CWG 2018 India Boxing Highlights: Mary Kom, three others confirm medals; Sarita, Pinki bow out

CWG 2018 India Boxing Highlights: Mary Kom, three others confirm medals; Sarita, Pinki bow out

CWG 2018 India Boxing Highlights: India qualified four more boxers to the next round on day seven of 2018 Commonwealth Games.

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CWG 2018 Highlights: Mary Kom advanced to the final.

CWG 2018 India Boxing Highlights: India’s boxing contingent continued their exceptional performance in. On day six, five boxers advanced to the semi-final of their respective categories and on day seven, four more advanced to the next round. Mary Kom, in her first Commonwealth Games, reached the final of the women’s 45-48kg category by beating Anusha Dilrukshi Koddithuwakku of Sri Lanka. In the men’s category, Vikas Krishan, Gaurav Solanki and Manish Kaushik advanced to the final. But Sarita Devi and Pinki Rani failed to win their quarterfinal bouts and had to bow out of competition. (CWG 2018 Medal Tally | CWG2018 Day 7 Schedule)

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CWG 2018 India Boxing Highlights: 2018 Commonwealth Games from Gold Coast

What is left?

Now that boxing is done, you can follow Men's High Jump Final where India's Tejaswin Shankar is competing. And later, Hima Das will compete as well in the women's 400m event. Follow Athletics Blog Live

4 medals assured in boxing

What a day! Boxers have been brilliant in these Games. On day seven, six boxers were in contention of a medal and four of them have assured themselves of it. Sarita Devi and Pinki Rani gave tough fights but were unclucky.


Manish Kaushik wins by unanimous decision! Another medal for India assured. What a brilliant finish from the boxers. Manish with a unanimous decision win but that was close. His skill over the English boxer. Bronze assured

3rd round: Manish Kaushik vs Calum French

Too good this bout! Tough to call the result but Kaushik may have won it on split decision. This will be another medal for India

2nd round: Manish Kaushik vs Calum French

Wow! Both boxers are keeping it very close. They have now made it very difficult for the judges to rank this. French is brilliant with his right hand while Kaushik has been good with his defence. Final round coming up

1st round: Manish Kaushik vs Calum French

Both boxers have been impressive in the first round. Too close to call but Manish would  be very happy with how he has performed  here. Looks like the winner of this round

Manish Kaushik vs Calum French Live

Here we go! The final boxer in action for India on day seven. Manish is in the red corner while Calum French is in the blue corner. Can he assure India a medal?

Manish Kaushik vs Calum French

Final bout for India today! Three boxers have won their respective bouts while two have lost. Manish Kaushik will look to become the fourth boxer to advance. He faces Calum French of England in the quarter-final

Manish Kaushik in action

Manish Kaushik will be the final boxer of the day in action for India. India have failed to advance in two categories but men have maintained a perfect record. Kaushik is the final boxer

Pinki Rani bows out!

No medal for Pinki Rani! A very close bout between Pinki Rani and Lisa Whiteside in the women's 51kg category but the Indian on the wrong side of the result. A thrilling bout with a split decision. Chin up, Pinki!

2nd round: Pinki Rani vs Lisa Whiteside

Lisa continues her good work in the second round as well but Pinki is now matching her. Lisa still throwing her punches. "The Indian boxers have been very good technically in Gold Coast. That is the sign of good coaching,"says the commentator. Pinki with a good finish here. This is very tight

1st round: Pinki Rani vs Lisa Whiteside

Lisa Whiteside looking the better of the two boxers. She has moved well and landed some clean punches. On the other hand, Pinki has looked on the defensive side

Pinki Rani vs Lisa Whiteside

Back after the break! India's Pinki Rani is now in action against Lisa Whiteside of England in hte women's 51kg quarter-final in Gold Coast. Pinki is in the blue corner while Lisa is in the red corner

India win 2 shooting medals

Day 7 has been  a mixed bag for India. While two boxers advanced, Sarita Devi lost her bout. In shooting, Shreyasi Singh of India won a gold medal and Ankur Mittal won a bronze medal in the men's double trap event. Relive the action here

Pinki Rani bout

Pinki Rani is the next Indian boxer who will be in action in Gold Coast. She will also be looking to assure herself a medal by winning the bout. In a couple of hours time, she will be in the ring


And now we have another Indian boxer into the semifinals! Vikas Krishan beats Benny Muziyo of Zambia and have assured himself a bronze medal. He will box for in the semi-final for a place in the final

3rd round: Vikas Krishan vs Benny Muziyo

Vikas Krishan has been brilliant with defence and it's been a measured performance from Vikas. Muziyo continues to throw punches at Vikas. His punches have been clear unlike Muziyo. Both beginning to look tired and taking their time in attacking now. Who will win it?

2nd round: Vikas Krishan vs Benny Muziyo

Vikas Krishan looking better now! He took control of the second round and threw some more punches there. Muziyo has not really delivered with a strong performance as he looked big.

1st round: Vikas Krishan vs Benny Muziyo

Defence, defence and defence from Vikas. Some body blows from him to the Zambia boxer but Vikas needs to attack more. Muziyo threw more puches but did not find perfect with all of them.

Vikas Krishan vs Benny Muziyo

Here we go! Vikas Krishan is in the red corner while Benny Muziyo is in the blue corner. Muziyo is a tall guy and Vikas will need to step up his game in this bout

Vikas Krishan next

India have assured two medals on day seven in boxing and now is the time for Vikas Krishan. He is an experienced campaigner and will like to join other Indian boxers in the semi-finals


A total domination from Gaurav Solanki in his quarterfinal bout! He wins it with unanimous decision against Charles Keama of PNG and assures India of atleast a bronze medal. A brilliant boxer who has shown his class in this bout

3rd round: Gaurav Solanki vs Charles Keama

Charles Keama is aware he has to be at the top of his game in this final round. Solanki with a few beautiful combinations! He is a lean guy but those punches must sting. He has not allowed his opponent to return to this game. Solanki looks a clear winner

2nd round: CHarles Keama vs Gaurav Solanki

Better start from Solanki and he looks composed and taking his time to attack. Better punches from Solanki. No unnecessary risks from Solanki and looks like he is very calm after the round. "Don't take risks" says Indian corner to Solanki.

1st round: Charles Keama vs Gaurav Solanki

Gaurav Solanki, despite being a southpaw, is finding it difficult against Keama, who is learly the more aggressive boxer. Nice barrage of punches Keama. But Solanki makes a comeback late in the first round. More punches thrown by Keama but looks like more landed by Solanki.

Gaurav Solanki vs Charles Keame

Gaurav Solanki and Charles Keame are ready for their quarterfinal bout. Solanki is in the blue corner while Keame is in the red corner. Ready for the bout

Gaurav Solanki next up

India had an unfavourable result in the women's 60kg quarterfinal with Sarita Devi losing that bout. But Gaurav Solanki will like to put India back on winning track. He is up against Charles Keame of PNG in men's 52kg quartefinal

Sarita Devi bows out

India's perfect run in boxing is over! Sarita Devi goes down to Australia's Anja Stridsman in the women's 60kg quarterfinal and will not win a medal at the Commonwealth Games 2018. She is the first Indian boxer to lose a bout at these Games

Sarita Devi vs Anja Stridsman

Australia's Stridsman is dominating this round. She came out affresively in the second round and has handed Sarita a couple of good punches. Some nice jabs from her. Sarita finding it difficult to connect those punches. Should be to the Australian!

1st round: Sarita Devi vs Anja Stridsman

Anja Strdsman was on the defnsive throughout the first round and Sarita Devi took advantage and made some good punches. Sarita Devi should get this round. Though it was very close

Sarita Devi vs Anja Stridsman

Both boxers are ready for their quarterfinal bout of the women's 60kg category. Sarita Devi is in the blue corner while the Australian Stridsman is in the red corner

Sarita Devil will be up next

Now, back to quarter-finals. India's Sarita Devils will take on Anja Stridsman of Australia! This is a quarterfinal bout of the women's 60kg. A win for Sarita will guarantee her a medal at the Games


MARY KOM INTO THE FINALS! The Indian boxing legend has done it in style. She reaches the final of the women's 48kg category after winning her semi-final against Anusha of Sri Lanka. Complete domination

Mary Kom vs Anusha: 3rd round

Mary Kom has dominated this round after two relatively close rounds. But there should not be any doubt who is the winner of this bout and is heading to the final fo the women's 48kg final. Result soon

2nd round: Mary Kom vs Anusha

This is too good from Mary Kom. She looks in complete control despite the Sri Lankan's attack that have connected. Mary Kom, once again is smiling in her corner. Second round comes to an end. Looks like Mary Kom will take it

Mary Kom vs Anusha: 1st round

Mary Kom using all her experience there. She is moving nicely in the ring and has not let her opponent dominate any second of it. Mary Kom is smiling as she walks back to her corner after her first round!

Mary Kom vs Anusha

Both boxers are ready for the bout. Mary Kom is in the blue corner while Sri Lanka's Anusha is in the red corner. This is the semi-final bout of women's 45-48kg category

Mary Kom eyes final's spot

Mary Kom will be eyeing a win in her semi-final bout and advance to the final of the women's 45-48kg category. She is taking on Sri Lanka's Anusha Dilrukshi Koddithuwakku. Mary Kom has never won a CWG medal

Mary Kom has never won a Commonwealth Games medal but that is set to change on Wednesday. Having already assured of a bronze medal, Mary Kom will enter the ring with the hope of advancing to the final of the women's 45-48kg category which she takes the ring on Wednesday. She is one win away from the final which will also give her a chance to go for the final. In other boxing bouts of the day, India's Sarita Devi and Pinka Rani will be eyeing semi-final spots. If both win, they will be assured of atleast a bronze medal. In the men's category, three Indian boxers are taking the ring and would like to advance to the the semi-finals.