CWG 2018 India vs Australia Hockey: India lose 0-1 to Australia in semi-final

CWG 2018 India vs Australia Hockey: India lose 0-1 to Australia in semi-final

CWG 2018 India vs Australia Hockey: India go down to Australia 0-1 in the semi-final of women's hockey in Gold Coast.

India vs Australia Live
India lost to Australia in the semi-final.

India fended off the Australia attack in the first half. It was a display of defensive efficiency as the Indians kept the home favourites at bay. But they could not do the same in the second half and it was as easy on the eye as it was heartbreaking for the Indians. Grace Stewart received a high ball inside the D and instead of trapping it, hit it straight to goal catching the Indians by surprised. The Indians retaliated bur Australia were just too strong. India will now face England for the bronze medal match on Saturday and the match will be at 6 AM.

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CWG 2018 India vs Australia Hockey Highlights: India vs Australia CWG 2018 Hockey from Gold Coast

All over! India 0-1 Australia

Heartbreak for India! They go down fighting 0-1 against Australia in the semi-final. India had their chances but failed to convert them. Australia will go into the final match against New Zealand while India face England in the bronze medal match

India miss

Monika misses an open goal! Nerves from her. India are play some great hockey! Now Rani misses a great chance. This is nail biting stuff from India. They need a goal

No goalkeeper for India

No goalkeeper for India now.  11 players on the field and attacking the Australian goal. Can they find an equaliser here? Still four minutes remaining in the match

PC to India

India get the first PC of the game but they fail to convert. Hits the foot of the Australian defender. India get another PC. This is also well defended by Australia. No goal for India there

End of Q3: India 0-1 Australia

End of quarter third in Gold Coast. Australia have taken the lead in this semi-final and will look to maintain it. Final quarter coming up. Will India find the eqauliser?

GOAL! India 0-1 Australia

Australia finally get the goal! A fantastic team goal from the hosts. Grace Stewart gets a high ball inside the Indian D and instead of trapping it, she hits in one go. Powerful shot. No chance for Savita

PC missed by Australia

Australia earn a penalty corner early in the second half! But the shot after trap is too high. Free hit to India. But Australia continue to attack Indian goal to find hte first goal

Second half

India and Australia players are on the field for the second half of this women's semi-final. Both teams have failed to score in the first half. Who will find the first goal?

Half-time: Who will score the goal?

Half time in Gold Coast! India and Australia are tied 0-0. Both teams failing to open their account in this all important semi-final. Australia have got two penalty corners but no goals. The real difference is: Australia 6 shots on goal, India have just one!

India 0-0 Australia

Nothing to separate the two teams after 22 minutes of action! India have attacked Australia but the hosts have been the better of the two teams in terms of attacking. India defence has done well so far

Australia attack

Australia with a barrage of attacks on the Indian goal. India keeping them at bay so far. India down to 10 player after one player recevies a yellow card for pushing!

End of Q1: India 0-0 Australia

Some quality hockey in that first quarter from both teams but none managed to score a goal. India defended well to deny Australia but now they need to up their game and find a goal

India on the charge

India have been charging Australia's goal more often but Australia have intercepted their passes. The number of complete passes have been low for India for now

Save! India defend PC

Australia tried  a variation on the second penalty corner and almost got the goal.  The deflection of Australian player's stick is wide. Good start from Australia here

PC to Australia

A brilliant run from Australia to India's D and they have earned a penalty corner for themselves! India defender hit on the foot. India will have to defend this

Pushback! India vs Australia Semi-final

The match begins! India are attacking from right to left. They have been slow to start and pick up pace later. But this Australia team will not allow them comebacks. They need to be aggessive from the start

India vs Australia Live

Hello and welcome to the semi-final match of the women's hockey match between India and Australia. A big opportunity for India to reach the final of the CWG 2018. But first they need to beat Australia. They pulled off a stunning win against England, can they do it now?

India vs Australia CWG 2018

Confident after three consecutive victories, Indian women hockey team face hosts Australia in the semifinals of Commonwealth Games 2018 on Thursday. After a sad start to the tournament which saw them going down against Wales, Rani-Rampal-led side went on to beat Olympic champions England in the group stages. They then went on to a win a very tense game against South Africa 1-0 to book their semifinal berth. India finished second in Pool A with nine points from four matches but now face a very tough challenge in Australia, who have remained unbeaten throughout the tournament. India last won a gold medal in women’s hockey in Commonwealth Games 2002 in Manchester.