Badminton World Championships 2017: Saina Nehwal, PV Sindhu assure India of two medals as they book semifinal spots after Srikanth’s exit

World Badminton Championship 2017: After Kidambi Srikanth's exit in the first match for India on Day 5 of the tournament, PV Sindhu and Saina Nehwal assured India of at least two bronze medals after booking spots in the semifinals.

By: Express Web Desk | Updated: August 26, 2017 1:22:32 am
Saina Nehwal, Malaysia Masters, YIP Pui, Malaysia Masters, Saina Nehwal, Saina Nehwal crushes YIP Pui, Malaysia Masters finals, latest news, India news, national news, India news Saina Nehwal played against local Kirsty Gilmour. (Express Photo by Javed Raja)

After Kidambi Srikanth’s heartbreak exit earlier in the day, PV Sindhu and Saina Nehwal recorded victories to assure India of at least two bronze medals in the BWF World Championships 2017 taking place in Glasgow, Scotland. While Sindhu dominated to defeat Sun Yu in two games after taking early lead, Saina had to struggle but did not lose hope after falling down and losing the second game to local Kirsty Gilmour. She, however, took early lead in the deciding game and maintained it till the end to win the match 21-19, 18-21, 21-15. Srikanth had earlier lost the match 21-14, 21-18 in 48 minutes to Son Wan Ho.

World Badminton Championships in Glasgow, Day 5:

0108 hrs IST: SAINA WINS! The Hyderabadi shuttler does it, defeats Scotland’s Kirsty Gilmour 21-19, 18-21, 21-15 to book a semifinal spot. She has now assured India of two medals after PV Sindhu’s dominating victory against Sun Yu earlier in the day. This is the first time India will return with two medals from the BWF World Championships.

0050 hrs IST: Even though Gilmour attempts a comeback, Saina maintains the lead 15-9.

0050 hrs IST: Saina leading 11-5 against Gilmour at the final mid-game interval in front of the Scottish crowd.

0047 hrs IST: Smash! Saina has decided to keep the game in her favour as she leads 10-4.

0042 hrs IST: Saina takes early lead in the deciding game. She now needs to maintain the lead to win a spot in the semifinals. Saina ahead 5-1.

0040 hrs IST: Gilmour draws level in the second game as Saina loses 21-18. Gilmour had made a good gap while Saina missed a number of shots. Even though the Indian tried to return towards the end with powerful play, the gap was too big for her to reverse, losing the second game by 3 points.

0035 hrs IST: Great rally from Saina as she tries to use Gilmour’s nervousness to her advantage. Saina trying to make her way back as she makes it 16-19.

0030 hrs IST: The Scotland player creates a good gap as she takes the lead to 16-11. Saina is missing crucial shots.

0027 hrs IST: Gilmour takes lead in front of the home crowd 12-9. Saina needs to fight back the way she did in the first game in order to book a semifinal berth along with PV Sindhu.

0024 hrs IST: It could go either way in the second game as both earn points at the same pace and in the same way.

0018 hrs IST: Neck to neck game proceeds as both the players at 4-4 in the second game.

0015 hrs IST: SAINA WINS FIRST GAME 21-19. Saina works very hard to gain crucial points in the end to win the first game against Gilmour in the nail-biting game.

0009 hrs IST: What a beautiful play by both the keen players as Saina returns to make it 18-18. Saina tries very hard to not let the first game slip from her hands.

0005 hrs IST: The nail-biting match proceeds with no clear lead. Both the players display the same kind of aggression to not let the opponent take advantage of any slip up.

0003 hrs IST: Saina attempts a strong return after slowing down at the break. She fights back to take the lead against Gilmour to come back in the game 12-11.

0001 hrs IST: The shuttler from Scotland attacks after a slow start, taking the lead over the Hyderabad shuttler Saina Nehwal 11-8 at break.

0001 hrs IST: Gilmour gives a tough fight to Saina, equalising the game at 8-8.

2352 hrs IST: Good start for Saina as she takes 6-2 lead. Both women have similar style of play and aggression. Let’s see who makes the most of the quarterfinal match.

2350 hrs IST: Welcome back to our live coverage of the tournament as Saina Nehwal takes the court against Scotland’s Kirsty Gilmour. Saina with 2-1 lead.

1845 hrs IST: SINDHU WINS! PV Sindhu won 21-14, 21-9 to reach the semifinals, assuring India of a bronze medal in the World Championships. She dominated throughout the match, not letting go of the lead, being the better one of the two. The fourth seed will now face the reigning world junior champion Chen Yufei in the semis.

1837 hrs IST: Sun Yu tries to turn the tables by playing aggressive. It works slightly but Sindhu still ahead 17-8.

1830 hrs IST: Sindhu continues her lead in the second game as well. She is ahead of the Chinese opponent 8-3. If the game continues like this, it will get over sooner than anticipated.

1820 hrs IST: Sindhu wins first game 21-14. Killing it! What a beautiful shot by Sindhu as she wins the first game it 21-14. She has the game in her control.

1818 hrs IST: The Hyderabadi shuttler has had a fantastic start to the day 5 of BWF World Championships as she maintains the lead, destroying her opponent 16-9. All she needs to do now is stay in the groove and the match is hes!

1812 hrs IST: Sindhu has build a strong lead early in the game. She is dominating 12-4 after a display of interesting badminton.

1800 hrs IST: PV Sindhu takes the court against Sun Yu of China! The fourth seed takes an immediate lead against her opponent after Srikanth’s heartbreak exit.

1736 hrs IST: “There’s nothing that I would have done differently. I tried almost everything and nothing worked” Kidambi Srikanth said after the match.

1640 hrs IST: Yufei Chen beats Ratchanok Intanon 14-21, 21-16, 21-12 to enter women’s singles semi-finals.

1525 hrs IST: Srikanth misses his backhand! And then errs on the next point. Son Wan Ho wins it 21-14, 21-18 in 48 minutes to send Kidambi Srikanth out. The defeat ends Srikanth’s 13 match winning run. But what a comeback in the second game! He trailed 5-16 in the second game to make it 18-19. But lost the next two points!

1524 hrs IST: Another great jump smash here by Srikanth. Into the open court, on Son’s backhand and it goes unreturned. 18-19 now.

1523 hrs IST: Srikanth continuing his fight here. Has the deficit to three points. Misjudged by Son and it lands in. The Indian thumps two smashes – one down low and then into the open court. Job is not done yet…

1517 hrs IST: MAKE THAT FIVE AND WOW! Picks up a body smash, a low smash and forces Son into an error. The Korean with an error and it is 11-16

1516 hrs IST: INCREDIBLE! Srikanth with some insane gets to keep the point going. From the back, sides, drops and then wins the point with a winner. Four points in a row.

1515 hrs IST: Srikanth finally breaks the point streak for Son Wan Ho with a gentle push over the Korean for a winner. And then smashes at the net to reduce deficit but this may be too little, too late.

1513 hrs IST: Son Wan Ho is one step ahead of Srikanth each time. Almost as if he is reading Srikanth’s mind each time. Is ready for a drop shot as it comes across the net and smashes it into open court. Nothing the Indian can do and it has been one way traffic.

1508 hrs IST: Srikanth sends drop shot into the net. Same story from the first game. Not working for him at all. And has a convincing 11-4 lead at the break in the second game with a push into the final third

1506 hrs IST: Son doing well to catch Srikanth off guard by moving him around and mixing up the play. Sending one back, then drop, half smashes and ending the point with a pushed smash. But the Indian too fighting it out. Looks to be out of the point but an over enthused Son pays for his rush to close out the point. Srikanth with a simple return into open court.

1503 hrs IST: SRIKANTH LOSES HIS SHOW! Going back, Srikanth loses his footing and his shoe in the process. Coach Pullela Gopichand can’t help but smile. Srikanth looks confused! Son leads 5-2 in the second game

1458 hrs IST: Uh-oh. There’s that attempted drop shot error again and it gives Son game point. 20-14. Fittingly, it is closed with another Srikanth error with an attempt drop. Son takes the first game 21-14 in 20 minutes

1457 hrs IST: Srikanth goes for an angled cross court drop shot from the net and it seems to be wide. Called for a video review still. And it is in. Srikanth is still in it. That was very well angled though

1455 hrs IST: Srikanth with an attempted drop shot into the net. And then another error in the same style. Not going his way here. Son up to 19-13

1453 hrs IST: A little bit of a breather and water for Srikanth as Son comes back in it and regain his four point lead helped by some Srikanth errors. The Korean player is too quick and good to read Srikanth’s intentions and hits the shuttle right back to make it 17-12. Little luck of the net for Srikanth to lift the shuttle over and Son sends return into the net. 13-17

1452 hrs IST: Srikanth has dwindled the Korean’s advantage to just one point. 12-13. Son grazes the line with a gentle backhand push. Srikanth a second late to react there.

1446 hrs IST: Srikanth with some aggressive play to push the shuttle right back at the Korean. This won’t be an easy contest and Sri would have to take the match to the Korean with his aggressive play and needs much more of that

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