CWG 2018, Boxing highlights: Vikas Krishan, Satish Kumar through to final; Manoj Kumar, Hussamuddin claim bronze

CWG 2018, Boxing highlights: Vikas Krishan, Satish Kumar through to final; Manoj Kumar, Hussamuddin claim bronze

CWG 2018, India Boxing: Five Indian boxers advanced to the finals today and three settled for the bronze.

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CWG 2018 Live Updates India Boxing Live: Naman Tanwar settled for bronze medal in 91kg weight category.

CWG 2018, India Boxing highlights: Boxer Vikas Krishan is through to the final after winning his semifinal bout against Northern Ireland’s Steven Donnelly in a unanimous verdict. Satish Kumar soon followed him and entered the final after his opponent, Seychelles’ Keddy Agnes, threw in the towel after the first round. Earlier, Mohammed Hussamuddin lost his semifinal bout against England’s Peter McGrail but will take home the bronze. Manoj Kumar also went out to another Englishman, Pat McCormack.  India’s boxing contigent began the day with Naman Tanwar losing in Men’s 91kg semifinal to Australia’s Jason Whateley. He settled for the bronze medal. Amit Phangal defeated Uganda’s Juma Miiro in 46-49 kg weight category to seal a place in the final. He will take on  England’s Galal Yafai in the gold medal match. After him, Gaurav Solanki defeated Sri Lanka’s Ishan Bandara in 52kg bout by a split decision. He will take on Northern Ireland’s Brendan Irvine in the final match on Saturday. Manish Kaushik picked victory over Northern Ireland’s James McGivern in 60kg category by a split decision. He will fight battle Australia’s Harry Garside in the final.

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CWG 2018 India Boxing highlights: 2018 Commonwealth Games from Gold Coast

Satish Kumar enters final

Agnes throws the towel. Satish Kumar now enters the final. 

Satish Kumar semifinal: round 1

Agnes comes out swinging at Kumar.  The Indian is a few inches taller than Agnes but he seems to be struggling while defending. Agnes punches are connecting  at the moment.  Kumar comes back strongly. One of his punches seems to have caught Agnes in the eye. It is bust open. He is bleeding.  The bout is stopped briefly as Agnes needed treatment. 

Satish Kumar semifinal

The day's final boxing bout will be the semifinal bout between Satish Kumar and Seychelles Keddy Agnes in the men's +91kg category.

Vikas Krishan through to final

Vikas Krishan advances to the final. He wins the bout against Steven  Donnelly 5-0 in a unanimous verdict. 

Vikas Krishan semifinal: round 3

Vikas Krishan is dominating this round, too. His left jab connects and Donnelly is down on his knees. Shaky finish to the proceedings by the Irishman after a good start in the first two rounds.

Vikas Krishan semifinal: Round 2

The Indian starts with a flurry of lightening quick punches. He pushes the Irishman towards the ropes. Strong start by Vikas Krishan. He needs to win this round.  In the final 30 seconds, Krishan was looking to run down the clock there. 

Vikas Krishan semifinal: Round 1

In the final boxing bout of the day, Vikas Krishan will take on Northern Ireland's Steven Donnelly. 

Manoj Kumar loses semifinal

Manoj Kumar fails to get past Pat McCormack despite a strong showing.  Pat advances to the finals after benefiting from a unanimous decision in semifinals. 

Manoj Kumar semifinal: Round 3

Manoj still has his guard up. He is attempting to catch Pat on the counter.  Final 30 seconds. Pat deperately throws a few punches at Manoj.  We now wait for the judges' decision. It is likely to end in a split decision. 

Manoj Kumar semifinal: Round 2

Manoj begins the second round strongly. Pat takes a few on his chin. Manoj with a 1-2 combination. He is dominating this second round after a slow start in the earlier round. Ends the round on a strong note. 

Manoj Kumar semifinal: Round 1

Next up, India's Manoj Kumar takes on Enlgand's Pat McCormack in the men's 69kg boxing semifinal.  And we are off. Manoj takes more than a couple of punches to the body. He has his guard up. He probes pat with a couple of jabs. 

Mohammed Hussamuddin loses semifinal

We now wait for the judges' decision. It doensn't look good for Hussamuddin here. He loses to McGrail in a unanamious 5-0 verdict.  The Englishman proved to be too strong in the end. Well fought, Hussamuddin. 

Mohammed Hussamuddin semifinal LIVE: Round 3

It is fight or flight for Hussamuddin in this round. He needs to dominate this to have any chance of winning this semifinal bout. McGrail with the clinch but Hussamuddin throws a few punches. Fight is momentarily stopped as Hussamuddin needs to stop his bleeding. The punches are flowing fast from both boxers. Neither want to leave this to fate.

Mohammed Hussamuddin semifinal LIVE: Round 2

Hussamuddin tries to connect his punches from distance without stepping into MCGrail's inside. He is punching air at the moment. McGrail comes advancing with a 1-2, Hussamuddin counters. Hussumuddin is bleeding from his right eye. The Englishman's pace is proving to be a bit too much for the Indian.

Mohammed Hussamuddin LIVE

And were are off. Hussamuddin dances around his opponent looking for an opening. A hook from McGrail connects and Hussamuddin stumbles backwards. The punches are flowing fast. Hussamuddin holds McGrail in a clinch to catch his breath. He repeats it again, twice. The Englishman is proving to be a bit too much for the Indian. End of round 1. 

Mohammed Hussamuddin semifinal bout

At 3.17 pm, India's Mohammed Hussamuddin will enter the ring to take on England's Peter McGrail in the men's 56kg boxing semifinal. Hussamuddin breezed past Boe Warawara and Everisto Mulenga in the earlier rounds.

Up next - Hussamuddin Mohammed

Hussamuddin Mohammed will take on England's Peter McGrail in Men's 56kg semifinal in the first match for India in the afternoon session. So far, apart from Naman Tanwar, all Indian boxers have qualified to the final. Will Mohammed make it to the final?


Inspite of the loss, Naman Tanwar will take the bronze medal in CWG 2018 for India! Terrific achievement for the young lad.

Naman Tanwar has LOST by unanimous decision

Naman Talwar settles for a bronze medal as he lost to Australia's Jason Whately in the bronze medal match. He lost by a split decision 4:0.

Naman Tanwar vs Jason Whateley - 3rd Round

Naman Tanwar looks to bring the fight to the Australian Jason Whateley as he launches but he looks exhausted in the middle. The first round has taken a lot out of him. But he continues to punch Whateley. It is too close to call. 

Naman Talwar vs Jason Whateley - 2nd Round

A different approach from the Indian in the second round - as he starts off with a defensive approach in the second round. Whateley looked to deliver a series of right-and-left to his opponent but Naman Tanwar countered and launched a right-and-left combo of his own. Whately delivered a punch on Tanlar's back head which made him give a punch to Whateley's ear as the referee gave him  a warning. Tanwar completely slowed down by the end ofthe round as teh Australian delivered jabs on his face. THIS IS A FIGHT!

Naman Tanwar vs Jason Whateley - 1st Round

Naman Tanwar starts off with his usual unusual style - he taunts his opponent and then lands a couple of right hands on his head. The Australian is perplexed in the ring now. Aggressive play from Tawlar early on. Both the boxers exchange blows with two minutes on the clock. Wahteley tries to get into the fight but Talwar defended well - that until the Australian delivered two blows on his head to send him off his feet. Terrific start to the fight. 

India's gold medal matches so far

At least four Indian boxers have secured a place in the final of boxing and will compete on Saturday for the gold medal. First up will be Amit who will take on England's Galal Yafai in Men's 49kg category. He will be followed by Gaurav Solanki who will fight Northern Ireland's Brendan Irvine in Men's 52kg bout. Manish Kaushik will be up next and he will battle Australia's Harry Garside in Men's 60kg final. Later, in the afternoon, it will be Mary Kom who will fight Northern Ireland's Kristina O'Hara in Women's 48kg final. Plenty of action still to go on Day 9. Who will all qualify for a place in the final?

Next up - Naman Tanwar

India's Naman Tanwar will now compete against Australia's Jason Whateley in Men's 91kg semifinal as he looks to enter the final in Gold Coast.


Manish Kaushik has defeated Northern Ireland's James McGivern by a split decision (4:1) to pick up the victory and enter the final of the Men's 60kg boxing event in Gold Coast. He will now compete for the gold.

Manish Kaushik vs James McGivern - 3rd Round

Kaushik started off with  a right hand on the mid-section but failed to get any contact. He then delivered a right hand punch to McGivern. With seconds counting down the clock, Kaushik looked to find some aggression, but the bout remained majorly stiff with neither boxers getting any decent attack going. Who has won this? OUR VERDICT: James McGivern.

Manish Kaushik vs James McGivern - 2nd Round

Cautious start from both the boxers in the second round but Kaushik looked to take the charge as he continued to launch his right hand on his opponent. mCGivern continued to step backwards and Kaushik continued to chase him down. 

Manish Kaushik vs James McGivern - 1st Round

Manish Kaushik looked to defend early on before he attempted a few round punches on his opponent but Northern Ireland boxer was on the mark with his blocks. The Indian Southpaw attempted a few jabs to the mid-section but McGivern was quick to step back and avoid contact. Slow start to the match.

Up next - Manish Kaushik

Manish Kaushik will next take on Northern Ireland's James McGivern in Men's 60kg semifinal bout. He has been in supreme form since 2017 and he would be eyeing a place in the final to fight for gold.


What a terrific final round by Gaurav Solanki and he wins the bout against Sri Lanka's Ishan Bandara by a split decision (4-0) by the referees to enter the Men's 52kg final. He will compete for the gold medal.

Gaurav Solanki vs Ishan Bandara - Round 3

Gaurav Solanki gets hit in the face on his face in the third round. He tried to take the charge after the initial blow and went on to deliver a series of rights-and-lefts on his opponent. Solanki delivered another right hook to his opponent as the Bandara tried to take the charge. Terrific finish from Solanki. Has he won this?

Gaurav Solanki vs Ishan Bandara - Round 2

Sri Lanka's Ishan Bandara started off aggressively as he immediately went for a round of rib blows to his opponent. Solanki looked to get back into the match as he went on a defensive mode, before launching a couple of blows on Bandara's head in the final few seconds. This match is too close to call at the moment.

Gaurav Solanki vs Ishan Bandara - Round 1

India's Gaurav Solanki is taking on Sri Lanka's Ishan Bandara in Men's 52 kg weight category fight. He starts off strong with a couple of blows to his opponent but then stumbled after he was smacked by Ishan. The fall shook his confidence as again tripped while launching an attack and then was jawed by Ishan.


Amit has defeated his Uganda opponent Juma Miiro by an unanimous decision by the judges and he reaches the final of the 46-49kg weight category. He will compete for the gold medal.

Amit vs Juma Miiro - 3rd Round

Knowing he is trailing behind, Juma looked to take the charge early on but Amit defended well and managed to turn the tables around on his opponent. He then landed a vicious blow on Juma's forehead which almost knocked the Uganda boxer down. The Indian looks to be the clear winner here.

Amit vs Juma Miiro - 2nd Round

Juma was really exposed by Amit as he continued to lead the charge on his opponent in the second round. The Uganda boxer tried to go deep into his corner to defend but Amit continued to chase him down. He managed to get a couple of clean strikes on Juma's forehaead and he maintains the lead.

Amit vs Juma Miiro - 1st Round

It was a defensive start from both the boxers as they defended in the opening minutes of the boxing bout - But the fight broke out in the final minute as Amit launched some offensive strikes on Juma's head. He looks to be in the lead after Round 1.

Amit vs Juma Miiro

It is time for India's first boxing match in the day. It is Amit against Uganda's Juma Miiro. The first round will be crucial here as whoever takes the lead will be in a strong positition to maintain it for the rest of the fight.

First Up - Amit in 46-49 kg weight category

India's Amit will first be in action against Uganda's Juma Miiro. Both the boxers are strong medal contenders - and are already assured of bronze. They would want to go higher though. Who will win?

India assured of 8 medals

India are assured of at least 8 medals in Men's boxing. As Indian boxers come to the ring on Day 9 of Commonwealth Games, they would look to enter the final to fight for the gold medal in their category. How many Indians will make it to the finals?

Commonwealth Games Day 9 India boxing LIve

Vikas Krishan will look to continue winning form. (PTI)

Eight Indian boxers will be in action on Day 9 of Commonwealth Games 2018 as they compete in the bronze medal match in Gold Coast. While all the boxers are assured of a medal, they would want to pick up the win to make way into the final and fight for gold. Will big medal prospect, Vikas Krishan get past Northern Ireland's Steven Donnelly in Men's 74kg weight category to make it into the final and compete for the gold medal? Another medal hopeful is Manish Kaushik who will go one-on-one with Northern Ireland's James McGivern. He too will look to enter the final with another win.