being decided on shootouts. India showed a lot of respect to the Australians in the semi-finals and the hosts somewhat overwhelmed them in the second half. It is quite possible that India would use a more positive route in this match. The last match between these two sides turned out to be an absolute thriller in which India showed oodles of character to come back from 1-0 down.