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Saturday, June 06, 2020

Commonwealth Games 2018: Boxers assure five more medals to India’s tally

CWG 2018: India took its assured medal count from boxing to six with five boxers assured of a medal on Day 6 of the Commonwealth Games.

By: Express Web Desk | Gold Coast | Updated: January 17, 2019 11:42:16 am
naman tanwar cwg CWG 2018: Naman Tanwar assured India a medal.

CWG 2018: Commonwealth Games 2018 day six saw five Indian pugilists take the ring in the quarterfinals and harboured hopes of winning their respective bouts for an assurance of a medal. And all five won their bouts in convincing fashion to take India’s confirmed medal performance from the ring to six. Mary Kom had already assured India of a medal and on Day 6 of CWG 2018, Amit Panghal, Naman Tanwar, Hussamuddin Mohammed, Manoj Kumar and Satish Kumar added to the list. (CWG 2018 Medals Tally)

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CWG 2018, Highlights, Updates from India Boxers at 2018 Commonwealth Games

16:55 (IST)10 Apr 2018
Five medals confirmed

India in boxing today:
Amit Phangal beat Aqeel Ahmed
Naman Tanwar beat Frank Masoe
Mohammed Hussamuddin beat Mulenga
Manoj Kumar beat Terry Nickolas
Satish Kumar beat Nigel Paul


16:52 (IST)10 Apr 2018
Satish Kumar wins!

Satish Kumar beats Nigel Paul in a split decision. The Indian boxer wins 4-1 on points. India are assured of yet another medal from boxing. Five medals confirmed for India today. 

16:49 (IST)10 Apr 2018
Third Round

NNigel with some stiff punches in the third round even as Satish tried to come back. The boxer from Trinidad and Tobago looks convinced he's won. Verdict awaited....

16:45 (IST)10 Apr 2018
Second Round

Some bold punches from both boxers in the second round after the first one remained rather even. Both Satish and Nigel connecting well with their jabs. Expect another close decision unless things change in the next round

16:37 (IST)10 Apr 2018
Satish Kumar vs Nigel Paul Live

Satish Kumar, in red, takes on Nigel Paul, in blue, of Trinidad and Tobago in the Men's 91+ kg quarterfinal bout. Plenty of noise and support for Satish. 

16:01 (IST)10 Apr 2018
Manoj Kumar wins 4-1

The judges adjudged 4-1 in favour of Manoj Kumar over Nickolas. Here is how the judges scored:

Judge 1: 29-28

Judge 2: 27-30

Judge 3: 29-28

Judge 4: 30-27

Judge 5:  30-27

16:00 (IST)10 Apr 2018

Manoj Kumar beats Terry Nickolas on points: 4-1. India are assured of one more medal from the boxing ring then. That takes the tally to five.

15:56 (IST)10 Apr 2018
Manoj Kumar vs Terry Nickolas Live

In the final thirty seconds, both trying to get the advantage and the flurry of punches raises the volume level. Bit of half punches in the end by both boxers. Both raise their hands in celebration but who will win?

15:51 (IST)10 Apr 2018
Manoj Kumar vs Terry Nickolas Live

The sheer volume during this bout is incredible. Plenty of support for both boxers. The second round sees both boxers with plenty of squirmish and half jabs but little to separate the two at the moment. 

15:47 (IST)10 Apr 2018
Manoj Kumar vs Terry Nickolas underway

We're off in the 69kg boxing quarterfinal, Manoj Kumar vs Terry Nickolas of Australia. A win and India will be assured of another medal. The first round has both boxers taking measure of each other. Plenty of punches being thrown but no real contact. Manoj doing well to move and stay away from allowing any jabs to come through. 

15:10 (IST)10 Apr 2018
Mohammed Hussamuddin wins!

Another medal for India confirmed! Mohammed Hussamuddin of India beats his opponent Everisto Mulenga in the 56kg quarter-final. He moves into the semis and assures India of a bronze medal atleast. That medal can imrove if Hussamuddin advances further.

15:09 (IST)10 Apr 2018
2nd round: 56kg quarter-final

Mohammed Hussamuddin moving nicely in the ring. He may well have done himself a world of good by keeping away from Mulenga's punches. Survives the second round and probably wins it

15:05 (IST)10 Apr 2018
Mohammed Hussamuddin vs Everisto Mulenga: 1st round

Not the start India would have expected. Both boxers keeping their distance and throwing wild punches with no one connecting. Not sure who is winning this round

15:03 (IST)10 Apr 2018
Mohammed Hussamuddin vs Everisto Mulenga Q/F

Here we go. The quarter final between Hussanamuddin and Mulenga. The Indian will try for a big win here and seal the semi-final spot. All set for the bout

13:49 (IST)10 Apr 2018
Mohammed Hussamuddin in action

India have already secured three boxing medals. Mary Kom is into the semi-finals. Two male boxers reached the semi-final in the morning. If Hussamuddin does it, he will gaurantee India the fourth medal. Two more boxers remain after him

13:38 (IST)10 Apr 2018
Boxing Q/Fs: Third Indian boxer of the day

Boxing action is back! Mohammed Hussamuddin of India will ltake on Everisto Mulenga of Zambia. Two Indian boxers have won their quarter-finals and now Hussamuddin has a chance to increase that number.

11:27 (IST)10 Apr 2018
Heena Sidhu wins 1st gold on Day 6

HEENA SIDHU CHAMPION! The shooter has won the first medal of India, that too a gold, of day six. She has won the gold in women's 25m air pistol event. What a performance from the veteran. Wonderful news. Here's how she won it

11:05 (IST)10 Apr 2018

Unanimous decision victory for India's Naman Tanwar! Total domination from Tanwar in his 91kg quarter-final against Samoa's Frank Masoe. He confirms India of atleast a bronze medal

11:01 (IST)10 Apr 2018
Aggressive boxing

The Samoan boxer got a little cut above his eye. But after a short delay he goes hard on Naman. Both boxers are throwing punches at each other. Sudden surge of energy there. But too little too late for Frank. Naman returns the favour

10:58 (IST)10 Apr 2018
Naman Tanwar vs Frank Masoe: 2nd round

Frank Masoe with a small comeback. He has got his punches at the right places this time. Naman Tanwar continues to box unbattered. Brilliant reach there and feet movenment. Little to trouble Naman there. He has all but sealed this

Five Indian boxers are in action on day six of the 2018 Commonwealth Games in Gold Coast. The day will start with Amit Panghal taking on Aqeel Ahmad of Scotland. This is a quarter-final event and win here will give him a bronze and an semi-final berth. Next will be Naman Tanwar facing Frank Masoe of Samoa. Later in the day, Hussamuddin Mohammed will face Zambia's Everisto Mulenga. Veteran boxer Manoj Kumar will be another boxer of the day for India and he will face Terry Nickolas of Australia. Satish Kumar will be the final boxer of the day for India. If all five boxers reach the next round, India will be assured of five medals. But who will?