CWG 2018: Mary Kom, Gaurav Solanki, Vikas Krishan win gold

CWG 2018: Mary Kom, Gaurav Solanki, Vikas Krishan win gold

CWG 2018: Mary Kom, Gaurav Solanki, Vikas Krishan won gold medals on Day 10 of Commonwealth Games 2018.

vikas krishan
Vikas Krishan won gold on Day 10 of CWG. (Source: PTI)

CWG 2018, Boxing: It was a great day for boxing as MC Mary Kom (48kg), Gaurav Solanki (52kg) and Vikas Krishan (75kg) ended as top finishers to add three golds to India’s medal tally. Earlier in the day, Mary Kom became the first Indian woman boxer to claim a gold medal and she achieved the feat in her debut at the tournament, which is also expected to be her last. Meanwhile, Amit Panghal (49kg) and Manish Kaushik (60kg) lost closely contested final bouts to settle for silver on day 10 of the Commonwealth Games 2018 in Gold Coast, Australia.

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CWG 2018, Boxing: Mary Kom, Vikas Krishan Gaurav Solanki win gold at Gold Coast

Satish wins silver

This was not expected. Frazer wins the gold medal in the +91kg Men's category on a unanimous decision. Satish settles for silver. 

Third round

It was a very intense, closely contested round between the two and it is difficult to say who will win. Satish keeps getting close to Frazer to land a flurry of punches from down under and takes many crucial blocks as well. 

Second round

Satish dominated in the last 15 seconds of the second round as he landed punches on Frazer, who also gets a cut under his eye.

First round

It was a neck-to-neck round between the Indian and England boxer. Both of them maintain safe distance and need to get closer for accurate punches in the next round.

Satish Kumar next

Last boxing match left of the day as Satish Kumar fights  in the +91kg Men's Final against England's Frazer Clarke. 


Vikas Krishan beats Dieudonne Wilfried 5-0 in the men's 75kg. With the feat, Vikas becomes first men's boxer to win a gold at both the Asian Games and the CWG. This is India's third boxing gold!

Vikas Krishnan in action

Vikas Krishnan is in action in 75 kg category Gold Medal match against Dieudonne Wilfried SEYI NTSENGUE.

Vikas Krishnan to go next

Next up will be Vikas Krishnan in Men's 75kg final, which will be after 3.30 hrs IST. Stay tuned for more medals India's way and more interesting matches.

Manish Kaushik wins silver

Manish Kaushik settles for silver after a closely contested final against home favourite Harry Garside, who won with  a 3:2 split decision in his favour. This is India's seventh medal in boxing, taking India's medal tally to 47.

Second round

As the crowd cheer Garside on, Manish stays focused in a super intense second round as he blocks punches and lands calculated ones. 

Manish Kaushik

Manish Kaushik's final 60kg fight against home favourite Harry Garside underway. Manish in red as the first round begins.


Gaurav Solanki wins gold medal in 52 kg category on his debut 4-1 at Commonwealth Games as he beat Irvine in a phenomenal bout. 

Solanki dominates

Solanki dominates in the third round. He looks aggressive as he sends a number of punches Irvine's side. 

Second round

Gaurav Solanki does well to block punches from Irvine and very carefully takes his moves. Gaurav lands punches at Irvine, who tries to corner the Indian boxer but fails. Last round to go before the winner of the gold medal is announced.

Gaurav Solanki in Men's 52kg category

Gaurav Solanki is in the ring against Norther Ireland's Brendan Irvine. The first round was very closely contested. Difficult to say which boxer stands better as both look dangerous.


Amit goes down in the final men's 46-49kg boxing against England's Galal Yafai in Gold Coast but secures silver for India after a closely contested bout. The five judges were split 3:1 in their decision, with one of them ruling it as a tie. 

Third round

Amit attacks in the third round. Both the players come from prominent boxing countries. Amit tries to push Yufai in a corner but fails. It is a highly intense third round. 

Amit plays defensive

Amit has made sure that his body does not touch the ropes even once to avoid getting cornered. Amit plays a defensive game, blocking Yufai's raining punches.

Amit begins fight

Amit begins his final fight against England's Galal Yufai in hope of a gold medal in the 46-49kg category. Some powerful punches in the first round as both the boxers play an intelligent game.

Amit to go next

Mary Kom won her first CWG medal in style, with a unanimous decision from all the five judges. Next up is Amit against Galal Yafai in  Men's 46-49kg Final Bout. A lot of medal fights coming up. Stay tuned.


Kristina O'Hara is beaten on a unanimous points decision by the legendary Mary Kom in 45 to 48 kg category. This is the Indian boxer's first medal at Commonwealth Games and probably the last as she is expected to retire after this tournament. Today's first medal is a gold. Great start to what looks like a great day for India

Tight first round

Mary Kom has a good first round. It was a tight contest but as O'Hara has her moments too. She needs to keep going. 

May Kom goes first

Mary Kom's fight for final begins at CWG 2018. She takes on Northern Ireland's Kristina O'Hara in hope of gold medal.

Boxing final

Hello and welcome to our live coverage of boxing finals on Day 10 of the Commonwealth Games 2018.  Mary Kom, Amit Panghal, Gaurav Solanki, Manish Kaushik and Satish Kumar go for gold on Saturday.